Even Though I Knew the End by ceeainthereforthat

I just want to shout into the void a little about my favorite fic. It makes me want to read more noir, but I’m afraid no noir will live up to Dean’s perfect narration. It feeds my love for Jimmy Novak AND pairs him with Dean in a super sweet relationship. It gives me fantastic guest stars in unexpected roles and magic and intrigue and a whole heap of emotions. If I were to recommend an au fic to anyone, this would be it. Thank you, @clpolk, for my favorite story.

Phandom making assumptions like:

Phil is 6'2.9
Dan is 6'3
69 is a sexual term
sexual term is something that happens during sex
dan and phil have the sex
sex spelled backwards is xes, the letter x marks the treasure.
The treasure is on the beach, beach has sand, sand makes glass, glass makes glasses, Phil wears glasses.
L is in the word ‘glasses’, L is also in Phil, L is also in ILLuminati
N is in ILLumiNati, so is A. Those letters happen to be in the word dAN.
Dan and Phil are illuminati confirmed

i love when mulder or scully have some extended emo ass voiceover bc that’s their fucking report and skinner whos Just Trying to Do His Damn Job has to read pages of their bullshit like. they never solve a damn case but heres three pages meditating on human mortality also mulder cried on it a little

spoiling her favourite kitty with kisses and chin scratches

i. people were never supposed to be stars. we don’t yet know how to safely cradle all that light within us.
ii. you were the type of girl people named stars after. maybe that’s why you became one.
iii. people are not supposed to be stars, but my god, you were mine.
iv. stars always, always burn themselves out to give others light.
v. i still think of you when i send my wishes up to the sky.
—  DEAR STAR GIRL | a.c. for @stonehart | want one?

wonwoo trying his best not to cry during their first win


FT Fluff Week Day 3 - Starlight | Rain

                                                      Lucy: Age 16   |||   Natsu: Age 17

“Dear Mama,

You won’t believe what happened yesterday. Natsu kissed me. Yes, the dense Natsu Dragneel kissed his best friend Lucy Heartfilia in the rain. Oh. My. Mavis. We were sharing an umbrella while walking home and all of a sudden– he just kissed me! I have no idea what was running through his mind but… I liked it. I kissed my best friend and I like it! Now I can’t control what I’m feeling for Natsu. These feelings that I’ve been suppressing all these years… 

I love Natsu.

I love him with all of my heart and soul.

I’ll break if he disappears from my life, Mama. I don’t want that. So I buried these feelings deep inside and locked it with a secret key. But yesterday… he initiated the kiss. His warm mouth slanted over my moist lips… our sloppy movements that became synchronized with one another later on… His tongue memorizing every inch of my mouth… The coldness pouring rain which made me cling more to Natsu’s warmth… I am so embarrassed right now! Ahhh!

After that, we were acting like normal! Well, normal drenched best friends. Papa covered us with a lot of towels when he saw us dripping wet on the front door. At least Natsu and I aren’t awkward with one another or else Papa would suspect something. He might gut Natsu if he heard about what happened. I wouldn’t want Papa to be a criminal or Natsu to be dead. After we changed our clothes (Natsu practically lives in our house so he has clothes in my room.), I started to cook dinner as I promised Natsu after our… kiss.

I really don’t know what I should label us because I think we are more than friends but… screw labels. I’m with Natsu and that’s what matters. He kissed me first anyway. I’m not complaining. He’s more of an action-type guy so I guess it’s his way of telling me his feelings. And I accept it.

I am his and he is mine.

(But he needs to formally ask me to be his girlfriend! That airhead. But I love that airhead anyway… so I’m interested on what he’s gonna do from now on.)

I wonder if you felt the same when you and Papa started to fall in love? Maybe I should ask Papa in the future.

And oh, I’m going to rest now. Because of the stunt that Natsu pulled, I’m sick now! That idiot. He wasn’ t even sick! But he apologized and took care of me. And he’s sleeping here tonight since Papa is in an emergency business meeting. Papa was so hesitant to go but thankfully, Natsu assured him that I will be fine with him. After glaring daggers at Natsu, he agreed and left. So yes, I need to rest now.

I love you, Mama. Good night.

Love, Lucy.”

/spoiler/ It was a coincidence that I put the line “Oh yeah, you’re a fire dragon.” there. It was in my sketch before the spoilers came out. Huhu the feels. Dragonized Natsu??? my old theory is coming back @-@ /spoiler end/

                                                     Part 4 of 9

Parts: I (Puppy) // II (Together/Come On) // III (Music/Games)  //  IV (Starlight/Rain)  // V (Promises/Always)  //  VI (Count On Me)  //  VII (I Lived/Show Me)  //  VIII (Serendipity)  //  IX (Happy Ever After)