“It’s time to go.”

((So yesterday me and @lookingmarvellous were chatting, and I think I might’ve come up with how exactly Warfstache and Darkiplier ended up in this universe at all, if they didn’t start here. And this post from @apocalyptotyler gave me another idea I could work into it! Therefore, instead of making a basic theory post, I figured I’d make it a headcanon, because why not? Enjoy!))

“… Celine?” Dark heard the Colonel call one more time from around the corner of the hallway. At the sound of her name, Celine’s arcane power began to stir in his fingertips. He opened and closed his free hand, the other still occupied by Damien’s cane. With both halves of himself fully present, he knew what it was he must do.

“Colonel,” he said, softly, still learning how to use his voice again. “Colonel.”

The hysterical man stumbled back his way, giggling and wiping his eyes beneat his eccentric glasses.

“Th-this… it has to be!” he stammered once more, through deep belly laughs that were almost more like sobs. “Damien! Celine! Where the hell are you hiding, Damien and Celine! It’s not funny anymore!”

Blinking, Dark spoke once more.

“Here, Colonel.”

William trembled, mortified, as he looked on Dark again.

“Wh-who are you?” he asked him quietly, then ramping up his volume in violent fear. “Who are you!? What have you done to them– where are they!?”

Dark cracked his neck again, still getting used to the body that was not his own.

“They're…” he began, pausing to rub his neck as he cleared his throat. “Here.”

“Here? Where the hell is here– who even are you!?” the Colonel continued to panic.

He then noticed Dark was holding a very familiar cane…

“Let go of that! That doesn’t belong to you!” he shouted, louder than anything, and he lunged to take it from Dark when–


A blast of radiant color came from Damien’s token, fizzling hues of scarlet red and cerulean blue that followed the outlines of everything near the two of them.

The Colonel stopped, mortified, even after the effects of Celine’s power faded away.

He began to stammer.

“D-D-Damien… C-Celine…? N-n-no, no, I… I- I didn't…”

“Yes, Colonel,” Dark cut him off, the words breaking whatever heart he had left. “You… did.”

“I… I did?”

The sound of grainy coughing sputtering from the radio interrupted the conversation and got both men’s attention.

“Colonel… if you can hear this, you better run.”

The Colonel, frightened, looked back at Dark for one more second, and then took off doing just that, running right out the door.

“You stay away from me!” he shouted as he made good distance.

Dark gave chase, finding that he was caught up to the Colonel within mere seconds.

“Colonel, stop!”

William turned furiously on him.

“Only my friends get to call me by that name!” he yelled to Dark’s face, his fingers fumbling for his holster to pull out his gun again, but finding it wasn’t there.

Dark had it and was holding it just out of his reach.

“William…” the shadowy, shattered man said, the use of his voice still returning to him. “We are your friends.”

“We? We? What in the blazes do you mean by we? You’re just one…”

“Yes, Colonel.”

There was a pause as William came to realize who exactly this figure following him was.


“Yes, Colonel.”

“… C-Celine…?”

“Yes, Colonel.”


“Yes, Colonel.”

William’s hysteria melted into horror, and he fell backward onto the grass as his legs went weak once more.

His words came through the shallow breaths catching in his lungs.

“Y-you’re dead! I– I thought it was just a j-joke! H-how…”


The Colonel turned over onto his front side, his fingers pressing his temples as his body began to curl up in fear.

“You're– you’re dead! B-but–”

“William, stop.”

The Colonel looked up to see the dark man standing before him, looking at him with a knowing, pained expression in his gaze.

Dark fell onto one knee before him, holding out Damien’s cane toward William in one hand.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.”

The Colonel crawled backward slightly on all fours.

“Wha… what do you mean?”

“You don’t have to run, Colonel. I can take us both to a new place, somewhere far, far away from here.”

Dark nodded a little towards William, assuring him it was all right to come close.

The Colonel slowly reached a tentative hand for the cane as Dark continued.

“It’ll be somewhere so far that no one from here will ever find us, and no one there will ever have to know about this.”

“B-but… but how?”

“Celine can take us, William.”

“And– and Damien?”

“He’ll be with you, too, because I won’t leave your side.”

The Colonel still hesitated to hold the cane Dark was offering to him. Without anything being said, Dark knew exactly why.

“And I can change this awful memory, Colonel. I’ll make it so you won’t have to live in fear anymore. And once we get there, this awful nightmare will only seem like exactly that; just a fading nightmare.”

“I… I won’t remember Damien and Celine anymore?”

“No, but… they’ll remember you, Colonel. And all of us will make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.”

Shakily, William’s fearful fingers finally grasped around Damien’s cold cane, and he could feel Celine’s power stirring inside of it.

Dark nodded again.

“Close your eyes, Colonel,” he finished calmly, and William’s eyelids were already feeling heavy as Celine’s power came into him. “When you wake up, everything will be just fine.”

Just before the sleep took hold of William and the mirage of cyan and crimson began to dance, he murmured one more thing.

“Damien? Celine?”

“Shh,” the two of them whispered to him as the colors whisked them away. “It’s time to go.”

Taeyong Dances to Artficial Love

Originally posted by joker283

Word Count: 3538

Prompt: Taeyong dances to Artificial Love 

Based on this fancam and this fancam

> I once killed Lyn by telling her to imagine Taeyong dancing to Artificial Love

So I tried to do it again
but ended up killing myself because jfc it took me almost an entire day to write this 

And I also forgot to make him turn to the reader and turn to the other side and stuff because I’d get very into the video so I’m sorry for inaccuracies  x”D


                      When Taeyong sent you a message saying “I need your help. Can you come to the studio?” you weren’t ready for whatever it was as your knowledge in music and dance was barely what someone could consider the minimum and the maximum you could say was “it sounds good” or “it looks good”.

            As soon as you arrived, you realised that he was the only one practicing. “Where’s the others?” You asked. “They went home. I just wanted to know your opinion before I went home too.”

            “Well, what do you want to show me?” You asked. “So, for SMTown we need to cover a song by a sunbaenim… and apparently some NCTzens wanted us to dance to a very specific song.” He started. “I want to know how good it is.” He finished.

            “Sure, but remember I’m not good with dancing stuff so my opinion probably isn’t the best one.” You replied. “I know, but I value your opinion a lot which is why I asked you to come.” He said.

            As he got ready to dance, you did as you usually did. You sat near the computer that had the song he would dance to and all you had to do was press the play button and then look at him through the mirror. “Just do like always. Press the space button, it’ll play the song.” He stated, to which you nodded.

            You noticed he got a cane, but your brain still hadn’t connected the dots and you thought nothing of it. “Music, please!” He said, a bit louder than usually, already getting focused on the dance he would have to do.  You pressed the button and as soon as the song started playing, you realised what song it was.

            His back was facing the mirror, his left hand on the cane. When it started playing, he turned around and he held the cane with both of his hands while he started to move his shoulders forward and back, one at a time. He then touched his neck with his right and moved it a bit on his chest before moving it away from his body, leaning a bit towards the left, and then rotated to the other side, putting his right hand on the cane once again, going up and then when he reached the handle he moved his hand to his side and looked to his right side. He looked forward and bodyrolled twice and turned back and changed the hand he was grabbing the cane once again, with his right hand.

            He started leaning to the left, moving his body as if it was a wave, and kept going there, getting to a point he seemed like he was sitting on an invisible chair. He moved his hips to the right and then to left, making eye contact with you through the mirror.

            Moving his hand to his front and then to the side, to help him stand up properly again, he moved the cane in front of him and held it again with both of his hands, his right hand holding the handle. He then moved the cane up, his left hand holding the body of the cane and stopping at the bottom of it. He moved his hands so the cane would be horizontal to his body and moved slightly to his right, and quickly pushed the cane through his left hand and moved back to the position he was previously. With his right hand placed it above his heart, he moved it up and down twice while he put his right leg in the front to help him bow slightly.

            Going back to his original position, he placed the cane back in front of him and placed his hand on the cane’s body and rotated it with the help of his left hand. As soon as the cane’s end was above him, he rotated it again so it would face the mirror. Then, he moved it to his right, making the cane stand vertically, with its end facing up, and moving to his right side as well as placing his left leg behind in his right leg. As he took his left hand off the cane, pointed at somewhere in front of him with his hand and bodyrolled once. Then, he grabbed the cane by its end and did the same movement with the opposite hand, but this time holding it in a fist. When he did that, he moved back slightly and you noticed he looked like an archer.

             He moved back to his original position, holding the cane near its handle with his right hand. Putting the cane down, still holding it with both of his hand, he moved in front of it and squatted down. He moved his right side back and then his left side. Holding the cane with his right hand, he stood up normally and threw it in the air and grabbed it with his left hand. He cut the air with the cane and was now facing your body, but looking at the mirror. When he faced you, you got distracted and you didn’t notice the cane was now on his left side.

            As he brought it up in front of him, holding the handle with his right hand, he let go of his left hand and moved a bit to the side, the cane of his left again. As if he was covering his mouth, he placed his hand on his face and then moved it forwards and then down, making eye contact, through the mirror, while he put his hand on his crotch and moved it upwards. Pumping his chest when he did that, he then moved to his left and extended his right hand to his side, looking at it now. He then brought his hand back to the cane’s handle, looking at you again. Taeyong started to move his shoulders up and down while he squatted a bit.

            After that, he moved towards his left side, with only his right hand on the cane and then stood up right again, and then pointed slightly to his left with his left hand and then right. While looking at you through the mirror, he raised his cane a bit and grabbed the body of it and slid his hand down to the bottom of it and then let go, holding the cane halfway with his left hand.

            He then lifted his right leg and right hand and twirled, grabbing the handle with his right hand. and put the cane down on the floor, while he almost kneeled, the cane in-between his legs. He then stood up, almost humping the cane. He threw the cane in the air with his right hand and grabbed it in the air.

            At this point, you were amazed by how well he was doing the choreography, almost certain your mouth as wide open as if you were a surprised emoji.

            Taeyong was standing up and then he lifted his arms and held the cane above his head, only with his right hand. Then, he moved them forward, his left hand just open. He then moved his hands back, his left hand on his side while his right hand was holding the cane, which he then moved in front of him. Swiftly grabbing it with his left hand as well, making an X motion with his arms, he rotated the cane until it was in a diagonal, then moving it to his right side. Moving the cane behind him, he grabbed the handle of it with his left hand, his right hand still on the middle of the body of the cane. He moved his hand towards the end of the cane, looking in that direction, looking directly at you.

            He then moved the cane to his left and then right and went back to looking at you through the mirror. Moving the cane up and then moving it in front of him, he pulled it back and then, holding the handle with his right hand, and the body with his left hand, he put it down while squatting. Getting up properly and holding the cane with both of his hands now, he moved his shoulders up and then, to the left and to the right.

            He moved his leg and kicked the cane, so it would go up and rotate on his hand, letting go of the cane with his left hand. Moving it forwards and then down to his side again, Taeyong moved his shoulders left and right twice.

            Moving to his right again, he extended his right hand on his side and then went back to holding the cane with both hands. Moving his left shoulder back, and then his right, he placed his hand on the middle of his torso and started to move it up when he was facing the front. Holding his shirt on his left shoulder and letting go, he let the hand wander his body, hovering his crotch for what seemed like a bit too long for you, and going past his hip while moving from his right side to his left side.

            He was facing you again, and this time he was looking directly at you. He kneeled on the floor, holding the cane with only his left hand. Your breath was caught in your throat as soon as he started to bodyroll. He was making eye contact with you and you could swear the room had suddenly gotten hotter.

            When he held the cane with both hands, you knew you were practically dead. He took his left hand off and held the cane with just his right hand, leaning back as far as he could in the position he was in. Still with his head back, he started to move forwards again and started to get up. Then, still leaning a bit back, Taeyong looked at you and got up. You could feel that your cheeks were a bit warm.

            With the cane on his right hand, he started to walk around the room, blowing a flirtatious kiss towards you, which made you blush a bit more. You remembered this was the time that the EXO members walked a bit through the stage to wave at everyone who was attending the concert.

            He then turned to his side, his back facing the mirror. He raised his arms, holding the cane’s body with his left hand and the handle with his right hand. He then placed it behind his back and walked forward a bit.  You remembered this part was done with someone else on the other side, but since you didn’t know the choreography there was no way you could help him even if you needed to.

            He moved the cane back to his front, and while moving to the face the mirror he put the cane on the floor, holding it with his right hand. As soon as he was facing the mirror, he moved back to his previous position. With his back towards the mirror, he started to move towards his right side and then gyrated to the other side so he was facing the mirror again, putting the cane forward. You could have sworn you heard a faint “tching” of two metal canes touching each other. He then jumped, smiling a bit, and started to bodyroll to the rhythm.

            Moving the cane a bit further, as if to unhook it from the other cane, he drew the cane back and let it slide his hand. Now holding it by his handle with his right hand, he started to move towards the other side of the room.

            When he got to the spot he needed to be, he put the cane on the floor once again and started to move his crotch towards the cane, his left hand over his mouth. With that same hand, and as if it was right away, he grabbed his crotch, just like he had done before. While pumping his chest he moved his hand up until it reached the middle of his chest. Then, and quite dramatically you thought, he moved it away from his body, towards the mirror.

            He grabbed the cane with both hands again, the cane still on the floor, and started to move his shoulders left and right. He moved to his left side and put his right foot in the front. Right after that, he moved his left leg forward and pointed to his left and then right with his left hand.

            He raised his right arm a bit and grabbed the cane with his left hand. Moving the cane up and then dropping it when his left hand reached the end, he rotated and put the cane down, holding it with just his right hand, and then basically humped it.

            Throwing it in the air and then catching it right away with his right hand, he moved back a bit with by extending his hands above himself and then put them in front of him. Moving them back to his sides for an instant, he grabbed the body of the cane with both of his hands, just like he had done in the beginning, and held it with his arms in an X-shape and then rotated the cane. Holding it with his right hand, he faced the mirror and looked directly at you, not through the mirror like before, and held the cane with both hands on his left side.

            Letting go of the cane with his left hand, he placed the cane behind him and held the handle with his left hand. He bent his right knee a bit and moved towards his right side and moved the cane to his left.

            Moving back a bit, he moved the cane above his head and then in front of him. Pulling back, he put the cane on the floor, and moved up. He moved his shoulder back a bit, and right after that, he kicked the cane so it would rotate and he moved it more towards his right side.

            He, then, moved his shoulders up and down again. He moved towards his left and his back was facing the mirror again. Moving to his left side, he went back to facing the back other side. With the cane on the floor once more, you noticed he moved his right shoulder back and then his left. Right after that, his right hand went from his crotch to his left shoulder and grabbed the shirt, before he moved the hand back down to his crotch. He then, started to kneel down on the floor, his right hand by his side and his left hand holding the cane.

            This time, he wasn’t facing the mirror nor looking directly at you. His head slightly tilted back, you could see him basically bodyroll against the cane, which made him look like he was humping it.

            When he moved the cane to his right hand, and moved so his back was facing the mirror, you saw him put the cane behind his lower back, his left hand holding the end of it and his right hand on the top part, but not on the handle. Whenever he bodyrolled during this song, you felt your cheeks getting warmer, so he when he did it again the same happened.

            After that, he got up and threw the cane towards the side opposite to the mirror.

            As he went back to having his back facing you, you focused on the mirror to see his moves. His right hand went up to the right side of his chest and he moved his arms to his side, his left hand extended to his left side. Then, he moved his hands to his right side, and moved them as a way to help him rotate. His right hand went up above his head, and his left arm was extended on his side. He closed his hands and moved his right hand to his front and back, giving an idea of him hip thrusting. He went moved his left hand down, grabbing his crotch, while his right hand was behind his head, on his neck, he then thrusted into the air and moved his hands forward. You thought he was going to do another hip thrust, but simply moved his hand to his sides and then up to his left and down with his right, his index finger pointing to something.

            He jumped slightly, and with that impulse, he covered his eyes with his right hand and slowly moved the hand away. He moved his right leg up and down, which, once again, made him look like he was hip thrusting. After the 1st and 2nd time doing it, he balled his hand into a fist, and when that move was over, he moved his hand to the side.

            He raised his hands up to his chest, touching it, and then moved them to the side, moving his right hand again. This time, the palm was covering his entire face. His left hand was on his side, but extended a bit. He moved the palm away from his face, as if he was removing a mask, and using both his right leg and his left arm, he rotated and kneeled on the floor with only one knee. His left leg was on his left knee and his right hand was on the floor.

            He stayed in that position for probably less than 3 seconds, and then moved his right hand so the back of it would touch the floor. He hit the floor lightly 3 times and then got up swiftly with a jump.

            He placed his hand in front of his crotch, and moved his shoulders right and left. You had lost count of how many times he had to move his shoulders that way. After what seemed like forever, he moved his hands to his chest and then away from it, simultaneously moving his chest back.

            He then moved to the other side, this time facing you and gave two steps towards you, making you gulp and anticipate his next movements. He then, winked and moved to the back of the room to get the cane back.

            Facing you, instead of turning his back to you, like he should have, he kept making eye contact with you while he threw the cane in the hair and caught it with his right hand. Moving his arms up and then in front of him, he moved them back. Holding the cane with his right hand, he extended his arm and grabbed the cane, forming an X with his arms, which he then used to help him rotate the cane.

            Using left hand on the body of the cane, he moved the cane back and then held the handle with his right hand, moving it to his left. He then moved it above his head and held it in front of him before he moved it back and put it on the floor.

            Holding the cane with both of his hands, moving his shoulders up and down again alternately. He then kicked the cane, just like before, and made the cane rotate, which he then held on his side, while he moved to face the mirror again. He moved his shoulders just like he had done before he kicked the cane and then slid so he was facing you again.

            Both of his hands were back on the handle of the cane and this time he moved his shoulders back alternately. He did a mini-jump and then moved his shoulders up and down consecutively. He then moved his left hand over his crotch and squatted down and thrusted up, his cane going forward when he squatted and closer when he thrusted.  He moved his hand to his hip, and was literally moving his cane in a circle while bodyrolling. He then stood up right and turned around, and extended his left arm to his left and then did the same in front of him.

            He bent over and reached in front of him and then pulled his hand back and went back to standing properly. He turned back to look at you, the cane a bit behind him, still in his left hand. He then switched the hands while smiling widely. Facing you, instead of the other side of the side, he moved his hand against his chest and then to his side, balling it afterwards.

            The song stopped playing. Before it repeated, he walked in front of the computer and pressed pause.

            Out of breath, he grabbed the water bottle and took big gulps while looking at you. Saying you were flustered was an understatement as you thought you probably looked like a tomato.

            “What did you think?” Taeyong said, his voice contrasting against his loud breathing. He was sweating a lot and the then grabbed his towel that was next to the computer to clean himself, which made you flush a bit more.

            Unsure of what to say, as it was all too much visual and auditory stimulation, you hesitated before saying. “It was good.” 

Satisfy Me

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Saeran POV. MM Fantasy AU. Fic Rating: Explicit

Tags thus far: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Rough Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Explicit Language, Derogatory Language, Masturbation

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Dostoevsky Gothic:

— Your coworker’s eyes are narrow and mocking. He looks at you for hours, from shoe-tip to forehead, from coat sleeve to fingernails. He looks at you as you tap your splintered cane against the floor. His lips twitch in distaste at the dirt under your nails, at the scratches on your cane, the patches on your coat. You see him bare his teeth at the whip marks on your neck. You feel his skin prickle when he eyes you. You cannot tolerate him much longer. It takes you four months, but finally you manage it: you get up - dirty coat, splintered cane and all - and stand in front of him. He doesn’t blink. Does he not see you? Are you invisible? Do you in fact not exist? How dares he not even blink? How dares he not be repulsed by the sight you present? You raise your hand - the one that holds the cane - raise it right above his head. You let the cane go. As it clangs and clutters to his feet, you open your hand, displaying all the dirt of your fingernails right in front of his eyes. He looks at you. He doesn’t blink. You can see the worms that crawl inside his eyesockets. That’s what he is: a diet of worms. And you’re no better. It’s six o’ clock and the office is beginning to empty. The man gets up, touches your shoulder so you let him pass, bids you good day. You stand there, incredulous. He’s touched your shoulder. He’s pushed you aside. Pushed you. And he wasn’t even properly disgusted. You go home, pour yourself a drink, and prepare the noose.

— You hate yourself for entering the brothel. A woman comes to you and you don’t even ask her name; you give her all your money and let her lead you to the establishment’s best room. You lie face down on the bed for hours. When she asks you what you want, you ask for the story of her life. She speaks and speaks. Until the sun sets and rises again and you would do anything to shut her up, just shut her up, for the love of God, shut up. It’s two days later and she’s still talking and now you really hate her. When she comes back from the bathroom, you slam her against the door, tear the crucifix from the wall, and go down on your knee. Will she marry you? She will. For the following 50 years you go to sleep at night hoping she’ll stab you in the back.

— You adopted your servant because he was clever. You didn’t know he was clever then, but you tell people you did. It’s better than telling them you adopted him because, seeing the spiteful glint that came over his eyes when he looked at you, you were hoping he would eventually poison your lunch. He never did. He couldn’t even do that much for you, the worthless vermin. You’re an old man. You don’t have the energy to hate much anymore. You only mistreat him to make sure the hateful glint remains in his eyes.

— They may have understood that you killed the woman. They might label you a killer. They may throw you inside a jail. Let them. They’re not worth your time. They can never understand that killing doesn’t make you an outlaw. You don’t live outside the law, you live above it. They may have understood you killed the woman. But what do they really understand?

A Game of Hearts and Steel (4/?)

Part 4 of the verse formerly known as the gambling!verse.

Summary:  When her father, Lord Avon, gambles away Lady Belle’s virginity, she’s not amused. and Lord Gold, winner of this rather indignant prize, finds himself thrown out at a rapier’s point. But when it turns out that the shipping company he’s set his eyes on only comes with Lady Belle’s hand in marriage, he decides to overcome his hurt pride to obtain said company. But his attempts of courting Lady Belle are not as successful as he’d like them to be…

Rating: NC-17 at some point…

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