My dear trans and nonbinary kids: 

A good response to “But you have a (wo)man’s body!”: 

Looking at them shocked and whispering “Oh gosh, you know about the body i buried under my house?”. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: Just kidding. But seriously: You have a body - and that body is your body. You identify as a man? Then you got a man’s body! Wonderful! You identify as a girl? Then you got a woman’s body! Amazing! You identify as nonbinary? Your body is nonbinary! So cool! Doctors assigned a gender to it based on the shape of your genitals and people may perceive it as a certain gender based on cultural norms - but neither doctors nor other people get to decide what you identify as.

My dear bi kids, 

You’re bi and have been in lots of relationships already? That’s okay! You’re not proof that bi people are just “greedy” or “slutty”. 

You’re bi and have only been in relationships with people of the same gender? That’s okay! You’re not proof that bi people are just “secretly gay”. 

You’re bi and have only been in male/female relationships? That’s okay! You’re not proof that bi people are just “secretly straight”. 

Don’t feel guilty for “adding to the stereotype”. The problem is the people who think in stereotypes - not you and your dating history! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Komiði sæl og blessuð, vinir mínir,
(Come happy and blessed, my friends,)

Tonight, I will be online answering a some questions that have piled up. If you have any additional questions, need some advice, or would just like to chat, I will be here and available to respond. Otherwise, have a wonderful evening.

Þakka ykkur fyrir.
(Thank you.)

Ryeowook’s poem to ELF / Le poème de Ryeowook pour les ELF

<Blue Star> Kim Ryeowook

I happened to lift my head to the skies
And I saw your face shining there

With all the memories of us laughing and crying
Withall the tume we’ve spent together

I wonder if you’re doing well
I find myself asking over and over again

You happened to life your head to the skies
I wonder if you remember my voice

With the winds that are warming
With the memories that continue to flow

I hope you’re doing well
I hope we meet again in good health

<Etoile Bleue> Kim Ryeowook

Je suis arrivé à lever ma têtes aux cieux
Et j’ai vu ton visage y briller

Avec tous les souvenirs de nous en train de rigoler et de pleurer
Avec tout le temps que nous avons passé ensemble

Je me demande si tu vas bien
Je me trouve en train de me demander toujours et encore

Il t’es arrivé de lever ta tête au cieux
Je me demande si tu te rappelle de ma voix

Avec les vents qui réchauffent
Avec les souvenirs qui continuent de couler

J’espère que tu vas bien
J’espère que nous nous rencontrerons bientôt en bonne santé

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

With Valentine’s Day coming up, here’s a reminder: 

It’s okay to be aromantic. 

It’s okay to be romance-repulsed. 

It’s okay to not want a partner. 

It’s okay to be in a platonic relationship. 

It’s okay to be single. 

It’s okay to be asexual. 

It’s okay to be sex-repulsed. 

It’s okay to not want to have sex. 

It’s okay if multiple of the mentioned things apply to you. 

During the days around Valentine’s Day, surrounded by media that screams “Romance!” and/or “Sex!” at you, it can be hard to remember it but please let me remind you: You are okay. You matter. You’re lovely just the way you are. You don’t need anyone or anything to “complete you”. You’re not broken. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom

I’m not writing to you to tell you what you’ve done wrong. No, I think we moved past that point. Today I’m writing to you to tell you what you deserve.

You deserve to love someone who is ready to get lost in your eyes, who embraces your flaws and your quirks, who laughs at your horrible jokes like I did and who smiles in between kisses. You deserve someone who makes you smile so big that your cheeks hurt, someone who picks up the phone for you in the middle of the night and who’s there to hold the pieces of your world together when you feel like everything around you is falling apart.

And I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t give you what you wanted and I’m sorry you weren’t what I expected. I know it’s not my fault and I know it’s not yours. Let’s put the blame on something we can’t control like bad timing or too much work or the weather, maybe? Something that makes us feel less responsible for ending something beautiful. Something that makes us remember a wonderful time for exactly what it was: talking deep into the night, stained coffee cups and dancing in the rain.

Even though it ended (not on good terms, either) I just wanted to wish you well. The happiness we had is the happiness you deserve for the rest of your life. I just wanted you to know. And I hope you never forget on nights that are too short and days that are too long for you to remember.

—  an open letter to you

My dear lgbt+ kids in the USA, 

Many of you will likely want to boycott the inauguration of the man who supports conversion therapy, picked terrible homophobes (some of who work for or poured lots of money into anti-lgbt+ organizations) to work with and generally is a orange lump of hate, so please remember: 

The rating will be lower if you keep your tv on but not tuned in to any channel that shows inauguration footage. Watch a channel instead that does not show any of that footage! (Example: The Food Network). 

A lower rating = a louder statement that you do not support him. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom