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Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 899

Warnings: Swearing (i think), a bit cliche lol

A/N: This has taken a thousand years to come out and I am so sorry about that! I hope that this lives up to expectations and I’m sorry that it’s kinda short! In other news, I may have a boyfriend and I’m kinda loosing my shit over it. I hope your day is amazing! I love you kiddos!

Request: Can I have a poly!hamilsquad imagine where the reader likes to take pictures and her usual muses are the boys. - @glitterbearbear

A small click came from your camera as you tried to take a sneaky photo of Hercules while he read.

“I heard that.” He mumbled, not looking up from his book.

“Sorry, it’s just with the blinds open there’s perfect lighting in here and I couldn’t help myself.” You apologized, a blush lighting up your cheeks.

“No need to apologize.” Herc looked up at you then back to his book. “You’re cute when you blush. You should take a picture of that.”

“I would rather not take pictures of myself.” You paused, feeling a little too nervous to ask what you were thinking. “Do you think you and the boys would ever feel comfortable with doing a photo shoot?”

“A photo shoot? Ooo, I hope it’s a nude photo shoot.” John smirked, plopping himself on the couch next to you.

“So, you would be comfortable?” You asked, John noticing the way your eyes lit up with hope.

“If it would make you happy and would be a creative outlet for you, I’m sure everyone would agree to it. Besides, we all know about the sneaky photos you try to take of us.” John agreed, not wanting to let you down.

“Oh my god really?” In excitement you threw your arms around John as he laughed at your reaction.

“Why are you so happy?” Alex asked, walking into the room sluggishly while holding a coffee in one hand.

“John just agreed that all of you will be my muses in a photo shoot.” You grinned.

“A photo shoot?” Alex’s eyes went wide with fear. “You know I love you (Y/N), but I don’t know if I feel comfortable in front of a camera.”

“Why not? You seem to love attention more than anything else.” Hercules said snarkily, making John laugh.

“True, but this is different! I don’t really think I would be the best at this whole modeling thing.” Alex explained, his heart breaking in two as your smile fell from your face.

“It’s going to be very candid and less posed, if that changes your mind at all? I completely understand if you’re not comfortable though.” You sighed, John and Hercules glaring at Alex as your happiness faded.

“You know Laf is quite a model and I’m sure he could show me a thing or two to make sure I look good on camera.” Alex said, not wanting any of you to be upset with him.

“You’re not going to regret this!” You exclaimed.


“I’m kind of regretting agreeing to this.” Alex groaned as you lead the boys on a trail in the mountains.

“Don’t be a baby Alex. It’s just a small hike.” You rolled your eyes at his complaining.

“So, what’s the plan for the photos?” Lafayette asked, moving past the others to walk next to you.

“Photos? We’re not doing those today.” You lied, trying to calm the boys nerves.

“We thought that since you brought your camera and forced on this hike that it was today.” John said, his face scrunched up in confusion.

“Nope, I was just planning on taking pictures of the view from the top.” You shrugged, glad that they were buying it.

“Thank god, I don’t think I’m ready to model yet.” Alex sighed in relief and picked up his pace as he hiked.

“Just let us know when we’re actually taking them. I don’t want to have that stress of never knowing when we’re doing it.” Herc said, a weight having seemed lifted from his shoulders.

When you reached the top of the hike, you could see the whole valley below you. You stepped closer to the edge and began to take a few shots of the view. To your left, you could hear the boys messing around. You smiled to yourself, knowing that this was your opportunity to get some good pictures.

They stood next to the cliff, the beautiful view set right behind them. Alex had jumped on Lafayette’s back and had a wide grin on his face. Laf’s arm was slung lazily over Herc’s shoulders as the two of them laughed about something. John stood next to Hercules, their fingers intertwined as he smiled at something in the distance.

You quickly took a couple photos without them noticing. You smiled at your accomplishment before you quickly joined the group. For the rest of the night, you continued to take sneaky photos of the boys when they were distracted. You knew for sure that at least a couple of them would turn out perfect.


You centered the photoframe on the wall, turning to see the boys standing behind you. They all stared at the first photo you had taken of them a few days ago on the hike.

“When did you take that?” Laf asked.

“When we went on that hike last week. You guys were goofing off and I thought it would make a perfect candid shot.” You grinned, the boys all seeming genuinely happy about the photo.

“You’re such an amazing photographer.” Hercules stepped forward and pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead.

Soon, all the boys joined Hercules and covered your face with little kisses. You laughed enjoying the moment with them. Over the next few weeks, your walls would become covered with photos of the boys in the most random situations. They all would hold moments that you will never want to forget.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Originally posted by y-ta

Description: I read a Johnathan Crane fanfic and I’m so sorry

Warning: Swearing/sexual language

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“He’s in here.” Guard Hyun informed you, leading you down the blindingly white hall way, the sound of your shoes clicking against the tile. “Room 347.”
You found yourself holding your breath as Hyun typed the code into the key pad beside the door, the little light about the door flashed green and a sharp beep was produced, signaling the door was unlocked. You noted the way Hyun’s muscles in his arm strained from opening the heavy metal door, holding it open for you to enter the room.
Unlike the outside hall and offices you’d been in, the padded room held a chilly atmosphere, despite not having a vent allowing cool air in.
“Wake up, Jekyll.” Hyun’s deep voice almost echoed through the silent room, eyes watching the bundle of white propped up in the far corner. “You’ve got company.”
You shifted from one foot to the other, anxious from the lack of response. In your experience, when they were quiet, it always meant bad. More often than not, that meant they were just waiting for the element of surprise, act quiet and docile, then attack. But then again, he wouldn’t be able to do much in a straight jacket either way.
“Alright, Seo, I said up!” Hyun commanded, crossing the room and grasping the back straps of the straight jacket, hauling the skinny male from his corner and forcing him to sit on the bed provided that he seemingly neglected to use.
His eyes slowly flickered open, dull brown orbs, like he wasn’t even in his body anymore. Blinking a few times, he moved his gave from the floor, up until he looked at you and Hyun fully.
“Another one? I was told I only get one visitor at a time,” He half chuckled. “And he’s already here.”
“Knock it off, we don’t have time for your dumb jokes today,” Hyun scowled at him then turned his attention to you. “I doubt you’ll get anything serious from him, but you can try. I’ll be outside, the door stays open.”
“I’m aware,” You nodded, remembering the list of restrictions you were given before coming here like always. “Thank you.”
“Any time.” Hyun said, and exited the room, leaning against the wall just outside the door and began fiddling with his phone to pass the time.
“Alright, Johnny,” You sighed, pulling the small chair provided for the desk in his room closer to where he sat on the bed. Sitting down, crossing your legs and propping your clip board on your thigh, you looked to Johnny. “Where shall we start today? How do you feel?”
“Tired.” As expected, a short response.
Scribbling that down, you ask, “Why is that?”
“Oh you know,” He sighed drastically. “It’s kind of hard to sleep when you have someone else in your head talking non stop.”
He did look a mess, you thought, washing your gaze over his appearance. When he came, granted he was still have issues then, but not nearly as drastic as now, his tanned skin was lively, bright and beautiful. But now, he almost looked grey from the lack of sun light, sleep, and proper diet. His hair was always dirty, brittle and falling out continuously when the nurses tried to groom him. Eyes were lifeless, and he had developed an unbalanced wobble even when sitting from the lack of sleep. He was slowly dying from this, that was sure.
“He’s still talking? Even after we upped the medication?”
“He never shuts up.” Johnny groaned, before mumbling to himself, or more likely, to Youngho, to shut the fuck up, this is my time.
“What did he say this time?” You asked, after noting that you’d need to either change or up his dosage.
“He wants to talk,” Johnny shrugged. “But he gets to talk all the time, I want to talk for once.”
Oh yes, that was true. You thought. Over the course of nearing a year you’d been working with Johnny, of every ten sessions you had, only two could be contributed to Johnny. While he was the actual mind of the man, Youngho seemed to be significantly stronger than Johnny, often taking over and speaking his mind as opposed to allowing you help Johnny.
“Maybe he’ll let you talk if we promise him some time towards the end, yeah?”
Johnny paused, eyes trailing off to the side as he had his inner conversation with his counter part.
‘Does that work for you?’
‘You better get to talking then buddy boy, I wanna talk to the skirt.’
‘Behave for one day, please?’
‘I might, if we get a go at the pretty doc, what do ya say to that?’
‘I say you’re foul.’
‘Don’t act like you haven’t thought about it.’
‘I haven’t’
‘Sure, whatever you say Jekyll.’

“Johnny?” You voice forced his attention back to you, back to the surface, humming in response.
“He said okay,” He nodded, ignoring the crude comment about your bra color being slightly visible through your white blouse from his counter part. “But to hurry up.”
“Well, then we’ll make this session quick, okay?” You asked, and he nodded.
“Please do.”
“Alright,” You sighed, flipping the paper on your clip board. “Socializing, how much time have you spent in the rec room? Socializing with other patients?”
“Realistically? None,” Johnny answered. “He doesn’t like the other patients. I don’t want to risk him getting out, and hurt someone.”
“Understandable.” You agreed. “But I’d like you to spend at least half an hour a day in the rec room starting this week, even if you just sit there. You’ll be monitored, don’t let him rule you.”
“I’ll try.”
“Okay, when you’re in your room, who’s in control? You or Youngho?”
“He normally takes control, I let him really.” Johnny shrugged. “It’s a lot less stressful and straining to just let him have his time, while we’re alone and he can’t really do anything.”
“Alright, what I want you to do, is stop letting him have his play time. You’re the body, he’s a part, you have control, you can’t let him just go wild.”
“I’ll try.” Johnny promise again, his face scrunching up, obviously hearing Youngho.
“What’s he saying?” You asked, eyeing him carefully.
“I don’t want to repeat it,” Johnny whispered. “It’s foul.”
“I can handle it, it’s okay Johnny.” You assured.
“He said,” Johnny gulped, dropping his gaze to his lap. “He said why don’t you drop your panties and bend over, and he’ll show you his ideal play time.”
Could be worse.
“Not my ideal play time,” You shrugged, ignoring the crude remark from the counter part. “What does he do when he’s in charge?”
“I…I don’t want to say…”
“Johnny, it’s okay.” You reassured, leaning to gently touch his knee, gaining his attention for a moment before he shot his gaze back to his lap, avoiding eye contact.
“He likes to…talk about you….and do things…dirty things…” Johnny muttered, fiddling with his fingers.
“Like what?” You asked, though Johnny remained silent. “Johnny, if we’re going to help, we need to know what he says and does.”
“He…” Johnny trailed, swallowing the lump in his throat. “He talks about you…your, erm, lady parts…”
“Johnny, I need to know exactly what he says.”
“’I wished you’d let me have at your doc’,” Johnny mumbled, imitating Youngho’s deeper voice. “’She ain’t bad, huh John Boy? Tight little ass, nice tits. I bet she’d like it. Have the crazy patient pound her against a wall. You could do it, you know? You got that pretty boy face, she couldn’t resist your cock even if she knew it was me fucking her. I recon I could fuck her crazy, if you’d just grow the balls to make the move.’”
For a moment you both sat silent, your pen running across your paper as you scribbled the little speech, “Thank you Johnny. Honestly, it’s okay. It’s not you, we understand.”
“He shouldn’t say those things, they’re foul.” Johnny shook his head, frowning at the language he reluctantly repeated.
‘Stop being such a pussy, you make me look bad Johnny Boy’
‘Please contain yourself, the doctor is nice, don’t scare her away’
‘She should be scared’

“Alright, Johnny, I think we’re about done here.” You said, watching him nod.
“Let him out then?” Johnny asked.
“We’ve got about five minutes,” You informed, “If he can be quick, I need to go, and you need your lunch.”
Again, Johnny nodded, and remained quiet for a moment. It was sort of fascinating,watching Johnny become Youngho. It was like watching a switch. The timid, polite, near dead looking Johnny became this over bearing presence, crude and rude, a glint of mischief over taking the once dull eyes.
“Hey doc,” Youngho’s voice had become just slightly deeper, a clear indicator that Youngho was now here. “Why don’t you stay for lunch? I wouldn’t mind having you to eat.”
“Youngho, you must let Johnny eat.” You said, brushing off his remark that was more expected than anything.
“Why?” Youngho cocked his head to the side, a mock pout on his full lips. “John Boy’s a pussy, pussies don’t get to eat.”
“You understand that you’re starving him, right?” You asked, watching him fake a thoughtful look. “If he dies from starvation, you die with him.”
“Well, I guess John Boy is just going to have to go down with me,” Youngho shrugged, “Maybe he’ll grow a pair and we’ll go down on you.”
“I think we’re about done here.” You sighed, uncrossing your legs, and standing from the chair, noting the way Youngho’s eyes trailed your lower half, tongue darting out to lick his dry lips. “Hyun! We’re done!”
“Aw come on doc,” Youngho complained as Hyun entered the room again, stuffing his phone back into his pocket. “We never have any fun, you and I. Why don’t you tell muscle man to take a hike and let me outta this jacket? I’ll make it worth your while.”
“That’s enough Hyde.” Hyun commanded, putting the chair back for you, and waiting for you to exit so he could lock the room again.
“No one was talking to you, cunt.” Youngho snapped, eyes burning into Hyun. “The names Youngho, call me Hyde again and I’ll rip your balls off with my teeth.”
“Goodbye Johnny,” You said as you trailed out the room. He always heard your goodbye, even though he couldn’t respond. It made Johnny feel good, oddly enough, the simple goodbye making him feel like Youngho wasn’t the owner here, like he often thought. He was Johnny, and Johnny was the real one.
“See you later, doc.” Youngho cackled, tilting his head to get a good look at you walking away. “Still can’t wait to get my hands on that ass. Maybe I’ll come visit you soon.”
‘Youngho please’
Hyun shut the heavy door behind you, pressing the lock key and the light above the door turned red.
Silently you two walked down the hall.
No matter how many sessions you’d have with Johnny and Youngho, it never did get less chilling to walk the quiet halls, hearing Youngho’s manic laughter slipping from the closed door, and echoing down the hall.
“See you soon, doc.”

anonymous asked:

What do you think an anniversary with Shawn would be like while you guys are dating like maybe a 1year anniversary?

I think that Shawn would be a morning person, right? Going to the gym first thing and you’d be more of a night person. So on this day, Shawn would skip the gym and actually sleep long, so you didn’t have to get up early. And you’d actually get up early and make breakfast for the two of you to have in bed. You be all cuddled up, eating pancakes and fruit. Shawn would be holding a strawberry in his mouth and you’d take a bite of it while kissing him at the same time. He’d stroke your hair and plant tender kisses on your nose tip while holding you in his arms. “Do you even realize how much I adore waking up to your pretty face every morning?” he’d ask you, before kissing you. 

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Dating Guide for your INTJ Part 1

1. A place where they can hold puppy dogs or kittens…OR BOTH. Also where they don’t need to feel like they have to talk to you as a social obligation. Their joy in playing with puppies will bring you joy later.
2. A book store that carries antique and leather bound books. Be prepared to follow them around while they inspect everything. 
3. Take them to a screening of an old Indie Film related around one of their many varied interests. 
4. Unleash them at a Museum. 
5. Go to a hipster coffee shop, sit in a corner and quietly judge all the people with your INTJ.
6. Take your coffee to a park, sit on a bench and quietly judge all the people walking by. 
7. Go to antique stores. 
8. Take them to a lecture based on their area of study or an area of interest. 
9. Teach them a new hobby that you’re really into. *
10. Sit next to them and watch really dumb tv. Judge all the reality tv stars together. 
11. Buy them a cheap disposable camera. Take them on a hike. Let them take pictures of everything. Develop the film. 
12. Take them on a road trip with stops along the way that deal with the historical significance of the area you are in. Bonus points if you read ahead and can teach* your INTJ new things.

*INTJ’s become easily frustrated by people who are not good teachers, if you are not a good teacher do not try and teach your INTJ.

Reblog with other ideas. :)

Sorry (Hwarang! Soo Ho)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hey, since you’re back writing for hwarang, could you write a scenario where the reader is the only daughter of one of the high officialls and that she and Ji Dwi treat each other like siblings. And that she likes Soo Ho but she denies it bc Soo Ho likes the queen and they always fight and tease each other. Angsty with a fluffy ending pls. I love your blog and Thanks in advanced.

Your fingers played with Sooho’s hair as his head was resting in your lap. His eyes were closed before one popped open seeing you staring off “what is wrong my dear?” he coos in a joking way. “Just thinking of how I have no love life because I am constantly with Silla’s ladies man" you sigh. “You make it sound so bad to spend time with me” he coos as you roll your eyes. “Jidwi told me I should limit my time with you. He thinks I will be heartbroken by you” you tell him as he chuckles. You were already there. You had a hard time believing it yourself that you could love someone who toyed with people. But you could see the way he would stare at the queen so you would never dare admit your feelings.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I promise you that you are not attractive” he spoke as you instantly shoved him gf and he quickly realized what he said. “I swear that came out wrong” he says ad you got up. “Y/N, come on you know I did not mean it that way” he spoke as you continued walking away from him. You were embarrassed and ashamed that those words came out of his mouth. Sooho clicked his tongue as he shook his head. “That was a horrible thing to say” he mumbled as he smacked his head lightly. He didn’t mean it, he found you rather attractive but felt you wouldn’t share the feelings so he put them far far away.


“He said you were unattractive?” Jidwi asked as you sighed nodding. “It is not true” he promised as he patted your head. “I told you he is not the one for you” he coos as you nod again. “Now eat this is the only time I can see you before you have to leave to be with your father” he told you as you nodded. “Didn’t your father set you up to marry someone?” he asked as you nodded. “He’s shipping you off the?” he asked sadly as he leaned on his hands. “Correct” you say as he frowns. “Who would I talk to all the time then? You are my best friend” he spoke as you gave him a smile.


Sooho smiled as he held a set of flowers behind his back as he made his way over to you. He bent down in front of you “hello, my dear” he spoke as you rolled your eyes. “You look lovely today” he said as he pulled the flowers from behind his back holding them in front of him. “Are those for the Queen?” you ask as you glance up from your book. “What? No they are for the pretty girl I accidentally offended” he spoke as he held them out for you. “I think you are really pretty” he promised as you slowly took them from him.

He smiled largely as a small one came to your face and brought them to your face as you took in the smell. “You mean a lot to me and known that too” he spoke as he took a seat across from you. “Did you hear?” you asked him “what?” he asked as you sighed “I’m getting married” you tell him as his face drops. “What?” he asked as he couldn’t believe his ears. “A man from the west” you say as you look down at the flowers. “No” he says as he looks you dead in the eyes “no?” you asked. “You can not marry him. It is not right” he says as you looked more confused. “You can not marry another man” he spoke as his cheeks grew warm. “You are meant to stay here and let me take care of you” he finishes as he grabbed your arm hiking you up. “What are you doing?” you asked unsure as to what he was up to. “Telling your father to call it off. You are staying right here and having my children not some man from another land's” he told you as your eyes were wide as he continued to drag you off towards your home.

wearingsunglassesindoors  asked:

Why do you ship cockles? not trying to be rude but it seem s like a gross invasion of privacy. Like, I definitely wouldn't like it if people writing inappropriate, fake things about me and my friend being together without my consent. I understand if it's two fictional characters like destiel because they're not real but real people shipping just seems so wrong.

Hello, @wearingsunglassesindoors

No problem, I don’t mind you asking at all!

Quite simply, I ship Cockles because I. FUCKING. LOVE. IT.

Look, I totally get where you’re coming from. But let me give you a little background on my headcanon and how I choose to look at Cockles. First of all, real person shipping is absolutely a touchy subject. And I get it, I really do. I want to start off by saying, I’m not one of those real person shippers who is delusional (where I think that these guys are getting their freak on behind their wives backs, their wives are covers, etc) and in fact, I absolutely love all the guys and their wives. I may have a total lady boner for Vicki Vantoch but that’s neither here nor there

I ship Cockles because I love these guys. I love their friendship, and I love how they interact with one another. I ship them because it’s easy to do so. Do I think there’s something actually going on between them romantically? Probably not. But hey, if there was, I wouldn’t be surprised, ya feel me? All three of the guys are extremely close…but when I look at how they interact with one another, Jared and Jensen definitely have more of a “bro bond” than Misha and Jensen. And I wouldn’t say that Misha and Jensen’s is necessarily of the romantic sort, but there’s a blatant difference between them. When you watch J2 panels, there’s a lot of brotherly banter, Jensen “annoyed” at Jared’s puppy dog-ness, etc. When you watch Cockles panels, there’s a lot of “flirting”, touching, etc. And look, they’re fully aware that people ship them in real life, and they play it up, no doubt about it. Now, the big thing that I want to stress here is that Cockles is RPF (real person FICTION) so while it’s about them, it’s fiction, and (most) Cockles shippers are aware of that. 

But hey, Vicki is openly bisexual (pansexual?), has written a book detailing her sexuality and the adventures of a polyamorous lifestyle, in which she said some pretty damning things about the nature of her relationship with her husband and heavily insinuated that he was an active participant in a threesome with another male. And Jensen, well…there are some pretty questionable rumors about Jensen before he met and fell in love with Danneel. I also remember watching an interview at one point in time where Danneel admitted to being bisexual, but I’m not able to find the link now, so I’m not going to use that as any kind of evidence. So in my mind, these things make it easy to ship a relationship like Cockles, or even, dare I say, JMDV (JensenxMishaxDanneelxVicki)

Quite simply, yes, I ship the fuck out of it, but you’re not going to catch me peeping in their windows or claiming their wives are beards and that the wives need to take a hike and let these guys fuck it out. I’m not so naive as to think that either of them would be unfaithful to their kickass wives, either. I ship it because I love their interactions together, whether you view them as romantic or platonic, and because dammit, these guys are fucking beautiful together and I love their friendship. I simply think that in another life, in a different situation, they could’ve been perfect together. But that’s neither here nor there.

I also want to finally wrap this up by saying despite me shipping Cockles, I also ship the fuck out of Jensen and Danneel, and Misha and Vicki. Their marriages give me life and if anything happened to either of their marriages, I would be fucking destroyed. Because as it is, these guys are perfect in their current and (hopefully with everything within me) permanent relationships.

Ok but how did Nuno finally, after 2 years, manage to get Matt to post a shirtless pic?
Did Matt loose a bet? Did Nuno bribe him?
Nuno: “Matt, if you let me take a shirtless pic of you, I’ll let you stop during this hike to take pics of birds”
Matt: “ok, but don’t post it pleaseeee”
Nuno: “if you post it online I’ll get you a puppy”
Matt: “mhmmm you know I’m shy”
Nuno: “two puppies!”
Matt: “fuck, ok!”

This is one of my favourite creepypastas, and because I can’t find any version of it that wouldn’t be impossible to read on this format, I’ve transcribed it directly from the screencap I have of it.

Story originally appeared on /x/ on October 10, 2013, and was written by a user known only as hawkeye !!ASKzWwNPKxw. Accompanying photograph was taken by me and isn’t associated with the piece in its original form. Aside from grammatical corrections and a quote from the author from a reply to another user at the end, the story appears exactly how it does in the original image.

It’s long, but well worth the read, and has stuck with me ever since I first saw it. For those of you that have experienced something like this, it’ll hit even harder.


Human Nature

So, first let me describe how I’ve spent the last three summers.

>Live in Ohio
>Be camp counselor at INNAWOODS camps in hocking hills region of southern Ohio
>Clear creek valley is one of the most biodiverse areas in the entire world. (Not kidding. More than some rainforests)
>Nearest civilization is town of Rockbridge (TINY) many miles away.
>Everyone lives in cabins with no air conditioning, power, or lights
>I’m assigned to the older boys, because I’m better with the bushcraft
>Teach then bataonning, fire building, debris huts, edible plants, the works.
>One night every week, we camp out, use the skills, and sleep under the stars
>Every week, each cabin has to do a “Camp Improvement Project” (chores)
>Little kids pull weeds on what few (unpaved, barely maintained) paths we have
>Big kids (14-17) use saws, rakes, and shovels to clear out new campsites, or refurbish old ones
>There’s always been a rivalry between the older boys and girls, especially among the counselors

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I have shoulder length blonde hair, hazel eyes, and I’m a little on the shorter side at 4”11. I have an athletic build, with almond eyes and a kind inviting smile. I love being outside, especially hiking with my dogs. I can also be very spontaneous, whether it be road trips or taking off and going camping for a weekend. On the other hand I am always down to cuddle in bed and binge watch tv shows or movies.

100% date me everything you said I’m so into



Leonard McCoy x Reader

You were talking to Leonard, going on and on about the plans you had made up for shore leave. But the doctor was half listening, instead he was daydreaming. Yes, daydreaming. He was thinking about taking you out to his cabin in the woods for the week. He was thinking about cooking you up a good old fashion Southern meal, along with the finest whiskey he could find. He thought of gathering you up in front of the fireplace, listening to the sound of the wood crackling against the fire. He plan to devour you for hours until the sun came up, then letting you sleep til noon. He thought of the hike he’d take you on, how beautiful you would look against mother nature. He thought of the way the tall trees would hide the two of you while he got down on one knee (he couldn’t believe he had found love again) and propose to you.

“Lee, are you ignoring me?” You laugh at the absent look on his face, until the man shook his head.

“Sorry, darlin’. I was just thinking about taking you out to my cabin for the week.”

You smile in delight and smack the man on the shoulder, “You definitely were not listening! I was just saying we should go up to the cabin!”

I will drive five hours in heavy weekend traffic
so I can see the way your eyes
curve into crescent moons
when you smile.

I will pick up that
ratty couch off the sidewalk
and put it in the trunk of my car
so I can see the gaps between your
teeth when you laugh with joy; 
even though I know
you’re going to put it in the basement and
forget about it.

I will hold your hand and take you
on hikes through tranquil forests
and let the wind infiltrate you
like a new spirit so you will laugh again,
with your whole belly, the way
you used to before him.

I will throw pebbles at your
dorm room window
at 2 a.m. just so you’ll know 
that even when I am awake
I’m dreaming of you, always.

I will slip love notes under your door
when you are not home, so
when you return, you’ll
have a reason to smile.

I will call you
when I know you’re busy so
I can leave a voicemail
telling you how wonderful you are; 
I will always be in your pocket
for you to listen to on days that
never seem to end.

I will buy you small presents for
no reason at all except that
they remind me of you; 
just the thought of
you is a gift to me. 

I will sit with you and hug you
when there’s nothing to say
because even your silence
takes my breath away.

If I love you, I will love you
fully, wholly, completely– with
my entire being, my entire

My god, if I love you, 
you will know.

—  and if you haven’t realized it by now, you’re a fool // a.s.m

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Amg I can't believe that I didn't find this imagine blog earlier, love the characterisations ;w; May I ask how the TYL Vongola guardians propose to their s/o?//

Tsuna: The clichéd fancy dinner. He’d be a nervous mess and his partner would be able to figure out what he was going to ask them later on in the evening. He’d fiddle with the velvet box within the confinement of his trouser pockets. It would be after they ordered desert when he’d ask. He’d stammer it out and his partner would be reminded of how much of a dork he is. When they told him yes his stress would melt away and he’d slip the ring onto their ring finer with a bright smile plastered on his face.

Gokudera: Home cooked dinner. He’d make his best dish for dinner and would try to make it as romantic as possible by lighting the room up with candles. His SO would wonder why he was trying so hard but wouldn’t ask and would just enjoy. His cheeks would be tinted pink but his confidence would be at its highest. With a gentle tone he’d ask them if they would marry him. When they said yes he wouldn’t be able to hold back his excitement and would probably have his way with them right then and there.

Yamamoto: It would be a normal evening. The two of them would be watching a movie when he would ask. His partner would be to bewildered at his random request and would stare at him with doubtful eyes. They’d continue to stare until he assured them that he was being serious. When his partner replied yes he’d lather them in kisses and it wouldn’t take long for the two of them to have sex.

Chrome: She’d ask them out for a picnic. She’d fidget the entire time and would glance from her lover to her food. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out something was on her mind and when her lover asked her if anything was the matter she’d blush and tell them that she indeed, had something on her mind. She’d ask them with a bashful voice if they would marry her. She’d pull them into a hug when they’d say yes and would give them a light kiss on the cheek before returning to her meal.

Mukoro: He’d be chuckling most of the time due to how proud he was of himself for being so romantic. He’d take them on a cruise and he’d entertain them anyway he could as the night progressed onward. Once they were sipping wine in the lodge he’d bend down on one knee and bring out the velvet box. When they would agree he’d make love to them until dawn.

Hibari: He’d invite his SO to his parents home for a nice family dinner. His SO would find it strange but would go along anyways. He wouldn’t even ask, he’d just announce to his family that they were getting married. His SO would have said yes if he asked them but it wouldn’t shock them when he didn’t even bother to. That night on their way back to his home they’d tease him by saying, “If I knew we’d be announcing our engagement I would have worn something better”. They would be shocked when he’d chuckle at their comment. 

Lambo: (He’s like fifteen tyl so I’m gonna make it to when he’s 25) He’d take them on a road trip across Italy. He’d brush up on the history to the places they visited so he could impress his lover. While they were staying at a local in he’d probably slip the ring on their finger in the middle of sex. His SO wouldn’t notice at first due to the overwhelming amount of pleasure they were feeling but once they did notice they’d stare at the ring in astonishment before looking at him. He’d smile at them as he continued to make love to them. Once they agreed he’d go down on them harder, unable to contain his excitement. He probably wouldn’t let his SO sleep until morning.

Ryohei: He’d take them on a hike up a mountain. Once they’d get to the top he’d stare at his SO face as they collapsed on top of the grass. He’d nervously fumble with the velvet box inside his pocket as he watched them. When his SO would look up at, a faint smile plastered on their face, he’d take a seat beside them. He’d bring out the box and would place it on his SO’s chest. He’d ask them if they’d do the honors of marrying him. Once they said yes he’d smile broadly down at them.

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Illya and Napoleon find something new about Gaby. * *There's so many fics about Gaby picking up the pieces of Illya's broken past life. Wanna see how the two react (especially Illya, who has strongly depended on her emotionally) to find that Gaby is just human, but is probably the strongest human they've ever known.

May is a month that Gaby dreads. She crawls into her work and avoids others like the plague, instead keeping to herself for as long as she can. Sure, she makes small talk with the boys in the shop or the customers, or the clerks when she buys food, but she prefers to keep to herself for the majority of the month.

So when she manages to let a mission get out of hand, manages to blow her cover and the cover of her partners as well, Gaby cannot help but beat herself up over it more than usual. She’s never one to take the blame, never one to admit that her mistakes are the reason that they’re hiding out in a new safe house because of a speedy (and expensive, Waverly will be sure to remind them) extraction. She’s not muttered a word in the hour it has taken them to relocate and has barely looked at Napoleon, let alone Illya.

If it’s not the anger that’s eating her up, it’s the shame.

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i hate ppl who smoke pot and decided to get ADVENTUROUS like ‘ya let’s climb this tree… let’s take a hike up this mountain’ NO let me eat these cheetos in peace