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if y'all don’t know about it, it’s gonna be the product of the audiobook discourse produced by @sncwbaz @chapter-61 and @sncwbaz (I’m most likely intruding but I give no fucks. let me meme in peace) i’ll find a copy of the audiobook i can edit tonight and the finished product will be an early christmas gift for the whole of the carry on fandom i’m going to lose all of my followers over this but I. DONT. CARE. memes will prevail

this is a smol  starter call,  ft. my cute son.  mutuals only  !  ♥♥

Please try and remember that they can’t bait or fanservice for something that doesn’t actually exist on the show.

If you’re seeing it that way, you’re giving a certain fandom far too much power (that they don’t actually have) and you’re letting them get the best of you.

You’ve let them effect how you’re looking at things when that’s not how things are on the show.

@kurosakiami01, @mugenjo okay, serious question about the dialogue thing: how do you know when the dialogue ends and when the description of the speech starts? Don’t you get confused when there are no quotation marks?!

also ppl who who cant differentiate between joking about hating someone and genuinely being nasty in any way possible bc theyre trying to be funny and edgy can just. go away please

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M!A: gohan has somehow managed to ascend to ss4 but he can't turn back for some reason! Effective for however long the mun wants.

M!A- ssj4 Gohan (until mun gets tired of drawing icons tbh)

         “What in the——?”

    The boy goes quiet as he assesses himself and this bizarre
    transformation. A thick, soft red hair covering most of his skin,
    and the power… Oh, this power is like nothing he’s ever felt
    before. He thought ascending past super saiyan was a 
    massive power boost but this was truly unfathomable. 

        “Just what is this?”