My homie @nickolunardi has done some amazing things thins year to raise stone funds for cancer research (he’s ridden a bike all over this country of ours) and has raised over $30k on his own back. This is Caged Graves next show, and we are so stoked to be playing! Checkout letsendcancer.com for more info. #fuckcancer #letsendcancer

This has been and amazing year of highs, lows and all round good vibes!
I want thank KLAUS for creating the ruthless fundraising monster inside of me! I wish you a quick recovery mate! He is the genius behind the “GRANDSLAM”… GENIUS!! ALL OF THE VISION CRUSADERS YOU ARE ALL AMAZINGLY SELFLESS PEOPLE!!
Thanks to all 925 of you for the support at www.facebook.com/ThisIsYourRideToConquerCancer that have shown by leaving comments and donating what you can.
Thanks to all the sponsors who have helped out and donated. Thanks heaps to all my Family and friends who have put up with my persistent fundraising and awareness campaign this year. AND A HUGE THANKS TO SUSAN, HER FAMILY AND OLLIE AND CHELLE!! Who put up with me not having a paid job for over 8 months and putting to many hours into making this dream come true! None of this would be possible!! LEGENDS!! I couldn’t have done it without your help!

I seriously recommend for everyone to have a go at The Ride to Conquer Cancer, raising the minimum of $2500 and riding the 200km (Or do it all x6) or if you don’t make you total head down a be a crew member and help out over night!
please contact me for details.

So stay positive and get it done!
(not many of people would of)
X Nicko

#visioncrusaders #letsendcancer #ridetoconquercancer #grandslam #rtcc #rtccgrandslam #pma


My heart beats for you. My prayers are always sent your way. You may be in your final days, but you have more strength and courage than anyone I know. 
You’ve been a great mother, a fantastic sister, and a perfect daughter. 
We may not be related by blood, but I love you just like I do my own family. You’ve raised my brother to be an amazing person and player and your daughters are a blessing to this world. 
Never have I been so inspired by anyone like you do. The way you’ve been fighting on no matter how many times the doctors say they have no more treatments for you. You’ve managed to last four months past the time they said you had two weeks; and now they’re giving you days and you keep pushing.
Sheila Baptiste was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal colon cancer on April 1st. She is only in her late 30’s/early 40’s and she has a 20 year old daughter (my stepsister), a 15 year old son (my stepbrother), and a 9 year old daughter (the most adorable on of them all). The doctors told her two days ago that they can no longer do treatments because her living functions aren’t good. 
I know I don’t know any of you but if you could please pray for her it would be an absolute blessing. Our families have been devastated and our positive outlook is quickly turning negative in a matter of minutes because her doctor said she might not even have until the end of the week..
Thank you very much,

And stay SheilaStrong.

Meet Greg his a Vision Crusader, David Turner is the financial controller at Cancer Society and in the back John Loof is the CEO of the Cancer Society they are seriously good people!! This is the Cancer Society Auckland, This is where all your donations have gone when you donated to my Auckland ride , if you bought one of the ‘eagle’ tees, or came to the Music and Cake show @reverencehotel.
Serious big shout outs to Dave Shannon, Matt Pana, Catilin Jame Barnard, Danny and Katie, Dave Ozilla, Gavin ford, Ben Collins, Jacobo, Jibba the Hut, Mandy Olszewski, MILLSY, MC DRAWN, Justin Ghattas, Sam McCabe, Mum, Wendy Llewelyn, Nick Lombardi, Sally Chapman, Geoff Taylor, Brett Rees, Alex Becconsal, AshMelbourne, Chris Malone, Tanya and Paul! Serious Legends!
#LetsEndCancer #CancerSocietyAuckland
#NewZealand #rtcc (at Auckland Cancer society)

Hello and good morning Australia!! You all should know the drill by now. This is the beginning of my 5th rtcc for the year! This is the New Zealand Ride to Conquer Cancer!! And this is what 663 people look that raised over 2.1 Million dollars for the Cancer Society Auckland.
#rtcc #letsendcancer #visioncrusaders #getitdone #grandslam

Words can not express what it feels like to be in another country riding and raising money for their Cancer Society. You should give it a go too!! (at Ellerslie Racecourse)

I seem to be an hour an a half early for my flight…
Maybe I’m too eager to get to Aucklands leg of the Ride to Conquer Cancer this weekend… Now what to do…. What to do…
#letsendcancer #visioncrusaders
✈️👋ciao👋👋🚵👊 (at Gate 3, Melbourne T2 International)

Today was seriously hell! Hardest 100k ride I have ever done . Mt Macedon you sneaky devil, Cancer you jerk!! I would not have got through it with out these legends! #Plumheatandcool @_knog_ @delordcycles #luckycoq #printexpress @shifterbikes @northsidewheelers #dukescoffeeroast #visioncrusaders @bones Mello @livgiant_aus #letsendcancer #endcancer #cancercouncil #notrtcc #colnago (at Gisborne)

These shirts are still available, only a few large and Mediums left.
100% of the proceeds will be donated to Letsendcancer.com thanks to @josh_killermerch @steen_jones #gildan for making it possible. #letsendcancer order online at letsendcancer.bigcartel.com