There was a post that was made a few days ago where the creator described what they would like to see in Season 3 (I can’t find it someone please help me or link them if you know which one I’m talking about) and one of the things on their list was seeing Lance and Keith accidentally get thrown into space jail together. Or maybe it was just Lance. 

Either way, I wrote it.

Of all the things- of all the things Keith had expected to happen while he was piloting a sentient lion robot around the voids of space, he had never expected to get locked in an intergalactic jail cell with Lance.

Scratch that; Lance was so incredibly stubborn and hot headed that maybe Keith should have seen it coming. The Lance part, anyway. Him being in the jail cell? Well…it was less expected than Lance, but if Keith were to admit it to himself, probably just as possible.

“This is all your fault, you know,” Lance grumbled. He was sitting on the only bunk in the room, leaning against the concrete wall behind him with his arms crossed grumpily over his chest.

My fault?”

Lance scoffed, looking up, and Keith was struck with the realization that Lance actually managed to pull off prison orange a little too well. “Um, yeah. Your fault.”

“You shot one of the queens dogs!”

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