lets go to sleep

I want you to know that even though I am a contradicting mess and can’t see my own self worth, I will never let you go to sleep at night believing you are unwanted or unloved. I know I’m too intense, and it’s hard to be my friend at times. But I need to make sure that you didn’t fall asleep without realising how incredibly remarkable you are, and that there is someone on this earth that is enchanted by every breath you take. You deserve to love yourself as much as somebody else loves you, you are special and astonishing beyond compare.

🐚 Mermaid’s Love 🐚
Иногда, нехотя получаются классные снимки 🐙
Сижу в ночи и решаю мини проблемы, которые по их решению порадуют вас👼🏼
Сплетница не отпускает-настроение-4:30
Надеюсь у хорошо идут делишки🙏🏻
Люблю 💖
Sometimes it happens by itself…
Solving mini-problems in the dark night, but in the end they will make u feel happy👻
Gossip Girl can’t let me go(sleep) 💤
Hope everything’s fine🔺
Luv u😘
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j getting wasted and tries to make moves on ty and flirting and ty gets so flustered even though he's already dating josh

aw ty helps him to bed n j shoots him a crooked smile “hey! you-you’re r-really c-*hic*-cute! i wish you were m-mine..” nt gets all flustered n holds j’s hand “babe? i am yours. c'mon let’s go to sleep” “woah! really? how’d i land you?!” n he falls asleep on ty’s shoulder pressed close to him

Tuesday, August 30th 2016 - 4:09am in Logan, Utah.

Trying to fall asleep, but I’m thinking about my dad and how much I miss him. I keep hearing his voice and feeling his hugs. I’d give everything I have and the rest of my life for one more day with my dad.
I’m laying on this fucking floor crying alone. And as the tears run down my face, more follow as I think about the absolute fact that my dad would’ve NEVER let me go to sleep this sad.

For the first time in months, I felt suicidal the other day. I hope that those feelings and thoughts don’t come back to haunt me full time again…

Just a stitch away from letting go. #nglopez #digital #digitalart #digitalartist #digitaldrawing #digitalpainting #sketch #draw #illustrator #illustration #insomnia #sleep #freaky #scary #macabre #darkart #goth #darkartists #mental #mentalhealth #emotions #expressive #abstract

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i feel Blessed by the illusion of mystery here. knowing that you know that i know that you know but wont say it bc i will panic and run if u do... u r so sweet. but also a witch ofc (its 2h30 im sleeptyping save me)

omfg 😂😊

anytime 💕💕💕💕

😂 i am that but you can’t let anybody know shhhhhhhhhhhh

as much as it pains me GO TO SLEEP omg 😜

I’m like half asleep and my boyfriend’s trying to tell me I don’t love him and I’m just like shut up, I fucking love you. I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with you. Now let me go to sleep fool.

Thank you @elsaclack for tagging me in this, I had fun! 

Name: Well technically, its Mayadevi. It’s my legal name, but no one, not even my mom and dad uses it. I’m not sure if that’s something I want to change. 
Nickname: Maya 
Gender: girl 
Height: 5′4″ (.75)!!!!!
Time right now: 12:08
Average hours of sleep: lets go with 6
Lucky numbers: 7
Last thing I googled: “what’s happened to politics bob rae free pdf” (college textbooks arent cheap ok) 
Favorite fictional characters: harry ron and hermione, steve rogers, leia organa, amy santiago, nyota uhura, jake peralta, luke skywalker, jim spock and bones (all for different reasons, though some of those reasons might intersect) 
Blankets I sleep with: a blanket and a comforter 
Favorite Bands/Artists: Coldplay (more the old stuff), Snow Patrol, U2, Florence and the Machine, Top 40s hits probably. To be honest, I like almost any type of music. I’ve listened to a lot of Tamil (a state in South India) movie songs, Hindi movie songs, my dad’s collection of 80s new wave, 90s and early 00s alt rock, jazz, the aforementioned top 40s hits. I also took 14 years of South Indian classical singing so I’ve gained a taste for that too. 
Dream Trip: I’d like to drive through the United States with someone, visiting as many of the really strange monuments as possible. Lots of top 40s radio, junk food and motel rooms. Selfies with the world’s largest beer bottle. Rest stops where we lie on the hood of the car and find shapes in the clouds. Meals at diners while trading stories with the people behind the counter. 
Dream Job: I’d like to write for Star Trek. Or be a college professor. Or run political campaigns. (this is why im going to college. to figure out what the hell i want to do) 
What I’m wearing right now: I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt and a pair of tennis shorts I stole from a friend three years ago. 
When did you make this blog: A year and a half ago, maybe 2 years. 
Posts: 14, 492 (of which i created the content of maybe 10) 
What I post about: clearly, a lot of things. 
Why did you get Tumblr: another friend of mine said “you need to get a tumblr” and i said “i need to get a tumblr” and here i am. 
Do you get asked on a regular basis: nope
how many blogs do I follow: 2,088 (i have many interests. if you think i should be following you just send me a message and ill follow u and we can cry together about many things) 
aesthetics: a book, well loved with my favorite pages folded over. woolen cardigans and soft skirts and tshirts. mugs full of stationary and tea (but not at the same time.) my netflix queue. the jasmine my mom used to grow in our backyard, the plants older than i was and the way we used to string the flowers together and wear them in our hair. a sari, perfectly pleated. the fullness you feel when you read great writing. heroes, I guess. 
Put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs:

  1. Into the Ocean - Blue Ocean
  2. Cough Syrup - Young the Giant 
  3. Falling - Florence and the Machine 
  4. Yeh Tara Woh Tara - hindi song from the movie Swades
  5. King and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men
  6. Beautiful Day - U2
  7. Somewhere Only We Know - Glee Cast
  8. Sweet Disposition - Temper Trap
  9. Uptown Funk
  10. Feeling Good - Michael Buble 

In addition to anyone who wants to do this, I’m going to tag @moonflock and @ssweet-escapeee and @phil-the-stone if she hasn’t already been tagged, but none of you have to do it because i know everyone’s super busy with life lmao. 

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“Hush, go back to sleep." Belysa murmured as she kept her eyes glued to the door ahead. Her ears flicked nervously at the ghosts of the sounds of war. (👑👑👑👑)

Lua writhed around anxiously. How could she sleep? The distant booms of the fel blasts kept her awake.. And very afraid. She shuddered slightly occasionally in fear every time an especially loud boom occurred. Luckily, Bells was there. Having someone nearby made it significantly better for her. If she was alone.. She wouldn’t know what she’d do.

After one loud sound, Lua accidentally let out a soft cry of fear. “Hush, go back to sleep” Bells responded directly after. How could she be so calm? She thought to herself. Her green eyes stared wide up to the woman. She didn’t say anything at first. Instead, she just watched her stare at the door. 

A-aren’t you gonna sleep?” Lua said in a soft voice to try and not scare her. There were already enough loud noises; she didn’t want to add another. “Um, stayin’ up all night.. Watchin’ the door.. Is gonna make you real tired.


let me draw u

I have a few days off of work and that means m either going to sleep, or spend my pay check on a 10 pound chocolate bar (again) So to distract me, m gonna draw! So if anyone wants me to draw u, just reblog this with ur face tag! m probably gonna do 10-15 and not all of them will be realism and will be more animated but idk ?? m just a bit bored

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🛏 C'mon did you honestly think I wouldn't do this? :D

His attempts to claw at the floor grew more and more frantic the more SHODAN dragged him past the couch.

LET ME GO LET ME GO OH MY GOD OH MY GOD–” He definitely still felt sleep deprived, but SHODAN physically moving him made him panic. Just a little bit.

“I w–w-wWON’T,” she spat in response. Despite sounding irritated (as usual), she didn’t sound overly hostile. The Hacker gripped the corner of the wall, and held on tight. Her resulting growl made him wilt. “YoU ha-hAVE to R-Est. And yo-U wiLL n-no-not dO that yourSELF.” 

His hold on the corner didn’t last for long - one frim tug from SHODAN sent him flying back, and he continued to be dragged to his room. 



No way in hell she’d give up, and as much as he hated it, as embarrassed he would be tomorrow, the Hacker just groaned in frustration and let himself be hauled to his bed. God, he hoped she’d stand outside. 

No way in hell he could sleep if she kept glaring at him.

Going to bed around 12

Nyomyom hey this is working well I’m actually all sleepy *rolls into sleep position*
Aw it’s so nice and warm and comfy imma sleep soon
*thinks about some things that happened during the day, routine thoughts*
Ok that was fun.
*eyes suddenly open*
well, fuck.

Me: *about to go to bed and sleep* let’s just refresh the dash one last time

*sees a Pricefield gif*

Me: *proceeds to lie in bed sleeplessly, staring at the ceiling for hours while being emotionally compromised (again) thinking about how Max Caulfield and Chloe Price are literally soulmates whose Love for each other is so great, so pure, so fundamental, so all-encompassing it deserves a capital L and how they’re currently at peace and living their happy ending out there after a long journey of healing together*