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One year ago, when DiU was airing and I was starting to get more into Jojo’s, I happened across some blogs with cute JJBA art. And then some more. And then some more. Dailies, Badlydrawns, askblogs… a whole fun little community, tucked away in a corner I hadn’t noticed. And I thought: Hey, I’ve been drawing a fair bit of JJBA lately. Why not give a blog a go? It’ll be good art practice, right?

One year, 1200+ posts(!), 6.9gb of art(!!), and over 1260 followers(!!!) later… Yeah, it’s been good practice, past-self. Thanks for taking the leap, and keeping it up all this way. We’ve come pretty far.

And none of it would have happened without all of you. I’m gonna have some specific shout-outs under the cut, but first, let me just say thank you. To everyone who’s sent asks, added notes, or even reached out to my awkward little self with friendship and messages… You’ve definitely made this past year more special. Wherever the future may lead, I’m incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for accompanying me this far. 

Seriously, thank you.

Keep smiling, my lovelies. ))

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Further Observations
  • There are more than 3000 floors to Kane Co Tower, if the number behind Kane when he walks into his office are to be believed. The current tallest building the WORLD is only a couple-hundred.  WE GET IT DUDE YOURS IS BIGGER.
  • Casual reminder Texas punches the inside of his car to make it do things instead of pressing buttons
  • also he appears to have two gas pedals so he can just slAM BOTH FEET ON THEM AS HARD AS POSSIBLE
  • We see exactly one (1) female Kane Co. executive (excluding Julie) and she appears to be a very curvy middle-aged black lady who I have immediately decided is Claire’s mom
  • OKAY BUT IT WOULD MAKE SO MUCH SENSE THAT’S HOW CLAIRE AND JULIE ENDED UP FRIENDS!  Kane wouldn’t let just anybody be his precious Julie-Bear’s friend!  Claire’s mom is part of Kane’s Board of Directors!  YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS HEADCANON FROM ME
  • Almost every time we catch a brief glimpse of Chuck’s eyes he’s making a face like >8C  like this boy is scared but also he is ready to Throw Down
  • Jacob has canonically created AIs that can feel loyalty, fear and kinship, and that can be moved by speeches/emotionally engaged.  
  • So honestly, we’re a go for any android headcanon anybody wants to throw around, lbr.
  • The face Mike makes when Chuck is like “I’d have to save you life and let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen” literally breaks my heart EVERY TIME he’s so sad that Chuck’s sad oh my god.
  • related: the face Chuck makes when Mike pins the crown pin on his chest makes me UNBELIEVABLY GODDAMN EMOTIONAL holy crap he’s so happy
  • Rayon could literally punch me in the face and I would be like HAHA WOW
  • The Duke is REALLY PISSED about Mike accidentally wrecking one half-built car-frame, but literally fires fully-built limos out of a cannon at people.  WHAT IS THE TRUTH
  • Listening to Chuck babbling while trying to drive in Blonde Thunder like AT LEAST LET HIM SWEAR HE OBVIOUSLY WANTS TO HE IS DYING

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Imagine Samoa Joe as either your college professor or your boss

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Okay, so like, I know Whiskey has been kind of Problematic™ so far, but the boy has such a #look, ya know?

Anyway, I guess this is a companion to this piece I did before I even had a side blog of Tango wearing a flamenco tango outfit.

This is slowly becoming a series……

(Edit: Added a vignette for the #aesthetic)

anonymous asked:

Now Albus, what would you do if Scorpius fancied Lily? (Yes, Scorpius I know you fancy Rose but I just want to know what Albus would do)

Not sure what I expected her to say when I invited her to help answer the ask – she certainly seemed very eager to join in when I proposed the idea. I’m…flattered, I suppose? She’s probably just putting it on. Trying to tease me. Or MAYBE she’s a part of Rose’s elaborate scheme to see if I easily stray…oh, that girl is a GENIUS!

Albus keeps insisting this is some sort of ‘parallel’ but I don’t see it. I don’t trust him when it comes to analogies (his ‘relationship’ with that blue haired anime girl is NOT equivalent to his parents’ school romance, no matter how many comparisons he draws). 

So yesterday I watched a tv show in which a married couple gave each other a present. The guy however gave his wife a box with a piece of paper. It was the note she left him on his car she damaged which followed them to meet and get together. He kept it all the time. As they acted it out it was one of the most romantic things he could have ever given her.

You probably ask yourself now how on earth this fits in my completely phan related account, right? Well… 

Remember the box Dan had in his room for several years. The one he never wanted to share which he then revealed as the box he kept the questions from pinof 1 in?

Yeah… I’m just gonna leave this here for your own thoughts…


Imagine Tama Tonga as your professor or manager/boss A+ here I come

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I’ve never done one of these, but I’ve been so thankful for the Ghosubsters (2016) and OINTB community for the past six months what with coming out and dealing with depression, so here are my favorite people I follow! I know I haven’t really spoken to most of you, but I would love to make more tumblr friends in 2017, so send me a message if you’d like to chat!! Bold means we’re mutuals! 

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I commissioned missmuggle for a picture of Kate Marsh from that one part in lisvn where Max gives Kate her sweatshirt because I’m still not over it and I just love them so much

Thank you again for this! It’s so perfect!!

IT’S GOBLIN WEEK!! The goblin court welcomes you!

I thought it’d be fun to spend the week “““hosting”““ a lil draw-party where I draw myself and my friends as goblins at a Goblin Ball. So here’s me, one of many self-proclaimed princes of the goblin kingdoms. They’ll just be quick drawins but I think it’ll be good!!! and feel free to join in and fill up that goblin week tag!!!!!

How can Jin eat so much?

Here’s why

- Practices dancing/singing/performances for hours a day.

- Constantly on the go to school and to events go go go.

- Ultra bouncy, IATC alone he probably burned like a million calories. 

- So plush needs extra body energy to stay so silky.

- Shoulders extra wide causes extra wind drag needs extra calories when dancing / walking / moving.

- Probably playing a dance video game right now.

- Wrestling around with Jimin and/or Kookie all the time, because neither one of those boys can leave him alone for two seconds.

- Taking care of Rap Line as they work on end of year projects, especially Hope who is rapping and dancing.  

- It’s gonna be winter time soon and it’s getting cold and he has to burn hotter to keep both himself and Yoongi warm at night.  

- Not to mention keeping the dorm clean all the time, sure he makes the others help but you know he does the most.  

- He knows that he’ll be beautiful no matter what he weighs, because he has confidence in himself.  That takes energy too.