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Because of the conservation and reproductive nature of woman, virgo, the virgin was chosen to represent that part of the body; to preserve the seeds of life; and because the symbol of virgo, (♍️) is also the symbol of the generative matrix it was given the letter M to represent it’s symbol. The letter M is the 13th letter in the alphabet. And, if you notice , W is M upside down. Thus, Mother-Water is the source where we are born from in an amniotic or plasmic fluid that is located within the woman’s womb. Womb(man) has the responsibility of bringing the Seed or Spark of Life in to physicality for lessons of experience. This can be seen when a woman brings a child into the world. The Womb or “Ma”trix as it is being cultivated in a Womb that is flesh has always been seen as part of the Feminine whether it be gendered Male or Female because life is feminine in the sense of it being creative and constructive. Thus, why the Mothers have names which mean or symbolize the Great Deep Sea such as : Mary, Maia, Maria, Myrrh, Mariam, Maritala, etc. The names all begin with M, which is the symbol of the sign Virgo. Hence, why Virgo is the only 1 symbol of a woman in the zodiac. So, a Virgo incarnation offers the opportunity to achieve the Christed Consciousness through the synthesis of the lower bodies into a soul-centered of service to humanity. Virgo serves as an expression self/Self because as the personality is fully integrated in Leo, it is made ready to begin the process of coming under the influence of that greater guide known as the Soul. In Virgo, the purpose for what which form has been created begins to be realized and now desires to shift from personality satisfaction toward the more internal yearning to know and understand spiritual reality. She is The Virgin who is the loving and giving mother which represents matter and the form, and you find the hidden divinity of each is nurtured and shielded until the gestation period is complete. As a result, Materialism is Feminine. The Christ Mind is Masculine. As such, Virgo is the focal point for the expression of Active Intelligence, the highest function of mind working through matter #Virgo ♍️ Mercury Mystery

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Letter ask. Let's go with: NERD

Wow, rude, you are such a meanie to me.

N- number?

E- easiest person to talk to?
I’ve already answered my younger brother and second to that is… ah… hmmm I don’t talk easily to many people. I honestly am second most comfortable just talking on the internet. I keep things fairly tightly reined in in real life and don’t talking much about myself personally, You all probably know more about me than the average person in my day to day life.

R- reason to smile?
That all and all, I’ve had a pretty lucky life. I have a lot to be grateful for.

D- did u get ur first kiss?
Yup, I was like 10 and it was with a boy that I didn’t even like. We were playing spin the bottle and I didn’t want to be left out. First like proper kiss was… either a girl or a guy when I was around 17, I was pretty tipsy during both and I don’t actually remember which chronologically came first. I haven’t actually enjoyed kissing much yet, I presume it’s different if you actually like the person.

Name Numerology

Every letter of the alphabet matches a number from 1-9. The number can be calculated by the digit sum equaling the place of the letter in the alphabet. E.g. ‘K’ is the 11th letter, the digit sum of 11 is 2, so ‘K’ equals the number of 2.

Alphabetical number table:

1      A      J      S

2      B      K      T

3      C      L      U

4      D      M     V

5      E      N      W

6      F      O      X

7      G      P      Y

8      H      Q      Z

9       I       R

For the calculation of your Name, Personality and Heart number use your complete name(s) with first, middle and last names as it is written on your birth certificate! (This will bring the most accurate results.)

Here’s an example of how to calculate the Name number:

                          J   E   F   F   R   E   Y         L   E   B   O   W   S   K   I

                          1   5   6   6    9   5   7         3   5   2   6    5    1   2  9

add together                     39                                          33

build digit sum                3+9=12                                 3+3=6

                                       1+2= 3                                  stays 6

add together                                           3+6=9

NAME NUMBER IS                                     9

What your Name number indicates:

(1)    A leadership personality with frontier spirit, strength, independence and determination.

(2)    A diplomat and peacemaker who is sensitive towards the own and other people’s emotions.

(3)    A master of words, always appearing to be youthful who is able to do many things at once and who becomes more self-confident in the process of getting older.

(4)    A practical person who works hard, is patient and possesses a sense of detail.

(5)    A freedom-loving traveller who appreciates diversity and change and who is able to do many things at once.

(6)    A harmonious person who loves a peaceful home, family and all things beautiful and who is responsible as well.

(7)    An analyst who is wise to use his time for reading and writing and moreover doesn’t miss the forest despite of all the trees.

(8)    An organiser who gains power and success when being in charge of one’s own fate.

(9)    A true humanist who loves art, music or voyages. You give generously and need recognition.

For calculating your Personality number you do the same as above only using the consonants of your name(s).

E.g.  J E F F R E Y     L E B O W S K I  —  J F F R Y    L B W K S                       Personality number: 6

Your Personality number indicates that the people surrounding you see you as:

(1)    daring, independent, original, strong-willed, competitive

(2)    receptive, sensitive, empathetic, cooperative, diplomatic

(3)    friendly, optimistic, eloquent, happy-go-lucky, entertaining

(4)    disciplined, practical, hardworking, reliable, loyal

(5)    astute, versatile, active, adventurous, modern

(6)    affectionate, adaptable, helpful, responsible, fair

(7)    restrained, self-confident, critical, analytical, trust-worthy

(8)    modest, disciplined, efficient, powerful, successful

(9)    gentle, generous, helpful, tolerant, influential

For calculating your Heart number you do the same as above only using the vowels of your name(s).

E.g.   J E F F R E Y     L E B O W S K I   —   E E     E O I   —   Heart number: 3

Your Heart number indicates that your deepest inner feelings, wishes and skills motivate you to:

(1)    use your own ideas to lead and guide others exemplary.

(2)    collaborate with others and to use your sensitivity and diplomatic skills to be a joy to the people around you.

(3)    express your optimism and creativity.

(4)    bring sacrifices to reach tangible results for all your hands-on plans.

(5)    seek adventures and to live life on the fast lane.

(6)    create harmony and a peaceful atmosphere.

(7)    spend time alone seeking for the truth and to reflect on the meaning of life.

(8)    take things in your own hands and to use your energy to gain money, power and success.

(9)    use your knowledge and compassion for the benefit of others.

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

Power Rangers + Language

Whatever you do don’t think about the Power Rangers learning to speak Spanish and Mandarin just for Trini and Zack, and maybe even Hindi for Kim, because sometimes they say things that just don’t translate and they want to always be on the same wavelength, and also because it makes the three of them light the FUCK up when they do it.

Don’t think about Jason struggling with the pronunciation of every letter in the Mandarin alphabet but Kim and Billy patiently walking him through it, or the way Zack learns every word of endearment in Spanish first and the curse words after because he cannot wait to see the look on Trini’s face, how Trini does the same with Mandarin because she wants to insult him but love him in the same breath, how Billy isn’t really all that good with the languages at first but picks up speed and picks up speed until he’s practically flying because that’s how he learns he figures out patterns and languages have patterns.

Don’t think about the first time Zack forgets a word in English and blurts out the word for it in Mandarin and is ready to be humiliated by it but then he hears them all perk up and say, ‘Oh yeah that makes total sense’ and then they all freeze because they’d wanted it to be a surprise goddammit, and they’re still learning how to speak it, and even though Zack knew they were learning Spanish and some Hindi he’d never brought up Mandarin because he thought they were under enough pressure, and Zack cries; how then it comes out that they were learning Spanish and Hindi too and Kim’s shocked because she’s never slipped into Hindi around them before because it got bullied out of her in kindergarten but somehow Jason still remembered, and Trini can’t believe that these people love her enough to do this for her but she’s also curious about how on top of all their other duties and training and school Jason and Billy had time to start learning three new languages.

Don’t think about the Power Rangers coming over to Zack’s house and speaking to his mother in Mandarin and the way her heart eases when she sees that Zack has friends who love him that much, or how whenever Trini is tasked with babysitting her brothers and one of the other Rangers are around and her brothers start talking in Spanish the other Rangers will just switch with them and not say a word otherwise, or how Kim has gotten comfortable enough to start speaking more in Hindi and it inst until Trini comes over to work on homework with Kim and they start whispering back and forth in Hindi that Kim’s mother knows why the change happened.

Don’t think about Jason stressing over every poorly phrased sentence and broken word and just awful pronunciation because he wants to do right by his team, he wants to make sure they know how much he loves them all and how much he wants to do this right, so he practices until his mouth is sore and his throat is raw.

Don’t think about Billy taking bits and pieces of the language to heart and how sometimes even he will say a slang phrase from Mandarin in English that just makes no sense but the other Rangers GET IT.

And really don’t think about the first time Trini starts talking in Spanish at school because she’s with the Rangers and they’re her friends and she’s comfortable with them and using her language with them, some elitist asshole tries to start shit and every other Ranger jumps up and shuts that shit down so fast and hard the kid runs away crying.

Don’t think about the Rangers protecting each other’s rights to their culture and language and feeling safe.

so anyway the b99 finale doesn’t exist?????? rosa and gina have run off to argentina together with their kickass baby girl and jake and amy have moved to the country and opened a small bookstore. jake and rosa in jail lmao that’s ridiculous what are you talking about??

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Because I was curious and also since I forgot to check the tags first for a translation I looked up that Monster Text guide you made a while ago and I've now discovered a very serious and very concerning issue. Translating the book's cover it seems to come out as "Dating for Dumies" a clear misspelling. However it's also not a traditional character for "m." So is it a special character that means "mm" or did one of the "Librarbians" goof up again? (SO SERIOUS IS THIS QUESTION)

Nice catching!! Indeed, that “m” is a special letter!

Have a look:

Indeed it says “Dating for dummies”! That “m” letter looks like a normal “m”, but it has a circle. That circle indicates that the letter is a double letter! Almost every letter has a version that has a circle, and it’s the correct way of writing for monsters, but sometimes they forget and don’t use it <u<;;

Anyway, have a cookie!! You’re very observant! ^^

but does everyone remember when we watched brooklyn nine nine bc it was a feel-good comedy with lighthearted humour? bc i sure do and i’m wondering what the hell happened to the writers during season three that made them want to hurt jake peralta, my sunshine boy, the light of my life, so much