letter to teachers

You make me feel
everything and nothing
at the same time
and I wonder
whether I could one day
break in two,
due to the emptiness and love
colliding in my stomach.
—  // polarity
We Keep Loving Anyways


Like so long. So whenever you wanna read it here or in Ao3, your choice, kay? 

Hi! It’s not even a surprise by now when I say I was inspired by another beautiful fanart, tbh. This time it was  from this beautiful one: http://knacke.tumblr.com/post/158168311373/lances-life-from-his-familys-point-of-view  made by @knacke .If you love yourself you will see their content, it’s amazing, I swear.

Again, thank you so much for allowing me to write this, I had a LOT of fun!!!


Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. The fanart doesn’t belong to me. 

“Tony, move, I wanna see him!”

“Shut up, Mario, wait your turn –!”


“Mario, sh, he’s sleeping!”

“But I wanna see him, Angie!”

“Come here.”

“Guys, guys, please, a little more quietly.” Mr. McClain hushes, using his free hand to motion his children to lower their voices, “Your Mama is tired and so is your brother. Take it easy, okay?”

The trio nods excitedly. The thirteen years old picks up her little brother with a grunt and smiles playfully when Mario shifts on her arms until he’s comfortable, murmuring a soft ‘thank you, Angie’. Tony steps a little closer, standing on his tip toes to get a better view of the small bundle in his mama’s arms.

The ten years old smiles when his mama notices his efforts and leans forwards just a little bit, enough for him and his siblings to look at the small tiny human wrapped in the pale blue blanket.

“His name’s Lance,” Mrs. McClain whispers, her voice dripping with fondness and love as she stares at the sleeping new born in her arms, “Your new baby brother.”

“So tiny.” Mario mumbles, his big bright brown eyes staring curiously at the small baby. He glances at Angie when the teen giggles at his words and bounces him on her hip.

“They are supposed to be tiny, silly.” She says, leaning forward to see her new brother, “He’s so cute, mama.”

“Hi, Lance!” Tony shouts happily, ignoring the hushing sounds from both his Papa and big sister, “I’m Tony, and I’m your new brother! You’re so tiny but that’s okay, Mario is tiny too!”

“I’m not tiny.” Mario grumbles, crossing his arms with a pout but smiling when his Papa chuckles and ruffles his hair.

“Welcome to the family, amor.” Mrs. McClain says softly as Lance whines and slowly opens his eyes for the first time.

“Will you look at that,” Mr. McClain whistles softly, placing a hand on his wife’s shoulder as he coos at the baby, “We finally have a member in the family with your eyes, cielo.”

Mrs. McClain blue eyes shine with pride and happiness as Lance coos at her, his own deep blue ones staring at her with innocence and curiosity.

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Naruto Series: Real Ninja Missions
Boruto Series: Delivering Mail

Naruto Series: Villains like Zabusa and Haku
Boruto Series: Villains are people who are sick of organising letters and overweight actors.

Naruto Series:Outsmarting a skilled jounin by turning shadow clones into demon shuriken.
Boruto Series:Outsmarting the villain into coming to the post office.

Naruto Series: Deadly senbons
Boruto Series: “Deadly” letters

Naruto Series: Teachers like Kakashi who promises to protect his team and tells them that he won’t let anything happen to them no matter what the cost.
Boruto Series: Teachers who argue with parents to let children face unknown evil with no supervision.

Naruto Series:Sasuke jumping in front of Naruto and almost dying to protect him from senbons.
Boruto Series: Unimportant dude heroically jumping on package to save it from “deadly” letters.

Naruto Series: Main character wants to become Hokage and prove his worth to everyone because he’s been shunned for housing a demon against his will.
Boruto Series: Main character has daddy issues and wants to prove to everyone that he’s a hero because some unknown dude in a dream said so.

Naruto:Tons of awesome fighting along with action, adventure and mystery. Likable characters and a real plot.
Boruto: I must really love Naruto to put myself through this.

You are a tide,
coming back to the shore
in steady rhythms,
sometimes carrying drift wood with you,
from time to time stormy,
or gentle as a breeze,
swirling around my toes
but leaving before the water reaches my ankles,
never actually getting close.
—  // the sea

i’m going into my junior year of high school, the time when many students are getting ready to apply for college. many of my friends and peers have been concerned about what, exactly, they should be doing to prepare this year, and when. so, we held a college information session. this may be geared towards my specific area/region, but hopefully everyone can take something out of this. here are some tips that we learned:


questions to ask:

  1. what is your freshman retention rate?
  2. what is the percentage of students that graduate in 4 years? (new statistic: ¾ of students don’t; the average student takes 5 ½ years to graduate)

make sure there is written documentation of your visit

when reviewing applications, colleges note “touch points”– these include things like taking an official tour, sending in those cards you get in the mail, or something as easy as emailing one of their admissions counselors with a simple question. they’ll keep your information, and it may give you an advantage over other students because you showed you’re seriously interested in their school. so, even if you’re taking an informal campus tour, make sure to stop in the admissions office and fill out one of those cards with your information. it’ll be added into their system as a touch point– and you’re already one step ahead!


some things to remember:

  • the SAT and ACT are, for the most part, equally accepted by colleges.
  • certain schools may require an SAT subject test. make sure to check out programs you’re interested in so that you can prepare all of its requirements.
  • the SAT is a test of aptitude, while the ACT is more knowledge-based and straightforward. 
  • if you’re bright and a good test taker but maybe you don’t get the best grades, the SAT may be more fit for you.
  • if you’re more studious and focused on grades and retaining information you’ve learned in class, the ACT may be a better match. 
  • a guidance counselor recommends: take both tests once, and whichever you feel you performed better on, take it again. 
  • many colleges like to see growth in scores because it shows you’re really working towards something. this may change depending on the selectivity of the school, but consider this before only sending your best score. 
  • if you know what colleges you’re interested in, check and see what they prefer/require before taking the tests. most likely, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money in the long run.


here’s a timeline of what was recommended for your junior year


  • take the PSAT again (this is the year that you can qualify for NMSQT). i’m not sure if this applies everywhere but i know where i live, this is a requirement.
  • if your school uses Naviance, make sure you have your login information. you should be using the tools it provides to research colleges and find out more about jobs you may be suited for.


  • take the ACT or SAT. if you’ve already taken the SAT, i suggest taking the ACT before doing the SAT again. 
  • this is around the time you should start visiting colleges if you haven’t already. if you can’t go to schools, look for information sessions and college fairs near you. if you’re on a college’s email list, they’ve likely sent you dates that they offer tours or perhaps are even hosting information sessions closer to you.


  • start asking for letters of recommendation!! many teachers give letters on a first-come-first-serve basis, so get ahead. usually you want to have 2-4 of these. think about programs and schools you may apply for, and think about what subject teachers may be most helpful in your application. also, check schools’ websites and see what they recommend/require. outside letters are also okay, if they’re from someone who knows you and your work ethic well. 
  • consider taking the SAT or ACT again. 
  • schedule your senior year. it’s no longer a time to slack off; colleges now look at your grades as late as third marking period. continue to challenge yourself, but also take electives that interest you to get a better idea of what careers you may want to pursue.
  • get the Common App essays from your guidance counselor. you should at least think about these over the summer to get an idea of what you’ll say in your application essays.


  • this is when the Common App is available for that year. many, but not all schools, use this. do your own research to decide if it’s a necessity for you.


  • very few students partake in college interviews anymore. requesting and interview may set you apart from other students (touch point!), but it is definitely not required or even recommended by the vast majority of schools.
  • if you know you will be going to grad school or a higher ed program, think about where you want to concentrate your money. a cheaper but respected undergraduate school may be a great idea to save money for a great graduate school. (you probably don’t care where your doctor went for their undergrad, but where’d they go to med school?)
  • check to see what courses certain colleges recommend you take in high school. this may be a good way to plan the rest of your high school schedule, and also gauge whether or not you can achieve a college’s expectations.

Because I’ve seen a lot of people ask how to start learning Korean:

The place you need to start is learning hangul. This is actually easier than you think. There are only, like, 24 hangul letters. A lot of teachers will get overly complicated explaining how hangul letters piece together, and they make it sound really difficult, but you can ignore that crap. Just memorize what sound goes with each letter, and you’re fine. I’ll get you started.

Each little block is a syllable.

Yoon Bum: 윤 범

ㅇ at the beginning of a syllable is an empty placeholder. (At the end of a syllable, it’s a “ng” sound.)

ㅠ is “yoo”

ㄴ is “n”

ㅂ is “b”

ㅓ is…well, it’s usually pronounced like the o in “bomb,” but here it’s more of an “uh” sound. I was confused by this at first. 

ㅁ is “m”

Oh Sangwoo: 오 상우

ㅇ is an empty placeholder

ㅗ is “oh”

ㅅ is “s”

ㅏ is “ah” (rhymes with “saw” or “law”)

ㅇ at the end of a syllable is “ng”

ㅇ placeholder 

ㅜ is “oo” (I don’t know why they put a “w” here)

There. Now you know, like, a third of hangul. 

My Departure

to all those followers who actually read what i write:

it was nice getting to know you and it was nice for you to listen and i am glad we were able to get through this chaotic journey together. but i have sad news.

i am leaving the teacher crush community with tear stained cheeks and a broken heart.

my tc has abruptly decided to leave. with a small “whoosh” and a big “boom”, he has walked off of campus with the intention to not turn back. because he is on his way to start a new life in another school in the same city.

and then this is where i get even more sad.

he texted me a couple nights ago, with fast fingers and a heavy heart, and he told me good luck on my future, but he was sad to not be in it.

i told him it was meant to end this way, we couldn’t have prevented it.

it was good while it lasted and it will be good to see him again, but i won’t put myself through that torture just yet. so we will hold off on physical contact, stick to texting.

that means this is where my journey ends in the tc community and i want you to know, i am always here for you. i will always be here for you. and i pray someone gets a happier ending.

i will continue to write but may i warn you:

none of it will no longer be personal experience. just from my heart and imagination.

love always,
the girl who let him get away

I wish I had the courage to tell you
how madly I am in love with you,
that you are unlike any other,
that you turned my world upside down.
—  // and I wish that those things actually mattered to you
ID #89333

Name: Lauren
Age: 17
Country: Australia

Hi! I am an aspiring artist and writer and am currently undertaking year 12. I have wanted to look for a pen pal for a while and it would be lovely to have someone with similar interest as me, which would be literature and studying, I know, what a nerd. I am hoping to become an English teacher for secondary students later on in life and possibly taking up Psychology. I also love music, opera to rock, to pop music. It would be lovely to find someone.

Preferences: I don’t really have any preferences, anyone’s fine really!

I just want an bit of Ben completely losing it over Nathan Hale. Like. These guys were BEST friends. I need some best friend pining. I need flashbacks and rereading old letters and tears and things.

Do you hate learning Irish in school?

As Irish people, we should be honoured and proud to have our own language. We should consider ourselves lucky to have the chance to learn the language in school. However this is not the case…
As a student in an English speaking secondary school in a non-Gaeltacht area, I can tell you first-hand that the Irish language is anything but enjoyed. Students dread the Irish class and complain about how their time could be spent on more useful activities. I dread Irish class also however I do not hate the language. I know that I feel proud to have my own language and I feel that it should be enforced and enjoyed on our little island. The problem lies in the way that it is enforced.
On the Irish junior cert course are countless short stories and poems and the vocabulary that students learn are mostly to do with said stories and poems. This would be nice… if students could actually speak the basic language. For example, if I was to go to the Gaeltacht for a month I would have no problem speaking about emotions in “Subh Milis” by Seamus O'Neill or the tragedy in “An tÁdh” by Pádraic O'Conaire but I would most certainly struggle to understand certain language and would not be capable of getting certain ideas across to people.
It has gotten to the point where I know more basic German after 2 years than Irish after more than 10 years.
Enforcing Gaeilge would be so much more effective if we were taught to speak the language instead of being taught to rote-learn sample answers on poetry and prose. Rote-learning is not learning a language. Poetry and prose should be enjoyed when people can comfortably speak and understand a language without a teacher translating it word for word. Our Irish language would be embraced and enjoyed so much more if we weren’t forced to learn such painfully boring stories. Dear An Taoiseach, please, please, please alter the way Irish Is taught at second level. I know that it would be much more effective at preserving our own, native language. And just to prove my point about this corrupt system, the reason I have not sent you letter is because my teachers have said that it is a waste of time to learn how to write a formal letter, as it is easier to pass the exam using an informal letter. Thank you for reading.

What if there is no one
who is made to love me?
Someone who will hold me
when fear takes over my mind
or wakes me up at night
when terror finds its way into my dreams?
What if no one will ever look at me
the way I look at them
or need my presence to feel complete?
—  // What if I’m unloveable?

anonymous asked:

If Bakugou's Mom really knew what her son's issues were, I'm surprised that she didn't seemingly try to do anything about it. Was she just incapable against her own son? Or did she not really care and is kinda neglective? She did agree to send Bakugou off without any resistance.

Bakugou is a stubborn teenage boy with a lot of personal problems and emotional issues that make it hard for him to express himself in ways that aren’t violent or aggressive, and he’s prefers to deny anything that bothers him because it makes him feel weak, and if there’s one thing he hates, it’s being weak.

i wouldn’t be surprised if Mitsuki didn’t even know about his issues. the only way she would really find out about them would be watching him interact with Izuku at UA; there’s absolutely no way Bakugou would ever tell his mom that something was bothering him. that implies weakness, and if there’s one thing Bakugou can’t stand, it’s being considered weak. 

hell, it was only until all his inferiority complex and guilt and frustration exploded out during his and Izuku’s fight that anyone even found out that he had these feelings in the first place

i don’t think she’s neglectful or anything. Bakugou is just a difficult child, and she’s only ever been witness to a fraction of his behavior; Bakugou has been praised since he was small, so him failing everywhere now because he’s surrounded by people who’re just as awesome as him, if not moreso, is something she probably expected b/c this is something that’s been part of his life since he was 4, and it would definitely affect his home life b/c both his teachers and peers praised him.

he probably got letters from teachers in the mail talking about how amazing and what a wonderful student he was and how smart he is.

and i’m sure Mitsuki and Masaru feel a little guilty for this; maybe they feel like they didn’t try hard enough to curb Bakugou’s ego when they had the chance, and now it’s come back to bite him in the ass in the worst of ways.

but we’ve never seen any evidence that she OR Inko had any clue about the full extent of Izuku and Bakugou’s horrible relationship, or that Bakugou would willingly tell anyone about all the complicated, awful things he was feeling, especially not to his mom. and he’s very good at pretending. 

i’m sure Mitsuki cares. it’s just that, parents don’t always know about everything that happens in their child’s life. Inko sure as fuck doesn’t know about Izuku having One for All, and that is quite intentionally Izuku and Toshi’s fault.

the reason why Mitsuki sent Bakugou off to the dorms is because she does care. when Aizawa and Toshi were over discussing the topic, she reprimanded Bakugou for being too weak and getting kidnapped as a result, and then she talked about the reason why he had an over-inflated ego.

she said those things because she cares. she wants him to get the proper care he needs. she wants him to mature. she wants him to get stronger so this sort of situation doesn’t happen again; she wants UA to make her son into a “proper hero,” and that’s why she was so happy when Aizawa defended Bakugou’s character on television, because it proved to her that these teachers do really understand her son, and that they do really want to make him a good hero.

so yeah, i don’t think she’s neglectful or had no power over her son. it’s just that Bakugou is a complicated person, and he wouldn’t willingly tell anyone about his problems, and so his mom wouldn’t’ve been able to find out about them unless she saw them herself. 

i do think she cares. there just isn’t much that she can do.

ID #66715

Name: Hellga
Age: 26
Country: Russia

Hi! I’m looking for a pen pal from any country of the world. I’ve graduated from a law school but now I work as an English teacher and a freelancer. I live with my girlfriend so please bear in mind that I’m looking for an open-minded people who are okay with LGBTQ community. I’m a huge fan on Marvel movies, bjd dolls, Ruby Rose. In my free time I like to travel, read books, cross-stitch and many more. I’m also tacking photography classes and have a dream to become a makeup artist because I love to see happy and confident people with makeup on.
I’m also a newbie vegan so I’ll be very pleased to chat with anyone with the same interests.
I’d love to send a snail mail only

Preferences: Any age, any gender but please be 18+
Any country is fine - I’d love to have friends from around the world

I never understood
why the colour Red
symbolizes both love and danger,
but then I fell in love with you
and build my life around it,
therefore I realized
that everything will crash
when you leave.
—  // and you’re not even mine