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Can you do something with Edward pushing himself too hard and collapsing while in the middle of getting chewed out by Roy after reporting back after a failed assignment. Mustang immediately feels guilty for being so hard on the kid and tries to help him but Eds fever is really high and he's really out of it (plz no Roy x Ed tho *shudders*)

Thank you for sending me a request! And no worries, this is a Roy x Ed-free blog! That ship really squicks me out. Anyway, this is set pre-series. Enjoy!

“So, you’re saying that the mission was a complete disaster?” Roy asks sharply, fixing the teenager standing in front of him with an irritated look.

“That’s what I said,” Ed replies shortly, his tone devoid of any emotion.

“And you let the runaway alchemist slip away without even a fight?” Ed nods mechanically. “I suppose that I shouldn’t even bother asking about the other thing, then?”

A despondent shake of the head. “There was no sign of the stone,” Ed mutters, staring at the floor in front of his boots.

“That’s ‘There was no sign of the stone,’ sir,” Roy emphasizes. “And Fullmetal, would it kill you to look me in the eyes when we talk, rather than having a staring contest with the floor?”

“Sorry, sir.” Ed jerkily raises his head so that his golden eyes meet the Colonel’s. His eyes seem oddly unfocused, and his unusual obedience is suspicious. But Roy is too angry to care right now.

“So, to sum it up, you wasted a great deal of government time and resources on this flagrant failure of a mission, and you ended up being lead on a wild goose chase that was ultimately fruitless. And you found no new information about the stone. Is that correct, Fullmetal?” He pauses his lecture to wait for Ed’s response. When he gets no answer, he tries again. “Are you even listening to me right now? It’s like you don’t take this seriously at all.”

He pauses when he notices Ed swaying on his feet. The teenager has his jaw clenched tightly, and his pale face is in stark contrast to his blonde hair. “Edward?” he asks, finally starting to be concerned.

At Roy’s words, Ed’s glassy eyes roll back in their sockets and he crumples to the floor. Startled, Roy barely manages to catch him before he hits the floor.

As soon as he grabs Ed’s shoulders to prevent him from smashing his face into the ground, the problem suddenly becomes obvious. “You’re burning up!” he exclaims, the heat radiating off of Ed nearly enough to seat his hands. Cursing, he props the passed-out teenager up and ends up moving him to a chair. “What the hell were you thinking? Hawkeye!” he shouts.

She’s at his side in an instant. “Sir?”

“Call the infirmary. Something’s really wrong with Fullmetal,” he explains. “And maybe fetch a wet cloth or something?” He’s not really sure what to do, but it’s obvious that they need to get Ed’s fever down, and fast.

Hawkeye leaves the room, and Ed starts to stir a bit, eyes cracking open to reveal slivers of gold. There are enormous dark circles under them, and Roy wishes that he’d noticed sooner. “Are you with me, Fullmetal?”

Ed makes a noncommittal sound in his throat. “Where’m I?” he slurs thickly.

“You’re still in my office. Do you remember what happened?”

“Fell?” Ed suggests, sounding genuinely puzzled.

“You passed out because you’re running an extremely high fever. Hawkeye called the infirmary for help.”

As if on cue, Hawkeye enters the room, a soaked towel in hand. She gently presses it to Ed’s forehead, ignoring the way he protests at the sudden chill. “Is there anything else that you need?” she asks expectantly. Roy could kiss her.

“Send someone to fetch his brother before he starts freaking out and comes to see what happened.” A panicked Edward Elric is a disaster waiting to happen, but a panicked Alphonse Elric is even more destructive.

“Al?” Ed barely rolls his head to the side. The effort seems to exhaust him. “Where’s my brother?”

“Al is fine, he’ll be here shortly. Don’t get yourself all worked up, just stay still for now.” Ed huffs in protest, but there’s not exactly much he can do right now.

“Why didn’t you say something, Edward?” Roy probes, trying to keep the teenager somewhat conscious while they wait for the paramedics.

“I didn’t,” Ed pauses to cough and clear his throat. “I didn’t think that it was that bad.”

Roy gives a short laugh. “Well, clearly you were wrong. Try not to strain yourself any more before help gets here, okay?”

lets start a chain of art advice for new artists!

- don’t leave your brushes tip down in the water, they’ll get bent out of shape
- start gesture drawings from the torso, not the head. it’s where the action and energy originates. start there, work your way outward
- never be afraid to “waste” paper. it’s just paper, even if it’s expensive you can buy more. sometimes it’s worth it.


anonymous said: Lockscreens for The Beach, Cinderblock Garden, Runaways, Let It Roll, or Lost In Stereo? (No rush tho <3)

all time low inspired lock screens pt. 3/?? requested by anonymous. I threw in a ‘therapy’ lock screen because  I very much like having an even number :) please like/reblog is you use/save any of them! 

EXO Monster!AU Reaction to finding out their’s s/o was created on a lab and born with wings

This was requested by @sleeping-until-school-ends I hope you like it, and sorry for taking so long :)

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*He wouldn’t lie about his past either. Knows how hard it has been and would try everything to discover the truth about this weird lab you both come from* “If I have to go one last time.. I will do it for you”


“I guess… we were made to be together… and not just fated to be” *Shows you what he can do*


*He can’t stay quiet. Somehow he infiltrates in the lab to destroy your evidence* “I have to keep her safe… even if it costs me my life”


“Lets runaway baobei… let’s go to somewhere where they can’t find us.. be free”


“You are my angel.. and I’m your knight, and together we’ll rule the world” *Being a little dramatic here XD*


*Would become even more dangerous, just to protect you* “I promise you, I’ll never let them take you away from me”


*Was already planning it, but this is the final blow he needed to decide to actually destroy that lab* “It has brought misfortune to all of us jagi… I’ll protect you, until the end”


“Don’t be ashamed of who you are baobei… we are different, but not bad. We can change many things, starting with that lab” *Shows you his wolf powers*


*He was actually part of the riot created on the lab that helped you and others to escape* “I might have not seen you there, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care. We were part of them same… and won’t let it happen again. Will you stay by my side?”


“You are beautiful, never doubt that. They should learn to fear you, us. Because together we are invincible”


“I remember seeing you when they took me back… I didn’t know who you were or what had they done to you… but looking into your eyes… it was enough to make me decide that I would fight until the end for you, until you could be free. It drove me insane, but you are finally with me.”


*He was actually the master mind behind your and everyone else’s escape. He was the one who opened your cell and gave you his hand for you to take and follow” *It’s time to go angel, your knight has come to save you”

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Okay, okay, hear me out:

Little Ben being mothered by his badass grandma Padme, who takes him to political meetings.

Padme being super caring when they’re alone.

Padme and Ben waiting for Anakin and Luke to return from a ‘Jedi thing’ (Han’s words).

Leia asking Padme some advice about raising kids.