letter from a theif

Dear Voltage

But at the same time bring me more!


I’m an angel with a shotgun
fighting till the wars won
I don’t care if heaven won’t take me back
I’ll throw away my faith babe just to keep you safe
don’t you know you’re everything I have

I don’t own the lyrics. They’re from the song angel with a shotgun. 

I really like that song and I was listening to it while making this. 


 Roses are Red, Violets are blue, you might not know, but I love you ❀


Starting November 10, 2016 you can read all main stories, epilogues, sequels, and substories from games SIMILAR to these pictured above for FREE!!!

OK let me explain a bit about what I mean.

Voltage inc has made a series of game adaptions intended for overseas users VERY similar to these. Everything from the plots, to the characters resemble the original. Yes, there are some differences but considering that you will be able to soon play them for free I think that it’s a small sacrifice to make.


Voltage will soon be removing these selected game adaptions from their database on December 31, 2016 and they decided to make all the content from these selected games free to those that have the games already installed on their mobile devices. (They are going to remove them from the Google play store and itunes (I think that’s what it’s called) on November 7, 2016 so you have to hurry and download them now).

Here is a list of the voltage games above and their Voltage Entertainment USA adaptions;

-Office Secrets -> Intimate Business

-Seduced in the Sleepless City -> Glass Stilettos in Manhattan

-10 Days with my Devil -> My Killer Romance

- A Knight’s Devotion -> Knight of my Heart

-Love Letter from Theif X -> My Lover’s a Theif

-My Sweet Bodyguard -> To Love and Protect

- My Forged Wedding -> White Lies and Sweet Nothings

Now remember, if you want to play these classics all you have to do is

1) Download the apk’s from your mobile device’s app market now before they disappear on November 7th

2) Wait until November 10th

3) Play all the title’s content for free in these select games until December 31st


Voltage policies STILL apply to these titles which means that even though it’s 100℅ free, you are not allowed to record the stories or share them with other people. I know it’s tempting to want to keep these stories forever when they are going to be shut down so soon but please refrain from doing so. Instead, support the game by buying the original story from the original title where you can read it again and again.

The last thing I want to say is that I have all the android APKs files saved and because I know I made this post so late I will be happy to share them with you until the 10th. So if they are gone from Google play store you can just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to send them to you in an email.

Have fun playing! :)

*NOTE* ONLY VOLTAGE ENTERTAINMENT USA GAMES ARE GOING BE FREE AND ARE GOING TO HAVE THEIR PLUGS PULLED. THE ORIGINAL TITLES ARE STILL HERE TO STAY AND WILL NOT HAVE A FREE CONTENT PERIOD http://voltage-graphicnovelromance.tumblr.com/post/152651627048/it-is-with-a-heavy-heart-that-we-announce-the-time

I totally understand that i’m new too this, so I tried my possible best to do my best, when I converted the video to tumblr, the audio got all shaky, so i had to put it back into iMovie and fix it, but this is legit the best i got o.e

so i’m soooo sorry for that!

i hope you enjoy =)

- Secret

So, the-spacebetween-us, I hear its your Birthday.  I whipped this up for you <3 A little bit of Taiga love <3

(honestly I dont know you that well…Im just going with how excited you were on the chibi Taiga picture I did so I went with that ^^;;;;; ) But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

yamyyams ikkybaby


Hey there people!

We’ve hit over 600 followers recently and it truly makes us all smile when we see you guys enjoying our men as much as we do.

To celebrate we’ve decided to let you decide on the next appreciated guy for this comings VFB Appreciation Weekend! :D

We’ve selected a single guy from most games and all you have to do is reblog/message us with name of the guy of your choice! As simple at that!

Here is the list of our selected guys: 

  • Subaru Ichiyanagi
  • Ren Shibasaki
  • Roberto Button
  • Morgan
  • Issei Sezaki
  • Ryiochi Hirose
  • Shiki Kurobane
  • Toranosuke Hajime
  • Kippei Ebihara
  • Ichigo Sato
  • Taketo Kanzaki
  • Shion
  • Minato Okouchi
  • Takuto Hirukawa
  • Eisuke Ichinomiya

Once again thank you for following us and we’ll work towards being a better fanbase for all of you guys. ^^

-Admin Josephin

ooookay since i just started this blog i need more voltage blogs to follow, so if you post and/or reblog voltage otome themed things, pls like and/or reblog this post!! extra bonus points if your blog has lots of:

  • dreamy days in west tokyo (esp johji chakura & ichigo sato)
  • my forged wedding (tbh i’m in love with them all but yamato kougami is my first otome love)
  • kissed by the baddest bidder (esp soryu oh & mamoru kishi)
  • love letter from theif x (esp atsumu kashiwabara & takuto hirukawa)
  • metro pd: close to you (esp hiroshi kirisawa & tadanobu nomura)
  • be my princess 2 (esp max levaincois, ivan chernenkov, & aslan mafdir)
  • our two bedroom story (esp kaoru kirishima & minato okouchi)
Voltage Games I want to be an anime and why?

My Sweet Bodyguard - I WILL REALLY LOVE THE ACTION SCENES and soundtrack if it will turn to an anime!

My Forged Wedding - The comedy and the 95% FEELS!! I will drown IN FEELS, I always drown in saeki and rens rou–wait! I drowned in EVERYONE’s route! XD

Love Letter From Theif X - Comedy and Action! I don’t think ANY fan girl would hate this to become an anime! I mean come on!!! XD the characters will make you laugh and cry 24/7

In Your Arms Tonight - soap opera and drama~ I will LOVE it! Besides its E-DU-CA-TIO-NAL! Teach you NOT to enter infidelity! Love your wife! Don’t misunderstand! Staying faithful! Keep living and besides I love MC here so much, her heart is golden ^3^

Pirates In Love - Oh man…My first voltage game ^_^ I would LOVE this so much~ no words can describe my love for this first game I ever played.

10 days with my devil - OH-WACKA-MOLLY!!!! ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE GAMES EVER! First voltage game that I love all the characters~ AS IN i love them so much! :3 I love the story and the scary soundtrack xD the story is very exciting it always gives me chills when I replay the routes honestly!

Be My Princess 1 and 2 - My biased voltage game! I really LOVE this to be anime! It’ll probably take THREE days or so to tell you guys how much I love this otome and why would I want this to be anime! :D

Seducced in the sleepless city - I wonder O-O

A Knights Devotion - Medieval and classical tale indeed ^_~ that kind of anime I imagine this will be :3

Class Trip Crush/ Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - Well~ this might be typical teenage love ^_^ where teenagers can solemnly relate.

Our Two Bedroom Story - This will probably be a comedy type of anime! XD It will be so fun to watch since MC is a bad ass sass I would LOVE to watch how she throw punch lines and bashed minato’s face xD Its so funny~ And other characters too :) my kind of MC! Booyah!

Serendipity Next Door - Hm, It’ll probably be like our two bedroom story but MC will not be much of a sass like the other :)

Metro DP - Some kind of detective anime xD ((well duh!)) But Im sure Im looking forward watching it though :3 Detective conan or sherlock homes ((Sorry Im dumb at detective stuffs @-@ don’t eat me!))

Your Kiss Of Revenge - Dun! Dun! Dunnn~! Just like In your Arms tonight the angst and soap opera, drama movie! Twist and will rip your hearts out xD kind of anime~OOOOHHHH!! Make this one an anime or a real life movie it’ll sell Im sure of it xD

Kissed by the baddest bidder - I love plot and all~! Well how should I put this… how much I adore the story ^_^ But err….I think most of the fan girl will dislike the guys of KBTBB at first cause they’re rude and mean and a bunch of jerks x3 Unless they have a PoV fan girls will be like “Aww…”

**[[So thats that ^_^ sorry my choice of words is strange and weird I just say this randomly and Im a bit sleepy hehe– but if you have NOTHING good to say just keep scrolling and ignore this post if you hate it, Thank you! ^3^ ]]**


darkdemonangel  asked:

Mc going on vacation with the llftx guys, and having to deal with the guys being jealous of some random guy on the beach? Kinda weird but I thought it could be cute

Woop woop~


Riki: Watching his sexy girlfriend strut around in that bikini was amazing. Except when some asshole thought he could just walk up and start flirting with her in a painfully obvious way. He wasn’t having any of that. Strutting up, he smirked.

“Hey man, she isn’t interedted in a little shit like you so hurry on your way.”

Takuto: He was blushing as he watched her body move in that bikini. Hed seen her in much less than that before but it still managed to make him turn red from embarrassment. But when he saw some jerk walked by with a shit eating smirk, checking out her body, Takuto was up in a heart beat covering her body with a towel claiming

“You’re showing too much to other men.”

Kenshi: He smiled as he watched you play in the water, giggling happily at finally being on a beach. But he heard the man whisper “Look at her ass.” And give a point at you. Kenshi stood, his large tower intimidating the two men.

“Didn’t anyone ever teach you not to look at another man’s woman?”

Hiro: You were confused. One minute you were happily playing in the sea with Hiro but the next he had dragged you away and wrapped a towel around you.

“I hate other men staring at you.” He hissed, kissing your lips gently.

Atsumu: She was so cute. Her huge sunglasses on as she enjoyed the nice weather. An obnoxious wolf whistle causes her to frown. Atsumu glared at the men staring her down before he leaned over, covering your body from their view.

“Pigs.” He growled.


It’s so hot here D;




Chevelle - Letter from a Thief

favorite song right now