watching Steven Universe when

Pearl: There it is! The Shooting Star! An ancient elemental so hot, and so volatile, it can only be contained in ice.

and because I’m in Gravity Falls hell that got me thinkin, space is really really cold, right? Like as cold as it can get. I wonder how that works; let’s google it!

From universetoday.com: “If you could travel from world to world, from star to star, out into the gulfs of intergalactic space, you’d move away from the warmth of the stars into the vast and cold depths of the void. Better pack a sweater, it’s going to get cold.”

Hah sweater well that certainly explains

but wait a minute, who else wears sweaters, for seemingly no apparent reason considering its summer…

that’s right, our own little Shooting Star.

I swear to god if Mabel wearing sweaters this whole time has been foreshadowing her getting sucked into freezing intergalactic space like the Author, I’m–I’m gonna find Alex Hirsch and demand to know how he thought all this shit through god damnit