lets see if this sells before i plan on anything lol

So I floated this idea a while ago but I wanted to run it past you guys again before I sink any actual money into this lol

So, I’ve been thinking of making an Etsy shop to sell hogwarts house scrunchies.

The general plan at the moment would be to sell them in packs of three, one in velvet of the main house colour with a trimming of its secondary colour (see ravenclaw/gryffindor above), one in alternating sections of the two house colours (see hufflepuff above), and one made of tie dyed material, probably just in the main house colour

So what do you guys think? Is it something you’d be interested in, like genuinely? Because I’d rather you say no and I don’t put loads of time and money into something that nobody likes haha

Would you want packs of three? Would you prefer different designs? Would you want both silver and bronze options for ravenclaw? How much would you be willing to pay?

Just let me know your opinions on honestly anything to do with this and I’d be super grateful!! Thanks guys!

Ps on a related note- pride scrunchies in the colours of different lgbt flags?? (yes I’m a one trick pony lol)

Braid My Sh*t (Pt. 4) || Erik Killmonger


here y’all go lol. my apologies for the delay.

He let you go just before dusk. On the way, you pondered all the ways you could sell life in the palace to your mother. The food? The chandeliers? Deep down you knew it would all mean nothing to her.

Darkness was ascending from the horizon and you hoped you would get home before it completely consumed to the sky above. Even with the last slivers of sun still lighting the way, you were paranoid. The grass was taller near your village, meaning that anything could be hiding inside.

“It’s just the wind,” you assured yourself every time you heard rustling.

The big kids always used to tell stories about monsters that lived in these grasses. Of course they weren’t true, but…


You quickened your pace, trying hard not to trip over the length of your skirt. It was nothing, but you wanted to take precautions.


The air was still. There was no wind. You couldn’t see anything. Maybe it was a bird.

Rustling. Louder. Closer.

At that point, you broke out into a full on sprint and whatever was behind you had started running too. It was dark now, but you could see the lights from your village not too far in the distance. If you could just make it close enough to where people could hear you scream.

“Ouch!” you cried as you tripped and fell to the ground. You knew you wouldn’t be able to get up fast enough so you began to shout at the top of your lungs, hoping that someone, anyone, would hear and come save you.

“Help! Stay back!”

“Oh will you relax, it is just me.” 

You recognized that voice. You had joked with for hours on end before.

“Shuri?” you called out in confusion. You looked behind you for the first time and saw her there, standing beside Nakia and Ramonda. 

“Yes, it is me,” she smiled, “I would have said something sooner, but I thought this way would be funnier.” 

You rolled your eyes, but you were relieved that weren’t about to be eaten alive. You got up and wiped your clothes, then asked what they were doing all the way out here.

“We came here to hide,” Ramonda said. “I’m sure you’ve heard what happened to T’Challa, and now the new king wants us dead too.”

She was talking about Erik. You felt a lump in your throat.

“What are you doing here?” Nakia eyed you suspiciously.

There was pause in which you looked each of the women standing before you in the eyes and then suddenly, you burst into tears. You told them everything that had happened that day and how you were on your way to leaving your family behind forever. Ramonda held you as you cried in her arms.

“Is there anything you can do?” you asked. 

She sighed, “I’m afraid I’ve lost all of my jurisdiction.” 

“But maybe…” Shuri started.

Everyone turned to look at her.

“Maybe you having to stay will Killmonger is not such a bad thing.” 

“Shuri!” Ramonda snapped.

“Relax Mother,” she said, “I mean maybe we could use her as spy.”

Nakia nodded slowly. “You know that is not such a bad idea.”

You shook your head. There was no way you could so such a thing.

“I’m a braider, not a spy! I could never-”

“Oh, it is easy!” Nakia interrupted. “All you have to do is watch him. Act natural. Memorize his ways. Then you report back to us and we can ambush him. We have weapons from Shuri’s lab and we could convince some of the Doras to fight on our side if we had a plan and knew when to execute it.”

You were still reluctant.

“I don’t know…”

“Come on,” Shuri coaxed, “If we let Killmonger stay on the throne, he will bring chaos to Wakanda and to the rest of the world. Plus, don’t you want to get him back? Don’t you want him to pay for putting you in this position?”

You could see the desperation on everyone’s faces. The fate of Wakanda was resting on your decision. You turned your head to look back at your village. You see homes and children running the streets in their last few moments before supper. Your family was there. Your shop was there. Your entire life was there. You knew that this was your only chance to ever get back to any of that.

That’s how you made your decision.

“I’ll do it,” you said.

Ramonda and Nakia smiled while Shuri jumped and cheered. 

“On one condition.” 

They stopped and waited to hear your bargain.

“Tell my mother that I am okay,” you told them, “and please take care of her. My brother too. They need me, but I cannot be there.”

Nakia used both of her hands to cup one of yours.

“You have our word.”

There was a moment of silence. It was time to separate, but no one wanted to move first. Finally, Ramonda spoke up.

“Then it is settled. Y/N will now return to the palace.

sorry, no erik in this chapter for all the thirsties lmaooo but i still hope y’all enjoyed 😂  he’ll be back in the next part though, i promise! 

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see u guys l8r 💓 

next imagines

aampharros  asked:

heya!!! i love your fanfics so so much and i was wondering if you could do a juminxmc fic where theyre fake dating? like jumin has this corporate party or something and he told his dad he was dating someone even tho hes not so jumin and mc pretend theyre dating for the party or something? lol sorry if thats worded badly but i think you would be amazing at writing it!!!

This is it,,,,the last one in my inbox,,,,the final one

Before I move onto the requests messaged to me lmao

Anyhow, this request sounds precious and I’d be more than happy to do it! Thank you and have a spectacular day hun!!! Enjoy!!!


“You need me to do what?” 

You stared at him confusedly, hardly able to process the very words that had just slipped from his mouth.

But despite that, you swore your stomach dropped.

And butterflies burst from within.

“I need you to be my date for a corporate party.” 

“…W-Why’s that?” 

“I made the mistake of leading my father to believe I was in a relationship,” He sighed, his shoulders dropping with exasperation, clearly more than a bit bashful. “He hasn’t stopped hounding me since, especially about this event.” 

“I’m not asking for you to legitimately accompany me as my date, but to…pretend to be that,” He remarked. “I wouldn’t be doing anything you’re uncomfortable with, I would ask for consent before doing anything remotely romantic even if it’s simply holding your hand.” 

You didn’t respond, wondering if he could hear how your heart pound against your chest. 

“So, would you?” 

You held your breath, finally managing to sputter out some sort of response. 

“I-I mean yeah-okay.” 

“If you’re not comfortable with this I’m sure I can find someone else-”

“No, it’s n-not that! Just never really t-thought I’d be having this conversation…” 

“Don’t worry, I hadn’t exactly been planning this either,” He hummed, offering a small smile. “but you are one of the few people who I trust, and one of the even fewer who’s company I truly do enjoy. Hence why I asked.” 

“Thank you…” You murmured, genuinely flattered. “That…that means a lot.” 

“I’m glad to hear that,” He cooed, lifting up his head to face you. “Does that mean you’ll be joining me?” 

It didn’t even take a second. 

“Yeah, you’ve got your plus one.” 

And he laughed.

It was soft and gentle, yet finding that you were the one to do it brought a warmth to your chest. 

“I’ll be dropping by at eight to pick you up then.” 

“Can’t wait.” 

“Neither can I.” 

Eight couldn’t have come soon enough, a mixture of nervousness and eagerness brimming inside of you, leaving you…unsure in a manner of speaking.

But even with that, you couldn’t wipe the grin off of your features. 

Though, you’d never admit that. 

The moment you met up with him, it was hard to hide the gentle sort of delight inside of you. 

“You look lovely,” He hummed as he saw you, leaning back in his seat. “I’m glad to see you chose what I recommended.”

“I just kind of assumed I had to dress to impress,” You shrugged slightly, crinkling your nose. “Or…am I going to be severely overdressed?”

He shook hiss head, a tad bit amused. “No, you’re not. Many people will be dressing more extensively than you in an effort to impress my father. They never quite work as they tend to hope.” 

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes, in fact, he tends to think they’re gaudy,” He said flatly. “I believe he’ll see you as charming, however.” 


“Well, honestly, I have spoken of you fairly often to him, so he will already have an opinion. But, I think this will only reinforce that.” 


“As a wonderful person.” 

It seemed to click in his brain just what he confessed, his cheeks flushing for a moment as the car came to a half, stepping out abruptly, clearing his throat in his embarrassment. 

“Well, um-here-here we are.” He helped you out, now suddenly unable to meet you, his gaze locked down onto the ground as though glued. “Let’s get going then.” 

The party itself had been nothing less than what you expected.

Total and absolute grandeur. 

And the moment you were spotted with Jumin, you were hounded by the guests. 

Every pair of eyes became plastered onto you, murmuring questions to one another, even a rare few approaching you curiously. 

One of those being Jumin’s father. 

“Oh Jumin, hello!” He beamed lightly, glancing to you almost immediately. “I assume this is the ‘special someone’ you’ve promised to bring?” 

He swallowed hard, nodding delicately. 

“Yes, this is them.” 

His father was excited beyond belief. 

He shook your hand energetically, squeezing your palm encouragingly. 

“It’s such an honor to meet you! I can’t believe someone finally got my son smitten! Thought I’d never see the day!” 

“Thank you…” You muttered, laughing sheepishly. “I’m just as surprised as you sometimes.” 

“You are?” 

You nodded, your stomach twisting into knots. 

“Never thought I’d be so lucky.” 

Mr. Han gasped, smashing a hand onto Jumin’s back, seemingly unaware of how his son’s face become redder than a strawberry.

“Jumin you should be saying that about them! I can hardly believe you found someone so sweet!” 

“T-The um…the feeling is m-mutual.” 

“You’ll have to tell me how you found this blessing later, but for now,” Mr. Han stuffed his hands back into his pockets. “enjoy yourselves! I’m sure you lovebirds are just dying to be able to spend some time together!” 

And as soon as that, it was just the two of you.

“Th-That was very c-convincing,” He muttered, letting out a few meek, coughs. 

“R-Right, t-thought I’d really sell it there.” 

“It worked.” 

You didn’t quite know what to make of that.

But a bit of you knew.

People would stop the two of you as you dotted about the banquet, asking of how you met, your first kiss, and your future plans.

“Well, we met accidentally actually!” You exclaimed. “He wasn’t the friendliest when we met but I found something sweet about him, I just liked learning about him, listening to his stories…” You drifted off for a minute. “I just like being around him.” 

He must’ve known the truth laced in your words.

For he spoke up. 

“For everything they say, I’ll never really understand why they enjoyed my company-I can hardly tolerate my own presence, but when I’m with MC…I find myself improving, becoming better. I…I like who I am with MC.” 

And he didn’t have to, but he unfurled his palm, glancing to you as if waiting for some sort of confirmation.

And he received it.

When you entwined your fingers with his.

“I don’t…I don’t think you need to keep the play on right now…” You whispered, a dampening sort of weight in your mind, afraid of his reaction.

Yet it quickly disappeared. 

“I know…” He murmured. “I’m not playing.” 

And for once, nothing needed to be spoken. 

All it took was for you to squeeze his palm to know.

That even if had been fake when you arrived, it was no longer.

Now, it was very real.

And you couldn’t quite describe how happy that left you.

And you knew it was shared.

For just beside you, Jumin smiled as though drenched in sunshine.

And just as you, he simply couldn’t stop.

Fluffy Albert

Requested by @sickeningly-sweet-honey hope this is what you wanted

@sea-creature-anons since I promised I’ll tag my sin mothers in everything

•Albert is a huge flirt, everyone and their mother knows this but after he meet you all his attention got thrown your way. You were the centre of his word, he would do anything to make you smile. Often he would wrap his arms around you his lips ghosting your shoulder as he said the same words “I love ya so damn much, I would steal the damn moon for you if you ever asked”

•one day though you returned to the lodge and was completely silent. When Albert called you over you just glanced at him and muttered a small hello. Automatically Albert knew something was wrong.

•as you made your way to your room Albert quickly left. He didn’t have a lot, he was a newsie who just earned enough to make ends meat but he did have some cash saved up for a rainy day

•he had originally planned to use the money for the future, maybe use it for an apartment some day or a nice meal but right now this was far more important.

•it took awhile and a whole of of convincing for Albert to convince the shopkeeper to give him the box of chocolate under price but he did it. Sure he had to smile and use his charms a little bit but it was all worth it when he had the box in his hands.

•he ran all the way back to the lodge, making sure to take all the shortcuts to get back as soon as possible, this involved him jumping a few fences what he may or may not have gotten stuck on for a few minutes

•all while this was happening you were curled up on your bed, staring blankly at the wall. You felt… bad. You couldn’t really describe it, everything just went wrong today. Hardly anyone even looked at you let alone by a paper from you plus the Delancey brothers were more of an ass then they usually were

•you just wanted this day to be over. Sighing you closed your eyes, you felt bad… you were horrible to Albert, did he hate you now? You couldn’t bare if he did he was your whole world. Your pulled your knees closer to your chest.

•your eyes burned, you wanted to cry but you tried to stop yourself. If you cried you would worry people and if you worried people you’d be a bother. Your mind turned and twisted with negative until your heard the loud slam of your door opening

•Quickly your sit up and turn around to see your boyfriend out of breath in the doorway a box under his arm “I… I, Shit” he took a deep breath and leaned against the doorframe “Ima sorry your having a bad day sweetheart and… I don’t know if I can fix it but let me try at least. I-i have chocolate?” He stumbled out

•you were wide eyed, your eyes drifting from the shy face of Albert to the box of chocolate. He did all this for you? Your lip trembled and you couldn’t hold back the tears anymore

•Albert freaked out quickly running to your side and almost tackling you into a bear hug. He drew soft patterns on your skin, whispering soft nothingness against your as he held you

•you let it all out. You started rambling about about how today was horrible but you didn’t know why and that you were just stressed out. Albert listened silently, rocking you in his arms slightly

•"it’s okay love, how about I go out selling with ya tomorrow? We can go on a little tour of da city while we’re out working!“ He grinned pulling away to cup your face

•you stare up at him, speechless. Slowly you nod, a small "thank you” slipping out from your lips. Albert grins that wide loveable grin before he kissed you

•it was gentle, his lips brushing over yours as he tucked your hair behind your ear. His lips tasted sweet… very sweet

•you pull away and eye and him suspiciously “did you eat some of the chocolate on your way here?” You ask, a small smile spreading around your face. Poor Albert looked so guilty, his eyes darting away as he rubbed that back of his neck.

•"a lol bit… but how could I resist! It’s the second sweetest thing in the world!“ He claimed, opening the box to reveal the whole top row of chocolates missing.

•you laugh and raise a brow "second? And what would the first be then Albert?” You saw his face automatically light up, a large grin growing on his face as he leans in closer “yous of corse darlin’ ain’t nothing sweeter than the taste of ya lips”

•He laughed as your cheeks turned pink, wrapping his arm around your shoulders to pull you closer. “Now come on and eat the chocolate… unless ya want to take it from my mouth” he purrs, his lips trailing up your neck. You laugh and lightly push him away, quickly popping a square into your mouth

•who would have though your day could have turned around so quickly in a matter of minutes all because of goofy faced newsie and box of half eaten chocolates

Colosseum Pt. 1 | Mafia! Kang Daniel

genre: angst & fluff, a little action maybe (nothing too graphic, I’m suck at writing action)

member: Kang Daniel

requested: no

a/n: I know I have requests to finish but I just need to write down the idea in my head lol don’t worry, I’m working on the requests. This is my first time trying to write a chaptered series. I don’t know how long this will be, but I hope I’ll finish it! And hope you like it! (I’m not too familiar with mafia world so please forgive me if it doesn’t make sense) Also I want to thank you for 300+ followers! Love you guys! 💕

summary: with your help, Daniel was going to save his friends by winning them all in the colosseum.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (on-going)

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BSD Chapter 56

Hey there,

I thought someone had done this already so I was planning to skip this month’s writeup but I got a few requests to do it anyway so here I go again. I didn’t want to write too much but it ended up being very lengthy anyway. 

I love this chapter so much, it goes much deeper in Ranpo’s thought and personalities, and the character development of Oguri is really good, enough to turn me from hating him into “protect him” mode lol

As always, my Japanese and English are not perfect and I will make mistakes here and there. Please feel free to correct me if you spot anything. Thank you!

                                                 SPOILERS AHEAD

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RFA: MC Has A Little Sibling

Headcanon for RFA+Unknown: MC has a 6 years old a sister/brother and she/he LOVES chat and do funny and sneaky things. (Kinda like Mini-Seven lol)

Written by Admin Pancake @potatooopancakes 

[[[[V is not included]]]]

- Two words
- Chocolate
- Milk
- It’s just too easy
- So at first, Yoosung thinks she’s the cutest thing
- But that’s because he doesn’t know
- Y'all were chilling in his room one night watching a movie
- Mid-movie the sky starts throwing up over the whole area and it’s Coming Down
- Yoosung goes to make sure he closed all the windows
- And your sister, man she’s a slick one because .2 seconds later she is Gone
- Y'all start up the movie again, but a few minutes in you hear scratching at the windows
- And something that sounds like…
- Screaming?
- Yoosung is straight up quivering next to you
- He’s holding your shoulders a bit too tight and the movie’s still going but neither of you are paying attention now
- All of a sudden the room is plunged in pitch black darkness
- The glow of the TV’s gone and none of the lamps are on anymore
- The scratching and the screaming’s stopped (or maybe you just can’t hear it over Yoosung’s teeth chattering)
- Come get ya man
- But then… you two hear the door creak open
- You’re starting to get goosebumps and y'all hear footsteps coming down the hallway and you’re huddling together under that h*ckin blanket like it’s gonna do something for you
- But then the footsteps stop
- It’s quiet
- Suddenly there’s hands grabbing your feet and the blanket gets ripped away and you guys give the most piercing shriek ever heard by mankind
- Then the lights come on and
- Of course. Why didn’t you see it coming?
- I mean Yoosung couldn’t have but you at least should've—
- Hold up, Yoosung, are you crying??
- Somebody save this poor boy from your family

- Zen thought he knew what he was getting into when you told him you have a little sister
- When he first met her things were fine
- Things were just swell
- But the second time
- You had asked if she could come hang out with y'all at Zen’s house
- And of course his answer was yes
- You were cuddling with Zen on the couch catching up on The Bachelor
- He asked, “Where’s your sister?”
- And your heart sank
- He gets up to start looking and before you can say anything he’s found a note that reads
- “Saw a nice man with some candy by the window so I went to go play with him! Be back soon!”
- You tried to explain it was probably a prank but Zen was Not Having It
- Like boy listen
- He practically dragged you around searching the streets around his place for an HOUR
- You two head back to the house to call the police
- And sitting on the couch
- Eating popcorn
- Watching The Bachelor
- Like she /owns the place/
- Is your little sister
- Zen is Confused
- You were about to slap that sly grin off her face when Zen rushes towards her
- He’s asking a million different questions and passing a hand over every inch of her to make sure that she’s okay
- It’s all incredibly sweet until you realize
- She’s got him wrapped around her tiny little finger

- This should be interesting
- So your brother likes pranks right
- And Jaehee…
- Let’s just say that Jaehee is way too smart to fall for any 6-year-old’s run-of-the-mill prank
- So where do we go from here
- Well since wreaking general havoc is sort of your brother’s area of expertise he manages to convince Jaehee to let him in the kitchen at the coffee shop
- You tried your hardest okay but she thought it was fine and you couldn’t tell her no
- So day one in the coffee shop kitchen ft. Your Brother was actually pretty okay
- You were pleasantly surprised and, tbh, kinda impressed that he was being this mature
- How could you have been so foolish
- Day two was a beAST
- You went in the kitchen that morning to get things started and right away you realized the espresso machine was shot
- Okay, we can fix this. It happens, right?
- After some pokes and prods, a couple ‘try turning it off and back on again’s and a few solid smacks with the palm of your hand, the machine was up and running again
- But a handful of minutes later some regular customers came back to the register and asked if you had put your new coffee on the menu yet
- Wat
- You asked Jaehee about it and she said she had no idea, so you made yourselves a cup of coffee and for some strange, inexplicable and totally confounding reason, the coffee was pink
- You made a few more and they all came out different colors
- Pastel blue, purple, green, and orange
- Jaehee was about to start dissecting the machine to fix the problem
- When like 3 other people came up to the register asking for colored coffee
- ???
- Is this a thing now
- Well it had tasted fine
- So uh
- Why not?
- Soon it became your best selling drink
- You serve it with whipped cream and glitter
- And that’s the story of how your brother’s prank got you tons of business

- Someone help this man
- Because Jumin likes wine and I mean when would a kid ever go in his house so why would he need to hide all the wine
- So when your brother came over with you to Jumin’s humble abode
- The plan was set from the minute that little devil stepped foot inside
- The two of you had been discussing Jumin’s latest cat project idea in his study
- And you heard something spilling in the kitchen??
- Like the tap was running or something
- So Jumin got up to check it cause no way is this guy letting My Love stAND UP??? Sacrilege!
- After a little bit you heard “MC, get in here!”
- You hadn’t heard him sound quite so urgent before so you started getting worried
- And when you walk in the kitchen there it is
- The trickster demon known as your brother
- Laying on the ground, lips stained red
- And there’s a bottle of wine teetering on the edge of the counter spilling all over the ground
- There’s an empty wine glass too
- Jumin, this guy, he just doesn’t know what to…
- He just doesn’t know
- It’s actually pretty amusing like his eyes are all wide and his mouth is just slightly open
- You’d probably kiss him if your brother wasn’t “passed out” on the ground
- Poor Jumin, he gets even more confused when you’re tugging your brother up by the ear
- You try to make your brother clean it but Jumin vacantly dismisses it
- He’s still not getting it when you’re apologizing for the mess and insisting you should go
- You kissed him goodbye and he hardly moved
- But while you two were walking out the door he could have sworn he heard you say “stealing my lipstick was overkill”

- No man is safe
- You have to double check before you sit down anywhere
- Eating is terrifying
- And don’t even get me started on sleeping??
- You’ve woken up on multiple occasions with spray cream all over you or with a fake mustache drawn on
- Once when the little devils were feeling particularly bold, you had woken up with a LAMP balanced on your back
- Like?? That’s breakable??¿?
- It’s kind of sort of exactly like having two Sevens in the house
- But don’t make the mistake of thinking that this will go unpunished
- You will have your revenge
- There’s been talk of a video game pow-wow between the two of them for a while
- GTA won’t be the only thing getting played today (HA THAT WAS GOOD IM PROUD OF MYSELF)
- They’re getting ready to play when your brother  plops down on the couch… and right onto your trap
- Stage 1 of Operation Taste Your Own Medicine has commenced
- This gigantic fart rips out from under him
- You hid a whoopee cushion under the couch cushion and Seven is Cracking Up
- They launch into a debate over who did it and it’s getting intense when a vicious tickle fight breaks out
- Just the diversion you needed
- You slip into the bathroom quietly and grab the key to ultimate sovereignty
- “Seven,” you call
- He’s too immersed in the action to hear you… just like you planned
- All of a sudden you’re clutching your stomach and gasping for air, stumbling through the room towards those two, and you trip and fall onto the floor next to them
- Now that you’ve got their attention, it’s time to commence Stage 2
- “Hon, are you okay?” Seven asks, concerned
- You respond with a grunt
- “Water” you wheeze
- As Seven gets up and hurries to grab you a glass your hand loosens around what you’re holding and a pregnancy test clatters onto the ground
- Your brother picks it up and gasps
- Seven jogs back over with the water, but stops when he sees what your brother’s holding
- His face goes slack
- You have Released the Kraken™
- These poor babies have no idea how pregnancy works do they
- It’s way to easy to convince them that you’re already having pains and cravings
- It’s been a few hours now and you’re relaxing on an ocean of pillows and blankets
- You’ve gotten every single thing you’ve asked for since then, including but not limited to triple chocolate muffins, shrimp cocktail and a bar of soap
- You probably should tell them the truth soon
- But the royal treatment isn’t half bad ;)

[Saeran under the cut]

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pickle-monkey-banana-fairy  asked:

Hi Niu! I'm going to Japan for the first time ever next month! I'm very excited! I'm planning on doing Tokyo, Nara, and Kyoto over the span of a month! Can you recommend any sights to stop by? And any good stores or malls? Thank you!

OH BOY! Can I recommend you a thing or two :D

For transportation between Tokyo-Nara (aka Tokyo - Osaka) I recommend bus service. Takes 8 hours and they operate around the clock. A LOT cheaper than a train! Willer Express offers tickets also in English. You need to book and buy them beforehand: https://willerexpress.com/en/

If you want to use trains (a lot) buy yourself a Japan Train Pass BEFORE you go to Japan.

In Kansai you can also get yourself Kansai Pass from tourist info (take passport with you). With Kansai Pass you can travel around Kansai freely for 3 days. You don’t have to use all the 3 days at once, but whenever you like; for example one day at the beginning of month, second in the middle and the last one at the end of your trip. The pass is valid for a month and it costs 5 000 yens.

I don’t know about other places, but if you happen to stay in Osaka, you can buy yourself Osaka Subway Day Ticket, which is 800 yen in weekdays and 600 yen on weekends. It’s valid for 24 hours and you can use subways freely with it.

From Osaka to Kyoto, please use Keihan train service line. With Keihan line the trip to Kyoto costs less than 5 00 yens and takes around 45 minutes. 

From Osaka to Nara, please use Kintetsu train service.


- If you are interested in manga/dojin/anime stuff. visit Ikebukuro in Tokyo (as it has stuff for women, Akihabara is more for men), and Den Den Town in Osaka.
To get to Ikebukuro (Tokyo), take Yamanote line train to Ikebukuro and take Exit 25 from Ikebukuro’s station. There’s Toranoana next to Exit 25, which has dojinshi for women.
To get to Den Den Town (Osaka), take subway to Nippombashi station and take Exit 5. Go south towards Ebisucho station, this street is Den Den Town street full of stuff! There’s K-Books you should visit; it has got anime stuff and 2 floors doujinshi!

- In Kyoto there’s lovely little town Arashiyama. Go here if you want to see bamboo forest! You can take a train from Kyoto to Arashiyama easily. It has got lots of temples and wonderful river!

- In Kyoto, there’s Fushimi Inari mountain; the mountain with endless amount of Japanese torii-gates. Definitely worth of visiting (takes hours to wander there without hurry, so it’s good idea to take one day for Fushimi Inari and back some snack with you). You can take a train from Kyoto to Fushimi Inari. 


- 100 yen shops. Seriously, don’t buy anything from anywhere else. There’s no need to pay 600 yen for a rice bowl when you can get a one as good as that with 100 yen.
100 yen shops are HUGE and they have EVERYTHING you can possibly imagine; food, stationery, socks, bath, cleaning, home decor, car items, gardening, laundry, kitchen, table ware, tea, bags, DIY, cosmetics, keychains, statues, soaps. Biggest 100 yen shop companies are Daiso and Seria. Daiso has got groceries unlike other 100 yen shops. Besides Daiso and Seria, there are independent 100 yen shops. These 100 yen shops are everywhere; I’m staying in Shigino and in 15 minute walk away to all directions there are four 100 yen shops; two Daisos, one independent shop and one Seria. Closest one is next doors lol.

- Note that prices in Japan are always written without 8% tax, so don’t get surprised when the total sum is a bit bigger than you anticipated.

- LOFT is wonderful department store company you should visit! 

- BOOK OFF is number one for comics and books. Prices are between 100-300 yen. These are also available in many places. There’s big one in Akihabara, Tokyo.

- Buy yourself a travel card (Suica or Pasmo in Tokyo, Icoca or PitaPita in Osaka). The travel card is valid everywhere in Japan, so it doesn’t matter do you have Suica or Icoca. The machines at train/subway stations, which sell the cards and where you can load more money to your card always have English option.

- Buy yourself a small hand towel from 100y shop, as Japanese public toilets don’t have hand towels/hand paper.

- Food is expensive, unless you can eat rice and noodles without problems. 

- Always carry cash with you. Card payment is still rather rare in Japan.

Ya Rouhi

Authors note: “(H/n)” stands for hero name. My hand slipped and I wrote an angsty dami fic no one asked for lol if y’all want a part 2 let me know//??////////?//////??////?/ also i used google translate for the Arabic so forgive me if theres any mistakes, Ya Rouhi should translate to “You are my soul.” 

Warnings: A N G S T Y as heck, blood, and violence, swearing

Summery: You have bad timing.

He had contingency plans for everyone on the team, back ups for his back ups and his glorified fanny pack of a belt had nearly everything one would need in case of emergency, the family business only went so well because of the almost concerning amount of planning that went into every patrol and every mission.

He prided himself on being ready for anything life threw his way.

So why didn’t he see this coming?

Your mission was supposed to be simple, boring even, you were tasked with Terra to investigate a suspected gang hide out.

You bid everyone a casual goodbye, your eyes lingering on Damian’s longer than the rest, it caused the corners of his mouth to twitch upwards.

“See you around pretty bird.” He nodded biting back a grin, turning and going to the monitor room to be your look out for the mission.

At this point no one questioned why he happened to be look out every time you went on a mission without him, they were too scared of his reaction but they knew, something was definitely going on between the grumpy boy and yourself.

This unspoken thing between the two of you was understood throughout the team, anyone who looked at the two of you together could pratically see the love you had for each other rolling off of you in waves, which would be the first step to your downfall.

A few hours after you headed out with the newest Titan, Damian checked in for a status update.

“(h/n) report? Any signs of the gang?” He’d never admit it out loud but he was obviously nervous anytime you had to go on a mission without him, it’s not that he doubted your abilities but he always felt better if he was there to have your back.

After a few tense moments the com cracked to life lifting a weight off his shoulders.

“Negative Robin, so far it’s just this weird warehouse and a whole lot of dust.”

“Me and Terra are going to split up, she’ll sweep around outside and I guess I’ll- wait hold on I think I found something.” Damian leaned on the edge of his seat waiting for more information.

“Be careful (h/n).” He spoke trying not to sound as concerned as he was.

“Don’t worry about me R, I’m a big girl I can handle myself- sides’ if I don’t come home who’s gonna put up with you?”

Damian felt himself smiling before he cleared his throat and responded.

“Any sign of activity?”

“That’s the weird part, this place is more ghost town than it is active gang hide out- where’d we get that tip anyway?”

“It was anonymous .” I answered, the gut feeling that something wasn’t right crawled into my mind. “Do one more walk around then head back-” your voice suddenly interrupted him.

“Just out of curiosity, on the blue prints for this building did it mention anything about a super creepy elevator leading down to an equally creepy high tech lab?”


“Okay then, either this gang is selling something other than weed or we got a problem on our- ”

The line was suddenly overtaken by static, which caused the young Wayne’s eyes to go wide, they were on one of the most advanced systems in the world there shouldn’t- no couldn’t have been interference that bad.

Unless someone sabotaged your equipment.

“(N/n) get out of there now, this is bigger than you, I repeat grab Terra and retreat now- wait for back up.” At this point he’d left the desk he was sitting at and began to dress himself in his gear. After another thirty minutes of trying to reach you he prepared the team for a rescue mission, they all gathered in the monitor room to play back your audio transmission in case they came across anything.

“Are we clear on the plan? I’ll take the-”


Your voice spoke out so suddenly, taking everyone in the room by surprise, the screen flickered to life showing your bruised and bloodied face.

“Hey.” You called giving your team a bloody crooked grin.

He stared at the screen in disbelief.


“Damian I don’t have much time.” You wheezed out struggling in vain against the tight rope that had you bound.

“What the hell is going on (Y/n)?! Where is Terra? Who attacked you?!” He yelled, hands clenched so tight they began to hurt. The team watched on in silence and fear.

Instead of answering you swallowed thickly and glanced off screen, soon a figure walked on screen to gently pet your head.

“I’m glad you could join us baby bird, me and (Y/n) here have just been getting to know each other, she’s a sweet girl, I see why she caught your eye.”

Deathstroke’s unmistakable voice called out from the screen.

Damian’s blood ran cold.

“You picked a firecracker I’ll tell you that much.” He said rubbing his jaw where a crack in his mask had began to form no doubt from your famous right hook.

“Slade if you touch her again I’ll send you to hell myself.”

This earned a deep chuckle from the man as he walked towards the camera.

“You’ll what? Throw me in jail? Let’s not kid ourselves here runt, you’ve lost your edge, all that hard work and for what? You to go soft.” He slowly made his way to your crumpled form.

Yanking you upwards by your hair he bared your throat only to casually press a knife to the soft skin.

“You’re weak Damian, you can’t hope to save anyone let alone her.”

Damian began to panic even more, he knew Slade could end you with a flick of his wrist right now, no matter how much he wanted to lash out he had to play his game until he came up with a plan.

“This is a personal matter between me and the runt, would you mind giving us some privacy?” He spoke to the rest of the team who ahd gathered around the screen.

They all shared a look, knowing it was best to listen to them they silently left the room.

All Damain could do was nod his head, never in his life had he felt this helpless.

“I will admit this kid has some guts, wouldn’t tell me anything even when I started cutting away at her.”

“What do you want?” Damian asked, voice deadly calm. His chest heaved in ragged breaths at he switched from looking at Slade to the knife.

“Everything she knows about the Titans.”

This earned a laugh from your broken from,

“Never gonna happen asshole.”

Slade quickly threw you to the floor, chair and all, before swiftly kicking you into the wall.

“-As you can see, she’s more stubborn than you, so I’m switching tactics.”

“I want personal records of everyone on the team delivered to this location in thirty minutes, just you, no back up, no bats.”

“Okay, let her go, I’ll have them on a drive for you as soon as I know she’s safe.” Damian spoke without missing a beat. A part of him was ashamed for folding so soon, but his fear was making rationalizing impossible.

A deep rumble of a laugh left the assassin’s mouth.

“Looks like you’re not a big an idiot as they say.” He walked off screen once more only to come back with a timer.

“It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, though if I were you I’d hurry up, your girlfriend here won’t last much longer.”

Damian went to work typing at the computer, pulling up his friends files and information, he didn’t know what the timer was counting down too but it didn’t take much imagination to know when it got to zero you’d be out of time.

Slade appeared to have left because you shot up like a bullet. Apparently his last kick sent you crashing so hard the chair you were strapped to broke, giving you a chance.

“That dickhead sure packs a punch.”

“Don’t worry I’m going to fix this-”

“It’s pointless Damian don’t do it.”

His head snapped up to glare at you before he continued typing.

“Shut up, I’ll give him the information, save you then get it back before he knows what hit him, I just need you to stay awake for me can you do that beloved?”

A goofy grin found its way on your bruised face as you got closer to the screen.

“You called me beloved.”

“Yes, I’m going to be calling you that for the rest of our days because you’re getting out of this you understand me? This is going to be a story you tell our kids.”

“Now we have kids? You haven’t even taken me to dinner.”

He looked away from his task to give you the best half of a smile he could manage.


Your smile fell as you looked off screen to take in your surroundings.

“Dami stop.”

“No I can do this I just need to concentrate.”

Damian please.” Your voice was stern, despite your shaking form.

“The elevators down, I got a useless leg and even if i somehow managed to make it up all those stairs-” His typing finally stopped as he looked at you.

“Look I’m no Batman but I’m pretty sure this place is rigged to blow.” You spoke glancing at the timer with a look he couldn’t pin down.

 Fear, anxiety, acceptance.

“Don’t come- I know what you’re thinking but there isn’t a way out this time.” Your voice cracked as you stared at his face through the gritty camera .

“This was never about information, he wanted you to come here so you’d be killed too.”

“Stop talking as if you’re already dead!” He yelled trying to hold back his own tears.

“I can do it…” He spoke in a broken voice trying his best to think of a way out.

“This isn’t on you Dami you hear me?” You spoke through your tears completly ignoring him.

“I love you- and I know I have the worst timing ever and these are kinda shitty last words but I’m freaking out a little and I know it’s selfish to ask but please stay here- with me.”

He looked up from the floor to meet your eye.

“Ya Rouhi.” He spoke in his mother tongue, and you didn’t know Arabic but you didn’t need to, to know he felt the same.

Seconds felt like hours as your screen began to shake, alarms wailed in the distance as whatever device Slade had set began to go off throughout the building.

Your hair fell loosely around your head, the blood and dirt caked on your skin did nothing to hide your beauty, now with tear stained eyes you managed to look like star. You graced him with a smile, never looking away from him, despite the growing destruction around you.

You opened your mouth to say something, what that was he’ll never know, because in an instant the screen went black. 

A lost connection logo blinked at his still form.

Everything and nothing ran through his mind all at once.

He felt his knees hit the floor. Ice spread through his chest as he tried to move, to go to you, to tell someone, to do something-

But the ice in his veins had settled, and the light in his eyes was gone.

One of the Great Ones-a Javid fic

For @vitariesocks because he’s literally the sweetest person on this planet and it’s his fault I’m so into a Bronx Tale whoops.

lol so this was supposed to be short and sappy and sweet but that didn’t happen as it just kept going and going.

I haven’t edited this or anything, but it’s based off a couple songs from A Bronx Tale. You don’t have to know the Cast recording to understand the story, but if you give it a listen after reading this that would be swell because it’s an amazing musical.

Anyway on with the story!!!


Truth be told, Davey loved selling with Jack. The boy’s charismatic personality, strong jaw line, and breath taking smile were just a plus of him being the best Newsie.

Besides, Les always had a wonderful judge of character and he attached to Jack like a leach.

If anyone asked though, he just hung out with Jack all day because Les wanted to. That was the only reason.

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trcelyne  asked:

I totally agree with your statement about TP!Link. But my question is: since Link and Ganondorf have beast forms, why has Zelda kept her human form while being in the Twilight? (Or maybe she has a beast form, but like you, I haven't played the game in a long while)

This is the post that brought about this ask

This is a very good question and one that has no canon answer, at least as far as I know. However, after thinking about it I was able to form one possibility within my mind. First of all, we have to keep in mind that Ganondorf having a beast form is nothing new, regardless of whether he’s in the Twilight or not. Ganon has been around since the very first loz game and he can symbolize pure power. What is new, is that Link has a beast form (or at least it was new back when TP first came out). Not counting the amiibo function of wolf Link joining you on your journey in BotW (which I’m going to mention again later), we have yet to see any type of beast form for Link return. However, even though he lacks a beast form in his own game, we see OoT!Link as the Hero’s Shade take on the shape of a golden wolf, and as I mentioned before he has nothing to do with the Twilight as far as we know.

As a result, this makes it a little difficult to understand exactly why Link got a beast form in the first place. However, (and bear in mind I’m definitely not the best person to ask when it comes to this, but here we go~), in Japanese mythology and whatnot, unlike a lot of western ones, I believe wolves are seen as being creatures worthy of worship since they were often depended on to protect crops from other wild animals. There were also charms and talismans with wolf symbols on them because it was believed to offer protection in various situations. Considering Zelda games are made in Japan, it’s not unlikely that they had thoughts like this in mind when deciding what to make Link transform into in the first place. This goes back to Wolf Link being an optional companion in BotW. He helps you hunt and fight, similar to the roles wolves had in Japanese mythology. Of course, there are many different views on wolves depending on the cultures you look at. For example, in many, wolves are often symbols for warriors and causing destruction. There’s also the whole “lone wolf” mindset and how the life of a hero can be very lonely. There’s a lot that can be possible, and as I said, I’m not an expert (or even an amateur) on it.

Anyway, because of this, it could be the goddesses wanted Link to take on a shape worthy of a hero. A shape seen as reliable and even ferocious when need be. A wolf. Of course, there are issues with this if we just look at the worshiping nature of it as most NPCs make it no secret they’re terrified of Link in his wolf form, but it could be argued that, like real life, regardless of mythology most people probably wouldn’t want a wolf in the wild coming anywhere near them. So, it could be possible ancient views of wolves in TP!Hyrule mirror those of real life. Or even that no one in Hyrule is used to seeing wolves as I’m pretty sure that guy who sells you lantern oil (not that anyone actually buys it) comments on wolves being rare in the area. Possibly a stretch, but I thought it was an interesting idea. Anyway, here’s a pic of something Midna will say if you talk to her at some point during the Dark Beast Ganon fight.

“Sacred” because he’s Link and obvious connection to the gods because he’s the chosen hero and all that good stuff, but also “sacred” being put next to “beast” is just kind of interesting to me because, again, of a lot of different mythology involving views on wolves (though I’m probably definitely reading too much into it XD Just thought I’d share this pic anyway though ^.^ since I took the time to take it >_>)

Also, there’s the whole Twilight Prophecy which, no doubt, has something to do with it. The problem is, that’s all we get out of that: is that it’s a prophecy. There’s nothing else about it as far as the Twilight is concerned (at least as far as I can remember).

Now for Zelda herself and the question you actually asked XD Why doesn’t she have any beast form in TP and doesn’t turn into a spirit? Well, let me start with the fact that in our first meeting with her she tells us, “without light, the people became as spirits” when explaining how the Twilight shifts the forms of most anyone and anything within it.

As we see later in our second meeting with her, she has the Triforce of Wisdom already. Not only considering the fact that Zelda is Hylia reincarnated over and over again, as we learn in SS, but we’ve also seen numerous times throughout the series how the powers Zelda tends to have as a result of the Triforce of Wisdom (or just the fact of being a goddess lol) are very light filled. So, it stands to reason that she still has “light” aka the Triforce of Wisdom/Hylia, thus having protection from being turned into a spirit. But, one could also argue that Link should receive similar protection from the Triforce of Courage, allowing him to remain in his human form. However, remember everything I said about the gods wanting to shape him into a form they see fit for such an adventure. Link’s the chosen hero and they make sure to tell you that quite often throughout the events of TP XD When it comes right down to it, I guess what I’m trying to say is: maybe the goddesses just saw no reason to give her an alternate form? But she and Link are both able to keep a physical form, whether beast or not, due to being chosen by the gods.

Sorry if I didn’t give a satisfactory answer, and there’s of course a chance that this is not the reason at all. But there is a chance that it could be ;D Anyway, if anyone else has any theories as to why Zelda doesn’t have any beast form like Link and Ganondorf in Twilight Princess, give it a shot ^-^

anonymous asked:

kastel and 13? :)

13. things you said at the kitchen table 

Karen knows he’s watching her. She doesn’t blame him – keeps expecting him to tell her to stop, actually, or just call out a low “Ma'am” in that certain way that holds a silent plea in it, different from when he’s saying hello, when he’s frustrated, when he’s teasing for a brief half a second she manages to distract him on simpler thoughts. But he doesn’t say anything.

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stardom is the worst

hello i used to be a topp dogg fan in korea and i have a lot of sources for information, i don’t want to out ppl who helped me or stuff i overheard but if u use ur mind i’m sure u can put it all together yourselves.

im just really sick of stardom’s shit.  this really is maybe the worst ent company in korea and because td members are stuck there they dont get an opportunity to showcase themselves, they’re constantly stuck with the “nugu” label and i guess watching yano and kidoh be not only swept away but spat on by former stardom trash themselves i have had it up to here with their shit.  yes it is worse than you think it is, even if you already think its bad.  i tried to highlight the real red flags instead of just the general side eyeish nugu fare like pimping the members out on dates with fans and seogoong and the whole under dogg thing so yea those also happened but the things im gonna talk about are like driving down the wrong side of the highway concerns that truthfully scare me

i was inspired to write this not just by mino on smtm, former stardom trash who now seems to think he’s better than people stuck behind the bullet he dodged so shoutout to mino…u piece of shit… , i was also inspired by the ticket sales for their european tour leg which is in dire straits.  i am so sorry if this hurts their fans or hurts the boys although it really shouldn’t, i hope exposing how shitty stardom is panders for sympathy and ends up helping them.  no one from stardom is explaining anything to anyone so maybe its time for me to share what i know..

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i haven’t written a fanaccount in so long and i usually do them on my main blog but i’ll do it here as this blog is active. just a warning, that this will be pretty long so i’ll do headings so you can scroll to the parts you’re interested in. here it goes!


so i went to kcon with my sister and my friend. my sister went on friday only cos she stans exo and my friend went both days bc of exo and wanna one (she actually had day 1 p2 only but then upgraded to combo p1 last minute through a good deal) we all got p1 eventually. when they announced kcon at first i was really only into exo, wanna one and pentagon and knew the other groups songs. but i commited to p1 and checked out all the groups adn i fell for all of them HARD as i watched a lot of variety shows and got to know their songs and music. i became a hardcore monsta x stan omg i even watched their survival show and all of monsta x ray.

TLDR; hi touched WANNA ONE, monsta x, pentagon and sf9!!! selfie with kevin woo

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incomprehensiblelentils  asked:

for the meta meme, 1 and any Luke Cage character :D

I’ve rewatched the show and certain episodes and scenes too many times, and my opinion and thoughts about Shades shifts a little each rewatch. This is what I managed to cobble together and I hope this more or less sums up my thoughts/headcanons on Hernan Shades Alvarez.

Early Life

Cornell inherited this business but Shades came up in it. He told Mariah that he had nothing growing up except the knowledge that people like him knew they could go to Mama Mabel for things like a thanksgiving turkey, and school clothes, so he grew up idolizing strong female figures like Mama Mabel, and above all he respects people with power. I see young Shades being cunning and insightful. I see him and Cornell working together a lot, but he doesn’t really respect Cornell– just the name Stokes. So by association, he hangs back as the right hand man but wishes he could be noticed and trusted with more to do. You notice in the first episode that even though Cornell and Shades go way back, there isn’t much warmth between them. As kids, I imagine that Cornell and Shades were asked by Mama Mabel to do some task or another, and Shades sneakily undermining Cornell to gain favor– maybe dropping hints about Cornell not helping because he was too busy with his music. Before the incident with Pete, I think young Shades pitied Cornell’s lack of interest in this business and inability to step up.  


To Mama Mabel, I think Shades proved himself to be a loyal and reliable earner, but he knew he would never have a seat at the table. This is a family business and Shades will always be an outsider. When Diamondback angrily pulls the gun on him over Cornell’s murder, he makes it clear that this isn’t a kingdom for Shades to inherit.  "What? You thought I was just going to leave it all to you?“ Diamondback sees right through him, knows that his whispering in Mariah’s ear to de-throne Cornell is Shade’s doing. Shades is ambitious, but he’s not foolhardy. He never showed up in episode 1 with the intention of having Cornell killed, but he saw an opportunity when a problem presented itself so he took care of it with Mariah’s help. He is loyal but that loyalty can be broken if he thinks person in charge is being reckless. He’s logical, even tempered and cannot be baited the same way that Cornell and Mariah sometimes can when they’re called Cottonmouth or Black Mariah. You see this in the interrogation room with Priscilla. Being there is a nuisance but it’s nothing new. He passes the time by toying with the Priscilla and asking for a law… yer.


Shades is always a heartbeat away from power, and I think just prior to episode 7, he really thought he was going to use Mariah like a pawn. Make no mistake, I think he also had real feelings for her, at the very least before this he was crushing on her HARD. But it doesn’t mean that he also doesn’t also want to make an in for himself either.  When the henchmen come back after hearing of Cornell’s death, Shades tells Zip and Sugar, Y'all work for me now. The club- it belongs to Mariah. But I’m in charge. Before he says this, he’s surveying Harlem’s Paradise, the camera pans as if saying, look at this kid. He made it. It’s short lived but I think we are meant to believe power was always his goal.  

But I also believe that while Shades might be cunning, he isn’t really a leader. I wonder if he knows this too. A leader in this business has to work in the light and in the shadows to broker deals. He or She must strike fear and admiration, work their brand and public persona. Cornell, Diamondback, and Mariah have big personalities who can command attention, and fill a room with their presence. I think the show markets Shades as the Littlefinger of this show but I see him more like Tom Hagen from The Godfather, who was a loyal outsider with power because he held the ear of the boss. This relationship only works though if the boss is receptive and takes to heart the advice of the consigliere. And I see Shades easily filling in the role to the right woman.


When I try to pinpoint when Shades decided that he was going to side with Mariah COMPLETELY, it changes all the time. OH MY GOD, THE STRUGGLE. Theo Rossi in the Yahoo interview he says “Shades is conniving but in a way of not being conniving so does he really have some care for Mariah?” And that’s why it’s interesting. The first time he goes to the brownstone and tells her that she’ll be surprised by what she’s capable of, I think it was in part a manipulation tactic, but also a way to gauge her interest and find out if she remembered him (see post) Can’t he be thirsty for power AND for Mariah? I think he was trying to figure out if she’d be up to the task. I don’t think until we get the scene with the crime bosses, where Mariah unflinchingly describes this genius plan to sell guns to the cops that Shades realizes that he’s found the right person, with the shared vision and charisma who deserves his allegiance. I think at this point, he decides he can focus solely on partnering with her.  

Also, their dynamic– I believe with all my heart, when Mariah tried to strike him for speaking out of turn with her, and he blocks the blow that he would have been more than happy to let her hit him IF she was doing it from a position of power and not as a reaction to having her pride wounded. I don’t know enough about D/S relationships to comment on this but I will say that nothing turns him on more than when Mariah is being a little rude or shows him who’s the boss, like that kiss. When SHE BITES HIS LIP and walks away, well… Shades.. get ready to crawl. It’s over. Theo says that in that moment, and in character when the kiss happened Shades is thinking, “He got her, and this is going to be fun.” That’s such a puzzle too. “Got” her like you manipulated her OR you finally won the woman of your dreams? I kinda think he doesn’t really know either and I think it will be fun to explore this relationship further in season 2. We are all having so much fun (and torturing ourselves) debating this!

That being said, I think I’d be happy if they never directly acknowledged anything too?  I would love for them to continue subtly hinting at their intimate relationship. Mariah coming down the stairs followed by Shades who’s shirt is completely buttoned except for the top 3 buttons as he fixes his collar. Mariah getting ready to hold a meeting in her living room and finding Shades’ Ferragamo belt in the cushions, and casually handing it to Alex, like “Can you please return this to Hernan?” And trust me, Mariah is the only one who can use his given name. When Priscilla or Misty use it, it’s like an insult. But I think Mariah says it (*cough* during sex) it’s like a way to be close to him. Also, she’s gotta have something to scream in the throws of passion, and I just don’t think “Shades” will do it, lol.  Anyway, it doesn’t even have to be about sex. I still can’t get over how he opens push-only doors for her! The intimacy is in the details.

Sartorial Choices

Finally, I want to talk about Shades’ clothes. He’s come a long way from not having school clothes.  He obviously spends a lot of money on them. “We’re first class all the way” has got to be one of my favorite things he ever says, and his dropping a wad of cash into Zip’s hands for a new wardrobe was fucking baller.  Stephanie Maslansky mentions that Shades wears Helmut Lang, Prada, Hugo Boss, and Ferragamo. But he only wears black. Shades is the kind of person who values quality and good tailoring and he’s all about making a subdued statement. All black is a chic uniform. He’s announcing to the world he’s the Karl Lagerfield of Crime™ !

The ray ban sunglasses are another classic choice. My theory behind the sunglasses has to do with power, empathy, emotions conveyed through the eyes. I imagine Mama Mabel employing Shades and Cornell to do a lot of dirty work as young boys. Did these people deserve to suffer? Did they deserve to die? These questions are irrelevant as long as the victims don’t look him in the eyes. The glasses are cool, and intimidating, but also an attempt to remove himself emotionally from the kill. The times he takes them off, as many people have mentioned, is a sign of respect- with Mariah, with Diamondback.

Wolf Brothers

Summary: (CanFran Main + USUK heavily implied) Twin brothers who act differently still share the same wolf instinct. Matthew takes an interest in his brother’s nemesis. 

Warnings: Stalking?

A/N: Aha my first magical strike fic that is purely MS and it’s not for USUK lol but it was fun to do! Written for @matthewwillcanada ‘s writing contest! I love your art, I always shipped Franada but you made me ship CanFran too!

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I saw your post abt YOI Djs event. So YOI also popular in Japan? Phew...I thought it was only phenomenal among international otakus.


Yuri on Ice is easily the biggest show of the year for female fans here in Japan. In the first couple months of the show being out, goods were selling out instantly. (They’re still hard to find, but it’s getting easier.) Resale shops in Ikebukuro are still paying a premium for goods. For example, I sold several of the doujin I got at that event a few weeks ago a few days later, and Lashinban (one of the resale stores here) paid twice what I did for them. (Then turned around and sold them for even more…) One of the few goods that are out right now are buttons, and any with Victor on them are going for a crazy premium. (The buttons come in blind boxes and go for about 400 yen each. Victor buttons on resale go from 2000 to 3000 yen…) With more goods coming out, things are easier to find, but anything with Victor is still near impossible to pick up in stores. Preordering is a must if you want anything in particular, otherwise it’s liable to sell-out.

And then there are the events. Oh god, the events. The doujin event I posted about is the first in a series of “only” doujinshi events, where just Yuri on Ice doujinshi are sold, usually to a given theme. The series of events are called 銀板のglory (Ginban no glory, or “Glory on the Ice Rink.” The first one was  銀板のglory .5, because originally the first event was to be held in February, long after the series ended. But, because it was so popular, they quickly put together this event, which they quickly expanded after seeing how big the show was getting. I’ve been to only events before, and other series only events happen at the same time at the same venue, so in line you usually have people going to other events. For this one, I only saw a handful of people seriously excited about the other events. (Haikyuu!! and All Out I believe.) Books were selling out in minutes once the doors open. Some of the twitter commentary called it “a scene from hell.” There are already nine more YOI-only events planned in Tokyo alone from January to August, with plenty more planned across the country.

And just to give you an idea of how big these events are getting: the first official  銀板のglory event was scheduled for February and was going to have 100 spaces for circles (doujin creators.) It’s now scheduled for January 15th at Tokyo Big Sight (where they hold Comiket), and has 900 SPACES. 

Then there are the other events. I posted a couple weeks back about the first Yuri on Ice cafe that TV Asahi put together. Even TV Asahi didn’t know how big this was going to be, and they ran out of food on the first day! Due to popularity, the only way to get in was to line up and get tickets. The cafe opened at 10 am, and they started giving out tickets at 9:30 am. When my friend and I went, we arrived right before tickets started going out, and ended up with 2:30 pm tickets. From twitter reports, most days all tickets were gone by 10:30am. (Yikes.)  Some users were posting on twitter trying to trade tickets if they got one for too late in the day and they’d have to leave/go to work/etc. Still think TV Asahi is regretting their decision to do that cafe…

Anyway, there are more and more events happening, and thus far the turnout has been insane. Animate is doing a Kitchen Car Cafe (basically they have a little cart outside of the main store in Ikebukuro where they serve themed drinks), but to purchase anything, you need to enter a raffle to win a ticket. (No luck on my end so far, but I’m trying again for January.) Sweets Paradise (a cake cafe) is doing a series of themed foods at their locations. There’s another cafe that I’ve seen advertised that also required tickets. Namja Town, an indoor theme park in Ikebukuro that usually does anime collabs, is hosting not one, but two events that start in December and go through May. 

The latest in “holy shit this show is popular” is the pixiv gallary in Nakano Broadway, which opened a special two week exhibit yesterday with sketches and art from the show and selling exclusive merch. I was planning on checking this out before my trip home to the US for Christmas, but like every other event, they’re doing timed tickets and limiting entry. Today people were lined up at 7am to try to get tickets to get in. By 8:15 am this morning, tickets were gone. The gallery doesn’t even open until 12 pm.

TL;DR, yep, Yuri on Ice is crazy popular in Japan too, and I don’t see that ending anytime soon. 

Mystic Messenger Life After Ch.10 (Zen X MC)

Pairing : Zen X OC

Themes : daily life(is this legit?) romance, [no angst, it’s a happy fic, not yet lol]

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