DADDY AF!! PT. 3/3

HEYA DUDES!!! so as promised here are the daddies!! It has been wild fun making these sims and im so happy i decided to share them with ya’ll. I did not include there special outfits or accessories, everything listed is just the necessities!! I also did not include prince peter or ty serna, those sims i am keeping for myself sorry babes!

  • do not reupload or claim as your own
  • do not change their features or use them as a base sim
  • if there is a REQUIRED item please RESPECT that.


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How would the dads act when jealous? Awesome blog btw

Daddy Thomas here! I’m hoping to get through a bunch this weekend since I’m finally plan free. Thank you so much!! Let’s get started!


Robert is the guy who will grab your ass and leave hickeys all over you in public just so everyone knows exactly who you belong to. And it’s absolutely amazing.


He knows you know you’re all his, but that doesn’t stop him from showering you with gifts so he can brag about the things you wear out with him. He’s very good at making you blush.


Damien likes doing small, subtle things. Giving you a promise ring and leaving smudges of eyeliner on your cheek bone and shirt collar. When he does get jealous, he can get almost fuming. He leaves kisses all over your hands and arms while keeping eye contact with his rival.


Hugo doesn’t like getting jealous, but when he does he simply tells you. He doesn’t tell you to stop seeing the person or make you feel bad, he just lets you know because communication is of absolute importance to him.


“Bro, that’s my bro. Get the hell away from my bro. My bromosexual.”


Mat is the man who goes above and beyond to make sure everyone knows you’re his. He sings to you and tells you he loves you whenever he can. Very cuddly.


He’s the worst when he’s jealous… he becomes controlling because he doesn’t want to lose you like he lost Mary. Or Robert. Or his children. He can’t lose you.

Yours, Daddy Thomas

It’s finally fall! In the spirit of the season, I’ve compiled a list of 10 books that I think are great to read in the fall. Some are fantasy, others are paranormal, while others deal with darker themes. Let’s get started!

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1.       The Poison Throne by  Celine Kiernan

The Poison Throne is a fantasy novel following our main character, Wynter, on her quest to stop a rebellion that could destroy the kingdom. This novel is great, as are the two follow up novels, The Crowded Shadows and The Rebel Prince. The characters are so lovable, and there are amazing family bonds. I think this is a great fall read; I find fantasy to be a good fit with the fall season, I’m not sure why, but I do. The Poison Throne is my favorite fantasy series, so I highly recommend it!

2.       Famous Last Words by Katie Alender

Famous Last Words is a YA paranormal novel. It’s about a girl named Willa who becomes caught up in the murder investigations of the Hollywood Killer, a serial killer who stages their murders to look like famous movie deaths. There are also ghosts and psychics. All in all, this is a perfect fall read to lead you into Halloween.    

3.       Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte 

Wuthering heights is probably the best fall read. There are ghosts, suspense and, I think, reading this book in the fall just helps you feel the atmosphere of the moors in which Wuthering Heights is set.

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4.       Halloween Party by Agatha Christie 

It’s in the name, isn’t it? Surprisingly, Halloween Party has very little to do with Halloween. The story surrounds the murder of a young girl who was murdered at a Halloween party, and the days following. This is one of my favorite Hercule Poirot mysteries. It is one of the only Poirot novels that takes on a creepier tone that I think is great for the fall.  

5.       Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink 

This is a tale of twins who are destined to destroy each other in hope of stopping the apocalypse. One twin is the guardian and the other the gate to the other world. This novel is so incredibly vivid, which makes it all the more suspenseful. It is an incredible read, I’ve read it twice myself.  

6.       The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne 

When our main character, Hester Prynne, has a child out of wedlock, she refuses to name the father of her child and is forced to wear a scarlet ‘A’ on her clothing. We get glimmers of magic in the novel when the child, Pearl, is older and is said to be a fairy. Another aspect of magic in the book is much more dark. When the identity of Pearl’s father is revealed, he has an ‘A’ carved into his chest. As readers, we can assume he carved it there himself, but the book does leave the answer opened ended for the purpose of “maybe magic”.

7.       How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather 

It’s about a girl, Samantha Mather, who is a descendant of Cotton Mather. She moves to Salem Village and has to deal with the descendants of all the “witches” Cotton put to death. Not only that, but there is an actual witch who wants to kill all the descendants. There are moments of true terror in this book, which makes it a great lead up to Halloween.

8.       The Yellow Wallpaper by  Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The Yellow Wallpaper is a psychological thriller, a short story that will mess with your mind. It is one of my all-time favorite stories and I highly recommend it for the fall season.

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9.       By the Pricking of my Thumbs by Agatha Christie 

This book is in the Tommy and Tuppence series and is perfect for fall. The mystery starts when an old woman at the old age home Tommy and Tuppence are visiting, begins talking about a dead child behind the fire place. The two become engrossed in the dark history of the old woman’s town. Like Halloween Party, it is one of the creepier Agatha Christie novels.

10.   Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame Smith 

It’s Pride and Prejudice with zombies. What else is there to say? It’s spooky and perfect.

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 And that’s it! Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and what you thought of them. I’ll be posting a Halloween Book List soon, with all the scary books!

Title: Punchline
Author: darcydelaney
Artist: cardinalwrites
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: Comedian!Dean, journalist!Cas, humor, fluff with a touch of angst
Posting Date: 11/14/2017

Summary:  While writing a review of an open mic night at his brother’s new comedy club, Castiel Novak meets (and is immediately smitten with) up-and-coming comedian Dean Winchester. Things are going great until Dean’s dream of becoming a comedy superstar starts coming true. Cas tries to be a supportive boyfriend, but eventually, he’s faced with the challenge of figuring out what Dean loves more—comedy, or Cas himself.

- - -

“We might still be gettin’ our sea legs here, but I can guarantee you, the comics you’re about to see are not.” Gabe lets his teeth clack together on the “t” and grins out at the crowd, a few of whom offer half-hearted claps and whoops. “Let’s get this party started with our first comic, the one, the only, Dean Winchester.”

The audience applauds politely as Gabe hands the mic off before leaving the stage. Dean flashes a quick grin and an even quicker wave at the audience before making himself comfortable.

“So,” he says, leaning casually on the mic stand. “I got mugged on my way home a few nights ago. Yeah. He asked for all my money; I told him I was a comedian, and he gave me fifty bucks.”

There’s a smattering of laughter, and Dean looks down at the floor with a small grin.

“Nah, I’m sure you know that’s bullshit,” he continues, gesturing toward his bruised face. He loops a few inches of the cord around his wrist before starting to slowly pace the small, cramped stage.

He keeps talking—about living in New York, about how different it is from living anywhere else, about his tendency to still be mistaken for a tourist—but Cas stops focusing on his words, opting to study Dean Winchester himself instead. The stage lights are harsh and bright, so he can only take in small details at a time: the scuffed workboots that are more reminiscent of a construction worker than a comedian; the worn, faded plaid shirt that looks like it was just grabbed out of a laundry hamper half an hour before the show. Cas’ eyes eventually make their way up to Dean’s face; there are dark bruises lining his jaw, as well as one under his left eye that’s a deep shade of purple. His bottom lip is split and still swollen, and Cas winces unconsciously.

“Am I that ugly, pal?”

Cas is jerked out of his reverie by Dean’s amused voice, and Cas’ eyes widen. Dean is looking at him, just him, and he can feel everyone else in the club staring, too.

“I, no, sorry—”

“Your face said differently.” Dean does an exaggerated impression of Cas’ wince, and for the first time that night, the audience genuinely laughs. Cas’ cheeks redden furiously and he looks down, but not before he catches the quick wink Dean tosses his way.

FFXV Fandom Friday, Week Five!

Hey folks, and welcome back to FFXV Fandom Friday, Week Five! We had a week’s break, and we’re back on track to see three more awesome contributors to the fandom!

As always, you are more than welcome to message me anonymously and suggest a creator!

So let’s get started..

First up! @bambilena does some absolutely amazing fan-art of FFXV, and in particular, I am totally in love with the painting on the right! I first saw it a while back when it circulated around tumblr and even now I think it’s one of the most stunning fan-art’s I’ve come across! I love the little addition of red in the eye, and how damn right bad-ass he looks!

Next up, and moving onto cosplay, is Jozu Cosplay! Two awesome cosplayers who really do an amazing job with Prompto and Noctis! I really love the top left image with how the light is all swirly, like the crystal’s power in game! These two are absolutely epic, and you should totally check out their pages, and especially the instagram for adorable videos!

Finally, we have this week’s requested creator! MidnightNinja14 is a FFXV fanfiction writer on AO3, and I’ve definetly saved a few of these for later! And besides, we can’t ever have too much fanfiction! Go take a look at some of them! :)

And that’s it for this week’s FFXV Fandom Friday! We’ve had some great creators so far and I can’t wait to see who ends up on next week’s list! Don’t forget to drop suggestions if you want to see someone in particular!

Week One: KingCael, Yuuma, Rah-Bop

Week Two:
Destiny-Islanders, Hee, SchalaKitty

Week Three
: BarcodeChocobo, Roguehearted, CherryVane

Week Four: Peach_Oniisan, The_Asset6, Kaciart

“Kylie Jenner is pregnant!”

Yes, because of some young thot being pregnant is more important than Mexico being devastated by an earthquake on an anniversary of ANOTHER earthquake nearly 30 years later, and of course Mexico literally suffered a previous earthquake not more than two weeks ago.

Same shit for Puerto Rico, which is currently out of electricity (the whole island from what I heard) and like Mexico, got a double whammy of natural disasters when category 4 hurricane María ripped through the island not even a month after Irma Lair came through and electric slide on the entire Caribbean (except JM). Don’t let me get started on them casualties now! 🙄

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Spinoff Saturday™💞

I’m up at 5:30am with killer cramps so why not start Spinoff Saturday™ now!

Send me any AU headcanon, question, fic rec or fanart about a Sebastian Stan character and let’s get the party started.

They can be any kind of headcanon. NSFW Fluffy or Daddy.

All posts will be tagged “Spinoff Saturday™” for those wanting to blacklist.

Nsfw asks will be tagged as “NSFW asks”

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Suga’s hair alone can turn people insane. I am not exaggerating, just look at Yoongi’s fans state after they found out he was going blue for Love Yourself HER’ comeback. YES! it has such a great impact so this post is here to show you this legend’s hair journey. Let’s get started, shall we?!

Virgin Black

Pre-debut: He had this cute “I am a trainee” haircut but still looked so cute. At the time whoever saw Suga thought he was the one who acts fragile and all cute in the group (little did they know)

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Bandana & Smokey eye

2Cool 4Skool - 2013: All we could enjoy was his dark eyebrows as for his hair it was all hidden under a bandana (That’s the thing with Suga, you can’t get both)

Originally posted by berry852

Turn it into a bow

O! R U L8, 2? - 2013: The hair was finally revealed, but the bandana was still there as for the eyebrows … let’s not talk about it or yoongi stans will start sobbing  

Originally posted by jae-hobi

Brown Sugar

Skool Luv Affair - 2014: White skin Suga went brown hair Suga and it was such a harmonious and sweet look

Originally posted by sugasdiary


Dark and Wild - 2014: Suga was literally DARK & WILD no better description than that. He was spitting fire, breathing fire and being FIRE. He was like a volcano in eruption!

Originally posted by jae-hobi

Fruit Smoothie

The Most Beautiful Moments in Life pt.1 - 2015: Ok! this was when Suga started having the same hair color as their albums (even if they denied it) And this color was so cute he looked like a Rap fairy

Originally posted by hobilu

Blonde hottie


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned


The Most Beautiful Moments in Life pt. 2 - 2015: He didn’t look real with that color. He was so magical!

Originally posted by suagarymint

Grey Cloud

Young Forever - 2016: The members jokingly called him grandpa. Meanwhile, his stans turned into ashes because he was just so irresistible. 

Originally posted by sugasuite

Blondie Killer

AGUST D - 2016: Yes he was blonde before. No, it is not the same thing. It’s like he became MORE dangerously attractive. His aura was no joke.

Originally posted by jeongguk

Back To Black

Wings - 2016: Black is one of the colors that suits him the best and he looks anything but basic with it. He can turn from a handsome nerdy genius

Originally posted by bangtan

To a “you will dream of me with eyes both closed and open”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Blue ocean

Love Yourself HER: We still don’t know what kind of history this color on yoongi will write but we are sure it will be one that no one will forget

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Suga had some crazy hair dye work done too

Originally posted by sugastoungetechonawlogy

Some bright colors

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

And went back to brown for a good part of 2017 until recently where he was blonde as a transaction color before turning blue

Originally posted by mimibtsghost

It’s surprising how Suga can pull off these colors so easily. What’s even more remarkable is how with each shade comes a new persona to light that we can’t help but fall in love with. Yoongi is a man full of appeal and surprises so we end up anticipating more every time. Let’s also hope his scalp is ok or we will sue BigHit anytime!

If you enjoyed this post, you can check Jimin’s hair timeline HERE ^^
By @mimibtsghost 

You Have No Idea

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Peter Parker x Shy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Peter and the Reader go to school together, however once Peter shows up at Stark tower, the Reader is curious as to why he is there.

Word Count: 1,930

Warnings: language, fluff, adorableness, talk of powers, annoying Tony, shy reader (bc I’m trash). (Err, that’s it?)

A/N: To the anon that requested this, I hope you like it! I sort of changed it up a little bit, so I hope you don’t mind. The length of this, I apologize, holy shit. I could not find a way to end this. *Also, the Reader’s powers are based on the character Catiana (in case you are wondering!) Please let me know what you guys think of it, I’d love some feedback. Enjoy reading!

Walking into school, you held tightly to your backpack and moved swiftly through the crowd, avoiding an “accidental” bump in with anyone that came unexpectedly.

Since you had a few minutes before your first class, you went to your locker and replaced the books in your backpack with the ones you needed today for classes.

Rolling your eyes and groaning as you picked up your heavy Algebra book, you stuffed it roughly into your backpack.

It’s not that you hated math, it’s just you weren’t that great at it, which definitely bothered you since you were in a class full of legit geniuses.

Not only did that class give you anxiety with being called on or not understanding anything, but it was also because there was one nerd who always caught your attention. The one that should probably be in college level math rather than Algebra in some high school. The one who looked so soft and cuddly. The one with the never ending collection of sweaters.

The one named, Peter Parker.

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  • elementary: hey I'm Mrs. Jackson please only address me as such. let's get started.
  • high school: hi my name is Ms. Gates. maybe one day you guys can just call me Gates. let's get right into it.
  • university: yo just call me Bob let's get this shit over with.
Sept 19, 2017
  1. 7th Anniversary of Harry’s X-factor Audition
  2. First Show of Harry Styles Solo World Tour
  3. Liam drops the ADORABLE video for ‘Get Low’ from the sky
  4. Niall Flicker World Tour Verified Fan Presale Begins
  5. IDEK it’s not even 9am where I live yet ANYTHING could happen I guess but all eyes on you Louis
A and B wanting a couples tattoo
  • Person A: let's get a flower tattoo or something pretty
  • Person B: no lets get some badass tattoo
  • *starts an argument over it*
  • Person C: why don't yo get my face tattooed?
  • *A & B stare at C with confused faces*
  • Person C: well you guys would be matching and I'm pretty badass
Unlucky Nine: A list of antis you may or may not have encountered in the vld fandom

Start Note: When I mention [Ship Name] Anti, it means a shipper of that ship who is also anti of another ship mentioned depending on the context as opposed to Anti-[Ship Name] which is someone who is an anti of the ship mentioned.

I. “Ship K/ance or Sha//ura or my ship instead” anti

These antis are just assholes. They insult other ships that contend to their own. These antis are prevalent in Sheith, Kallura and sometimes Shidge tags.

You get K/ance antis calling Sheith yaoi culture but then they totally change Keith and Lance’s character to fit the same trope. I was so pissed the other day because someone took Lance and just shoved Uke™ on him to fit an AU where he crushes on Keith.

You got K/ance & Sha//ura antis calling Kallura heteronormative but we aren’t the ones who’re forcing a mom troupe on her despite her not being really motherly. (Hunk is the mom friend but let us forget the fat character for aesthetics) You get them saying they love Allura but her story line, which focuses on her duty and willingness to sacrifice anything for it, is shoved for some romance. (Allura, although possibly having some romantic take to it, did not save Shiro because she had a fucking crush on him. She saved him because he needed saving and she viewed his role to Voltron as more important than hers.Stop acting like it is a canon romantic scene. No real scene in Voltron is really inherently romantic.)

You got K/ance shouting if Kallura happens, there won’t be any representation (m/m) but we still got Shiro, Lance and Hunk. Yes, we still got Shunk, Shance and Hance. if we go poly, there is Shunce. And if we dig deeper and you are willing, add Coran into the mix(I’m shoran trash undeniably).

You got them saying Shidge is wrong but the most official thing we got is actually the OFFICIAL Voltron site (whose content probably was made known to the entire crew and was advertised to the general public) saying ‘5 teens.’ But let us dwell on a half-baked video where a person throws numbers into some of the crew’s mouths. Let us not dwell on how Allura has no one bit of an age meter. For all we know, she could be a centuries old Alien. But sure why not, dwell on Shidge.

They put their ships on high pedestals to trample on other ships but you are probably a hateful bitch when you call them out on their shit.

II. “Shiro is spacedad” anti (bonus points for Allura as space mom)

These antis believe Shiro is a grandpa. They seem him as a father figure which would have been okay because let us admit that at some point the space dad joke were funny UNTIL PEOPLE TOOK THEM SERIOUSLY. Unlike the typical fan who laugh at the jab, these people take things to far and actually think it is canon. Shiro is actually a dad. “How dare you hc Shiro as a young and vulnerable character instead of my perfect space dad™?” All that crap.

But if you remember Prisoner Shiro, Kerberos Shiro, he looks pretty young. If you change back his hair before the frosty tips, remove the scar and the buff bara bod (he probably got from fighting in the ring), you wouldn’t find him looking wise beyond his years.

Coupled with Canon™ Space Mom Allura, it just pisses me off. Allura is enigmatic, a bit impulsive but her impulses are mostly practical, not afraid to jump into action, a bit bossy and domineering at times, yes, but deep down inside Allura is just a princess who wants her life back, who wants to live in peace with pretty things like her Altean flowers, who wants to go shopping for sparkly things, and maybe experiment with cute hairstyles.

This is why it kinda pisses me off. The idea was cute. Heck, I made an entire Sha//ura au once with my friend with the whole vld family thing but when they just pushed for it on discourse and acted like it was some holy canon grail, I was just really seven levels of salt.

III. “Pidge is like 4 months old” anti

These antis just infatalize Pidge. “Pidge is a kid. She can’t make romance decision. Pidge is practically a baby. How dare u” and all that shit. But it is totally fine for someone you see as a ‘kid’ to be flying an alien warship and engaging in an intergalactic war? Same goes for those who infantalize other Paladins. The logic is flawed enough but something else really pissed me off in this one.

My main concern with this is that the blatant forcefulness that Pidge is young because she has all the stereotypical looks of younger people. It undermines short girls who never grow up to be tall and developed upfront. Some people never get hit with puberty right. I was thirteen and 5′1 and now I’m  nineteen and guess what? 5′1.5. Where is the justice puberty? You didn’t hit me up. You just poked me with a stick once and left.

And just the other day, guess what? I was again assumed to be like fourteen, especially since I was standing right next to my tree of a younger brother who is like sixteen. I probably would be rich right now if i had a dollar for every single person who thought I was fourteen. Pidge may look young by stereotypical standards, sure. But that doesn’t mean she is. She could just be a short 19 year old.

The concept of child-coded is bullshit. I mean look, I look, by stereotypical anti standard, like a fourteen year old therefore when tall people my age or older (who coincidentally also fit the stereotypical adult look standard) theoretically like me, we are perpetuating pedophilia. If we start dating, since they are adult-coded and I’m child-coded, it’s almost as if it is already pedophilia.

If anything, the infantalization of Pidge showed me that people, yes I repeat, people will continue to be misogynistic to women who do not fit the stereotype of what a woman should be. I mean, when did height and cupsize amount to a woman’s age and maturity as a person? It just says you have to fit this shitty standard to be something and to be recognized and that is fucking bullshit.

Oh well, to the antis, I guess I’ll be a minor forever. And to end this segment with another one of your fave defenses, “I”M MINOR-CODED AND CHILD-CODED SO YOU CAN’T ATTACK ME UWU”

IV. “Shiro’s trauma is an issue” anti

This is by far the one of the things I’ve seen. These people say that because Shiro experienced some traumatizing shit, he is not eligible for a relationship with any of the Paladins. It basically says that because Shiro has ptsd, he can’t date anyone who is potentially(meaning they see this character as young or immature and they aren’t actually as such) less mature™ or younger than he is. It basically says that since Shiro has ptsd, he must be toxic by default. It thrives upon the logic that anyone with mental health issues is gonna be toxic in relationships. (except Sha//ura cuz apparently Shiro who they call toxic in all other relationships isn’t toxic there)

V. “go fucking kill yourself” anti

No explanations needed. Assholes with no regard for human life. Suicide baiting, Gas lighting, you name it. Best thing to do is just block these. No arguing with them.

VI. “I’m a minor/survivor/minority group so I am allowed to be an asshole to anyone” anti

These are the people who go and attack others but when you call them out on their shit, they go like “but we are a minor/survivor/part of a minority.”

I’m only gonna say this once so listen well. (Who am I kidding? I’ve stressed this so much.) Being a minor/survivor/minority does not excuse you from being an asshole. You can experience terrible things and be like fourteen but you can still be an asshole. It does not give you a free pass to ruin other people’s lives. Get that inside your head. Someone can be depressed and still be an asshole. Someone can be autistic and still be an asshole. Someone can be gay and still be an asshole. Someone can be part of a general minority group and still be an asshole. Their status as a minor/minority/survivor DOES NOT make them an asshole but this specific person, who coincidentally fits in a certain group, is just an asshole. Their status is merely circumstantial and not the root of their being an asshole therefor it must not be used as an excuse for them to be one.

VII. “Shaladin is okay except for Shidge ft. Ship Sh/att instead” anti

I’m like WHY? These antis act like they are allies and they are good™ but they throw Shidge under the bus and vilify it to somehow make other shaladin ships appeal to the anti standards. You draw the line in Shidge? Well, I draw the line in vilifying ships to put yours on a pedestal. I would’ve understood if it was just basic ‘I don’t like Shidge’ but no, it has to rhyme with the anti logic of infantalizing her and all those things.

And don’t let me get started on Sh/att. Cuz it just shattered all the hope of me getting into this ship. This was good, old friends trope, I couldn’t save you trope. You name it. It has all the layers of angst that normally i would dive into. But the shippers use the same rhetoric shaladin antis use on Shidge. “It’s shidge but gay” Do you know how misogynistic you sound? And how dare you think I ship my ship because ‘aesthetics uwu’.

The idea of throwing Shidge out to appeal to the antis like some sacrificial lamb is just anti rhetoric itself. “It’s okay if one ships takes the fall for us.” It’s just pointing fingers at someone, in this case some ship. And honestly, that sucks.

VIII. “I’m gonna misuse social justice to call you all these names and not appreciate social justice when it is working against me” anti

These antis are those who try to shit on ships by appealing to twisted social justice but the moment actual social justice works against them, they try to ignore it and you just know, it was never a social issue to begin with.

A perfect example of this are the “Bi Lance for K/ance” antis. They shout and tell the world,”we got Bi Lance, we got a bi character in our ship. Whoop Whoop representation” but moment someone goes “oh nice, I ship Lance with Allura/Pidge/Nyma/Plaxum/any girl in existence.” They jump at you and call you cis het scum or whatever. But Lance is Bi right? Don’t Bi people like umm girls too???? Yes??? Do you know what a bi is?????

You see, they actually don’t care about bi representational at all unless it is used to put their ships up. And don’t get me started on the hate for ‘Bi Keith.’ I know the idea of Gay Keith is a fan fave but Bi Keith is a possibility. Like Bi Lance is everything to the universe but you are suddenly Zarkon if you as much think about Bi Keith. You love bi representation so much don’t you?

Oh and the antis who go like “we are protecting survivors and minors” just as they attack survivors and minors. Good job on the protecting.

Everything these antis do is just plain crap. When you untangle their twisted social justice and see the ulterior motives, you see their actions for what they are, personal vendettas against shippers, attacks so that whatever shitty ship they have gets to trample on other ships.

IX. “fiction is reality” anti

These are just antis who thrive on the idea that fictitious content is actually reality and therefore every dark-themed content is evil.

Tell me why I’m not marking Priests with hot iron stamps fresh from flames and killing them? I read Angels and Demons. Tell me why I’m not suddenly killing humans and eating them? I watched Hannibal. Tell me how I haven’t butchered the person I like? I watched School Days + Higurashi and I was like thirteen, a minor yes, at the time. Tell me how I’m not suddenly taking people in strange boats and making them go through hell, I was eight, a fucking kid, I watched Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). They are unanswerable because fiction is in fact not reality.

The idea that fiction is reality is just the same as how way back four or so years ago, there was a backlash in gaming like with fighting and guns because it supposedly perpetuates violence and supposedly hypnotizes people. And you know how stupid that idea is? That is how stupid the idea that ‘fiction’ is reality’ in fandom is.

And if you actually do think fiction is reality, I suggest you seek medical help.

End Note: Antis may appeal to other forms of attacks or a mix of these but you guys stay strong and safe.