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Yours If You Will Have Me

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Word count: 1,976
Warnings: Smut. Descriptions of sex, fingering, oral sex (female), and unprotected sex.
Request: ( Anonymous ) It would be amazing if you did a smut with either Gabriel or Richard where they want to fuck but y/n teases him and tell him to write her an essay saying why they should do it, and he does, but instead he writes a really graphic and detailed letter telling her all the things is going to do to her & gets y/n horny. Excuse my horny mind. :) 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do ome where you and Harry go to Annes (not for the first time) you dont have any kids not married just engaged amd have a nice family dinner there

(not edited)

You had become so excited to make your announcement. You couldn’t wait to tell these people that you wanted to make them apart of your family, and you hoped they would accept you into theirs. They were just such lovely people and you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to be able to say that they were going to be legally your in-laws. You had the inkling that Harry wasn’t as eager to do so, though. Whenever an opportunity came up to segue into your announcement, he would quickly change the topic. You were starting to get offended. You felt as though Harry thought he was making a mistake, and was taking his sweet time to decide whether or not to put his family through another messy breakup. You wanted to say something but the two of you were almost never alone when you were with Harry’s family. And, to be honest, you would usually not have it any other way. You loved spending time with Harry’s family, but you wanted nothing more to ask Harry what was going on, in private.

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AO3 Gothic.

You have already left kudos here.

You have already reached into the well of ideas and thoughts, of yearning and romance, of sweat and angst and laughter, and pulled out this particular variant. You have already allowed these words to dip inside, to touch you in that insatiable place where your id resides. The OTP has already murmured their words of love and devotion, their commitment and passion like a comforting, calming wave of clarity washing over you. They are sure, so you can be sure. They have found love, so love exists. They are the sun and the moon and stars to one another, so the universe is not infinite, after all; it is a known entity, soft and reassuring as the look on your fave’s face when he hands his soulmate that first cup of espresso during their first coffeeshop meetcute.


You have already left kudos here, haven’t you.

Haven’t you.

Haven’t you returned to this place, desperate for confirmation, eager to feel what you felt the first time, eager to feel something, anything, to feast on the belief that love is real and you are safe? Anything to reassure yourself that there is only one pairing, and it is true, it is truthful, and you can trust it, it would never lie to you, never make you cry and laugh and wring you out of emotion only to build you back up and promise you happy endings, endings that never come because *you have already left kudos here,* you have already tasted the pain and exuberance of this story, already let it settle over you like a blanket, and yet now look at you, back for more, you starving, insatiable, useless creature, clicking the kudos button like Pavlov’s dog, click, click, click, as if the click can save you, can fill the emptiness that descends the moment you stop reading.

How many times have you read the fic? How many times have you come to it begging for validation, only to go away unsatisfied, always craving more? Do you remember it? When was the last time you read it—was it a day, a year, an hour ago?

Or have you always been reading the fic?

Have you always been returning and returning, grasping at tropes, wearing your carefully cultivated “reading slashfic in public” mask, drawn over you, so that no one will see?—

So that no one will realize that you have never been reading the fic.

The fic has been reading you.

You have already left kudos here.
You have already left kudos here.
You have already left kudos here.


Lost in Marvel  (Part 5/?)

Avengers x Reader, Tony x Reader (Platonic)

Word count: 1,200+ 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 (Coming Soon)

(Not my gifs)

“Is there something wrong (Last Name)?” Nick asks as he turns towards you ‘Didn’t Pietro…’.

“No it’s…it’s nothing” You answer quietly. You could feel Tony watching you, he knew something was up and was probably going to ask you about it later.

“Do you really think speedy is a good choice? He’s just a kid” Steve asks crossing his arms over his chest.

“Yes, he’s about the same age as (Last Name), I’m sure they’ll get along just fine” Nick answers.“Well that settles this meeting” Fury says picking up his papers and tablet and leaving the room

“See ya later” Steve says as he follows Nick.

“You wanna tell me what that was about?” Tony asks as you pull out of your chair to get up.

“On my Earth Pietro…died” His eyes widen as you answer.

“Do want me to have a word with Nick?” He says getting up from his seat.

“No I’m actually really happy, I’m glad this world isn’t like how I’d thought it’d be” You gave Tony a small smile before walking out the meeting room with him following you not that far behind. “So what do I do now? Go see Bruce about my Healing factor?”

“No, what you need to do is have a bath, eat dinner and get straight to bed, you need your rest after what happened today”

“Pffft Okay Dad” The two of you giggle and your terrible comeback.

“Don’t tempt me I can adopt you” You look up at him slightly shocked but he continues to laugh. “And as for where you’ll be staying, you’ll be moving into Avengers Tower, with the rest of the team”

“Really? But I’m not even an Avenger? You sure it’s okay?” You ask a bit surprised that they’ve taken you in so quickly.

“It was my decision” you were taken aback by his response.

“Thank you, Tony, you’ve done so much for me an-“ You could feel your eyes slowly tear up and before you could even finish Tony had cut you off and pulled you into an warm hug.

“Hey, shhh, It’s no problem kiddo” He says whilst rubbing you back.

“Sorry I didn’t think I’d get so emotional” You take a step back whilst wiping away your tears from your cheek.        

“There’s nothing wrong with that, now why don’t we head home?” He says wrapping an arm around your shoulder.


After a great ride on Tony ’s helicopter to the Avengers tower (You felt like throwing up about 5 times) and seeing New York from above which was awesome, you slowly get out of the helicopter trying your best not to fall, the strong gust of wind pushed your (Colour) hair strands over your face making it hard for you to see.

And here you finally were at the Avengers Tower, home to all Avengers. It was a lot better than you expected ‘The other are probably in this building!’ You could feel the goosebumps start to appear on your arms as you followed Tony into the building.

“Welcome home Mr. Stark and Ms (Name)” F.R.I.D.A.Y says as the two of you make your way through the facility.

“Hey Friday, wheres everyone else? I specifically told them to be here for dinner” Tony asks.

“Ms. Romanoff is returning soon from her mission while Mr. Barton is away with his family and Mr. Rogers, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Barnes are on their way-“ Tony’s AI continued to talk as you stopped in what seemed like a living room.

“What about the Maximoff twins?”

“Ms. Maximoff is training with vision in the training room and as for Mr. Maxi-“ before F.R.I.D.A.Y. could finish a strong gust off wind rushed passed you resulting pushing you back slightly.

“Pietro! What have I told you about-“ You quietly watch from behind Tony as he scolds Pietro.

“-Running? Sorry couldn’t help myself” unable to hold yourself you let out a few giggle catching Pietro’s attention. “So your (Name) the new girl?” You give him a shy smile ‘Two words, MIND BLOWN!’

“Yeah that’s me”

“Heard your not from around here, that true?” He asks taking a step closer looking intensely at you.

“Yeah I’m from another Earth, parallel, not really sure ” You

“Cool, I’m Pietro, Fury assigned me to be your-“

“-Babysitter” You cut him off making him laugh ‘Oh my god his laugh is adorable as f***’.

“Hey guys we got the food!” You turned around to see Sam Wilson AKA Falcon walking beside Steve and Bucky ‘Calm down (Name) two avengers at the same time, no big deal’

“You guys took way too long” Tony says taking the pizza boxes  from Sam and making his way towards the large table.

“(Name) right?” Sam says standing next to you.

“Yeah that’s me and your Sam” the two of you shake hands and get to know each other.

“Go to see you doing okay (Name), heard about what happened today” Bucky says handing you a plate with two pizza slices “Grabbed you some before that speedster ate them all”

“You should’ve seen the other guy and thanks Bucky” You say whilst taking the plate.

“Why didn’t you grab any for me Buck?” Sam asks as he tries to take a slice off Bucky’s plate only to get it slapped away.

“Get your own food” Bucky replied making you giggle as the two continued to argue.

“I hope those two aren’t causing too much trouble for you?” You turn to see Natasha Romanoff casually standing next to you and taking a bite out of her pizza ‘How did I not notice her!!’

“N-no, not at all” You give her a nervous smile and try your best not scream ‘It’s only Natasha Romanoff one of the best spies and assassins in the world!’ “Erm did your mission go well Ms. Romanoff?”

“Call me Natasha and yeah, It’s nice to finally the person who came from an another world, (Name) right?”

“Yeah, it’s nice to finally nice to meet you too, I’m a big fan”

“I can tell, don’t be so nervous we’re all friends here” She says before patting your back and walking off towards the others. As the others continued to catch up amongst themselves you felt as if you were an anomaly, which was completely true this wasn’t your world, you didn’t belong here, not with them.

Without being noticed you made your way out of the room and made your way through the hallway maybe a walk would help clear your depressing mood.

“Good evening Ms. (Name), do you require any assistance?”  F.R.I.D.A.Y. asks as you wander around.

“Yeah actually, could you tell me where my room is? I think I’m gonna call it a night"

“Of course”

Most of the Avengers had all said their goodbyes and left, the only two that remained where Natasha and Tony. Natasha took this opportunity to finally talk to Tony after setting her book on the coffee table she made her way towards him.

“Tony, we need to talk” He looks up at Nat from his tablet.

“About what?”


“Had a feeling you’d say that”

“She’s good, escaped HYDRA twice, and with practice could become a great member of our team”

“You think I don’t already know that? Let the kid settle in before making future plans, she may know us but we don’t know much about her” He says running a hand through his hair.

“What does that mean?” She says folding her arms over her chest.

“Never mind, can we talk about it some other time?” Tony says getting up from his seat and making his way out of the room.

“Sure” Natasha says to herself.

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted any parts in a while but I hope this makes up for it, let me know if you enjoyed it or if you’d liked to be tagged in upcoming parts! Peace out!

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Hello! My name is Kiwi.

I’m on my seventh (and final!) home now and am around 10 years old. My last home was asking around for ways to kill me after ‘accidentally’ running me over with a rolling chair. I wasn’t even that injured! One of my wings was bruised and I lost a nail on one of my toes, but  nothing that I’d need to be put down over!

I was passed around between people who didn’t really want me for the first part of my life, then ended up in a home where I was neglected and stressed out all the time for the past few years, so I started chewing my feathers. I don’t pluck, but I will chew them down to nubs.

A friend of my last keeper got them to take me to a vet awhile ago, but that vet didn’t know a thing about hookbills and said the reason I chewed my feathers was because they weren’t giving me grit! Anyone who knows anything about hookbills knows we don’t need grit because we hull our seeds, and grit can be dangerous for us!

My new keeper has taken the grit away and has given me a mineral block and cuttlebone instead, if I want to chew on that.

I’ll see my keeper’s usual vet when she returns from military reserve training unless something happens and I need to be seen on an emergency basis.

One of my toes has an old, healing wound that’s scabbed over.

My keeper doesn’t think the claw is there anymore, and was told the toe injury is from when I was 'accidentally’ run over with a rolling desk chair.

I’m not very good at climbing  both because of my injured toe and because my feet are weak in general because I only had one low perch that was too small for my feet, so my feet in general are pretty weak and I prefer to either sit perched on my food or water bowl or hide in that box you can see in the pictures.

I’m told that my cage is far, far too small for me so I’ll be getting a new one soon, but my keeper wants to let me settle in for a few days before making that change.

I’ve already eaten in front of him, so that’s a good sign.

My previous diet was very poor. Recently,  my last keepers tried to switch me to pellets, but they didn’t know how so they just took my food away and gave me pellets that I didn’t know were food.

My current keeper mixed some millet (which was my primary diet at my old home) in with some other seeds as well as some Harrison’s High Potency pellets. I mostly picked the seeds out but did try a few of the pellets.

I didn’t have any toys in my cage when my new keeper got me. I just had a mirror, which was too high up for me to get to anyway!

Since my current cage is so small, my keeper was only able to fit three toys and two different sized perches in it while still leaving me room to get around.
He left the one small perch in as low as it would go because I’m not sure how to pull myself up onto the cage bars, but I can pull myself up onto the low perch. For the last few years, I’ve basically been a ground bird who only left the box hide to come out and eat or drink.

My keeper was told I’m semi-tame and will walk onto the back of a hand, but that I don’t know how to step up. I’m used to my cage being left open, but am told I won’t get to do that much here because of cats and dogs.
I never went far anyway and usually stayed on my cage or on the floor (which is how I got run over by the chair).

I also hate the Mendards jingle and will start screaming if I hear one of their commercials.

I’ll probably have LOTS of better pictures once I’m settled in and less nervous.

| come with me | the eleventh doctor

“Come with me.”

You stared in shock at the man who had just saved your life, along with countless others’. Your clothes were still dirty and raggedy from the hazardous adventure you had recently embarked on, and there was a cut stinging somewhere on your cheek. 

For a second you couldn’t comprehend what you were hearing. Maybe it was because you were still out of breath from the running for your life that you’d done only mere minutes before. Your brain was short circuiting. 


Was he seriously asking you to just drop everything and follow? You didn’t even know him. In fact you were sure you would never know everything about this man even if you were to be with him another thousand years. It was the way he appeared completely disarming, someone you would look over in a crowd and miss entirely. Just like you had. Then there had been chaos and panic, and he was there, a hand gently yet firmly gripping onto your arm. Hot breath hitting your ear, his excited grin completely contrasting your petrified expression.

But his eyes. That was what terrified you the most. The way they looked, utterly sane but glinting with a deeply set excitement at the danger that rubbed you the wrong way. People had died. It shouldn’t have okay, you shouldn’t have been exhilarated at sprinting for your safety and cracking this supposed alien threat with him, but he had grabbed your hand and it was like you were hypnotized, ready to impress this stranger that was clearly not human, ready to do such brave things you would have never even dreamed of doing.

He made you impossibly reckless, and it brought goosebumps to the nape of your neck. You had only been around him for a day.

“No?” His energy faded, and there was a childish pout forming on his face, but you caught it. You caught the lack of surprise that should have been. It was as if he had expected it. 

It wasn’t right. How many countless people had he asked this question for him to be so prepared? How many had said no to him? How many had said yes?

You felt that the latter had been much more.

“I have things to do,” You spoke, and you went against everything in yourself that was recoiling in you to give this man the answer he wanted. “I can’t just up and leave with you in your space ship.”

Finish your degree. Start a family. Travel the world. How could you just let these things go as if they meant nothing at all?

His green eyes sparkled like jewels and your breath hitched. Something was there. Something confident stirring. like he had a plan up his sleeve you had no idea of. You faltered, but then you stood strong. No. You had made your decision. What could he possibly have that would make you change your min-

“It’s not just a space ship,” He spoke, and your mind came screeching to a halt. 


You thought you had been shocked the most you could, stripped of your bearings of everything you had ever believed the world was and left bare. After today, after him, after everything, how was there the possibility that there was more?

He left you hanging on purpose to the silence that followed as he let his previous words settle and permeate the already dripping air with suspense. You had no actual seat to hang onto, but you were trapped, and he knew it.

“It’s a time machine as well,” He finally finished. You let out a shuddering breath at the implications. Time. He had time in his hands. You could be gone for months and back before supper. You could play with the very foundations of science itself. And he was offering it all to you.

He paused, letting his lips drift up to reveal a white smile, one that pulled you. “She, actually.”

There was no end.

No end, you realized. He took your every excuse and dusted them off then showed you his clean hands as if to say ‘see, nothing to worry about’. She? The amount of questions that flooded your eyes at that suggestion of his ship was enough to chew on for the next millennia. You were anxious for more, and your resolve was being weakened with every second that passed by.

“I,” your voice was weak, and you cleared it to give yourself more ground. But you sounded lost even to yourself. “I want a family.”

“Not stopping you,” He shrugged, fingering his bowtie absentmindedly. “You could come back anytime.”

“And my degree.”

He laughed then, and it blinded you. “Y/N, you helped me stop an invasion a couple minutes ago. I think you can get your degree.”

“Travel the world…” You could’t stop the words now, asking him to stop you. Asking him to find something better. Asking him or was it daring? him to knock you off your feet.

He smiled again, and you knew the dare was taken.

“The world?” He tilted his head. “Y/N, why settle when you can travel the universe?”

“I,” your last attempt. “I don’t know you.”

He tugged on his lapels, as if thinking, before those old, too old, eyes went back to yours. “Me? I have battled far off creatures and found hidden things so lost to the world they were considered forever gone. I have saved whole planets and taken a ship down without a single weapon. I have gone much farther, dreamed way bigger than Earth will ever even begin to understand for another couple centuries at the least. I also just saved your life.”

The sonic he had used earlier was still buzzing in his shirt pocket, warm with energy. 

“Come with me.”

And you wanted to. More than anything else. It should have been over with there, you should have been well on your way to your new life, your new escapades.

It was so close. You had almost said yes.

But you smiled sadly at him, making it truly over. 

The malleable timelines shifted back into place, and whoever you might have been would never come to be.

“I’m sorry.”

“Why?” The Doctor asked. It wasn’t disappointed, nor accusatory, just curious.

“I have a dream,” You mused. “I want to get my degree. I still want to travel the world.” 

You met his gaze. “I’m a brat, Doctor. I don’t believe for a second that if I went with you, time machine or not, I would have enough self control to come back.”

The Doctor smiled at you, and it was the first real smile you’d ever seen from him since he grabbed your arm and ran.

“Maybe we’ll meet again,” He looked at the sky as if he could see it changing seasons before him, a wistful smile tugging at his lips. “Good luck on your dream, Y/N L/N.” 

A nod, a shared moment of understanding.

You turned to walk back to your family, your home. A strange wheezing noise filled the air behind you, wind picking up your hair strands slightly before they floated back down onto your face.


Scar Tissue

[[Summary: When I played ME3, I sort of blindly took the option to erase Shepard’s scars without really considering the implications. Then I wondered how Garrus would take it, and here. Have some angst.


“Shepard. This tech you found would let us erase the scars selectively. With careful application, we could do your whole body.” Dr. Chakwas leaned back in her chair, pouring a careful finger of whiskey and passing it over to Shepard. “Drink before making a decision. Sip, not chug, my dear.” The drink burned all the way down Shepard’s throat, but she had already made up her mind. The alcohol was only fortifying her, making a choice that seemed obvious even more so.

“Do it. Just my face.” Finishing the rest of her drink (and ignoring Dr. Chakwas’ request that she not drink it so quickly,) Shepard stood, walking over to one of the examination tables. Hardly her first time here, and not likely to be her last. Before the machinery could swing out over her face, she traced those few scars she did have- the jagged one that echoed the shape of her cheek, going from eye level to roughly mouth level, tinged a faint red. The one on her forehead, going into her hairline. The one at the corner of her mouth. Not many, but none of them had been there a few years before. This was all Cerberus, and stress. It made her feel older, but not in a linear way- older by decades, battle-worn as any krogan.

The actual procedure itself only took moments, the flicker of pain nothing compared to what she had felt before. Then Dr. Chakwas was passing her a mirror, and Shepard could hold up a scarred knuckle, each individual finger seeming to have a separate story, and see a face that looked untouched for the first time in too long. Gone. All gone. Maybe the great Commander Shepard should have been above vanity, but her own reflection made her smile. “Got someone I have to show, doc. Thanks.” There would be a nice transfer of credits to Dr. Chakwas, the source ‘anonymous’, after this.

“You should rest, let your face settle some,” she was saying, but Shepard was already out the door, a flood of painkillers taking away so many of the aches and pains she no longer noticed in specificity, mood bolstered to the point of being very nearly silly, the whiskey not helping the cause any. The crew was staring, though whether they were doing it because their captain wasn’t walking in an entirely straight line or because her face was suddenly lacking distinct topography wasn’t clear, and to be honest, Shepard couldn’t bring herself to give even a single fuck.

“Garrus.” Leaning against a wall in an attempt to look suave, Shepard entered his domain, the smile on her face attempting to be cocky and instead just looking uneven.

To her chagrin, he didn’t turn around. “Can it wait? I’m in the middle of some-” No, not this again. It had been months. Spinning him around bodily, Shepard made him look at her, holding his face in her hands. “I’d say kiss me, but I need my lips intact today.” She’d have to settle for their customary forehead touch, though in her current state, it was more of a gentle headbutt and then a step backward, waiting to see if he would notice. Of course he would notice. It wasn’t like she had touched her hair or lost weight or done something that would be equally inexplicable to a turian.

“Shepard, what the hell happened to your face?” Not quite the reaction she had been hoping for. Garrus held her face between his hands, turning it this way and that, blinking his eyes rapidly. “Or are you another evil clone? Because if we’re dealing with another clone, I’m out.” He held her gently though; deep down, Garrus knew this was Shepard, as much as he didn’t seem to want to believe it.

One finger went over the space where her most prominent scar had been, rubbing the spot again and again like he could rub away make-up. “Before the Citadel was attacked, I traded medical supplies with another turian I met. He gave me something that could erase scars.” She was naked, so naked, all Shepard wanted to do was go back to bed, sleep everything off. Not that it was ever an option for her. Not that she could ever see a future where it would be.

He let go of her face, hand dropping to his side, and something about it reeked of finality. “Those scars were you. We all supposed to erase our scars now and forget what we earned?” She wanted to reach up and touch his own, that side of his face that was twisted and gnarled from where it had taken a rocket launcher. She’d thought he had died then, and even now it hurt, but she wasn’t a touchy person, couldn’t bring herself to be that person even now.

“You earned yours. Cerberus gave me mine. Maybe I don’t want to be reminded of fucking Cerberus every day.” They were already making her life hell, additional worries on top of the Reapers, and yet Shepard owed her life to them. They had made her in a very literal way, and it was something she faced with every aching part of her body. “I can’t look at my face and see them anymore, Garrus. I can’t do that.” If anyone knew how close she was to breaking from all this shit, they’d lose their faith in her. She couldn’t even let Garrus see; any facial expression Shepard had reverted to something neutral, guarded.

“They were still you,” he replied, but his voice was softer now, more quiet. “You’re always still you. Commander Shepard, savior and asshole of the galaxy.”

“And sometimes I just want to be Shepard.” Garrus had softened now, and the the spirit had gone out of both of them. Not in a bad way; they simply had too much history with each other to fight for so long. “I didn’t erase all my scars, Garrus. I’m still me. It’s just my face.” Just the most visible part of herself, but also the thing she had to see every day in the mirror.

Maybe to both their collective surprise, Garrus grinned at her. “You still got that scar near your hip that I like?” This was better ground, more familiar.

“I can show you.”

“I guess the calibrations can wait.” Garrus touched her face one more time, fingers mourning the missing topography of scars. They would be okay; they had weathered worse than this.

Different Paths- EXO Baekhyun

Originally posted by selubaekai

Baekhyun x You (Eun Hye)

Words: 1571

Angst/Olden Days/ Idol!AU

-Lyric Fanfiction; The song is a Hmong (Pronounced: Mong) song with English lyrics found here–>Lyric MV<–

Alternative Ending~

How many times has the earth spun?

Will the Sun and Moon ever meet?

Political statuses is what separated them. Eun Hye was from a wealthy noble family. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, diamonds and gold filled her life with luxury. He, Baekhyun, born to a low third class struggling family was not compatible at all for her. He was poor with little to no status. Both came to be by a single dance as she went to, sneaking out one night into the village. Love at first sight was such a cliche saying but true to its words.

Setting dates to meet up and finally doing so was one part. Having to call it off and getting in danger was another when her father and mother found out. Many successful dates and also many dreadful and unsuccessful ones. His life was near the end when her mother took action.  Strong minded, she try to not let it get to her but knew that it has already settled into her. Having enough, she fought back but gave in.

“Look at him,” her mother protested sitting across from her in her room, “What does he have?”

She looked at her mother with sadness in her eyes.

“Exactly, nothing.” she growled, “He will not have the status or power to protect you when danger occurs. He doesn’t have the money to fix you when you’re sick and ill. He’ll only lower your status and soon you’ll be forgotten. Cut all ties with him, and get ready, we’ve already set an arranged marriage for you.”

“I don’t want to.” she whispered.


“I don’t wan–” burning sensation sparked across her face. Unleashing the tears that she held holding onto her cheek.

“I gave you too much freedom that now you’re even protesting against me.” her mother snarled angrily standing up, “Leave that man. You’re never getting out of the house until the day I send you off to your future husband.” leaving her room, but re-entering, “If you don’t want anything to happen to him like before, you should make up your mind now.” as she tells the maids to lock her room, allowing only food to be served. She sat on the floor with nothing more than her puddle of tears.

The wind blew past the mountains, yet cannot embrace it

The story of us is like this

Set to be married to her far cousin, her mother cut her off from all ties of the outside world including him. Meeting him in secret was one of the best moments of her life. Meeting before the sun sets and coming home late at night was now a thing of her’s. Freedom for a while as she tried her best to conceal her broken heart as she sees his smile from afar. He waved at her excitedly and ran for her.

“When did you get here?” he asked with a bright smile. Her heart breaking into pieces seeing him smile thinking that everything is fine. Closing the gaps between their bodies, she embraced him tightly feeling her emotions unleash.

“What’s wrong?” he asked moving her back a little, glimpsing at her face, “Why are you crying?” She shook her head and smiled, “I just .. What would I do without you?” She looked at him as the unpleasant feeling settled in her. Holding her hands in his, his chocolate orbs searched hers confusingly. She took in a deep breath and exhaled shakily, “Let’s end it here.”

“Don’t lie to me.” wiping her tears away, “Don’t do this.” His eyes glossed a layer of crystal clear liquids, “You’re only lying to me. Tell me you’re lying. You can’t just leave me like this.” his voice shook with the tears he held. He tightened his grip on her hand as the other wiped her trails of tears. His hand rests upon her cheek, “Tell me you’re lying.”

“I’m not.” her voice becoming almost a faint whisper.

“Then Why.. Why?”

“Because..” she swallowed, looking him in the eyes, “I don’t love you.” the words she’d never thought she’d say to him.

“Lies.” he blurted out. “If you didn’t you wouldn’t come out to meet me here. If you didn’t you wouldn’t have cried. If you didn’t… You’d never had agreed to be mine from the beginning.”

“You can think all you want.” she snapped back, “Believe the lies that I once told you then.” turning her back towards him and walking back towards home, “I did it fo–” feeling something go past the side of her face. She stopped hearing ruffles behind her. Slowly turning towards the direction of him, noting he wasn’t looking at her but the items in his chest. Her eyes widened as he looked back at her, “Baekhyun.” she whispered. He smiled at her as he grabbed the arrow tugging it out of him falling to the ground. Rushing back to him with tears streaming her face, “Baekhyun.” pressing onto the wound to stop the bleeding. Her wavered, stroking his face as she sobbed, “Baekhyun..”

“Don’t” he whispered. She stopped pressing on the wound and embraced him in her lap instead, “You can’t leave me like this.” she mumbled in between cries, “You can’t just leave me like this. You have to stay with me.”

“You never loved me” he managed to mumbled.

“Those were all lies. I love you, so much. Much more than the wealth and luxury given to me and status. I loved every moment we spent together. Don’t leave me.” hugging him tighter. Her tears landing in his soft now dirty hair.

“Eun Hye!”

Her head snapped into the direction of the voice, “Mother?” holding him tighter in her embrace.

“Let’s go home, NOW.”

“This was all you’re doing!” she screamed at her mother, “You did this!”

“Eun Hye, don’t raise your voice at your mother.” he struggled to say. Seeing his lips and face pale anger built in her. “She did this to you.” she growled, “Are you happy now?!!” tears in eyes, “Are you satisfied now?!”

“Bring her and let’s go.” waving at the men.

“What about the man?”

“Leave him for all I care.” walking with her back facing them. Eun Hye kissed his forehead laying her cheek against it, “I’m not leaving you.”

They tugged her away from him. She screamed and kicked trying to get back to him, “Please, just let me stay with him before he leaves.” she begged them. Her mother gave them the signal and let her go after dragging her almost halfway. Running back to him in her stained velvet dress, seeing him on the ground still, she slowly walked to him, still unable to take in the scene. His hand reached out to her and she hurriedly ran to him. Embracing him again tightly, “This will be the last time I embrace you.” she choked, “Will this be the last time for us to see each other..?” after a long pause of silence. She stroked his hair and his cheek, his eyes now closed to the world, “Will you wait for me?”

How many life times does our story have?

Reborn a hundred times yet still so far apart

“Yah!” her friend nudged her, “Isn’t that EXO’s Byun Baekhyun and Park Chanyeol?” she just shrugged as she continued on her phone. “They said that Byun Baekhyun is dating.. That one idol.. I think.” her friend nudged her again.

“So what?” she snapped, “I’m trying to win this game. STOP.”

“Just look at him!” she yelled in a whisper. She rolled her eyes and looked over at him, where he was standing waiting for his order to arrive. Her eyes grew as it glossed a little.

“Yah..” her first snapped her back to reality, “I said look, not cry.” She tapped the tears away, “I don’t know.. It’s..–”

“He’s leaving..” she whined, “Let’s go ask for a photo before he disappears.” walking fast after him. Eun Hye just rolled her eyes and followed her out. She somehow got them to agree on a photo, “Eun Hye-AH! Can you take the photo?” His head snapped in Eun Hye’s direction and for a moment, their eyes connected. The look in his eyes sparked a hint of happiness but sorrow. She bowed and took the photo and they shook hands with her too. They were getting ready to leave, “Your name sounds so familiar.” he said to her. She looked at him and smiled.

“Well I–”

“Baekhyun-ah.” a woman’s voice called from behind him. He smiled at her and then back at Eun Hye. She suddenly felt like crying, like she lost something.

“Well, it was nice to see my fans. Hopefully we see you two around again.” he smiled at your friend then Eun Hye, but he just kept looking at her. His eyes lingered on her, and her’s did the same.

“Baekhyun are we leaving yet?” the lady whined. He snapped out of it and nodded to her, “Let’s go.” They exchanged bows and went in separate directions. Her friend looked at her and noticed how quiet she’s gotten. “Are you okay?” Eun Hye nodded.

“Let’s get back to the dorm. You’re leaving back to Europe so we have to go finish packing your items.” She only nodded and looked behind her, “Why does it feel like I just lost the most important person.. in my life?”

That we cannot be together

Real Talk

Okay but the real struggle is that so far no one on here has an age gap of at least 30 with their TC the average seemingly being 15ish years and I’m sitting here like “32 year gap mate” and like yeah all our struggles are the same, but there’s just something so unique and hopeless about an older man who is already settled and will hardly let you into his life in the way in which you want to be a part of it. So all you people out there who relate hit me up cuz I’m tired of being in this alone

Flashed - Part 2
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Hey lovelies! You all seemed to enjoy the first part of Flashed, which is amazing! Thank you so much! Also many many thanks to cat-winchester-mikaelson-curtis is for the lovely message and for the patience. I got home yesterday and have a massive Jetlag, but I somehow managed to write this. I'm not really happy with it, but I hope you at least like it a bit? Excuse any mistakes, I will re-read this tomorrow and hope to see more of my mistakes. Thank you!

Read Part 1 here

Summary: Part 2 of the lovely request about the Reader being a regular on the show since she was 14 (now 24) and about Reader dating Grant Gustin / The Flash
Pairing: Grant Gustin x Reader
Warning: None I believe
Words: 1'403

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Frontier - Chapter 16: Advantage

Sara and her crew begin working to gain the Angara’s trust; and try to learn to trust them in return.

Guys. I love them all so much. ;_; Ao3 Link

Everyone was more than a little tense when Sara returned to the Tempest with one of the Angara, Jaal. Scott especially went straight to Sara and stayed close to her, watching him cautiously, a fact which Jaal noticed immediately.

They flew back to the Nexus to quickly drop Diyxtee off and out of danger. In that time Sara had everyone gather in the meeting room to try and answer their questions.

“We need to earn their trust.” She told them.

“Since when did we give them ours?”

“Come on guys, settle down already! We have an Angara here so lets just hear what he has to say.” Sara sighed and turned to Jaal, who was sitting nearby just listening with a scowl on his face. She motioned for him to join them, to explain the details she could not, trying to be as respectful as possible.

“One day,” He began, standing and moving in next to Sara, “About eighty years ago, the Kett arrived in Heleus, and the horror began.”

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  • So... apparently been too excited is not the best when you are trying to sleep because it will lead to conversation like the one below:
  • William: Your level of excitement simply amzes me.
  • Wattson: What? You don't understand. My idol talked to me! I should be hyper about it no?
  • William: *shaking his head* Just calm down and go to sleep already.
  • Wattson: No nope nope nope! I am dancing under the moon tonight! And nobody can stop me.
  • William: There is no moon tonight. Also, just settle down already. Shouldn't have let you touched the phone.
  • Wattson: Too late! I am so totally posting this online later.
  • William: Why am I stuck with you as my brother?
  • Wattson: For better or for worst! You. Are. Stuck. With. Me. For. All. Of. Eternity!
  • William: *groans and left the room*
  • Wattson: Battle won!
  • It is chaotic at times but I will not change anything in the world for it. Better sleep now~ Cheers!

Faith sat on the bench and waved at both of them. 

Faith: Let me worry about the money, the house and everything else.

Province: Faith, we can’t ask you to do all that!

Faith: Can’t or won’t?

Matt: Hold on, let’s settle this out.

Faith: Well, it’s settled already! Matt, you and Province need to spend some time together, figure stuff out, have a little fun! Province, you need a break. I know you’re stressing out about finding a job, and me, I just need a vacation. So it’s all good. Province can make the reservations, and I’ll take care of everything else.

Based on the Halloween episode still and spoilers.  SMUTTY SMUT!! Rated M.  Readers beware!

“What’s the plan?  What are we doing?” Stefan said quietly, eyeing the familiar faces of the Heretics as they trickled in the door.

“There is no plan.  We’re not doing anything,” Caroline said with a false air of calm.

Stefan arched an eyebrow at her.

“Seriously!” she insisted, “We’re just going to enjoy ourselves and enjoy the party and just have some damn fun for a change!”

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She had been fussy all day. She wasn’t sick and you had tried everything to get her to calm down. Now she was refusing sleep even though you knew she needed it. She was exhausted and so were you.

You had started to haul yourself up off the couch again, the dark circles glaring underneath your eyes, when you heard her start up crying again in the other room, but Cas gave you a sweet smile and a meaningful look. A soft hand on your knee and he told you that he would take care of it.

He headed to the bedroom to find your daughter crying in her crib, her pacifier flung out onto the floor. She was all worked up, red in the face and screaming, little salty tears poring down her cheeks.

Cas scooped her up in his arms and began to shush her and rock her, smiling down at her blue eyes, the color identical to his own. He used a soft, smooth voice whenever he talked to her. “What is it, bunny?” His nickname for her that still melted you to a puddle. “Shhhh.”

Your ears perked up as you heard him start singing to her.

Hey Jude/Don’t make it bad/Take a sad song/and make it better

You couldn’t resist; you tiptoed down the hallway and snuck to peer around the doorway at your whole world, the man you loved and your little girl in his arms. He was singing softly down to her, rocking her and bouncing her in his arms. By the end of the first phrase she had already began settling down.

Remember to let her into your heart/Then you can start/to make it better

He hadn’t noticed you standing there and watching. You leaned your head against the doorframe and watched him gently place her down in her crib. Her eyes had fluttered closed and she was breathing slow and deep. Cas smiled down at her with such tremendous love, his hands resting softly on the edge of her crib.

You smiled at him, love swelling in your own chest, and finally Cas noticed you there watching him. And the look he gave you was the same one filled with tht tremendous love.

“What…what is that?" 

Scott and Stiles stood in front of the stove in Scott’s kitchen, both boys looking confused and, truth be told, a little bit frightened.

"It’s, um…” Scott blinked at the charred brick in the baking pan. “It was brownies. I made brownies.”

Stiles cocked his head to the side, squinted, and fixed the pan with an appraising stare. “Huh.”

“Yeah.” Scott muttered.

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You Make Me Strong

Pairing: Bechloe

Word Count: 1,525

Warning: Revolves around character death, so if that bothers you, please refrain. Thank you. And no, neither Beca nor Chloe dies. But Chloe just finds out that Beca’s mother died… four years ago. Pure Bechloe fluff.

Everyone knows Beca Mitchell isn’t a morning person. That’s an established fact.

But this morning, she woke up with a jolt, rolling over and finding Chloe beside her—mouth slightly open, but even in her sleep she looked delicate. Beca pawed on their bedside table until her hand found her phone. Blankly, she stared at the screen: 5:58AM. She groaned, flopped back on her pillow and tried to go back to sleep.

Then her brain suddenly clicked and she scrambled in search for her phone to double-check the date: 10 July 2015.

The phone dropped on her stomach with a bounce. She pressed the heels of her hands over her eyes—how could she forget?

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