Okay fuck it. I’m sick of people saying that the two people in this picture:

are not the same people based on comparing the two photos.

Heres why:

The two biggest points that people who think its not the same person bring forward are,

  1. The ears
  2. The nose

Firstly, they compare the right ear in one photo to the left ear in another photo. This is fucking ridiculous. You can’t compare one body part to a different body part in A DIFFERENT PHOTO. That’s like comparing the left leg of a photo of a person to the jaw of the same person in another photo. OFCOURSE IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATCH UP

What you should be doing: Comparing the TWO EARS TOGETHER, in the first photo and the second photo.

Notice how in the photo where James Holmes doesn’t have red hair, his left ear (left in the photo) is much less ‘sticking out’ then the right ear of the SAME PHOTO? Now look at the photo of him with red hair. His left ear is a lot more flat then the right ear. If you want to compare things between photo’s, you have to do it in its entirety. This is the first point towards my case of it being the same person in both photos. To have matching ears like that is very uncommon.

Secondly: The nose

Look at this photo:

Noses flaring when smiling is FUCKING NORMAL



It’s not 'special’ to this case, and these photos. Everybodies fucking nose flairs more when they’re smiling. It goes to show how amateur you are that you even bring that up. If you had the slightest idea about forensics or private investigation you wouldn’t have even brought it up because its so insignificant that it doesn’t mean anything.

Okay, so that’s what most people who think its two different people bring up.

Here’s some extra to inforce the fact that its the same person

Look at the eyes. You’ll notice in the photo where John Holmes doesn’t have red hair his right (your right) eye is centered to the photo, whereas his left eye is slightly off-centre. It’s skewed, to the left. This is what’s called a lazy eye. And if he were to try and get the left one centered his right eye would move in the opposite direction and point to the righy. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE RED-HAIRED PHOTO. He looks at the camera with his left eye, and therefore his right eye is slightly off-centre.

This is what you should be looking for, instead of the fucking difference in the flaring of the nose in two different facial expressions.

Furthermore, i reference this photo: 

What you really need to look for is the space between his eyes, the width of each eye, the shape and placement of the ear, general shape of the jaw, and the placement of the tip of the nose.

The second image has been rotated and scaled, to make the pupils the same distance apart: eye distance matches, eye width matches, tip of nose matches, jaw line matches, ear is a little off but could be from camera placement, or his orientation relative to the camera.

It’s the same fucking person, thank you for your time.

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