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Let’s be u n p r e d i c t a b l e.


Somebody once noticed that the map designer who made Kong King created a bench using two benches instead of making a separate model. A few people thought it was lazy; others recognized it as a creative use of repurposing models and using what you have to make what you need rather than model it and take up more memory or time. 

I don’t know how to model, so I do that a lot in Source Filmmaker: I stare at a model meant for a hat, and I ask myself: “can I use this as something other than a hat?” This makes for elaborate outfits and models, often with a little bit of reskinning as well as some VMT/VTF tricks. I want you guys to try it too. The SFM Honey Toast Challenge will be my challenge to you for practicing rebuilding props that you have or can find around, without having to be forced to model something just to get what you need.

Shibuya Honey/Brick Toast is a popular dessert from Japan that’s become popular in parts of Korea and Taiwan. It’s usually made out of brioche bread with the inside cut up into cubes, buttered and toasted, and then layered with honey, then garnished with fruits, sauces, ice cream and whatever fulfills one’s desires. This is a stack of bread, but with cheating angles as well as models, you can make something that looks good. I’ve made mine with honey, green tea ice cream, chocolate pirouline wafer straws, some strawberries and oranges and a dollop of whipped cream.

In actuality other than the fruit models, I used:

  • A rigged and reskinned Triboniophorus Tyrannus for ice cream + honey drip from the SFM Workshop
  • A reskinned cupcake model clipping into the toast for whipped cream from an MLP prop pack
  • Reskinned blood pools for the flat honey on the toast and plate from the SFM Beta files
  • Reskinned soda straws as the pirouline straws from somewhere on the GMod workshop

Let’s see how you make your honey toast, and how well you can think outside the box! I want you to dress up these three slices of toast with whatever props you can find, whether TF2 or third-party. You can use food props or reskin things into food, but ultimately you wanna try to work with things that you might not even consider food. You’re encouraged to learn how to use override materials, how to reskin VTFs, how to edit the VMTs with strings like $envmap and $phongboost, while asking yourself these questions:

  • If I colour or change the material values of this item, how will it look?
  • If I take these jigglebones and stretch/shrink them, will it make this shape?
  • Can I take this and use it in a completely different way if I use this part/angle of it?

If you guys wanna try it out and post it up, let me know! Tag your exercises as honey toast challenge on Tumblr, and I’ll come take a look at what confectioner craving you’ve created, as well as if you learned anything new from it or if it was good practice! 

DMX File Download is HEREYou will have camera1 as your main angle, two lights, and the bread models ready since they’re TF2 files. You will need to put a plate/tray under the toast yourself. Feel free to use additional angles or lights!

a little blossom toothache, a morning without you. when this grows too big to chew i’ll finally admit to it but right now we’re just going to pretend that everything’s okay and you’re not leaving. in the evening we can come back here again. to where i lose you. but right now let’s make toast and make up and kiss each other senseless. if i flinch it’s just because i cut my tongue. if i flinch it’s just because i fell in love.

What seventeen does when you’re mad

Scoups: caresses your cheeks

Jeonghan: feeds you chocolate covered strawberries

Joshua: plays a song on his guitar replacing words to fit the situation

Jun: let’s you rant

Hoshi: tries to be cute by leaning his head on your shoulder

Wonwoo: kisses your neck

Woozi: actually tries to solve your problems

Dk: plays with your hair 

Mingyu:  starts getting close and touchy

Minghao: makes you toast and lets you nap on his lap

Seungkwan: starts listing the things he’s gonna do to the person that made you mad

Vernon: cuddles with you until you feel better

Dino: tickles you until you start laughing

for real why aren’t we talking about mall aus
  • “i went into abercrombie & fitch for some reason and now i cant see, hear, or breathe PLEASE SAVE ME” au
  • “make up department salesperson and nervously browsing customer” au
  • alternatively “make up department salesperson/customer and renowned makeup artist there for a special event” au
  • “i know you work in the food court but i dont think you’re supposed to be eating on the job” au
  • “the furniture part of [department store] is completely dead let’s make a pots and pans orchestra” au 
  • “you work in gamestop and i NEED AMIIBOS” au
  • “salesperson and customer who comes in like once a month and buys thousands of dollars worth of stuff to sell online” au
  • “i want this thing the mannequin’s wearing and the employee’s having a hilariously hard time trying to disassemble it” au
  • “someone called out sick and now im stuck in this department with no clue what to do” au
  • “i left my phone in the dressing room now i have to go back and get it and WHOA WHO’S THIS HOTTIE” au
  • “i got dragged into hot topic and this employee is way too perky and annoying and adorable - WAIT” au 
  • “i fell asleep during the movie and now the theater’s empty and i may or may not have pissed off this employee cleaning” au
ℒᴇᴛ's ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴀ ᴛᴏᴀsᴛ

B o r e d 

“Oi, Shit Stain, I’m headin` back over ta Hueco Mundo ta get my stuff.

– since ya`know, I’m movin` in an` stuff

.. I’ll be back in a few days.”

Without the company of a certain Espada, Haru lounged lazily within his now dead-silent office. Goddammit, Grimmjow. With documents all completed, the third-seat was left with absolutely nothing to do as he had nowhere to go and nobody to talk to. Picking up his brush, the silverette placed down an empty sheet of white paper, beginning to doodle; only to find himself drawing stick figures with hair that resembled Grimmjow’s.

“Heh.” he snickered, leaning in as he worked his best to put the u g l i e s t illustrations of a visage upon the stick figure. “Maybe I’ll go give these to Ranni.”

Placing his brush down, the tip hovered over the ink pad, he slumped back in his chair, the silence never seeming to succumb into obnoxious arguing as Haru had hoped it would. Maybe I’ll go take a visit to Hina — 


Hirako-taichou and I are leaving on patrol for a few days. Please take care of yourself and your paperwork!

Right. She was gone too. 

            Maybe I will take these to Rangiku. 

Pushing his chair back as he stood up, he grabbed the papers with a drawn portrait of Grimmjow; a slight laughter resonating through parted lips before tucking them within his Shihakusho. “She’ll love these.” Waltzing out of his office, he made his way down towards the Tenth Division barracks, where a certain `drinking buddy` of his resided.

Arriving before Rangiku’s office, Haru lifted his hand as he gave a few swift knocks against the wood-framed door, hoping that she was in there.


“the only reason you guys think this manga doesnt make sence is because your fave died, get over it” nah, i dont think it makes sence because it let a character that got toasted alive from inside and outside and who fell 50 meters alive thanks to the power of friendship and because kids are the only thing that matters, right? fuck those other kids that died before tho, they dont count. gave super strength to one random soldier so he could save a character and keep him alive for four more episodes just so he could cause drama™, instead of dying in the battlefield four chapters before

so yeah, no. i would have been fine if erwin had died in ch80. sad af and thinking he had a wasted potential, but i wouldnt have been mad. so stop putting words into my mouth. im done being “‘nice”’ to a fuckin fandom that called my favorite character evil or abusive for the most stupidest reasons for more than three years


160429 T.O.P Instagram Update
I miss my younger brothers..

Line Chatroom:
Kwon Jiyong: [photo sent]
Kwon Jiyong: Let’s make a toast, hyung
Dong Youngbae Taeyang: It’s delicious here hyung~ I wanna come with hyungie
TOP: [crying emoji]
TOP: [crying emoji]
TOP: [crying emoji]
Kwon Jiyong: It’s delicious here, hyungie would like it
DS: Hyung I miss you (© susifg)

Prompt: Something Good.

Harry had never considered himself to be soft, a little fruity from time to time yes, but soft? Definitely not. He’s killed at least three flies in his life, two of them possibly accidentally but still. Three flies. Which is why he can’t understand why the thought of Y/N having an off day has him caving in on himself.

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Leo Fitz:

1. Never gave up on Jemma.

2. Found Simmons.

3. Stayed by her side every moment.

4. Held her hand not just to support and comfort her, but to be her rock.

5. Found a way to help Simmons move forward (attempted).

6. Cleared out an entire restaurant so she wouldn’t be surrounded by distractions.

7. Saved the reservation!

8. Pulled out her chair. And held her hand again.

9. Got her roses on the table.

10. Candles all around because she’s sensitive to lights.

11. Reminded her that she did in fact help him when he left the hospital.

12. Stared at her as if he were a blind man seeing for the first time.

13. “What else was I gonna do?” Aka I love you and I’ll never let you go.

14. Wanted to make a toast to them.

15. Already acts like a couple with his love.

16. Comforts her immediately when she’s clearly broken inside. Once again being her rock.

17. Is basically the perfect man and his love for Simmons makes my life complete.

let's make a toast to the amazing actors in Game of Thrones who's characters don't live to see Season 5

Jack Gleeson (Joffrey Baratheon)

Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn)

Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell)

Mark Stanley (Grenn) and Josef Altin (Pyp)

Rose Leslie (Ygritte)

Rory Mccann (Sandor Clegane “The Hound”) (?)

Thomas Sangster (Jojen Reed)

Sibel Kekilli (Shae)

Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister)