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josephcassell: Thank you @enews!  Thank you for letting everyone vote @taylorswift in @alexandervauthier @giuseppezanottidesign @lorraineschwartz and @jimmychoo as the best red carpet look of 2016. It was my favorite look too 😍. Such an honor to work with this incredibly talented, generous and kind person.  Girl, I got that new song on repeat!  Makeup: @lorrieturk  Hair: @jemma_muradian #zayn  #idontwannaliveforever #taylorswift #alexandervauthier #lorraineschwartz #jimmychoo #giussepezanotti #bestof2016 #proudstylist
Competition for new Logo

We are holding a competition for our logo!

The prize is a wonderful Seth Rollins Funko pop, $25.00 gift card to WWE shop, as well as full credit for the design in any way we use it. The long term goal of the logo is to have it on a t-shirt that we would sell for a future fundraiser for an undecided non-profit (we are leaning Connor’s cure but nothing is set in stone).  Since that is the main goal at this time, we ask that you be cognizant of the fact that the more colors used in the design, the more expensive it is to get it printed. Also though I’m sure any of our followers know this, we will not post anything we consider offensive or exclusionary to be judged.

All submissions need to be in by March 1st. We will let everyone vote, but final decision does stay with your lovely mods.

 We will announce the winner on April 2nd (aka wrestlemania)  Please submit all works instead of posting and tagging so we can put them all out on the same date, so no design has the advantage of being out two weeks longer. Designs that are tagged instead of submitted will not be considered.

And those are all the rules! We are leaving it up to you and your creativity! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions. Have fun with and we can not wait to see what all you wonderful people come up with!

Love you all your mods @helluvawriter @gelinas22 @wwe-smutfics @laochbaineann @moxtiel

Me explaining Andrew Jackson’s quest to the precidency
  • Andrew Jackson: I want to be prez
  • John Quincy Adams: same
  • Henry Clay: yeh
  • Andrew Jackson: I am a common man. We should let everyone vote.
  • Voters: Lets vote for Jackson
  • Henry Clay: shit, he might win
  • John Quincy Adams: he musn't. Clay, take one for the team
  • Henry Clay: What's in it for me?
  • John: Secretary of State?
  • Henry Clay: Ey guys, I'm dropping out so, vote for my hommie John!
  • Voters: I mean I guess
  • John Quincy Adams: *wins*
  • Andrew Jackson: You little shits-_-
Let’s Vote!

So everyone sent me SO many one shots, I seriously can’t decide which one to write! They are all great ideas, and after the recent drama, I want to write something fun. I want to get back to why I started this blog in the first place! So here are a few of the ideas that were sent to me. Will y'all tell me which ones sound good to you? Winning choice is the one I’ll write!

1. Riley gets jealous that a new girl in Farkle’s Science club is interested in Farkle

2. Riley has been holding her feelings for Farkle in months, but after seeing him being particularly affectionate towards Smackle excuses herself and goes into an room so she can get herself together. However the room isn’t as empty as she thinks.

3. A Rucas breakup scene.

4. Riley is still mad at Farkle for what happened in New Years and she refuses to talk to him. This is a one shot of Farkle doing everything he can to get her to talk to him.

5. Riley finally confronts Lucas. 

6.  Maya confesses accidentally that she likes Zay

7. One-shot with Zay breaking the fourth wall on all things riarkle 

Vote by number!


No one ever said life was fair

Today’s news of Misha being mugged hit most of us pretty hard. For most in this fandom, we see that Misha is truly a ray of light. His untamable spirit, his exceptionally kind heart, and his infectious humor have become the pinnacle that we all try to live our lives by. I know that my personal mantra (that has been on the front page of my blog for years) is “I strive every day to be more like Misha Collins.” 

Just think of the sheer number of acts of kindness that have been inspired by him - during 2013 gishwhes alone there were 90,000 pledges to do an act of kindness and that is just one instance. Every year, gishwhes and RAK inspire and sponsor so many more. It humbles me to think of how many pints of blood donated, soldier care packages sent, homeless fed, and senior citizens hugged all because Misha asked us to. It was even RAK that sponsored and worked with the fan who coordinated the moving candlelight moment for Jared at ComiCon. 

How many crazy and beautiful and unique works of art were created because of him? From zany drawings of Misha and the Queen to sublime haikus written for loved ones. How many people conquered their fears and did something they thought they couldn’t because of his inspiration? And how many people decided to love themselves because he told them how much they are worth? How many literal lives have been saved because orphans now have a safe home and 3 meals a day?

It hits hard when a random act of violence happens to someone who, to us, is such an example of good. And the worst part is, Misha has such a kind heart that I am 100% certain that if his attackers had simply asked him for assistance, he would have been willing to give them the shirt off his back. But, unfortunately, life isn’t always fair. Bad crap doesn’t just happen to the bad, and we all have to face our share of adversity. Misha is handling this with all the grace and spirit we have come to expect from him, showing up a day after being physically assaulted just so he wouldn’t disappoint fans. And I have all the confidence that this will be another example of him showing this fandom how to overcome the crap life sometimes throws at you and make your life better because of it.

We are extremely lucky to have him as part of the SPN family. I love this fandom for the outpouring of support I have seen and let’s just hope that we can win that $500k for RAK and show the world that the SPN family comes together in the face of adversity to do great things and take care of their own.

Fear The Walking Dead spinoff: The Adventures of Elyza Lex and Alicia Clark!

Here me out clexa fans!!!
What if we make our own comic series? It would be canon in our fandom and everyone gets to contribute to the story.

Here’s how it would work:

First of course we set up a tumblr page or website.

We’ll release a story once a week. (Probably thursdays at 9/8c. lol)

Everyweek someone should volunteer to be the writer and illustrator for the next chapter.

After the first chapter, everyone should send ideas on what should happen next on the story. The writer for the week should pick at least 5 of them, make a poll, let everyone vote and then whatever storyline wins that’s the story the writer and illustrators are going to make.

We’ll do one of those poll / survey sites that doesn’t reveal the result right away so that the audience won’t know which storyline won.

And then yeah that’s it.
So who’s in? Any thoughts?