lets go to sleep

Never let your significant other go to sleep upset.

Never purposely ignore your significant other

Always try to make your significant other feel loved and happy.

Always try to make time for your significant other when they need you.

It’s not rocket science.

Let’s gooooooooooo, I love running, studying for the ACT, understanding my studies, and being so happy I don’t require as much sleep. Let go ROSE LE, you got this, this life is yours, make it count

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“i’m yours, and you’re mine.” ( perrie )

“You think I don’t know that? I know already that you are mine and that I am yours, you are under my skin! And I know damn well I am under yours considering how you are acting,” he told her with a shake of his head,” I will never let you go and I will never sleep with another woman, I am always going to be yours, even when you hate me.”

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Anything Brohm would be great

Your wish is my command! 


“I’m just saying Bryce, Luke Skywalker would beat Harry Potter in every single fight.”

“It’s 1 a.m. Ohm, let me sleep in peace.”

“I’m not going to bed until you admit that Luke Skywalker would beat Harry Potter.”

Bryce sighed, rolling over to face Ohm, who had a completely serious look on his face. Bryce just rolled his eyes, pressing a light kiss to Ohm’s forehead. 

“Never,” Bryce whispered, and Ohm scoffed, sitting up in their bed and shaking his head in a disappointed manner. 

“I could go all night Bryce. Want me to get my notes?”

“You have notes?”

“And you don’t?”

Bryce just giggled, sending Ohm into a fit of giggles as well. He fell back onto their bed, and let Bryce wrap his arm around his shoulders. They kept talking until finally, Ohm became sleepy and fell asleep cuddled into Bryce’s arms. Bryce stared down at the mess of brown hair, and wondered how he had ended up with such a wonderfully nerdy boyfriend. 

“You know, staring is impolite.” Bryce just laughed resting his head against Ohm’s and falling asleep in the warmness of their bed. 

(I’m sorry it’s short, but this popped into my head and I had to write it. I hope you like it! <333) ((love ur icon btw))

This boy I met in September that I was crazy about like I thought he was the one and then he ghosted me for three weeks and now he’s back and I realize now he’s kind of an ass and he probably won’t ever spoil me like I need to be and I’d never be happy with him. He got a big dick though and he turns me on a lot so I’m going to start sleeping with him again and let that be a thing but I’m pretty fucking detached at this point.

That’s the end of our first day, ladies and gentlemen! Meg is going to head to bed soon so we’re going to let her sleep! -Steve

You all can keep sending in your asks though and we’ll answer them in the morning. -Bucky

We shall return tomorrow when Lady Meg has risen. I bid you goodnight. -Loki

Before I go to sleep let me just say that I still very much hate myself and couldn’t stop thinking of what people could’ve done behind my back when I was gone

I can think of quite a few people who I bet celebrated my absence…

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You need to suck it up buttercup, she understands but she needs you to let her know with actions that everything is ok. Wallowing inself pity won't fix it. Don't let her go to sleep thinking she did something horrible to upset you. She knows you so well and loves you. It's hard to just let people in or talk about things right away. Sometimes we get startled but this has brought on change, go to her and talk now. It makes it easier to do it later on in the same situation.

I will


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"I'm not letting you barricade yourself in your room again for Christmas"

“John…” the blonde whined throwing a pillow in his direction. She was perfectly content ignoring the fact Christmas was an actual thing. “Just let me die in peace! I don’t get why you are excited about this stupid holiday anyways.”


ye more skullflowership ewe

Guzma: -dressed as Santa- Merr Christmas Plums ewe
Plum: -suspicious- What is this..?
Guzma: No need to be suspicious Plums
Plum: That only makes me more suspicious
Guzma: I respect that ewe Oh well ya know, even I need a favor around the holidays
Plum: And what do you need from me Santa?
Guzma: How bout tonight after the Grunts go to sleep you let me… Stuff yur stocking -wiggles brows-
Plum: o//n//o
Grunt 1: Hey Sis where’s the b- SANTA! YO BROS ITS SANTA!
Guzma: Wait wh-
Grunt 2: Yo, Santa!
Grunt 3: Santaaaaa!
Guzma: Plums help! The Grunts are uprising!
Plum: pfft ewe

  • Raishan: Do not tell anyone I'm here!
  • Percy: We can't tell anyone she's here! Not even Kima.
  • Vex: Yes, let's not tell anyone about Raishan, especially Kima!
  • Kima: Okay, I'm here!
  • Keyleth: So do we go now and let Raishan murder us in our sleep there or rather here?
  • Vex: Ahm.....
  • Vax: She can stay in the mansion.
  • Vex: !!!
  • Scanlan: Raishan is not coming into the mansion!
  • Kima: I'm confused.
  • Everyone: .... oh.
  • Kynan: By the way, I'm still in the room, too.