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"Take my hand. Let’s be Stars.

Soar with me: to the heighest heights of the world where no one else has ever been before.

Shine with me: so together, we can illuminate the darkest corners of the night.

Let’s be Stars.

The stars who people point at, with such awe and amazement, at how beautiful and simple we are.

The stars who people wish upon when they see us shooting by, to make their own special dreams come true.

Although we may be extinguished in the end, we may be reborn and continue to shine bright, once again. Together.

Let’s be Stars.” -Lando Tega

Q's Return | Indiana & Q

Q had almost gotten used to the beautiful sun and the cool Spring breezes of Bayonne, France. This was until he returned to England to see surprising amounts of snow. But it’s what he came to expect from good, ol’ London; Messed up weather and traffic jams. Ah, yes.

Returning on a cold Monday morning to Headquarters, Q felt safe, relieved and, somehow, at home. Waving and greeting certain individuals as he passed their desks, he made his way to his office when he saw Indiana’s. He stopped in his tracks as he’d completely forgotten to tell her about his trip. He couldn’t tell her any information about it, but nevertheless, he still didn’t inform her that he was going away. He’d hoped that she wouldn’t be too cross or upset about it, but he’s missed her a lot.He peered in through the window and tried the door, but it was locked. She was nowhere in sight. He decided to make his way to his work bench in the middle of the room instead, where he always sat to keep an eye on everyone and undergo certain tasks set by MI-6. It was also where he sat to think about things.

After a deep inhale, he felt someone step up behind his chair.

"Not now, please. I’m thinking." He snapped, signalling the person away with his hand, although they didn’t seem to move. "…Didn’t you hear me? I said I’m—"

He was stopped mid-speech when he swiveled his chair around to see non other than Indiana. Her face shining brightly at him, although he could sense there was something different about her.


I want to talk with you today about a subject that touches every one of us: loss. Sometimes we’re faced with things we think we just can’t handle. The death of a loved one; a father, a child. And we strive to find the reason behind it all. And when those reasons don’t make sense, we question God. We look up and we say, “God, how could you do this to us? How could you put so much on our plate?” But we’re not operating on God’s timetable, are we? We don’t understand God’s plan. How can we? But let me tell you, this is where faith comes in. Faith can help us see His message in our own lives. Perhaps this loss is there to teach us not to take the ones we love for granted. To cherish the simple, mundane moments. To love others as fiercely and as bravely and as compassionately as we can. And in that love, human love—forgiving, relentless, unconditional love—you’ll find peace. Amen.  requested by anonymous

anonymous asked:

Favorite fics?

Oh goodness, there are a lot of them!

Closer You and I by avatarlahey

Sun-Kissed Hurricane, Perfect Storm by iwillpaintasongforlou

another hazy may by deLILAh

amayrillis by hattalove

a house built out of stone by robpatff

I Don’t Want You to Leave, Will You Hold My Hand? by roughvoiced

my heart, in deadly rhythm by impetuous

Loathly by goldenquill

I See Trees of Green by Avacal, goldenquill, keep_calm_and_read_fic, and lissomely

Things My Heart Used to Know by keep_calm_and_read_fic

the one with the phone by lissomely

In From the Cold by Avacall

Hit the Heartbrakes by orphan_account

Take Me Where I Cannot Stand by loaded-gunn

And Then A Bit by infinitelymint

Let’s Fall in Love in a Place You Want to Stay by embro

These are just a few of my favorite fics that I could find readily. I have a ton more, I’m sure. And if you ever need help finding a fic, I’m pretty good at it! :D

Happy reading, anon! <3

I want to talk with you today about a subject that touches everyone of us: loss. Sometimes we’re faced with things we think we just can’t handle. The death of a loved one- a father, a child, and we strive to find the reason behind it all… and when those reasons don’t make sense we question God. We look up and we say, ‘God, how could you do this to us? How could you put so much on our plate?’ but we’re not operating on God’s timetable, are we? We don’t understand God’s plan. How can we? And let me tell you, this is where faith comes in. Faith can help us see His message in our own lives. Perhaps this loss is there to teach us not to take the ones we love for granted. To cherish the simple, mundane moments. To love others as fiercely and as bravely and as compassionately as we can, and in that love, human love- forgiving, relentless, unconditional love, you’ll find peace.
—  Chaplain Orlovsky, Chicago Fire 
The King & The Prophet Epilogue

AU Loki Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: And another journey has come to an end. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I have a third part in my head but I can’t promise you when I’ll get to writing it. So for now… let’s call this one an end… and see where the fates take us.

CHAPTERS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Loki raced through the halls of the palace. A thin sweat beadingon his brow as he dodged guards and servants. His long legs carrying him in a brisk run through doors and corridors without regard to who may be on the other side. Reaching the doors to his chamber he threw them open and burst in. His chest heaving as he instantly froze.

"Loki." Rania said with shock. His eyes fell on the maiden at her side.

"Leave." He commanded. Rania’s brow furrowed as the young girl nodded and quickly left the room. As the door shut behind her Loki barred it closed and stalked towards Rania.

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Top amazing characters that dc absolutely refuses to use (cass is banned)?

Isn’t she always banned, though????

Okay. Well since it’s a given what my number one would be, let’s talk about other amazing characters DC absolutely refuses to use (for reasons beyond any explanation I’ve come across yet):

*and to note, yes a lot of these are about to change based on recent announcements/Convergence HOWEVER I’m counting this as being based on seeing how DC has used them as of right now and not taking into account things that cannot be judged on content yet.

  1. Selma Tolon | Janissary
  2. Valerie Kameya | Blitzen & Gerri Brauer | Donner
  3. Augustus Freeman | Icon [also Raquel, but where she got some attention in Young Justice I’m half counting her]
  4. Nubia of Themyscira | Wonder Woman
  5. Lois Lane
  6. Ryan Choi | The Atom
  7. Irey West & Jai West
  8. Toni Monetti | Argent
  9. Renee Montoya | The Question
  10. Mari Jiwe McCabe | Vixen

While I was taking snapshots of the life of Boo, that dramatic music sounded like the sky opens and everything.
Camera turns off to Pilar rubbing her tummy.


From that one (risky) woohoo?? (I’ve got risky woohoo on autonomous)
This wasn’t exactly planned for this young woman just starting out in the big city.

O well..let’s see where this takes us.

anonymous asked:

Actually, having been that busy before, it doesn't kill someone to take ten seconds to send a message to someone that they're seeing. Busy or not, there's no way in hell that someone's going to be constantly doing something and if they are, that means that you've slipped their mind. Use some common sense, it's really not that hard to pause, send a message to let them know that they're thinking of you, and get back to their work. Stop defending someone that's obviously being really shitty to you.

I won’t stop defending her. You need to stop picking on someone for being human.

You see, there’s this little thing called high school. Have you ever been to one? It’s a big building where students age 14-18 go to learn. Have you ever learned anything? This usually takes about 7 hours out of a student’s day. And then, there’s this ting called homework, which is work the teachers at the school give you to do at home after school ends. Most high school students have at least 2 hours of this every single night! And then, after they finish their homework, there’s not usually much time left in the day. But wait, family wants to spend time with you! Who knows how long that’ll take?

People have lives outside the internet. Just because I don’t seem to, just because you clearly don’t, doesn’t mean she doesn’t.

chalsthethird asked:

with everything that's not been said between jemma and the others from the original team, it's hard to really understand where her character is right now. but i don't think fitz was wrong to think that telling the team would have been dangerous. it was a wake up call for jemma and a good opportunity for her to make things more clear on her side. let's hope the writers take that opportunity to help us see the pain jemma's been through. i dont know how much more she can take. i worry for her

see, i can understand fitz’s motivations (despite one of them being based upon a MASSIVE miscommunication between him and jemma) and i respect them. and i can even stomach, for the most part, the argument for fitz not telling the team. but the thing is, the decision to not tell the team was based on jemma. he didn’t tell the team because he believed, by and large, that jemma would hurt skye. he honestly believed that.

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If you wanna be like I am
Free you soul from what you believe
All this money chasing
All this hating
Know that there is nothing gain
From this life
We’re all gonna end up in the grave
So wear you soul like a chain
Show it to the world let it show
Who you are, let it take over your brain
Wash away ignoring
Let it wash away the pain
When you see that you truly are perfect
You where never sick in the first place
Realise that were living the same thing
I have no clue and you have non either
So why do we act so distant?
All of us? There’s no one above us
Feeling superior with a suit and tie
A funny fact is that’s what you wear when you die
I just can’t understand other minds
are we all different? Are we all the the same?
For all the bad things happening who do we blame?
All I have ever know is that the ones I’ve loved and love are the sweetest
And I’d save them all if I could
But I can’t so I stick with the present
Mixing my thoughts like flavours
And these lines like raps i savour
And on the worst nights I’ll try to be your saviour
I know when I write this it makes no sense
But tell me when you look at art does it ever make sense?
Or do you just fucking feel it?

callmeunrrelevant asked:

Why can't you! Some of us parties aren't that bad

I’m seeing literally paragraph long posts about “security let fans into the club as witnesses to see louis making out with a girl, they did it on purpose for rumors and the kissing is because they don’t want to out Larry yet, the breakup is step one, then they’ll ease into the Larry rumors” HAULT ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋ take a breather, go for a walk, read a fic where Larry stays on the pages of fiction

lousiemcdoogle answered: What’s on your bucket list? If money wasn’t an issue, what are some experiences you’d like to have?

1. Have a happy marriage

2. Have kids

3. Create and run one or more extremely successful televisions shows.

4. Own multiple homes and let friends and family live in/use them free of charge.

5. Take care of my parents and buy them whatever they want, to extravagance.

6. When traveling, visit castles, sit where JK Rowling wrote parts of Harry Potter, go see temples and museums.

7. Also when traveling, sleep all day and see nothing. Go somewhere to do absolutely nothing but sleep, eat, and lie on the beach.

8. Walk a red carpet.

9. Go to a TONY Awards after party as a TONY winner (…so win a TONY and celebrate).

10. …EGOT.

11. Fund a charity to further education and educational development

12. Fund a charity specifically for music education that puts instruments and qualified teachers into underprivileged schools.

13. See if I would get seasick on a cruise (and have the money to fly home before the cruise is over if I do).

14. Maybe get a graduate degree in something random, like neuroscience. 

15. Donate a printing room for the screenwriting program at Ithaca College, so screen and scriptwriting majors can print their work free of charge. But ONLY script or screenwriting majors.

16. Put my children and brother’s children through college.

17. Set up trust funds for my children and my brother’s children, and their children.

18. Live well. Live long. Die peacefully and happily. 

What should I draw?

Every so often, I take requests/ideas for drawings/doodles. I like doing this from time to time because it keeps me on my toes. I also use it as a chance to play with all my art supplies that I don’t use often enough.  It’s also a welcome challenge to try to go quickly from digital illustration with a wacom tablet to colored pencil to a ballpoint pen to watercolors, considering I’m usually either stuck in front of my computer for hours or devoting entire weekends to a painting.

I always try to get as many done as I can, but might not get to every single one, so I’m sorry if I don’t get to yours! I usually end up drawing the things that I think I can do quickly, so I can get to as many as possible.  Some will be available in my shop, as well.

So comment, submit an ask or answer this post/question with something you’d like me to draw and let’s see where it takes us!

it scares me when i see that people haven’t updated in 4 months or so and they haven’t left a message on their blog saying they’re taking a break or no longer use tumblr or something. where did that person go? what happened to them? are they okay? or am i just paranoid? i actually care about every single one of you whether we talk or not. it’s important to me that you’re all doing okay and if you’re not it’s also important that you let someone know. i will always be here for you guys so be sure to chuck me a message if you ever want or need to talk to someone. much love xxx

Just been thinking,

I’m blessed. I’m blessed. I’m blessed.

I’m thankful for the place I have, for my family, and my friends and experiences and lack of certain ones. I’m glad that I am enjoying my life. And things are just going to get better from here.

There are certain things that keep me up at night, like how to make new friends in the city, and school, and what to do with my life. The usual. But it’s all a process, and things don’t happen overnight.

Be courteous, and be kind. And love people. Everyone. Don’t forget. Even the people that harass you for money. Love them. And let’s see where this takes us.

I Promise to be your lover and best friend to the end. Our Love for one another can conquer all that stands before us. I might Provoke you one day, but surely you pushed me first. But if we follow God’s plans, and let Him point us in the right Direction then I’m sure we can get back on the right track. Through every obstacle we wish each other Good Luck even if we succeed or fail it won’t matter because all we need is us. So take my hand and lets see where this road takes us. @skoolnerdsrule

So this was going to be about writer’s block as I had been suffering from it for the past couple weeks while trying to edit my novel, but then somebody walked in and we had a quick conversation and they gave me an idea. So instead, I’ll be ranting about students walking through the hallways while jamming out to some nightcore, so let’s see where this takes us.

           From my experience after years of schooling (currently in my final one before university), walking in the hallways gets worse and worse every time I transfer schools. For those who don’t know, in the United States (at least from what I know of, I’m sure there are exceptions), schooling goes from Kindergarten to 5th grade in elementary school, to 6th through 8th in middle school, ending with 9th through 12th in high school. In elementary, I never really transferred from classroom to classroom so the hallway problem was never a thing. In middle school it was there but it wasn’t absolutely terrible that I can recall a time I wanted to rant about it on the internet. Then again, I try not to remember my middle school years so I may be forgetting some things. Now after 3 full years and going into the final 2 months of my 4th year, I can’t really remember a day in this school where I haven’t wanted to scream from the other students that go through the hallways.

·       People are too slow

·       People don’t use the right side of the hallway

·       People constantly stop in the middle of the hallway

·       People push and shove

·       People are just plain annoying (of which we are all guilty don’t even try to deny it)

Where I go to school, there’s 5 minutes between classes, so when the bell rings we have 5 minutes to get to our next class. Also at my school, there’s 3 sections to it: west, center, and east. Traveling from east to west takes 5 minutes without the traffic of students, so obviously with them… needless to say it’s never enough time. It must be so nice to have time to go slow through hallways, I swear. Being able to just slowly trundle through the hallway to your next class may be nice to you, but it’s so annoying to me when I need to make it to the opposite side of the school and my teachers won’t let me leave early to get a head start.

           In America we drive on the right side of the road to go straight ahead, so the unwritten rule of hallway walking is to follow that standard. The majority of people do follow this which is nice, but there are always those people that don’t and instead walk on the other side cutting people off and basically pushing that side closer to the wall. The worst part is that when one person does it, more people always follow them and it just becomes a cycle.

           No idea why this is such a common thing, but people just stop in the middle of the hallway for no good reason. There’s a huge crowd behind them walking and suddenly they stop and just create a block in the flow of the hallway, but why? I don’t get it.

           This is something I deal with often unfortunately. I have a bigger backpack because I have to carry everything with me due to lack of a time during the school day to go to my locker. Every day while I’m walking through the hallways I can feel my backpack being shoved into my back. The temptation to just stop and “break check” people is always there I swear, but then I’d be an offender of the above paragraph. Maybe that’s why they do it…

           From couples making out in the hallway, rubbing in the fact that they’re not lonely to the large groups of friends that create a huge circle in a big area of traffic, there’s many annoying things people do in the hallways. I’ve more than likely been an offender of most of these at some point but I try not to be a hypocrite, so they aren’t things I often actually try to do.

           TL;DR: Don’t be an ass in the hallway, and school’s need bigger hallways.