MerkerFloyd and the Banana Duel

So we got to hang out with this wonderful person for a few minutes. The cat he is making out with belongs to spica-tea and was made for her by the lovely tickle-thetrollydwarf as a physical representation of Walter Work Cal’s cat Floyd. Also right after this video was taken i ran inside to fetch some bananas so we could actually respond to Michael’s challenge.

And here it is. The second Walter Worker dump. No lineless shading this time because that was torture. Loads of fun with some great characters.

All credit goes to:

Walter Worker Jazz - http://jazzpanspoop.tumblr.com/ (Jazzpancakes) (I love your art style.)

Walter Worker Kit - http://letshaveahorseadventure.tumblr.com/ (Hooray for animal ears! Her design is pretty freaking cool.)

Walter Worker Lacie - http://steampoweredcheetah.tumblr.com/ (Your characters are so much fun to draw.)

Walter Worker Lola - http://lyzzystardust.tumblr.com/ (I love the white hair. She’s so cute.)

Walter Worker Mad - unknown because Google image search is being a buttface (I love her design.)

Walter Worker Maya - http://krakevrart.tumblr.com/ (Cats! She is a great design.)

Time Keeper Kat - unknown again because Google (Her dress is so pretty.)

Walter Worker Minto - http://bluemattermunny.tumblr.com/ (I really like her hair.)

unknown - unknown (He was really fun to draw.)

Walter Worker ML - unknown god damnit google (I love your style, whoever you are.)

Walter Worker Molly - http://muppetmolly.deviantart.com/ (Very creepy. I love it.)

Walter Worker N - http://askshi.tumblr.com/ (I love her personality and the fact that she’s not the typical body type.)

Walter Worker RJ - http://raynb44.deviantart.com/ (I love your art style and this guy was such fun to draw.)

Walter Worker RK - unknown (I love the design but the hair was impossible.)

Walter Worker Sarah - http://spookypotabo.tumblr.com/ (I love your style and her simplistic design.)

Walter Worker CJ - http://cjspooking.tumblr.com/ (cjswinging) (I love your everything? I think it was Frill who suggested I draw WW CJ so blame him.)

Walter Worker Sonika - http://robo-mushroom.deviantart.com/ (She was super fun to draw.)

Walter Worker Storm - http://stahlistorm.deviantart.com/ (He has a really cool design. I love around the eyes.)

Walter Worker Sven - http://forsty-art.tumblr.com/ (Sven is a sexy beast and you know it. I love love love your art style.)

Walter Worker Zee - http://walter-girl-zee.tumblr.com/ (Sorry I fudged up the hair. I love your style.)

Walter Worker Lizette - http://xxxmind-freakxxx.deviantart.com/ (Her hair is awesome. So much fun to draw.)

Up next are Kazoolanders. 28 in all.


Congrats once again for Kit-Ryu for winning the 1st place prize for the 1st SPG World contest!

Hello everyone, my name is Casandra, though I also go by Kit. I am a 23 year old terrible procrastinator living in Arizona. I’ve been told I could start my own Rosetta Stone CD just to help others understand me and by the end of this you just might agree with them. Currently I have one cat, a puppy, two mice, and a bearded dragon crammed into my apartment. Shhh… Don’t tell anyone. I’ve been interested in drawing since I was a wee one thanks to my great aunt being an amazing artist who always was interested in teaching me. Art classes have always been a favorite and I am now thinking of becoming an elementary art teacher. Besides digital drawing I enjoy watercolor, paper crafts, oil painting, and customizing plastic mech-models. As for what I do in my spare time besides artsy stuff, well, I work. My life gets pretty boring. I do enjoy hiking when the weather is nice (which is about never), playing laser tag (which I’m terrible at), and I might start a video game or two and never finish it. Art is kind of the only constant in my life.

The piece I did for the role swap contest was tremendously fun to work on. For a while I didn’t even think I would finish it in time. What I love the most about it is the three fan-bots I created. When thinking of role reversals the thought of turning the Spine, Rabbit, and Hatchworths’ instruments into robots was too much fun to pass. I’ll get back to those three later. Switching the Walter Girls with Michael and Matt was an obvious choice. The one thing I wanted to make sure stayed the same out of them was the fact that Bunny is still a mime. Now, granted they were the hardest things for me to complete for this picture hands down, people have and always will be hard for me. So that is why I really, really, enjoyed drawing Marshmallow as “Marshmallow VI”. Kitty features and a mask hiding her face equaled the best thing ever. Marshmallow is a girl right? Oh well, if not, she is now. If I think of Peter VI I think of Marshmallow so it made sense to switch those two. I was going to make Peter a very sandy, tiger striped cat but ended up going more of a golden tone for his fur. Which in the end I really prefer because it helps him stand out. Marshmallow stands out in the comics because of her large size, so my Peter stands out because of his fur. Now the more out there idea I had (or at least I thought it was odd before I saw others drawing Steve as a half dragon) was to make the ever amazing Steve Negrete the dragon that protects the sound equipment. My head-canon is that a large drake guards the equipment and Steve has to conquer it each time the robots need to do a performance. But I can’t forget about Lil’ Steve so I made his dragon self-small and lovable. It was a fun idea at the time and I still really like it.

Now back to the bots. Mega, Treble, and Bassy are what the delightful Jennifer helped me decide on for names at the moment. Treble is the Spine’s equivalent. He has a few similar features to David’s guitar and hopefully he still has that “cool” look that the Spine seems to emanate. I didn’t want him as polished as the Spine normally is because he doesn’t get out much and loves to tinker and build things that tend to get oil, dust, etc., on him and his
clothes. They are all supposed to look shabbier because I was thinking it would be an interesting but also a sad turn of events if the instrument turned robots couldn’t sing very well and didn’t become as popular as Steam Powered Giraffe, so they just stay in the manor most of the time. Now turning the Spine into a guitar was an interesting challenge and I will probably change the design in the future. It doesn’t have that skeleton feel I wanted it to originally have to make it more like an actual spine.

Rabbit’s equivalent Mega combines both elements of the accordion and megaphone. I was leaning more toward the accordion in appearance and since the other two robots are black I wanted Mega to stand out and help bring some more color in by being a bright red. This was also another challenge for me in making her outfit appear black without actually using any black. Talking about outfits I wanted the robots to keep their counterpart’s clothes to make it more obvious on who was supposed to be who. Rabbit became a megaphone because to me he seems to be the most talkative, outgoing, and opinionated of the three. Megaphone fits pretty well all considering and it also flows quite nicely with his design.

Hatchworth’s equivalent Bassy might be my favorite out of the three. I put more detail into his character right from the start. His frame consists mostly of wood, and like Hatchy he did spend time locked away. Wood has the tenancy to rot when not cared for correctly. I did my best to make his face reflect that. This is the first time I’ve put that kind of detail into anything wooden and I’m really happy with the results. I kept Sam’s artistic nature in there by having Bassy love to paint and unfortunately for everyone and everything he doesn’t like to use canvas or paper and just paints on whatever happens to be there. So his guitar is painted, he has it on his clothes, and himself. The Hatchworth guitar, like the Spine, doesn’t make sense and wouldn’t actually work but I like it none the less. Finally the finishing touches to these three bots are that they run off of clockwork instead of steam and so have been named Clockwork Platypus.

The first time I saw Steam Powered Giraffe was in Tuscon Arizona but a few short months ago. I didn’t realize what I was in for. The performance was mind blowing and their vocals even better. Since then I have been following them on Tumblr and am still impressed and really touched with how connected they are with their fans. Everyone in the group is hilarious, hardworking, artistic, creative, kind, inspirational, and once again goofy. I have never been this interested in following a band, or group of any sort. It’s amazing how far they have pulled me in in such a short amount of time. I really can’t express all of my love I have for them. They remind me of some of my closest friends and that makes it that much easier to fall for them. Following a bunch
of quirky robots has been a lot of fun. I can’t wait
to see them again and I will continue to follow their
work closely as they progress further along their
career goals. Still waiting on that comic, museum,
action figures, rpg, and video game.

If I could change one thing about myself and how I
interact with the fandom is how little I communicate. This place is buzzing with amazing people and I wish I could bring up the courage to talk with them. I admire a lot of fans for their friendliness, artistic skills, humor, courage, determination, and just being able to interact with other fans. I seclude myself and it’s not very good nor something I want. There are a lot of fandoms out there, and I’ve been in a few others but so far this is the one that I have most wanted to be a part
of. Interaction among fans is the best and I really need to get myself into this awesome Fanmily more.

My friends and family seem to be handling my new obsession well enough. My fiancé understands that if I’m not obsessing over SPG it would just be something else. My sister thinks I’m odd but slowly I’m converting her over, my parents think I shouldn’t do fan art or give SPG copies for some strange reason, and my cat and dog are just happy to be able to still sit on my lap while I draw. My neighborhood might be tired of hearing Brass Goggle and Ice Cream Parade however.

For more information on Kit-Ryu check out the following links

Deviant art http://kit-ryu.deviantart.com/

Flight Rising http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=view&tab=userpage&id=405

Fur Affinity http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kit-ryu/

Tumblr http://letshaveahorseadventure.tumblr.com/