lets trek

I have watched no Star Trek Discovery but the most important takeaways from it, according to my dash, seem to be:

  • Sarek is Bad At Parenting 
  • Star Trek…..with good special effects? what?????
  • Everyone would die for Michael
  • mushroom man
  • the shape of Doug Jones’ backside was an essential production decision
  • LET STAR TREK SAY FU- oh wait they actually said it
  • everyone would die and kill and maim for Tilly

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Every time I find a person who disagrees with what I thought was my ~universal truth~ of "you never regret a shower,” I become distraught. You know I don’t watch Star Trek, but if there aren’t showers in it, I’m certainly not about to start!


Well I can assure you that there are showers! They are just made of ~~sound waves~~ that somehow shiver all the dirt and grim right off you? Ostensibly, as we are given dialogue to attest to this, the future Federation Humans are supposed to find them akin to our water-based showers in the realm of like, Emotionally Restorative Experiences. BUT I HAVE MY DOUBTS.

Julian Bashir might as well, depending on how you take that.

People hating Star Trek: Discovery because white men aren’t the sole focus of the show... (tiny spoilers below)...

WTF?! What the hell ever happened to let’s see if it lives up to Star Trek? or let’s see if they screw up cannon?

Right now I’m having trouble with the fact that it’s supposed to be ten years before Jim’s Captain of the Enterprise, and before a lot of things are officially discovered in Federation history, not with the fact that it’s women and poc’s as a main focus!

Just read something about this on the internet and I… cannot understand the logic. The main story about Star Trek has always been about inclusion, it’s just been about fighting against the times and having it on screen!

What happened to being worried about the important things… like why the heck is there a Tribble and a Gorn skeleton in Captain Shady’s lab?! And why, for the sake of Surak, do the Klingon’s look like they belong in the Kelvin Timeline?!

I don’t understand how you are supposed to be able to claim to be a Trekkie if you also, in the same breath, say you don’t like a character for their gender, nationality and skin tone…

Edith Keeler would be ashamed.

You know what?

I’m no longer holding Star Trek or Star Wars “accountable” for their clunky-looking sixties-and-seventies future technology.


Because the Enterprise is off on a years-long voyage through space. There’s no Verizon store, no Radio Shack, no Geek Squad out there. If the Klingons fire photon torpedoes and the bridge shakes and Spock’s head bangs against the fancy iPad72 touchscreen and cracks the glass, the ship’s toast. If Han Solo’s fingerprints get all over the starchart and the touch-calibration is off by half a centimeter, the Falcon is going right into a star. But if Mister Worf accidentally twists the command knob too hard and pops it off, he can just screw that thing right back on and it will keep working. Dust gets in there? Take it apart and clean it out. All the plugs are big and universal, all the power cells are functional and have a decent battery life, and nothing is built to expire in the next six months so you have to buy a new one.

That tech isn’t anachronistic or suffering a bad case of Zeerust–it’s practical, effective, and it works. Apple tried launching its own space exploration craft, it had to come back for full repairs within three months, and then it had to be upgraded over the next two.

But this? This is just good, long-lasting, fully-functional, and reliable craftsmanship.

One thing I can’t get over in Star Trek Beyond is how when Spock starts laughing, Bones, for a quick second, looks really happy like damn I didn’t know you could smile it’s a good look for you. 

And then he immediately proceeds to panic because shit waIT THAT’S NOT RIGHT.