i love when mulder or scully have some extended emo ass voiceover bc that’s their fucking report and skinner whos Just Trying to Do His Damn Job has to read pages of their bullshit like. they never solve a damn case but heres three pages meditating on human mortality also mulder cried on it a little

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Memories of Q and X

When I was a kid we took long road trips to visit family that lived a few or more states away from us.

My sisters and I had to endure the torture of sharing the back seat. To help pass the time, we played eye spy a color; 20 questions, which often got annoying; slug bug colors and a punch in the arm; counting how many different states we could name from license plates; and as competitive sisters, we raced to finish the alphabet game first.

My dad always enjoyed taking the scenic routes. Over the river, through the mountains, forests, small town exploring. It was a long time before the alphabet game ever finished because not every town has signs with a Q or an X.