Fall Rally South pt. 3

Hi Anne & Cal, the reason why I’m posting this is because I love you both dearly. From the group that we’re in we will be the last ones once they’re gone. It’ll just be us for our last year in Key Club that’s left, but enough talking about leaving and everything. You are both capable of so much in Key Club and I’m really glad I was able to meet you two. In the end of this wonderful journey of Key Club, we will all look back on what happened years ago and have that bittersweet feeling once WE leave. I’m happy that I’ll be able to say that this friendship will last for a long time. I really love this picture and now it has to be a tradition LOL. I’d love to say more but eh I’m lazy and I need to post more. I love you! #LETSDOTHEBATTERY #BATTERYGANGORDIE HAHAHAH #fallrallysouth #fallrallysouth2013 #frs