lets talk about hazel

Hazel Levesque

Friendly reminder that Hazel Levesque is a black roman demigod girl. That she’s a daughter of Pluto. That born in New Orleans on 1928. That by a wish of her ambitious mother, she had a curse that she attract precious cursed jewels. That she had no friends on her childhood except by Sammy Valdez, that she never saw again after her birthday. That she was forced by her mom to move to Alaska. That her mother was seen as a witch by the whole community. That her mother was influenced by Gaea. That Hazel was forced by Gaea to raise her oldest Gigantes son, Alcyoneus, what she almost did. That her mother offered herself as a sacrifice to save Hazel. That Hazel by herself destroyed an island and delay the Giants rise. That Hazel and Marie Levesque died. That Hazel gave up of her chance of go to Elysium to her mother would not have to go to the Fields of Punishment. That Hazel Levesque was just 13 when she died. That Hazel Levesque is amazing and need more appreciation!


okay the H.O.O friendships are bomb alright lets talk about them

girl x girl friendships  

hell yeah Hazel and Piper being there for each other when Annabeth went ,missing and Annabeth comforting Hazel when she was upset, and all of them having quality time together great

Girl x guy friendships 

Leo and Piper being BFFs and no sexual/ romantic tension. Frank  trusting Annabeth do much that he comes to her first when he has a problem he doesn’t know the answer too nice

guy x guy friendships

BasicallyALL the boys being nice to one another and physically affectionate with out shouting NO HOMO at the top of their lungs.  love it 

straight x gay friendships 

Jason Is such a great boy I swear. Okay he treats Nico the same as when he thought straight and Doesn’t ask stupid questions like “so do you have crush on me?!?!?!?!?” I live for it    

lets talk about andrew minyard


  • 5 ft smol child, 20 years old, blond, hazel eyes
  • twin brother of Aaron Minyard, cousins with Nicky Hemmick
  • gay
  • can speak German
  • afraid of heights but hangs out on the roof bc it makes him feel alive
  • very good memory
  • pays attention to detail
  • remember when he noticed Matts limp in the final game or when he recalled the heights of the opposing players or when he blocked that impossible goal in the bottom corner bc he simply remembered that was the other teams strategy
  • keeps his promises and his word
  • “Andrew was a lot of unpleasant things, but a pathological liar wasn’t one of them.”
  • consent is so important to him
  • wears wristbands to hide his scars
  • #3 goalkeeper for the Palmetto State Foxes
  • extremely talented player but doesnt care. or does he??
  • whenever Coach asks him to give the team a miracle, Andrew gives the team a miracle

protective protective protective

“You spend all this time watching our backs,” Neil said. “Who’s watching yours?”

  • “Andrew is scary territorial of [Kevin].”
  • almost kills the people who attacked Nicky because of Nicky’s sexuality
  • seeing Aaron with blood all over, his reaction was “Did he touch you?” like Andrew dismisses the hell he has just been through to check on AARONS well-being
  • literally gets rid of the mother bc she was abusing Aaron
  • immediately breaks Rikos arm with his racquet when Rikos about to destroy Neil

Neil Josten

  • “hates” Neil
  • trusts Neil to watch Kevin while he is gone
  • Andrew doesn’t let just anyone drive his car, but he gives Neil his car key
  • takes care of Neils bruises and cleans him up.. in the shower
  • likes Neils neck fetish
  • gives up cracker dust for Neil
  • Andrew cuts the deal with Aaron because he doesn’t want to break things off with Neil


  • Kevin made a promise with Andrew. “When [Andrew] comes off these drugs and has nothing else to hold him up I will give something to build his life around.” This is why he risks so much to keep Kevin at Palmetto. He is waiting to see if Kevin can keep his promise
  • he lets Aaron have Katelyn
  • Neil asks Andrew to help the team, and Andrew “closed the goal like his life depended on it”
  • remember that time Andrew actually practiced with Kevin on his own free will
  • when Kevin took off the tattoo, Andrew “smiles, slow and cold. It was the first time he’s smiled since coming off his drugs.”

Andrew Minyard has suffered and sacrificed so much growing up. He has gone through things that no one should ever go through. He could have quit and dropped everything. But he didn’t. He is alive and breathing. Andrew Minyard is a survivor, and I just want everyone to appreciate him.