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I’m bringing Tony with me to the Shorty Awards as my date because he’s my best friend and I want him to experience that and to thank him for helping me not quit working on social media and my Dad is annoyed because he wanted to come instead. Father……..???

Just one shadow

The Crimson Odyssey – Chapter Index }

I must say, I knew Gharial had a liking for photography, but I didn’t know he would go as far as getting all these photos together in one book – especially photos of me.
Seems like I had a particular meaning to him. Perhaps… him being a lonely dragon made a buddy like me worth enough to be remembered.

More landscapes. An erupting volcano. A Hunter aircraft roaming the skies; and… a broken cart with a lifeless armor on it… Had he just won a fight? Most likely.

And then the past me, playing his old guitar. Oh gods… the guitar might even still remain in this house. I couldn’t have brought it with me when I moved out anyway.

I could literally make comments out loud about every photo showing up, but… the simple view of these pictures, and the sound of silence are so relaxing. The pages slowly flipping along with Ely’s breath are the only noises that can be heard for minutes.
It’s nice.

I must admit, it’s hard to hide the awkward feelings these pictures give me. Still, I can’t help but keep looking, letting my mind deep dive into old-time memories and Gharial’s view of life.

All of a sudden, on the very last page, the Crimson one makes his first appearance. Actually much to my surprise. And moreover in a rather… intimate setting, I would say.

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Go watch Moana. Do not let what happened to Princess and the Frog happen to this film.

Please do not let this film flop. From the times I’ve visited the Disney store or a retail toy store, I have not seen one child, teen or adult take interest in the movie as they vacantly glance over the merchandise and it honestly breaks my heart. This movie has an incredible soundtrack and wonderfully diverse characters with a very unique story. Please do not shove it aside otherwise Disney will continue pulling out Frozen re-hashes out of their ass along with sequels over and over again.

Y’all seem to think that ‘Respect’ing other human beings means simply being nice to them, accepting their views, and excusing their actions. But…?

Respecting a person as a PERSON means that you’re acknowledging that they exist. That’s it. Speaking about them, as if they are real. That’s what it means to respect a person as a person. You can disagree and downright condemn a person’s beliefs while still acknowledging that they are a person. Because we, as people, are perfectly capable of doing terrible things and still being people. We’re capable of bad, just like we’re capable of good. The point of respecting a person as a PERSON is not accepting their views. It is not sympathizing with them. It is not giving them the benefit of the doubt. And it is not allowing them to continue to hurt you or your people without consequence. It is not excusing them. It is not surrender. 

Respecting a person is realizing that they are still a person saying these terrible things. Not excusing, forgiving, approving, or supporting these terrible things and ideas, but knowing that it was a human itself behind these actions. A person is not suddenly subhuman just because they have terrible ideologies. They’re still a person. Because people do and can have terrible, unforgivable beliefs. And do do unthinkable things. But respecting them as a person is not forgetting that they’re a human. You’re not fighting a monster (Though, a monster in this context would of course be the harmful ideals spread, and the stigma that it both caused and was generated from. Etc.) But you’re fighting another human being.

Now, this by no means should ever weaken your resolve to fight and rise against ideas, campaigns, people that seek to degrade you and oppress you and make “jokes” (can you tell that I literally do not support Felix worth a damn.) at the expense of your suffering. If anything, I feel as if viewing them as a person (read: not forgiving or excusing them. But acknowledging that they are a person.) can only strengthen your fight. The second you fight as if you’re fighting a human being, is the moment that people around you begin to understand why you’re fighting and gain the will to fight themselves. Because they’re humans too. 

People on this site are so quick to completely forget the humanity of the other people on this site over something as remedial as shipping Peridot with Lapis over Amethyst. Do not weaken your own arguments, your own voices, and your own points by dropping your voice as if it were to regard and speak to subhumans. 

Do not let the forces you fight drop your battle from your own hands. You hold it firmly, back straight, and presented at the human being that pushed you, and didn’t expect you to push back. Make them realize that they are not subhuman. Let them know that you, as a human being, are speaking to them, as a human being, on a battle field that they do not want to to be leveled and fair. Let them know that they are not subhuman, even if their beliefs are garbage. Let them know, they’re not lesser as people. 

But as a human being, their actions are unacceptable. And inhuman. Allow them the privilege to feel ashamed. Do not give them the idea that, as a ‘subhuman’, these actions are expected and allowed of them. Let them know that it’s wrong. Let them know.

And that you, as a human being, will not stand for it. 

Don’t excuse them. But see them for what they are.

Keep your vision clear, and your voice true. Know that you do not owe them kindness. But know the force that opposes you. 

Know them in a way that, in some cases, they will refuse to know you.

That’s how you win wars, my friends.


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When your fiancé won’t let you swim the ice

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Day 3! An AU

Well I present to you Underfluff, an au where everyone seem like they’re going to kill you but they’re actually just big overcooked cinnamon rolls

sans uses big floof hug……. it’s supereffective