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okok so your bachelor au is really funny and cute?? so if you have the time/desire you should definitely write it (or have one of your Cool Writer Friends like RC write it)

so, the first day/group date after the Night That Yuuri Forgot (though he gets to relive it months later, watching the premiere through his fingers on Victor’s couch when it airs, a week after partially moving in) is at an ice skating rink.  

“we thought it would be cool to establish that you’re this world famous figure skater, so you know, we’ll give you the cue when they enter and you can maybe do some fancy jumps,” victor says, disregarding how hungover and miserable yuuri feels and probably looks while he’s being fitted for a microphone.  he’s used to wearing tight outfits in competition, but the costume department (despite taking some pretty invasive measurements) thinks he is roughly two sizes smaller and has fitted him in workout pants that are almost sheer with how tight they are over his ass, and he’s almost positive they’ll have to blur things out in broadcast.  “then maybe you can skate over and–we have a few options for you here–say something like, ‘i’d like to get to know you, but also i need to see who can keep up with me.’”

“that’s uh,” yuuri says, fiddling with the thumbholes of his hoodie, “a little aggressive for me.  i don’t know if i could say that.”

“oh?” victor says, kind of surprised.  after the initial stage fright last night, yuuri had opened up and tugged a few guys down by their ties to speak to them, had sat in the laps of multiple suitors and played with their hair, leaned into one’s neck and told him so softly the mic barely picked it up: wow, you smell nice, i could stay here all night.  yuuri seemed pretty confident and very aggressive.  victor had thought it would fit his character.  but he’s been in this game for a long time, he can roll with yuuri’s punches, even if he doesn’t quite understand them.  (but by leaning into yuuri’s strangeness, the dying flame that’s been starving for years inside him is coaxed back to life so suddenly it almost gives him a stroke.) “well, we have these other options here, too–”

most of the men competing for yuuri’s heart have never stepped foot in a skating rink before, and watching them try to impress yuuri without eating shit is amazing.  but in the early hours when they’re trying to take a few establishing shots, watching yuuri skate by himself is even better.  he’s music personified, inhabiting everything that comes over the speakers, whether it’s classical or shitty pop.  victor lets out a few cheers.  “beautiful!” he yells at yuuri after he lands a small jump, spins in tight, gorgeous circles. “amazing!”

yuuri seems shy and skates to the furthest point away from victor that he can on the rink every time, chin tucked into his neck like he’s trying to burrow inside himself.  he stays that way for a bit as they film the mens’ arrival and initial interactions at the rink too, and normally victor would be cursing internally at how little material they’re getting and be talking with phichit and mila and sala about maybe orchestrating some drama to make a dull group date seem interesting, but he’s just so fascinated

yuuri comes out of his shell a little more when helping some of the guys who can’t skate worth a damn get off their asses and shows them how to stand on the ice without hurting themselves.  he has a surprisingly gentle demeanor and victor catches himself frowning as he watches yuuri skate past backwards holding onto georgi popovich’s (25, commercial banker) hands.  yuuri has a nice laugh too, which echoes through the arena at yuri plisetsky’s (”yurio,” 21, former US gymnast) antics across the ice.  yuri’s one of the few, as well as jean-jacques leroy (”J.J.,” 28, male model) and christophe giacometti (25, luxury real estate agent) who can actually skate, and he shows off by winding around the less fortunate men in such a dizzying, terrifying way it sends them crashing into the boards.  he seems to be trying to impress yuuri like a kid on the playground pulling pigtails, awkward and cold, but he wins the group date challenge by managing to collect the most flowers the production team scatters all over the rink and present yuuri with a bouquet in under a minute.  he’ll be fun to watch, victor thinks.  

ShadowHunters s3: You better give me all the domestic Malec

*Magnus foregoing magic sometimes and doing things the human way with Alec:

*Cleaning the loft
*Folding laundry
*Cooking together and feeding each other
*Magnus getting Alec into complicated and sensual yoga positions
*Massaging each other
*Watching old movie and Magnus telling Alec fun facts about them because he was there when they were being filmed
*Reading together on the sofa (Alec’s head on Magnus lap and and Magnus caressing Alec’s hair)
*Drinking wine together
*Portaling to different cities and countries to go on dates
*Shopping together/buying each other presents
*More kisses (forehead kisses, cheek kisses, full body kisses, nape of the neck and shoulder kisses, and hand kisses)
*Magnus letting his glamour drop and letting those mesmerizing cat eyes glow for Alec (who adores them and tells Magnus how gorgeous they are)
*Reading/talking out on the balcony while feeding the cats
*Going out dancing (Pandemonium please!)
*Magnus buying clothes for Alec and then undressing him later on
*More Magnus initiating touch/kisses and so on
*Pet names: my love, darling, sweetheart, my dear, pretty boy, gorgeous, beautiful, love of my life….
*Alec spending more time at Magnus’, nights and days until they both realize that they are basically living together, and then Magnus formally asking Alec’s to move in with him
*Magnus spending more time at the Institute with Alec and maybe training together (because you know that Magnus is also a badass in hand-on-hand combat)
*Magnus colorful clothing/glittery eyeliner/colored hair