The managers

It’s so cute how Seido treats their managers. I love all of their little interactions in the manga. It may look like they don’t talk a lot, but it’s so cute whenever the girls spend time or watch the players. How the girls blush when they talk to the guys, how the guys let them know they’re appreciated and sometimes blushes around them too. I know  four pretty girls being around only guys can get pretty hectic, but they don’t get harassed or anything so it’s all good. It’s like they’re the big sisters taking care of their boys. Like Takako has the huge group of third years she watches over and I love the little scenes(no matter how short) where we see her standing with her boys or them complimenting her and she blushes. We need more fanfics and headcannons about them. As the only girls, they don’t get enough love. 

Where Paths Diverge (6/?)

This is a Captain Swan: Choose Your Own Adventure story where you choose the plot (details here) It’s part of my Follower Appreciation (thanks guys!).

When Regina seeks revenge for Cora’s death and a happy ending with Henry something goes horribly wrong. A canon divergence fic from 2x20 “The Evil Queen” where Regina’s failsafe isn’t an auto-destruct. Back in the Enchanted Forest Emma and Killian are forced to pretend to be married while they figure out what happened.

Dedicated to belovedcreation  Beta by phiralovesloki

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Hook clenches his jaw and Emma knows she has hit a nerve.

“I am fighting Bae and I will win.”

“Why fight him? To satisfy your ego? To punish Gold? To prove you are better than Neal?” She steps up to him, her eyes flashing, daring him to give her a straight answer. He stands his ground.

“No,” he grits out. “Because in this world Bae is dangerous, and the only way to deal with dangerous people is to face them not cower in fear.”

“Oh really? And what makes you so sure about that?”

He leans further into her space, his voice dropping low even though there is no one around to hear him. “Because I am a pirate and I know how he thinks.”

He holds her eyes, daring her to deny his words. Emma blinks and fights the urge to step away. He is dangerous–she can feel it in her gut–but the danger isn’t physical: it’s emotional.

“Fine. Get yourself killed. See if I care.” She spins on her heel and storms away.

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I drew this last night for @starryknightstudio, who was feeling pretty down.  A moment of mtl we talk about a lot is when Charles told Toki that everyone thinks he’s cool, so I hoped a little re-imaging of that scene would help her feel better, just to let her know she’s appreciated too ^^

(this was also my first time EVER drawing Murderface and like only my second time drawing Nathan so I’m reasonably happy with how they came out XD)



So in case you couldn’t tell, I finally saw Big Hero 6. AND IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! DISNEY HAS DONE IT AGAIN! Not only does it have an extremely diverse cast of characters, but it made me laugh, it made me cry, and was overall an awesome film to watch.

This part in particular really stood out to me because of how dark Hiro’s behavior was. I’ve seen some pretty heavy stuff in animated films before, but never from a fourteen-year-old boy. Even rewatching the scene to make this video gave me some serious shivers. That being said, I appreciate the fact that Disney didn’t shy away or sugarcoat Hiro’s feelings on the death of his brother. I found his emotions and how he dealt with them to be very realistic. Let no one tell you animated movies are just for kids.

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