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Opal in 7. I am genuinely curious to see how this comes out.

[Wardrobe art meme]

This is gonna be the last ask I will answer for the wardrobe meme as of now until I decided to try out the meme again.

Let’s just say that Opal and Steven finished this really tough mission early in the morning and while they wait for Garnet to come back from..um..where ever she was at, they had breakfast together. 

So, today we had round robin writing in writing class. Basically we built a world, wrote an intro, and passed it on to the next person. Then, the next person gets to determine the direction of your story and, well, let’s just say things get really interesting, especially if your entire batch is a huge meme. And in order to celebrate @jellybeanminghao finally finishing prelims, I thought I’d post it up here. Enjoy! 

Warning: I only wrote the intro. So everything else was out of my hands. I’m just writing it as it is, no edits whatsoever.

Minghao-centric with mentions of Vmin at the start. Let’s see if you can guess his soulmate, ey?

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