letsdrawsherlock wip

The Scholar and the Soldier

How do you feel about the lyre? 

So I was trying to organize my files again and came across this old unfinished piece. Anyone remember Let’s Draw Sherlock’s first challenge? Well this is the submission I started… and then gave up on, lol. Not sure if I’ll ever complete it… I don’t really paint the same way anymore, and there would be a bunch of references I’d have to track down again! XD But looking now, I think it’d be a fun AU to share… MY ART TAG

The Legend of Sherlock: Ocarina of Time

It’s been a while but here’s my entry for this months LDS! I’m not around on Tumblr much just lately and I’m sure Ocarina of Time and Zelda have been done plenty of times. However, OoT is probably my favourite game ever so why not fuse two of my favourite things?

Unfortunately due to being busy with Uni, this is just a WIP. There’s no way I’ll get it done for the LDS deadline. But I had to upload something, for my love of Sherlock and this game is too strong!

I do intend to come back to this and finish it off (there might be more characters!) Anyway, enjoy this WIP :)