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is it me or in the beginning Esidisi had more like the "leader" atmosphere? or am i just imagining things? i need your expertise here

Yeah, I get the same impression, at least in the anime. Probably because Esidisi talks more and does the exposition about the Stone of Aja while holding the mask, so you’d assume that he was the one to come up with this whole idea. It’s also him who immediately answers Wamuu’s question about what the plan is (the question which was even directed at Kars I believe), and who later proposes they go outside and observe the changes, so he seems very much the one in charge. Kars is just rolling with it, hanging out nearby or in the back, and seeming more like an advisor figure.

Which in hindsight goes to show that Kars is not nearly as much of a control freak when Esidisi’s around. He’s perfectly fine with Esidisi’s decisions and there really isn’t any power struggle or imbalance between them, they just work together. God, I’d really love to see more of how they acted around each other, we only got like two minutes in total of them interacting and that’s a crime.