letter print sweater

Simple Screen Printing Tutorial
This video was brought to you by the letter R. A tutorial for easy screen printing at home. Disclaimer: This is my first tutorial. Please be gentle. Either that,…

A simple screen printing tutorial to help you customise clothing at home.

This video was brought to you by the letter R. 

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poopglitter  asked:

Hey I'm going to host the "most ugliest sweater" party a few days before xmas. Can you recommend me some from one of your sites?

That’s sounds like a fun party… lmao!
Check these out I placed them in order! ^_^

  1. Christmas Tree Cardigan
  2. Holy Sh*t Sweater
  3. Mulitcolor Long Sleeve Snowflake Sweater
  4. Beige Letters Snowflake Print Sweaters
  5. Red Long Sleeve Christmas Deer Print Shift Dress
  6. Black Xmas Snowman
  7. Snowflake Deer Pullover Sweaters
  8. Black White Christmas Headless Snowman Print Sweatshirt
  9. Red Zipper Snowflake Cardigan Sweaters
  10. Light Khaki Deer Fair Xmas Warm Nicest Pattern Oversized Sweater
  11. Mulit Color Christmas Moose Snowflake Patterned Sweater
  12. Black Deer Sequined Pullover Sweaters
  13. Green Christmas Snowflake Embroidered Sweater
  14. Black Christmas Tree Pattern Bead Crop Sweatshirt