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boys in 2017: send nudes

boys in 1779: Cold in my professions, warm in [my] friendships, I wish, my Dear Laurens, it m[ight] be in my power, by action rather than words, [to] convince you that I love you.

[image description: On a white background, Peggy Carter gives Angie Martinelli a piggyback ride. Angie’s arms are thrown out excitedly as she is decked out in rainbow flags, face paint, knee-high socks, and a tshirt reading “LESBIAN THESBIAN” in rainbow letters. Peggy is mid-run and smiling (at her silly goofy girlfriend) with a tshirt reading “BI PRIDE” and corresponding face paint]

Not that I need an excuse for gay on my blog, but I realized it was almost the end of Pride month and I never posted anything. So here’s some gay-as-hell Cartinelli art

Happy June 32nd!

so just a reminder that i’ll write up to 150 words in my attempt at calligraphy if you buy me anything (doesn’t have to be just an ink) off my amazon wishlist of whatever you want, with the parameters that i would just not write something i find morally reprehensible

translation: i’m going to hate myself for this but if someone wanted to buy me shit and then asked for me to write sections of my immortal i might cry but i would still do it

here are some samples and colors of things i’ve done in the past week–and i’ve been improving! so it would be better an better tbh if you’re wondering why certain letters look better they’re probably more recent

What Soul? - Peter Parker x stark!Reader

Words: 1318
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Warnings: kinda cliche af
Requested by @betty234
Hey! I Saw your requests are open. Could you please write a Tony Stark x reader, or maybe Peter Parker x reader one shot, with the whole soulmate au where they have tattoos that symbolizes each other and he already likes her. Thank you so much”
Summary: In this world, soulmates are strange. The tattoos only appear after you have officialy met your soulmate; meaning some people never get theirs. They can also change what they look like depending on what is going on during the day. When your tattoo gets mistaken for a hickey, you have to explain what’s going on, but only find out it is much deeper then you could have ever imagined.
Authors Note: i havent actually written a soulmate au before, so this was fun! After the april fools joke today, I thought it would be a good idea to post a real imagine xD


Peter Masterlist. Masterlist.

“Hey, Steve,” You sing-songed as you walked into the common room where the American flag himself was sitting. “I have a question for you.”

“Shoot, kiddo,” Steve put down the book he was reading and listened to what you had to say.

You showed Steve your computer. “I’m learning about World War Two…”

Steve laughed, “You know my experience was much different than what they might be asking you.”

You shrugged and agreed with him, but hearing his stories of those days were always interesting. “I actually had to help Peter with this topic last month,” Steve nodded, and your face turned to confusion. You didn’t really know many people your age, considering you’ve been homeschooled all your life. It was just easier for your father to keep track of you by having you home all the time, and it became much easier once the Avengers became a thing. “You know, Spider-Boy. Your dad is always helping him out with his powers.”

“Oh, right! The one that’s always super awkward around me,” You nodded, a little laugh following. You scratched your neck, moving everything ever-so-slightly out of place to reveal what was on your neck.

“Hey! What the hell is that?” Steve moved your hair out of the way and turned your neck so he could see what was hiding. “Oh thank goodness, it’s not a hickey. I would have killed you!”

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I woke up today with a letter at my door
The envelope 20-years-old.
Inside the handwritten
Date of my birth
Intrigued me ever so.

      “Hello my darling,
      You don’t know me
      But you will.
      I managed to convince a nurse
      To cart me to the neonatal unit today
      So I could look upon your face
      Once more
      Although it was the first time for you

      You looked at me
      I don’t think you could see me
      But somehow I think you knew

      I can’t tell you much more, my love
      Spoilers and all
      But time will tell the truth

      I’m old now
      Trying to write from
      My frail memories
      The story your future
      My past

      It was brief, and beautiful,
      And full of so much light
      But I had and you will have
      Important things to do

      When it is time to leave
      Make sure you go
      Time won’t change my love

      Just know
      Before I died
      I got to say a proper goodbye
      And see you
      One last time”

I folded the letter
Like the puzzled folds in my face
And wouldn’t think much of it
For several more years.

prompt by @aliveinsideink

“Peggy, look in the mirror! Look at Alex and Lafayette! Aren’t they pulling funny faces, Peggy?” Thomas put his arm around the toddler as she tearily began to giggle.


Angelica and Eliza stayed home sick so Peggy felt a bit strange going to Daycare all by herself; but everybody always works together to cheer her up!

Peggy Carter

So my favourite female character in the Marvel cinematic universe is Peggy Carter.

Where do I begin? She is an amazing character. In my opinion, she is the most developed MCU lady. She is a complex, well rounded character. She had great qualities, and some epic flaws too!

She is funny and witty and smart and resourceful and independent and feminine and confident and stubborn and bold and sometimes reckless and jealous. She can be mean and hurt people.

She does what she thinks is right, and will stop at nothing to achieve what she truly believes in.

She’s Captain America’s hero, and his compass.

She founded SHIELD.

Despite working in a male dominated field, she cultivates healthy relationship with other great women: Angie Martinelli, Rose Roberts, Ana Jarvis… Plus her indescribable relationship with Dottie Underwood.

She has love and lost (Michael, Steve), and she grieved, and she managed to love again. (seriously, it’s not often a character is actually allowed to grieve on screen time, and it was done beautifully)

She takes shit from no one, be it a private, a superior officer, a colleague, a man she actually likes, or another woman. See below my favourite exhibit:

(gif by capntony)

She is a very good spy and a great warrior. She comes up with great plans, tactics and strategies, but if need be (or if someone she cares about is in danger), she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and rush into danger.

She uprooted herself and came to live in the USA.

(She went for the grenade, too)

She was never a damsel in distress.

She is a woman who likes lipstick, shoes, accessories and other typically feminine things. And she’s a badass. She genuinely can fight and shoot. She proves that all those things are not mutually exclusive.

The way she deals with bullies and sexist jerks is awe-inspiring. She had to stomach so much sh*t and always came up on top! Her strength and perseverance in the hostile environment that’s her workplace is amazing.

I don’t identify with her so much as I aspire to be her. She is seriously one of the greatest role models ever. And she is played to perfection by the sensational Hayley Atwell.

Some of her amazing quotes:

“I know my value, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter”

“I conducted my own investigation because no one listens to me. I got away with it because no one looks at me. Because unless I have your reports, your coffee, or your lunch, I am invisible.”

“as has always been the case, I don’t require your help”

“He would say: ‘Do as Peggy says’!”

“What’s your name, darling? - Agent.”

“The alphabet? I can teach you. Let’s start with words beginning by the letter ‘A'”

External image


In June of 1988, Parealyn Carr received an anonymous letter urging him and his family to leave Florida in the next two weeks or else they will die. Four months after the arrival of the letter, Parealyn’s wife Peggy Carr got tremendously sick. She had been unable to walk and speak properly and had to write down messages in order to communicate. Her family eventually brought her to the hospital. Peggy was released after doctors told her that they had problems with finding the cause of her pain. Her condition rapidly worsened in the following hours and on the next day, she was brought back to the hospital. Doctors who examined her now suspected a thallium poisoning based on a variety of symptoms displayed by Peggy, including hair loss, one of the main symptoms of thallium poisoning. Her stepson Travis Carr and son Duane Dubberly soon exhibited symptoms similar to Peggy’s. A special test eventually confirmed their suspicions. Other family members, including Peggy’s husband, also had traces of thallium in their systems. After losing all her hair, Peggy slipped into a coma. On March 3, 1989, she was removed from life support and died.

When authorities searched the home of the Carr’s to find the source of the thallium, they recovered an 8-pack of Coca-Cola. Officials determined that the bottles contained traces of thallium and that the bottles had been deliberately opened. They suspected Parealyn Carr to be involved in the poisonings, but evidence suggested otherwise. After police questioned neighbors of the Carrs, George Trepal became their prime suspect. Trepal studied chemistry for two years and was a member of Mensa, along with his wife Diana Carr. They frequently hosted murder mystery weekends, where members of Mensa talked about committing the perfect crime and staged murders. Trepal had been arrested in 1975 for his part as chemist in a methamphetamine lab. When police asked him what would drive someone to poison his neighbors, Trepal answered that the poisoner wanted them to leave. The couple frequently argued with the Carrs, often about trivialities. Special agent Susan Goreck eventually went undercover to attend the murder mystery weekends. Goreck befriended Trepal quickly, but he never confessed to poisoning the Carr’s. In December of 1989, after the couple had moved to Sebring, Florida, Trepal rented his house to Goreck to “escape an abusive husband.” Police searched the house on the same day he handed her the keys. In the garage they found a brown bottle containing thallium nitrate. Trepal was arrested at his Sebring home in April of 1990. He was sentenced to death for the murder of Peggy Carr on March 6, 1991. Despite all the evidence against him, Trepal still maintains his innocence.

Limerence and Aphrodisiacs (Jefferson x Reader)

Words: 1000+?

Warnings: light smut, drugged drinks, nothing serious yall

Request: In the mood for some love ? Idk why but I’ve been thinking about love potion or aphrodisiacs (… don’t ask) So what would happen If someone “drugs” the reader and the person he/she doesn’t like What would happen before ? In the meantime ? After ? Only you know the answer of the reader’s destiny ! (And which personne they hates) Free to choose which character you love or hate @sorry-but-no-sorry

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day! In celebration of how lonely we all are (maybe its just me) let’s read some fic!

Your friends, Elizabeth, Peggy, and Angelica Schuyler decided that you all should celebrate Valentine’s Day together this year. February 14 was coming up soon, and although Eliza was courting Alexander, she insisted that the four of you were each other’s’ valentine.

“Eliza, you know how Hamilton is. He’ll beg for you to be his valentine. I bet he’s going to show up with chocolate from around the globe.” Angelica said, tying up her hair. Peggy was helping you put on your corset, looking at Eliza doing her makeup. Eliza snorted, glancing back at her older sister.

“And you think I won’t be able to say no?” She replied, putting on blush. Peggy laughed.

“You could never say no to him. Especially when he sends you all of those letters.” You laughed along with Peggy, and Eliza pouted.

“Y/N, you’re supposed to be backing me up on this.” You shrugged, thanking Peggy for helping you with a smile.

“Sorry Eliza, can’t help you on this one.” You all laughed, and joked around for the rest of the time. You all were to meet the boys at the Early Spring ball. They seemed to have a dance for every occasion possible. Peggy had a huge crush on Laurens, and Angelica tended to talk to Lafayette. She insisted that it was nothing, but the smile on her face and the giggling between them told you three otherwise. You, on the other hand, didn’t really have anyone that you liked. The girls always said that you and Thomas should get together, but that was the opposite of what you wanted.

Thomas Jefferson, the annoying, pompous, self-centered man was someone you were never interested in. In fact, you two hated each other. He called you a self-absorbed, independent and no potential, while you said the exact same thing, but in more vulgar words. Every time the two of you were in the same room, the tension rose, and you couldn’t help but start to argue with him. It was inevitable.

“It’s just sexual tension.” Angelica murmured. Peggy gasped, blushing. You rolled your eyes at her, looking at your wrist watch.

“Or, it’s because he’s a spoiled man. Look at the way he prances around, doesn’t it just make you want to-“ You ended your sentence there, your face getting red from the anger rising in you.

“Jump his bones?” Eliza suggested, getting a small slap from Peggy on the arm.

“You know what I mean, Eliza.” You mumbled. The four of you finished, and walked out to the carriage that was to take you to the ball. Angelica insisted that you tried to work things out with Jefferson, but you shook your head, not wanting anything to do with him.

Once you all arrived, Eliza immediately broke off from the group, running to find her Alexander. Peggy walked away to get some drinks from the refreshments table, and Angelica went with her, leaving you alone. You walked to an empty table and sat down. Parties weren’t really your thing, but the girls always dragged you along for the ride. As you were playing with your fingers, you noticed a familiar purple silhouette approaching you. You sighed at the ridiculous color he was wearing, and turned your head away.

“Ah, so instead of arguing with me, you do not even acknowledge my presence? How rude.” Jefferson drawled, sitting across from you. You sighed, ignoring him. “I thought you said you do not like parties? Why are you here?”

“I came specifically to annoy you, Thomas.” You mumbled, looking at him. He had that same stupid, sly grin on his face. “Why are you even talking to me?” He shrugged, glancing around.

“Madison isn’t here to entertain me, and Burr isn’t the best of company. Not that you are, either, but you’re better than his blabbing mouth.” You snorted, and he frowned, giving you a disgusted look. “You are a very informal woman, Y/N.”

“Says the man who cannot entertain himself, so he comes and talks to me. You know, your presence is shying away potential suitors for me.” This time, Thomas laughed.

“Yes, because every man finds you desirable.”

Before you had a chance to retort, Peggy and Angelica came over, holding drinks in their hands. They offered you and Thomas one, insisting that you both drink together. Jefferson and you glared at each other, but accepted the drinks. Angelica had a mischievous look on her face, and you wondered why. Again, she ran away with her sister before you could ask.

As you two sipped your drinks, Jefferson began glancing down at your chest. You never saw him do this once before, so it was a surprise. But should it be? He was a man, after all. You stared at his face, noticing that he was indeed, quite handsome. His trimmed facial hair to his brown eyes made you want to-

“Would you care to dance with me, Y/N?” Jefferson asked, holding out his hand. Some part of you told you that this was wrong, but you touched his hand with yours, letting him lead you to the dance floor. He bowed once, and you curtsied. The song changed, and you two began dancing with each other.

“I thought you hated me, Jefferson?” You whispered low, letting him guide you along the dance floor. You criticized his dance moves before, but now, it seemed like he was the best you have ever seen. Jefferson chuckled, spinning you around slowly.

“And I thought you wanted to murder me, Y/N. Things change.” He pulled you tightly against him, your breath catching in your throat. His pupils were dilated, dark and unrecognizable. You felt a hard throbbing against your stomach, and you looked at him, your eyes widening. He smirked, pulling you back.

“Jefferson-“ He rushed you off the dance floor, guiding you to a back room. Before you could say more, he slammed the door shut, backing you against it. His eyes looked down hungrily at your lips, before pushing his against yours.

Before tonight, you would have punched him square in the jaw. Before tonight, you would have kicked him in his baby maker. But, you kissed him back, biting his lip softly. He groaned, fumbling with your dress. You guided his hands to your back, helping him pull off the tied ribbons.

“Tell me no if you want me to stop.” He whispered, pressing his lips against your neck. You sighed, tilting your head back.

“Okay…” You replied through gasps. You pulled off his jacket, breaking every button in the process.



The next morning, you woke up in your bed to a throbbing headache. You looked around, noticing that you were in fact, not in your room. And, you glanced down at your body, you were naked. Completely, utterly, naked.

“What the hell…” You mumbled, looking around for your dress. You found it in the corner of the room, torn to pieces. There you found another dress next to it. You immediately pulled it on, covering your body. You were sore, so it took you a minute.

You tried to ignore the thoughts that came to your head, reminding you what happened last night. I mean, it was hard to forget. Ha, hard.

“Y/N, stop. This isn’t funny.” You mumbled to yourself. You noticed Thomas’s clothes not far from yours, as teared and damaged as yours. “What are you going to do now?” You said, fixing your hair in the mirror that you found in the room. It was a complete mess, but you made it look as presentable as possible. Before you left the room, you saw a note on the door, written in what was clearly his writing.

Very interesting time last night. We need to talk, I will wait for you in the dining hall.

-Thomas Jefferson

You sighed, pulling the paper off the door. You reluctantly walked to the dining room, seeing the back of Thomas’s head. You noticed his foot tapping anxiously, and you were surprised. You never thought you would see Thomas nervous before.

Although under the circumstances, it was expected. When you slowly approached him, he heard your footsteps, and turned around quickly. He glanced over you quickly, standing up. He glanced at your body quickly, then looked at you in the eyes, giving you a small smile.

“Y/N, hi.” You tried to look anywhere but at him, wanting to forget what happened last night.

“Thomas, I don’t know what happened with us but…” You started, glancing over at him. His shoulders dropped, and a small part of you felt bad about it. Youactually felt bad about something that had to do with Thomas. “But, I do think that it meant something. Did, it mean something?” You asked, looking at him. He laughed, running his hands through his hair.

“I have been hiding this for a while, Y/N. But, I do, like you. I always liked you. I just, I thought that you hated me, so I pretended to do so as well. I did not want what happened last night to occur that way, I have no idea what came over us, but I do not regret it. I’ll never regret it.” There was a sorrowful look on his face, and he stared at you. There was no hate in his eyes, and you felt happy about that.

Did you really hate him? He was quite annoying, and his personality did make you want to stay away, but maybe there was something more? Maybe, he was not such a bad guy? You looked him over once, and sighed.

“Give me some time, Thomas. Give me some time, and I’ll think about it.” He gave you an encouraging grin, nodding slowly. “In the meantime, try not to be so overbearing?”

He grinned wickedly. “Do not count on it, love.”

Darling! - A playlist of 40s love songs for slow dancing and romancing

  1. (I Don’t Stand) A Ghost of a Chance (With You) by Jo Stafford & Paul Weston and His Orchestra
  2. Serenade In Blue by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
  3. Again by Doris Day & The Mellomen
  4. I Wish I Didn’t Love You So by Etta Jones
  5. ‘Deed I Do by Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie
  6. Almost Like Being In Love by Frank Sinatra
  7. You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To by Dinah Shore
  8. I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling by Louis Armstrong & His All Stars
  9. Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup by Nat “King” Cole
  10. I’m Making Believe by Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots
  11. On the Street Where You Live by Dean Martin
  12. Love Letters by Peggy Lee
  13. I Hadn’t Anyone Till You by Lena Horne
  14. Fools Rush In by Jo Stafford


Life With the Schuylers - Chapter Two (Eliza)

a/n: time for chapter two!! Thank you all so, so much for all the love you’ve given chapter 1 this past week I’m so blown away by the reaction to it and I’m so glad you’re as excited about this series as I am! I hope you enjoy chapter two and please don’t forget to let me know what you think!

warnings: death mention (it’s nothing graphic or anything) 

word count: 3,270

tagged: @tailored-shirt-tails @legendaryapplesauce @turtlenecks-coffee @phoenix-fire-fangirl @eliza-the-actual-ray-of-sunshine @sherlockianwithatwist @hercules-mullifan  

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By mid-January, Eliza and Alex are practically inseparable.

Alex seems to open up to Eliza in a way he’s never opened up to anyone else since his mother. She brings out a different side in him, a side that confuses his friends whenever they see how he is with her. She seems to have a calming effect on him, it’s like whenever she’s around him he can take a breath and give himself time to relax.

By the time the two of them are on their second date, Alex has shared more of himself with Eliza than he has with anyone else. One night while she was at his apartment with Alex, he told her all about his past, about his father leaving, his mother’s death, how he had to move from his island to New York to move in with his cousin, and after his cousin’s death, how he was adopted by George and Martha Washington.

After all the loss that Alex has suffered through in his life, Eliza wouldn’t be surprised if he never wanted to open up to anyone or if it took months for him to share even the smallest detail of his life. She’s seen it before, time and time again in the children she deals with at work. Being a social worker, working mostly with orphans she’s used to kids who have lost so much and withdraw into themselves.

As Eliza and Alex find themselves getting closer, she and her sisters are also getting closer to Alex’s friends, and have even taken to hanging out with the boys at the coffee shop that John works at. Within a week, the girls feel at home there with the boys, dropping in before and after work, having somewhere to go rather than just go home is nice and different.

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With Deepest Affections (Aaron Burr x Reader)


Request: “Could you do #169 with Aaron Burr?”

169: “I just want you to know that when I picture myself happy…it’s with you.”

Words: 2674

(A/N- I know that Aaron Burr wasn’t actually Charles Lee’s second in his duel against John Laurens,  but these imagines are more about the musical characters than the real people. Also it fits in with the story really nicely :D)

The letter arrived on your doorstep one day. Your full name was written on the front of the envelope in flowing black ink. Perplexed, you tore it open and sat down in your mother’s favorite arm chair.

Dear Miss L/N,

I regret that I cannot speak to you in person. I am currently fighting with the Continental Army in Monmouth County. I work closely with your brother, Charles Lee, and I must admit, you caught my eye at the ball before we left. I was not able to approach at the time, but I could not rest knowing that you remained unaware of my feelings toward you. I really do wish you could hear all of this from my voice, but I simply could not wait to tell you, funny, considering I am usually a man of great patience. I suppose that just shows how strong an impact you’ve made on me. 

By the time you receive this letter, we will mostly likely be engaged in battle. I assure you, however, that I will continue to write until my return at which time I hope you will allow me the pleasure of accompanying me to dinner.

With deepest affections, 

Aaron Burr

You couldn’t help the smile that crept across your face. You laughed at the idea that someone who knew your brother well and still wanted to be involved in the family. You loved Charles yes, but you also knew how stubborn he could be. He hadn’t wanted to join the army, but he felt the need to prove his bravery to your father.  At least one good thing came out of this: If Charles had not wanted to fight, you never would’ve gone to the farewell ball to see him off, and this Aaron Burr never would’ve spotted you. You were deeply upset that you didn’t know who this man was and could not put a face to the name. It didn’t matter what he looked like though, his words had moved you. Eager to find out more of the man, you pulled a coat of your gown and set of towards the Schuyler household knowing that they were all well versed in the hierarchy of New York citizens and the three daughters had also attended the ball. You rapped on their door only twice before it swung open. 

“Y/N!” Angelica squealed and hugged you. 

“Y/N?” Another questioned before Peggy appeared behind Angelica. She elicited a sound of joy and hugged you as well. 

“It’s so good to see you two!” You looked around. “Where’s Eliza?” 

“Oh, she’s off writing a letter to Alexander.” Peggy rolled her eyes. “Another one.”

“Well, they are in love.” Angelica said to Peggy and looked away. “Not that I’m not overjoyed to see you,” Angelica said motioning for you to come in, “but what brings you here.” 

“I have a question. It’s rather important actually.”

“Go on…” Angelica said.

“Do either of you have any knowledge about a man named Aaron Burr?” You said timidly. 

“Oh my.” Angelica rolled her eyes. Your heart sank.

“What? What about him?” 

“He’s also trying to get with some rich girl. Usually one of us,” said Peggy. 

“Really?” You were taken aback. His words seem so sincere. 

“Has he approached you too?” Angelica asked. 

“Well..” you started. “He wrote me a letter saying I caught his eye at the farewell ball. He said he knew Charles well and that they were working together.” You couldn’t keep the disappointment out of your voice. Angelica picked up on this. She had you sit. 

Look,” she said, taking both your hands into to her gingerly, “I’m not saying whatever he said wasn’t true, but I would be careful not to fall too quickly. You have no idea where his intentions really lie, and you have no way of knowing the real tone of his words through a letter.” You nodded solemnly. 

Just be careful, Y/N” Peggy said. You smiled at her. Not many people gave her credit for her mature wisdom. 

Thank you, both of you. I think I will wait to reply to him. If he truly does have deeper feelings for me, he will write again anyway right?” You said, 

Excellent idea, Y/N.” Angelica smirked at you. 

A week had passed since you received your first letter from Aaron. Your hopes were beginning to sink lower and lower. You almost caved and wrote back several times, but you stopped yourself. You were convinced that if he really cared, he would write again. Thankfully you didn’t have to worry anymore because exactly one week and one day after the first letter, another arrived. 

Dear Miss L/N

My friend Alexander Hamilton has informed me that you may have heard things about me. His wife, Elizabeth, wrote to him saying her sisters told you my intentions may not be pure. Know this, Y/N, I will do everything in my power to prove myself to you. I’ll do whatever it take. I’m willing to wait for you.

I am sorry to be the one to tell this news, but your brother has recently been involved in a dispute with our own George Washington and some of his most loyal soldiers, including Alexander. Now a duel has been scheduled between Charles and a man named John Laurens, unless Charles takes his word back. Being acquainted with both Charles and Laurens, I am afraid that Charles is too stubborn to apologize and Laurens will not be satisfied until he does. Per my request, I will be Charles second. I know what it can be like to lose a family member, and I sincerely don’t want you to go through that. It’s painful. It tears someone up inside, and you don’t deserve that. I promise you I will protect your brother. 

You paused. It almost seemed impossible to read on. You knew war was dangerous and that Charles wasn’t the bravest, but you never thought he could face death from a comrade. You took a shuddering breath and read on.

In reference to what the Schuyler sisters have told you about me. I must say some of their words reign true. I have tried my hand with them, but not because of their wealth. Orphanhood is a lonely life. It would be much easier if there was someone to share it with. Maybe it’s a good thing did not meet in person. I might have blundered my chances with you like I apparently had with them. Things are different with you, though. It pains me that we’ve never been formally introduced, but I’ve heard so much about you from the other men in my ranks. I can understand why you might not want to, but it would ease the ache in my heart greatly if I received a response from you. 

With deepest, and true, affections,

Aaron Burr

You shakily set the letter on the table next to you. A whirlwind of emotions was wreaking havoc in you. You were dismayed by the news of your brother’s misfortune, but Aaron’s words, like before, touched your heart. You absolutely must write one back. You couldn’t torture the poor man. You grabbed paper and soon the only sound filling your room was of your quill scratching along. 

Weeks passed filled with nothing but letters between you and Aaron. Each letter ended the same “With deepest affections”. Every chance you got you asked those around you about him, desperate to know him on a deeper level. He told the results of the duel. Charles was shot, but not killed, and would return home soon. You were thrilled, of course, that Charles was alive, but if you were honest, you were really awaiting when you could finally see Aaron in person. You two weren’t officially courting. You had the sense that Aaron wanted to ask you in person, which you respected, but you were desperate to call the boy yours. He’d written in a letter that he should be home for around two months soon, but he did not know the exact date. You were beyond eager and has been taking some measures to make sure you had the right look when he arrived. He knew what you looked like, but you had only heard people describe him to you. From what you heard, he wasn’t unattractive, but this only made you more nervous. 

You were sitting in the same chair you always sat in when you heard a knock on your door. You put down the book you reading and rushed to the door. Checking that every hair was in its place and that you had a rosy tint on your cheeks, as you had every time come to your door for a week just in case it was Aaron, you pulled your front door open. A man you didn’t recognize stood there smiling at you.

“Miss L/N” he bowed to you. 

“Mr Burr, I presume?” You tried your best to stay. 

“Please, you can call me Aaron.”

“Well then you must call me Y/N, sir.” you smiled. 

“Of course.” He smiled back. “Fancy a walk?” You nodded eagerly. You were desperate to spend more time with him away form the prying eyes of your neighbor and brother who was upstairs. The air from outside felt warm so you skipped the coat. 

“Charles! I am leaving!” you called to your brother. 

“Yeah okay.” you heard a muffled response. 

Aaron held his arm out and you took it gratefully. You two walked and talked for hours. The words flowing from both of your mouths just like they had in the letters. It was so different talking to him in person. Aaron was a very formal man, as you had expected from the tone of his letters, but you saw his true nature in the way he talked with hands when he was excited and the way he listened with such attentiveness to every word you had to say. Eventually, you found yourselves alone in a rather deserted part of town. Aaron stopped and looked at you. 

“Y/N I have to ask. I know it seems rather pointless at this point to even ask, but I feel I should. Will you allow me the great pleasure of courting you?” he looked deeply into your eyes.

“Of course, Aaron.” You smiled and he beamed down at you. He brought your hand to his lips but never broke eye contact with you. You were at a loss for words. He placed a hand gently on your cheek and you leaned ever so slightly into his touch. He took a step closer to you and you closed your eyes. You felt your lips meet his. His kiss was sweet and slow, and it left you breathless. He pulled away, and you could see the smile in his eyes. 

“Shall we continue?” he held his arm out again. 

“Certainly.” you said. 

Everyday you and Aaron walked together sometimes talking, sometimes just enjoying each others company. Sometimes you even mingled among friend at a party or ball. The fact is you were inseparable and often stayed out late into the evening because you couldn’t bear to leave each other.  Not many were supportive of your relationship. Angelica and Peggy had gotten over it, but that didn’t stop others from talking. They thought you were being naive. Your family wasn’t extremely wealthy, but you had more than Aaron. It seemed everyone in New York was convinced he only wanted your money. These accusations were so troubling it almost separated you, but you both soon came to your senses and realized that you could weather any storm better as a team. You knew the truth though.  Aaron had made it very clear to you how much he loved you. You had made it clear you felt the same.  

One night you found yourselves all dressed up at a dinner hosted by the Schuyler family. You felt so proud to be by his side, but the feeling was bittersweet. Aaron had just found out that he would be leaving in a months time, and you couldn’t help having that thought clouding over you. 

“Is something wrong, Y/N” he said after the man he had been talking to left. “You’ve been quiet, which is rather unlike you.” He winked at you. You smiled. 

“I’m fine, Aaron.” you patted his arm reassuringly. 

“Excuse me for a moment.” he said. 

You furrowed your brow. “Of course.” you said. He released your arm and walked off into the crowd. You felt rather cold not pressed against his side. 

After a bit, Eliza came up to you and told you to follow her. You were utterly confused, but you trusted her.

 She led you through a hallway to a door you’d never seen before. She kissed on the cheek and then instructed you to open the door. She left briskly giggling like a child. You had no idea what you were about to find on the other side of this door, but you were going to find out. 

Slowly, you eased the door open and saw him standing there looking as amazing as ever with a smile on his face. He was surrounded by flowers of different kinds and the only light was provided a few candles scattered about the room. 

“Aaron? What is this?” A nervous smile crept onto your face. He motioned for you to come over. He took both of your hands in his. 

“Y/N, I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile. Since I talked to Charles about it but…but I was waiting for the right time and then Alexander told that I need to stop waiting and just go for it. I thought for once I might actually take his advice.” 

Realization dawned on you. What else could he have talked to Charles about concerning you? You weren’t sure so you held your tongue.

“I know not everyone has been supportive of this relationship, but Y/N I don’t care what they say. So many people have wanted to be by your side the way I am, but I’ve never wanted to be with someone as much as much I want to be with you. These people are always trying to get to us. They’re convinced that I’m not right for you. And they’re right.” You opened your mouth but he held a hand up to stop you. “I will never be good enough for you because no man could ever match someone like you. But I want you to know that when I picture myself happy, it’s with you. I can’t go back to war with any uncertainties about this.” He knelt down in front of you, and the tears that had been brimming at your eyes overflowed. 

“Y/N marry me. Make me the happiest man alive. Screw what everyone else says about us. I just want to be with you.”

You were so choked up that for a moment you weren’t sure you would be able to answer him. “Yes.” you barely whispered. He stood up instantly and kissed you. You closed your eyes and savored the moment, wishing you could live in this happiness forever. 

“I love you, Aaron.” You said when he pulled away.

“I love you too, Y/N. With deepest affections.”


Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 1,825

Warnings: angst, like seriously it’s pretty angsty man

Request: Requested by anonymous: Can I request a John laurens one where he cheated on the reader and the reader does burn in front of his face.

A/N: So this is a bit different from the request, because she didn’t really do burn in front of his face but I’m still pretty proud of this (I have 7 requests to do after this, but I’m going to sleep and do the requests after school tomorrow!)

I saved every letter you wrote me

You closed the box, encasing the letters your boyfriend had sent you. You always adored the letters, loving the sentiment of it.

You looked back at Peggy, who gave you an encouraging smile. You returned it, setting the box carefully in one of your drawers.

From the moment I read them I knew you were mine

You giggled, sitting down next to Eliza as you read the letter together.

“Honestly, it’s rare you find someone in 2016 that still writes letters.” Eliza commented, after she finished talking about how sweet the letter was.

“Hey, Alexander does too!” You laughed.

“Yes, that’s true. But that one is yours.” Eliza pointed out.

“He’s mine.” You whispered.

You said you were mine

“You’re mine.” You whispered in John’s ear, as you wrapped your arms around him.

“I’m yours.”

I thought you were mine

You spent the entire night talking with John over the phone, even though he had a meeting to go to. You worried about him for a while, but he reassured you that he’d be fine.

He said you were worth it.

Do you know what Angelica said when we saw your first letter arrive?

You opened your mailbox, laughing lightly as you saw a letter from your boyfriend John. You had just started dating him, and Angelica was still waiting in your apartment.

She said, “Be careful with that one love, he will do what it takes to survive.”

You ran back inside, ripping open the letter. You showed it to Angelica and she gave you a warning look. “Be careful with that one love.”

“Why? He’s nice, and you’ve met him!” You were confused. John would never do anything to hurt you.

“He will do what it takes to survive.”

You and your words, flooded my senses

You reread the most recent letter from John. A blush rose to your cheeks as you couldn’t hold back a smile.

Your sentences left me defenseless

You felt vulnerable, reading the letters. You held it close to your chest when you finished, a content sigh escaping your lips.

You built me palaces out of paragraphs.

The paragraphs John wrote made your heart flutter. You sent a quick text to Peggy, informing her of the letter. Within minutes, the two of you were reading the letter aloud. Peggy loved reading John’s letters with you.

You built cathedrals

You visited John in his apartment, excitedly knocking on the door. He opened it, surprised to find you standing there. He invited you in, and together you talked for hours, losing track of time.

I’m re-reading the letters you wrote me

Tears blurred your vision as you dug through the small box of letters. You read all of them hundreds of times. You were alone, slowly losing all hope.

I’m searching and scanning for answers in every line

You read through the letters once more, searching for answers. Why he would’ve done this, or when. Tears dripped from your face down onto the letters he wrote you.

For some kind of sign

Eliza had to come over and take the box you held the letters in, because you wouldn’t stop looking at the notes.

And when you were mine

“John!” You squealed, laughing as he lifted you from the ground, spinning you.

“I haven’t seen you in forever!” He put you down, kissing you on the forehead.

“It’s been a week, John.”

“A long one!”

The world seemed to burn

You grabbed a few extra blankets, the fire crackling in the background. You sat next to John, turning on the TV.

“Let’s watch Elf.” John suggested. You nodded, smiling.


You waved out the window, the smile never leaving your face. You spent another day with John, sitting on the couch and just talking. You could always just talk to him. That’s one thing you loved about him.

You published the letters she wrote you

You stared, wide eyed, at the screen. Eliza stood behind you, as she was the one that brought this to your attention. John’s blog, which you loved dearly, now had texts from a random girl whom you never met. They weren’t just a hint that John was cheating, they were like a big flashing sign in front of you, telling you to leave him.

You told the whole world how you brought this girl into our bed

“Y/N, he posted another thing.” Eliza told you, as you wept on your bed. You looked up slowly, reading the post Eliza brought up on her phone.

He was saying out right that it was all his fault, and that he knew what he was doing when he-

You stopped reading, burying your head in your knees.

In clearing your name, you have ruined our lives

You tried to ignore the stares, as you would walk into a room. Everyone who knew you knew of how highly you thought of John. Everyone who knew you had also heard of what happened, and how devastated you had been.

Do you know what Angelica said, when she read what you’d done?

You sat in the empty garage of her apartment building. You waited for her to see the text, when you dropped your phone. Instead of picking it up, you opted to wipe your tearful eyes. A buzz from your phone caused you to pick it up.

‘I unlocked the door. Get inside I have icecream. That bitch is gonna pay.’

She said “You have married an Icarus he has flown too close to the sun.”

“You have married an Icarus.” Angelica told you poetically. “He has flown too close to the sun.” You let out a breathy laugh, listening to Angelica’s comforting words. “He doesn’t know how badly he fucked up. He lost the best damn thing he’s ever gonna get.”

You and your words, obsessed with your legacy…

“He wouldn’t have even posted if it weren’t for people anonymously giving him shit about something that wasn’t even related to that whore-”

“Don’t call her that. She didn’t know what she was doing.” You murmured, wiping your eyes.

Your sentences border on senseless

“He doesn’t make any sense!” Peggy screamed, as she read the posts over and over again.

“Peggy, you’re more obsessed than me.” You laughed, before lowering your head into your hands again.

And you are paranoid in every paragraph

You wouldn’t admit it, but every night you obsessively looked over the posts he wrote. You knew it was stupid to obsess over it, but you couldn’t help it.

He sounded paranoid, and you left it at that as you closed your laptop.

How they perceive you

John was always afraid of not being good enough. It was something you shared with him, but the way he worded the post made it sound like he was trying to be the better person. He was never considered a better person ever again in your eyes.

You, you, you…

This was the third night you found yourself laying in bed thinking of him. You knew it wasn’t healthy, but you couldn’t help it. You missed him, or, you missed the old him. The one that would hold you at night, comforting you when things were too much for you.

I’m erasing myself from the narrative

You never answered calls anymore, or left your apartment. The only person who knew you were still ok was Peggy, who recently moved in with you to make sure you were still eating, and still had a normal sleeping schedule.

You didn’t.

Let future historians wonder how Y/N reacted when you broke her heart

Whenever anyone would bring up the incident, Peggy would quickly change the subject before it could occupy your thoughts for too long.

You have torn it all apart

In the moment you read the post for the first time, you could’ve sworn you felt your heart sink down in your chest, broken.

I am watching it burn

You found the old box that Eliza hid from you. Smiling to yourself, you walked outside, grabbing a lighter on the way.

You stepped into the lot, emptied of people. It was nearly midnight, and you admired the clear sky above you for a moment.

Watching it burn

You flicked the lighter cap, a small flame erupting in your hand.

You slowly brought the flame over the pile of letters. They were engulfed in seconds, brightly shining in the darkness.

The world has no right to my heart

No one ever talked about John anymore. He seemed to have disappeared from your life.

The world has no place in our bed

You weren’t sure how you felt without him.

They don’t get to know what I said

You didn’t speak as much as you used to. You laughed less, and your mind always wandered to that night.

The night you burned his letters.

I’m burning the memories

The flames danced in front of you, sparks flying onto the pavement. After a while, the flame slowly died out, and you were content.

Burning the letters that might have redeemed you

You walked inside, greeted with a pajama-clad Peggy. She gave you a worried expression before turning back to the window, the small flame still flickering around the parts of the pile that were still flammable.

You forfeit all rights to my heart

You never spoke of how you felt, but the people close to you knew.

You forfeit the place in our bed

You remembered the first time you faced him after the incident. He looked so apologetic. Pathetic.

You sleep in your office instead

Alex told you he didn’t let him into their apartment that night. He said John was forced to sleep in his office.

With only the memories

Memories of John still raced through your mind every day.

Of when you were mine

You couldn’t help but think of the time, a few days before the incident, where you found a small box and note in his coat pocket. You weren’t supposed to read it yet, but your curiosity got the best of you.

I hope that you burn

Now, you would regret reading that note. You could still see it, clear as day. You could still see his handwriting neatly scrawled on the paper.


‘Y/N, I never want to lose you. Will you marry me?’

  • me: Imagine a Supernatural spin off in the 40's with the Men of Letters.
  • me: Imagine the pilot episode being an Agent Carter/ Supernatural cross over.
  • me: Imagine M.Jarvis and Sam being very polite and exasperated by Peggy and Dean's bickering together.
  • me: Imagine Dean meeting Howard Stark (no matter how it goes it will be gold.)
  • me: *starts drooling still thinking about it*

(Ok, a few things first. I’m a huge fan of the @hamil-tots AU blog, that’s where this…story? Fanfic? [sometimes fanfic just seems like a dirty word] anyways, that’s where this writing stems from. But when I look at their blog things seem to be mostly about the revolutionary squad, I’d say it’s 70% them and 30% other characters. Which of course is fine and wonderful, I just wonder what the other are getting up to in the meantime. But since I can’t draw, I have to write out my hamiltot ideas. So I hope they’re just as good as the drawings (they’re not), but here is…I guess a Reynolds Pamphlet Hamiltots fanfic? From Eliza’s perspective. With a little bit of Schuyler sisters action going on. And some Maria Reynolds girl power bonding. Because Maria got the raw end of the deal with the Reynolds Pamphlet too. Ugh, why are these intro things before my writings always so long? I’m sorry!)

Eliza sat in the corner of the classroom by the cubbies crying. Everyone else was outside at recess but she didn’t want to go out in case she bumped into Alex outside. She could hear his voice shouting over all the others and it made her cry even harder. Eliza had been sick at home the last few days with her dad while her sisters went to school without her, and when she came back she found out that Alex had been playing with the new girl Maria Reynolds instead of him. It wasn’t a big deal, Eliza knew Alex could play with whoever he wanted, but then Eliza found notes all over the classroom that Alex wrote defending himself. They said,

“Thomas, James, and Aaron came up to me and said that Eliza might be mad if she found out I was playing with Maria. But I was only playing with her because Eliza was home sick with her dad, and I was lonely. It’s not my fault that Eliza got sick and it’s not my fault Maria wanted to play with me. Even James, Maria’s brother, said that it was ok if me and her played together! -A. Ham”

Eliza couldn’t believe it. Alex didn’t have to embarrass her and tell EVERYONE in their class what had happened. All Alex ever did was think about himself and what his friends would think about him. He never stopped to think how he made other people feel. Eliza closed her tear-filled eyes and held Philip close to her, waiting for recess to be over.

Soon Eliza heard the classroom door open and was afraid that Mr. Washington was coming in to make her go outside, but when she opened her eyes she saw Angelica standing in front of her, holding Peggy’s hand. Angelica knelt down and wrapped both arms around Eliza, and Peggy copied her sister. They hugged in silence for a few moments before Angelica sat down in between Eliza and the cubbies, taking her hand.
“I always knew that Alex was a jerk!” Angelica said angrily.

“That’s not true.” Eliza replied. “You liked him a lot.”

“No I didn’t!” Angelica responded. “Well…I don’t like him anymore! Not if he hurts my sister!”

Peggy climbed into Eliza’s lap and leaned into her chest, letting Eliza hold her for comfort. Angelica reached over inside her cubby and grabbed a book out of her backpack, entitled Greek Fables for Children. She flipped to a page called Icarus, and showed the pictures to Eliza.
“Once upon a time there was this boy named Ick…Icarus! And he and his daddy made wings so they could fly. But they were made out of candle wax, and when Icarus flew near the sun it got so hot his wings melted and he fell!”

Eliza was confused. “Why are you showing me that?”

“Because!” Angelica said. “Icarus is like Alexander! He wants so much more than he can have.”

Eliza didn’t really get it, but she knew her sisters were trying to make her feel better, and that’s all she needed to know. “Thanks Angie.” Eliza said.

As Eliza held Peggy, Angelica grabbed a tissue from her backpack and licked it, just like she’d seen their mother do, and then wiped the salt streaks from Eliza’s face.

“EEW!” Peggy shouted immediately. “Now her cheeks are going to smell like your spit!”
Angelica moved the tissue towards Peggy, pretending she was going to wipe her face too, and Peggy scrambled out of Eliza’s arms, moving out of reach. She sat down on the foam alphabet puzzle on the floor by the window, right on top of the letter P. Angelica laughed, and then Eliza started laughing as well, her tears gone. Peggy pulled the P out from the foam puzzle and started chewing on it.
“We’ll never play with those stupid boys again!” Peggy said, her words muffled by the letter.
“Peggy! Don’t say stupid!” Angelica scolded. “It’s a bad word!”

The door opened again and Maria Reynolds walked in, with mud on the hem of her dress and a few band-aids from the nurses office. Eliza tensed up and Angelica grabbed her sister protectively. Maria looked down when she saw the Schuyler sisters in the room and sighed.
“Do you want me to leave you alone too?” Maria asked.
Angelica would’ve said yes, immediately, but Eliza scooted forwards on the floor, inching towards Maria. “What do you mean ‘too’?” She asked.
“Nobody wants to play with me out on the playground anymore. And my brother is being mean to me because Alex told everyone we played together.” Maria answered.
Eliza stood up and let go of Angelica, walking over to Maria. After a few silent moments she pulled the girl into an embrace, squeezing her tightly. “You can play with us. We won’t be mean to you.” Eliza promised.
Angelica stood up to go take the foam P out of Peggy’s mouth, thinking to herself, ‘you’ll never find anyone as trusting or as kind as my sister.’

Eliza handed her stuffed dog over to Maria with a smile. “This is Philip. He always makes me feel better when I’m sad, all you have to do is hug him and you’ll start to feel better too!” She said. Maria hugged the stuffed puppy tentatively, and after a while it did start to comfort her.
Angelica waved the two girls over to the alphabet puzzle. “Come on, we can have just as much fun inside was we can outside!” She said with a smile.

The Schuyler sisters and Maria Reynolds spent the rest of recess inside, playing with the toys and blocks and books. Angelica used water from the water fountain to wet a napkin, and happily wiped the mud off of Maria’s dress while the other girls played merrily around her.

Never Grow Up

Summary: Steve’s unsure about what his future holds anymore at 28, he’s a respectable professor at the university. When he was fresh out of high school he married his high school sweetheart, Peggy Carter. Eighteen when they married and twenty-three when he was widowed.

Words: 3416

Author: Caitsy

Characters: professor!Steve x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Wanda Maximoff, Peggy Carter (mentioned), Sharon Carter (mentioned), Natasha Romanoff

Warnings: Possible swearing, mentioned death, angst and fluff.

Disclaimer: I do not own any gifs, images or marvel in general. Nor do I own the song ‘Never Grow Up’ by Taylor Swift. Enjoy!

A/N Small one shot that’s been in my mind for awhile now. Plus apparently I’m mainly an angst reader. PLEASE REQUEST STUFF. My heart burst at how adorable this was to write


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Plans. That’s what Steve had always had growing up because organization was an important part of Steve Rogers. From the moment he could walk Steve wanted to make a difference in the world even for one person. It wasn’t until he blew his knee out in a football game that he realized he wanted to teach. From that moment in freshman year to now he had planned his life.

What he didn’t expect was too fall deeply in love with the student body president and women’s rights supporter Peggy Carter. Sophomore year involved heart eyes towards his daydream worthy girlfriend that miraculously didn’t fall for his best friend.

The spring day had brought back memories for Steve as he placed his hands in his slacks. Peggy loved springs days because of how perfect the weather was during the season. That was the thing he preferred to think about that than the tragedies.

Once college was over Steve had wanted to start a family with his wife because that was the second most important thing to Steve. Family. He hadn’t had a true family in years since his parents died. He thought he had the answer with Peggy.

He broached the subject on his twenty-first birthday when he was officially able to teach university students art and history. He graduated early from high school and college too. It had sparked information he hadn’t know before marrying Peggy.


“Peggy?” Steve bit his lip leaning back in the diner booth, “I want to start talking about having a family.”

“Steve we are a family.” Peggy sweetly smiled as she jotted down notes in the small book she cared around.

“I want children.” Steve said watching as his wife froze in her seat before continuing writing.

“Steve, baby. You know we can’t do that! I’m volunteering in Africa for a month and then I have appointments.” Peggy sadly smiled, “I’m sorry Steve but right now my career is more important.”


“You know what. I’m tired, call Bucky. Have a boys night. I’m going home.” Peggy said nearly slamming her notebook closed, “I told you when we were dating that I don’t like kids.”

Once sitting alone confused at the behaviour of this wife, they had talked about wanting kids before they were married. Now she was saying that didn’t happen? He wasn’t sure why she had stormed out so he called Bucky to join him. He had ordered his best friend the type of pop he liked before waiting.

Ten minutes later Bucky strolled in to the diner chuckling at the place before sitting across from his friend.

“Punk, happy birthday.” Bucky grinned. Steve’s eyes widened at he remembered something, “You okay?”

“She forgot my birthday. She never forgets my birthday.” Steve mumbled, “She’s acting weird. I brought up family and he got angry.”

“Well I don’t know why so let’s go get drunk.” Bucky grinned placing some money on the table and striding out the door with only a wink to the waitress.

Steve followed getting wasted which was quite rare for him.

Thinking back he didn’t know how he hadn’t seen that way life was going for Peggy and him, the lies that were told. She had been wrapped around wanting to do her career that she forgot the promises they made. He respected her decision but kids were something he wanted and didn’t think he could get passed that but in the end worked out he guessed.

Peggy had been the supportive girlfriend in both high school and college which made him fall deeper in love with her. Had he looked closer he would have saw her for what she truly was. Steve, two years following her death, had managed to forgive her but it deeply wounded him.

The following morning after their fight he had woken up to see a tray of breakfast sitting on the bedside table. On the tray was also Tylenol and water. He let out a sigh of relief before digging in, he was eating the last of his bacon when a sheepish Peggy walked into the room.

“Hey.” Peggy bit her lip, “I want to apologize for my behaviour yesterday and I’m really sorry I forgot it was your birthday.”

“It’s okay.” Steve sighed placing the half eaten bacon on his plate.

“I’m ready to have children.” Peggy smiled at her adorably tired husband. He grinned before motioning her over to him, “We should start now.”


Sitting down in his office chair Steve rolled until he was gazing down at the quad populated with students. He had cancelled his last class due to his attention being missing in action and had spent the better part of the afternoon barricaded in his sanctuary.

No pictures holding images of himself and his life were to be found in the room anymore, instead there was art on the walls. He had removed all the personal images a couple months after Peggy’s funeral. God he remembered the betrayal before her death.


He stared down at the object in his hand and the open letter addressed to Peggy and him. In the letter it gave instructions to make an appointment to see if any complications came with the surgery. He had been confused until he read the rest of the letter, Peggy had check-up following getting sterilized. They had been trying for a baby for nearly two years now, and with no luck but he found the letter dated from last year.

She lied to him about wanting kids and lied further about still trying for kid. He felt horrible and depressed. He felt like he wasn’t enough, that his childhood sickness led her to this decision. He didn’t know what he was going to until she walked in from work.

“Hey honey.” Peggy said kissing Steve on the cheek, “How was work?”

“Margaret.” Steve said emotionless, “So do you get off on lying or having control?”

“Excuse us?” Peggy’s indignant tone expressed.

“You’re a…a lying…I have no words.” Steve finished pushing the letter harshly towards his wife. The woman he believed he had known, “You went behind my back and let my hopes get high.”

“What are you talking about?” Peggy huffed.

“YOU CAN’T HAVE KIDS ANYMORE!” Steve roared throwing his hands in the air, “You know that’s all I ever wanted! I wanted children. I wanted to name my daughter after my mother and my son after Bucky. How could you?”

“It’s my body and I didn’t want to ruin it with children. It’s not that big of a deal.” Peggy waved it off, “We don’t need kids.”

“You’ve changed Peggy. I don’t even know you anymore.” Steve sighed pinching the bridge of his nose.

“I’m still me!”

“No you aren’t. You are a selfish human being that disregards anyone else if it doesn’t fit what you believe. You haven’t remembered anything, you cancel dates and I sure as hell know you’re calling someone at odd times.”

“I am-“

“I know you’re cheating on me.” Steve announced glaring at her. She gulped trying to say something to fix it, “Who is it?”

“None of your business.” Peggy hissed shifting on her feet.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Steve shook his head, “I want you out of the house. Now.”

“You ca-“

“Get out now. We’re over.”


She died later that year. He still loved her but he wasn’t in love anymore, especially when he saw someone that resembled Peggy a lot. Sharon Carter.

Sharon Carter was born in the year that Peggy had been in Africa volunteering, of course he learnt she hadn’t been there. For six months since his wife was in hiding in order to give birth to child that turned out to be this ten year old that spoke at her funeral.

“Hi. I’m Sharon Carter, Peggy was my mom. Not many people know that Peggy Carter was a mother to me, in fact people who knew were told I was her niece.” Sharon said looking around with tears, “She loved me. I know that but she couldn’t be with my Dad. I never knew until I was six Mom had a husband that wasn’t my Dad. She gave my Dad full custody but requested I get her last name.”

Steve was crying out of the sheer amount of things he didn’t know about his own wife.  He had a stepdaughter but Peggy didn’t want kids with him. He didn’t know what was true or not with her, all he knew was that there marriage was real.


He was having dinner with Bucky and his fiancée tonight and he was not excited at all to see them all happy. He wanted that but with the failed marriage he didn’t think he could go through it again. It was the weekend so he didn’t bother shaving and he pulled on a pair of worn jeans, simple white shirt and a leather jacket.

The house was small but homey looking and entirely what he had wanted himself. His apartment, he sold the house Peggy and he had lived in, was small but it was his place. Bucky had always told him he could walk in without having to knock but Steve found that uncomfortable. Bucky opened the door with chuckled stepping aside.

“Hey Buck.” Steve smiled pulling the man into a hug.

“Hey punk.” Bucky grinned pulling away to head into the kitchen.

He poked his head in to see Wanda singing in her native Sokovian language, she wasn’t the person he had thought Bucky wouldn’t settle down with. Bucky had been the ladies man that went out with bombshells a lot of the time but after his last relationship Wanda was perfect. She was kind, smart and an amazing chef given that was her career.

“Steve!” Wanda exclaimed pulling him into a hug.

“Hey Wanda.” Steve replied kissing her on the cheek, “How’s my favourite chef?”

Wanda’s mouth opened to answer before a voice from the entry called out Wanda’s name. The brunette squealed as she took off, meeting halfway with another female. Babbling they pulled way with a grins. Soon the woman was in Steve’s line of vision and she was gorgeous.

“Steve this is my best friend Y/N Y/L/N. She’s an DEA agent.” Wanda grinned, “She works closely with Pietro.”

“I’m Steve Rogers.” Steve smiled not taking his eyes off the beautiful girl.


You were grinning watching Bucky and Wanda kiss once they were declared husband and wife, they had a long engagement. Three years before they finally had enough money to have the wedding and taking some time off for a honeymoon. Wanda was exquisite in the dress she had chosen with a beautiful lace material that covered her arms, back and chest. It was gorgeous and simply Wanda and a pair of red heels. Bucky was very nice in his suit that was tailored perfectly.

“She’s gorgeous.” You breathe staring at your best friend and her husband.

“Y-Yeah.” Steve’s voice cracked. You looked over at him to see him quietly crying.

“Are you okay?” You chuckled at the overemotional man.

“I’m…I’m having a tough time.”

“Bucky’s still your best friend. He may be married but he’s always-“

“I don’t want her to grow up.” Steve cried looking at his daughter in his arms, “Oh darling don’t you ever grow up, don’t you ever grow up. It could stay this simple, I won’t let nobody hurt you. Won’t let no one break your heart, no one will desert you. Just try to never grow up.”

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“Oh honey.” You said hugging his side and kissing your daughter on her cheek.
You laughed at your fiancé’s antics because your daughter wasn’t even six months and he was already picturing her wedding. It had been a welcome surprise when you found out you were pregnant after only a year of dating.


“Oh no.” You whimpered throwing up even more. It was early in the morning in your apartment and you were feeling like absolute shit.
You were making eggs and bacon when the smell hit you hard and had you running for the garbage can. You thought you were going to die from the amount coming out, it felt like what you’re cousin described after eating two pounds of sugar free Haribo gummy bears.

You were shaking as the smell filled the room again, you barely made it into the bathroom after turning the stove off. You were chilled and had sweat pouring down your body and you felt like death. You leaned back on the door pulling your phone out to ask Steve to come over. You crawled to the sink and pulled out the box left from your cousin.

A few minutes later Steve let himself in with the key he had, a year of dating and he was more than worthy of it. He saw the kitchen before walking to the bedroom where you were sitting on the bed. He sat down beside you waiting for you to speak.

“I got sick. I was making breakfast and it was half done before I ran to the garbage.” You said playing with your fingers, “I kept puking at odd times for the last couple days. Steve, I think I’m pregnant.”

The shock was evident in the room because there was absolute silence as Steve processed the news. He was internally freaking out because they had been together for a year and weren’t even engaged. It was a polar opposite to what he would have had with Peggy if that had worked out.

“We should test it.” Steve mumbled looking up at his girlfriend whom was crying, “I’ll go get a test okay?”

“I have one.”

“Why?” Steve questioned confused.

“Cousin left it here a couple months ago, I didn’t even know about it until a week ago or so.” You replied sighing before you felt Steve grasp your hand.

“I’ll wait for you to do it and we’ll wait together.” Steve whispered kissing her forehead, “I love you and if we’re having a kid…I’m so very excited to have a child with someone like you.”

With a smile you disappeared into the bathroom to take care of your side of the waiting. Coming out with the test still in the bathroom you and Steve held hands cuddling.

“What if we are having a kid?” You questioned looking up at him, “I’m a doctor. I think I’ll work until I absolutely can’t.”

“We don’t know if we are.” Steve kissed the side of your head, “I’m not asking because you may be pregnant but I’m asking because I love you so much and I want to wake up next to you for the rest of the my life.”

“You want me to move in?” You grinned leaning up to kiss him, “Of course I will.”

“We can find a nice house with a yard and a couple rooms.” Steve chuckled getting excited at the new plan. You were about to reply when the timer went off and nervously you both went into the bathroom where the test gave the answer.

“I’m thinking Cairolyn Sarah Rogers.” You laughed looking up at Steve crying in happiness.

“Isaac James Rogers for a boy?” Steve replied getting a grin.


You were going through charts for patients that had come into the ER when you rubbed you very large belly. The scrubs were pulled tight over the belly, you were given a lot of the paperwork so you didn’t have to run around so much.

“Maggie?” You mumbled wincing at the head nurse. Maggie turned to look at you before you grasped at the desk nearly falling to the ground in agony, “Mind calling Steve?”

“Okay! People I need a wheelchair! Charlie, can you call the OB/GYN?” Maggie called out coming around to help you, “Y/N how are you doing?”

“Doing good so far. I don’t have a head coming out of my uterus yet.” You chuckled as the pain lessened. You could faintly hear your fellow co-worker calling your fiancé.

Time went by fast as you cussed at Steve, apologized for it before doing it again. He had called Wanda and Bucky to come to the hospital since Steve’s parents had passed away and yours lived across the country. They were there in time to see the newly hired OB/GYN resident came in to help check you. Bucky’s eyes grew comically big at the woman.

“Natasha?” Bucky questioned as the short haired red head turned to see the man.

Wanda watched the interaction with Steve and Y/N as the awkwardness in the room grew more along with Wanda’s confusions and discomfort. Steve and Y/N knew who the woman was from the stories and the way both Bucky and Natasha paled helped place her.

“Bucky!” Nat grinned hugging him, “It’s been so long!”

“I know.” Bucky coldly replied crossing his arms. Nat bit her lip looking him over.

“We’ll have to get together for drinks!” Nat said. Wanda’s eye twitched at the implied question.

“Excuse me? Rookie? I’m IN LABOUR!” Y/N screamed at the red head, “You can either help or get the fuck out of this room before I rip your bloody hair out! AND DON’T FLIRT WHEN YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO HELP ME!”

Natasha’s jumped in surprise before going to professionalism again before you reported her. Wanda went closer to Bucky as he pulled her into his arms so he could inhale her calming scent. He felt the tension release from her body before he answered Nat’s question.

“I can’t go for drinks. My time is taken up by planning Wanda and my wedding.” Bucky kissed Wanda quickly, “By the way! This is my fiancée.”

“Fully dilated.” Nat mumbled to the head of the paediatrics. Soon you were pushing with all your might in routine.

It wasn’t much later since labour began that Cairolyn was born healthy to the joy of her parents. She was gorgeous in Steve’s eyes and he cried as he held her for the first time. He felt like his life was complete with her adoring, curious eyes staring up at him. The bond was instantaneous between father and daughter. The newborn baby girl screamed before she was placed on her mother’s chest.

You laughed in disbelief at the wonderful little creation in your arms. Steve knew that moment he would never let you go and weeks later you were engaged.


Steve was holding his baby girl as the wedding pictures inside commenced because Bucky and Wanda wanted the pre-wedding pictures and then post ones. You were getting a picture down with Wanda before Cairo would be included. at the moment Steve was too involved talking with Cairo to noticed the people around him.

“Steve!” Bucky called, “STEVE!”

“What?” Steve questioned looking at his best friend.

“Can I dance with my god-daughter?” Bucky grinned reaching for the little girl. Steve pouted pulling her closer.

“I get the first dance with her.” Steve glared, “You have to dance with Wanda first.”

Bucky chuckled backing up before the entire wedding party was brought in for a group picture before the first dance happened. The wedding was beautiful but tiring as you walked into your house taking Cairo up to bed; the day had been especially long for your six month old baby.

Soon everyone was joining the dancing and you grinned watching your loving fiancé dancing with you beautiful little girl. You could hear Steve whisper as he settled her into the crib as she was sleeping already. It was Steve and your daughters tradition that started the night you brought her home. She wouldn’t settle down until Steve had started to sing a song to her and slow danced. Ever since that night he would do that. Coming closer she stood next to her fiancé watching their sleeping girl.

“Your little hands wrapped around my finger, and it’s so quiet in the world tonight. Your little eyelids flutter cause you’re dreaming, so I tuck you in and turn on your favourite nightlight.” Steve leant down kissing her forehead before gently taking his finger from her grasp and pulling you into your arms, “Oh darling don’t you ever grow up, don’t you ever grow up just stay this little.”

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