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Valentine’s Day hair! 

Hiii! So I had bought this toner a while ago and never really used it, but my skin has been breaking out a lot recently, probably from stress from school and such, and my go-to dermalogica hasn’t been clearing my breakouts…(is it true that your skin gets used to a certain routine and stops working? I feel like this is my problem now). So after I cleansed my face with my normal cleanser, I put this on a cotton pad and swiped it all over my face, and followed with a moisturizer. When I woke up the next morning, my skin looked so much better!!! Like woah! I was so surprised! So currently, I love this toner! I also ran out to buy Neutrogena’s Acne Stress Control Power Cream Cleanser and the scrub that goes with it in the same line. I will do reviews soon on how I like them!

Help stop acne before it even emerges with a refreshing, multi-tasking toner that works in 3 ways for clearer, shine-free skin. Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Stress Control® Triple-Action Toner:

1) Treats acne even before it emerges through MicroClear®, clinically proven to boost the delivery of acne medicine to unclog congested pores.
2) Eliminate oil and shine, while helping to prevent future oil clogs.
3) Delivers a unique formula of skin-soothers, such as green tea and cucumber extracts, to reduce redness and irritation.

Make acne one less stress in your life with Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Stress Control® Triple-Action Toner.
Salicylic Acid
MicroClear® Technology

Xoxo, Sally


Another back-to-school tutorial from Let’s Make It Up. 


  • How to Dutch braid: It’s fairly simple. It’s like doing a normal braid, except that you cross the strands UNDER instead of over. If you don’t know what I mean, try doing a normal braid. It probably comes really naturally to you by now, but if you look at what you’re doing, you’ll notice that, each time you cross hair to the other side, you’re moving it over the other strands. So, once again, for the Dutch braid, cross the hair UNDER. 
  • I’m not sure how well this will work if you have shorter hair or a lot of layers. In my case, I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for a while, and the longest parts of my hair are only a bit past my shoulders. This means that the shorter parts (i.e. the part that would be used for the braid probably won’t reach all the way around the ponytail. Instead of the knot that Kailee suggests, then, I suggest that you just bobbypin it around the ponytail and call it a day.