letter to my 16 year old self

You’re gonna get depressed sometimes. You’re gonna have weeks where you don’t feel like eating. Where gravity is working overtime, like it’s afraid of getting laid off, and you can barely lift your fork to your mouth.

And you are going to have a choice.

Do you want to see this world as ugly or beautiful?

—  George Watsky - Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self (x)
Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self
George Watsky
Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self

you’re going to have to climb through
a thorny mess of contradictions,
underground rivers, and
sometimes what you love the most 
will cause your biggest problem
because you know what’s awesome? 
world peace.
and you know what else is awesome?
and that’s just the goddamn truth
this world is so confusing
but you’re gonna be fine,
you’re gonna be fine

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Name: Chloe
Age: 17
Country: USA

I am an aspiring writer and journalist! Topics that I general cover are environmentalism, health, spirituality, and self love. I dabble in poetry as well. Another hobby of mine is music. I have a small collection of guitars and I like to think I can sing :) I enjoy food related documentaries(and no, I didn’t watch Cowspiracy once lol), hiking, cooking, live music, and meditating. I’m looking to write someone who cares about our planet and all life on it, can take astrology and tarot readings with a grain of salt, loves the outdoors, and be a source for me to learn about their culture and way of life! I am so excited to learn and I definitely need someone just as hyped to balance that out.

Preferences: Ages 16-19 please! (Not concrete though.. I’ve met some very mature and knowledgeable 15 year olds and not-creepy 20 year olds. Who am I to judge? My only guideline is nothing creepy!!)

Two weeks later, a friend will use the word “asexual” to describe a boy she knows. You won’t know what this word means; part of you will be scared to find out. At 16, you’re just starting to get comfortable with the fact you like girls at all.

But curiosity will get the better of you, and you will go home and look up the word anyway.

An asexual is someone who does not experience sexual attraction.

You think about the girl you liked, and your discomfort with talking about anything sexual.

Is this you?

You keep this word tucked close to your chest, not ready to identify this way yet, not fully aware of what it means at all. And what if you’re wrong? What if it isn’t you?

But months will go by and you still won’t understand your friends when they crush on boys.

You will meet a new girl at school. She will become your best friend, and only a few months after your first heartbreak you need a best friend. She will sleep over with you and the two of you will stay up late acting out scenes from books and plays and watching scary movies. She will quickly become the person you call when you need someone to talk to.

She will be the first person you truly come out to. At two in the morning, crying on her shoulder, you will tell her about the other girl you liked. She will say it is okay. She will say she is your friend no matter what.

You will not say the word asexual aloud. Not yet.

—  I wrote a letter to my 16-year-old self for MTV on discovering my demisexuality. You can read it here.