Austin & Ally spoilers

I’m seing a lot of mixed feelings everywhere because of the spoilers they realeased.I get it,it’s not fair for the actors/crew to have their work spoiled like that,and that the audience number is going downhill.But on the other side,no-one did anything illegal.Netflix in Brasil aired the episode on national television and the Brazilians just put it online,because they were happy.Disney must have given the permission to have the episode aired,cause they wouldn’t have aired it if it wasn’t aloud.Every time an episode comes out in the US and then we have videos online,it’s OK,but if it airs in another country it’s not Okay?I don’t get it.Plus it is disney’s fault that people would be looking for spoilers,cause they wait A WHOLE FREAKIN’ MONTH to air an episode that’s been filmed over a year ago.I mean we don’t even have an official promo for that episode yet,and it’s a finale episode,so it’s normal that we want to know what will happen.
Anyway that’s just my opinion,but like I said if it had aired in the Us first and then they would have spoiled it for us it would be okay with the disney channel,but since it wasn’t the case it’s bad and sad for the show and the whole crew involved.I just think a month is way to much and that it should air at the same time for everybody.
(btw.I haven’t watched it yet either)