Holy SHIT, I know we’re all pretty totaled in the feelings department. BUT let’s take a moment to appreciate how this show handles minor characters’ development too.

They could have just as easily focused on only the “main competitors” that we’ve already seen and become acquainted with, but no, instead they give us scenes like this in an episode that’s already filled to the brim with ships.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I really enjoyed watching Yurio evolve as a character in this episode, and also see that we weren’t just introduced in passing to Otabek. We get Viktor’s view on him, but then later we see him actually interact with Yurio, and in the same scene we are given a backstory that creates a bond between us and the character.

This show continues to surprise me and it makes me cry with happiness every time.


HAYLIJAH APPRECIATION WEEK ▹ Day 1: Favorite Season 3 Moment

I just loved how they didn’t say a word during this entire scene. They just expressed everything through looks and actions. And this was when they pretty much admitted how they felt. Not in words, but the way Hayley comforted him. then waited for him to kiss her forehead. How they held each other. This gave me the season 1 Haylijah feels that I had been missing for so long.

The managers

It’s so cute how Seido treats their managers. I love all of their little interactions in the manga. It may look like they don’t talk a lot, but it’s so cute whenever the girls spend time or watch the players. How the girls blush when they talk to the guys, how the guys let them know they’re appreciated and sometimes blushes around them too. I know  four pretty girls being around only guys can get pretty hectic, but they don’t get harassed or anything so it’s all good. It’s like they’re the big sisters taking care of their boys. Like Takako has the huge group of third years she watches over and I love the little scenes(no matter how short) where we see her standing with her boys or them complimenting her and she blushes. We need more fanfics and headcannons about them. As the only girls, they don’t get enough love. 

This is kinda random but I really appreciate how the movies made Galadriel look taller than Gandalf in these scenes? I mean Cate Blanchett is pretty tall in real life but she’s still a couple inches shorter than Ian McKellan. But book!Galadriel is supposed to be really freakishly tall (and book!Gandalf a bit on the short side), and I love how the movies actually let her be the super-tall “man-maiden” that she is. : )

can we just like… stop and appreciate pearl’s acting in this episode, guys? especially in its last half.

i love her in this scene. the way her eyes are just a little too wide, and the way her voice sounds just a little too detached… you can tell that she’s spent the last two nights working herself to the bone rebuilding that hub, just losing herself in this trance so she can be one with garnet again. she is trying not to let it show, she is trying to act as believable as she knows how, but it’s plain to see that she’s pretty much out of it.

like she’s bad at picking up sarcasm and jokes, and like she’s bad at processing her words until after she’s said them – pearl is a bad liar. here she actually is going over every word in her head before speaking it aloud, and it shows – this strange, hollow deliberation with which she speaks, just the subtlest bit too slow to be natural. it’s not so bad as to be comical or to be immediately picked up on by someone who doesn’t know the truth, but you can tell that she’s straining, that there’s no real feeling to those words.

and then when they’re finally about to fuse, she makes this face.

i mean, yes, let’s get the surface-level reading out of the way: she’s stayed up all night twice now rebuilding the communication hub. she’s tired. it makes sense for her to look that way.

but just… the curve of her eyebrow, that small, quiet smile, the lines under her eyes. this is the face of someone who’s tired in more ways than one; who’s been tired for a very, very long time, and is finally able to find reprieve.

this is what she’s worked for.

there’s so much subtlety and nuance to those characters’ behavior, both through the animation and the voice acting… it’s some seriously brilliant stuff, i think. there’s so much delicate care going into this show and characters, i honestly adore it.

I drew this last night for @starryknightstudio, who was feeling pretty down.  A moment of mtl we talk about a lot is when Charles told Toki that everyone thinks he’s cool, so I hoped a little re-imaging of that scene would help her feel better, just to let her know she’s appreciated too ^^

(this was also my first time EVER drawing Murderface and like only my second time drawing Nathan so I’m reasonably happy with how they came out XD)

Stydia 5x15 sneak peek appreciation post

Let’s start about how Lydia calls Stiles. Her voice sounds so broken. She’s so confused about him being there to rescue her. She’s standing there, with her hands tied up, and when he comes into the room, it’s like the sun came out.

(Then I’m pretty sure there’s a cut. Maybe Stiles says something to her, or maybe there is another scene in between. We’ll see tonight)

We can also see that  Stiles made a smiliar entrance as in 5x04 at the police station. 

But he didn’t stop there, paralyzed as in 5x04. He RUNS toward her. He’s there to SAVE HER.

Can we also appreciate how his hands are shaking as he reaches her head? He’s seen the blood. He knows she’s hurt. The love of her life is hurt. And he’s been there before, but he couldn’t do anything to save her. 

And now she’s hurt. But let’s see how scared she is because she might thing is an hallucination, like it happened with Aiden. But right when he toches her head, her face changes, she doesn’t look scared, she looks so worried, because she’s just realised that it’s real. He’s there. They are there to save her, and they’re in danger. They’re there because of her. They’re in danger because of her.

Oh wait, another cut! 

Her face and his hand barely move. In this interview you can hear her saying: “You can’t be here”

THERE WE HAVE IT. Stiles’ “what have they done to my wife” look. He was in shock when he saw her and he didn’t even realized he’s tied up. Stiles’ mouth open in complete shock. Stiles’ eyes wide open because he can’t belive what they did to her.

Oh no, here comes the heartbreaking moment!

Am I the only one who can see the tears on her eyes? I can’t get over this. Seriously, the last time they went to save Lydia, Allison died. I can’t deal with another death. 

He looks so confused omg. Are you saying that as a Banshee or you’re just being pessimistic?

But there’s no way we can get through this without you.

I don’t really know what is this. I mean, I had to talk about that sneak peek no matter what, and also I just didn’t feel like doing any homework. But seriously, I have no clue of how are we supposed to survive tonight episode tho.

Where Paths Diverge (6/?)

This is a Captain Swan: Choose Your Own Adventure story where you choose the plot (details here) It’s part of my Follower Appreciation (thanks guys!).

When Regina seeks revenge for Cora’s death and a happy ending with Henry something goes horribly wrong. A canon divergence fic from 2x20 “The Evil Queen” where Regina’s failsafe isn’t an auto-destruct. Back in the Enchanted Forest Emma and Killian are forced to pretend to be married while they figure out what happened.

Dedicated to belovedcreation  Beta by phiralovesloki

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4A| Part 4B | Part 5

Hook clenches his jaw and Emma knows she has hit a nerve.

“I am fighting Bae and I will win.”

“Why fight him? To satisfy your ego? To punish Gold? To prove you are better than Neal?” She steps up to him, her eyes flashing, daring him to give her a straight answer. He stands his ground.

“No,” he grits out. “Because in this world Bae is dangerous, and the only way to deal with dangerous people is to face them not cower in fear.”

“Oh really? And what makes you so sure about that?”

He leans further into her space, his voice dropping low even though there is no one around to hear him. “Because I am a pirate and I know how he thinks.”

He holds her eyes, daring her to deny his words. Emma blinks and fights the urge to step away. He is dangerous–she can feel it in her gut–but the danger isn’t physical: it’s emotional.

“Fine. Get yourself killed. See if I care.” She spins on her heel and storms away.

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