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Can I get RFA + V finding MC's anti-depressants and realizing they have depression? Please and thank you!

Yes, I made it so that Jumin doesn’t find out that exact way, so if you want me to fix it let me know. Also, if anyone needs to talk because they feel down, you can message me at any time.


  • He’s not the brightest lightbulb he only lasted about an hour
  • He has to actually see MC’s pill case on his bathroom counter for it to really register that they take any sort of medicine
  • MC has slept over at his house a few times before, so he assumes that he’s seen them take their pills
  • He gets worried
  • Like really worried and runs out of the bathroom, pill case in hand and asks MC if they’re dying
  • Yoosung, chill
  • “No, Yoosung. It’s just to help regulate my depression”
  • Oh. He can deal with that.
  • Then it clicks
  • MC, you have depression? But you’re always so happy and smiling.”
  • They have to explain to him that just because someone is happy doesn’t mean they aren’t depressed. 
  • He studies more about depression and things he can do to help in his spare time.
  • He will stop whatever his plans are for the day and just hold them, if MC says they’re not feeling too well


  • Is honestly a bit hurt when he finds the bottle that appears to have fallen out of MC’s jacket. Yeah, MC why are you carrying your anti-depressants around in a jacket. 
  • But once he sits down and talks about it with them, he finds out that it’s not him and they’ve had it for years, he’s honestly completely fine with it.
  • It’s just another part of them to love.
  • Whenever MC is having a particularly bad day, he’ll lay down on the couch and pull MC on top of him so that they can listen to his heartbeat it’s so steady and strong and he can stroke their hair


  • She was always worried about you
  • Even back before the first party, when MC would miss chatrooms from how much they slept.
  • So she really didn’t mean to snoop. 
  • They just always looked so tired, and Jaehee just wanted to make sure MC isn’t in an kind of trouble.
  • She found a slip for a proscription refill first, for something with a name she couldn’t even begin to pronounce.
  • Then she found the pill bottles, all still filled and dated recently, all of them saying take twice a day
  • She was honestly shocked MC was hiding something like this.
  • She was their wife. We all know the proposal Jaehee had was actually a marriage proposal.
  • Obviously she confronted MC about it.
  • Everything turned out fine, Jaehee was just upset they kept it from them for so long
  • MC now has a chart and alarms on theirs and Jaehee’s phone for when to take their meds.


  • Finds out the second day they’re in his apartment. Jumin Han gets shit done.
  • It was also kind of hard to miss how MC twitched every so often.
  • When he asked them, they just told him they needed to go back to the apartment.
  • Finally, on the third day, they told him.
  • “Jumin, I really need to go back to the apartment. My meds are there, I haven’t taken them in two days.”
  • He is calling his personal doctor before they even finish the sentence.
  • He’s right there as you talk with the doctor, and takes everything surprisingly well. 
  • Makes sure there’s always things that make them happy in the apartment.
  • Their favorite is picking up Elizabeth the 3rd and letting her fur tickle their cheeks.


  • He sees the pill bottles lining the bathroom counter and figures out pretty fast
  • Doesn’t mention it at first because he doesn’t want to seem like he cares.
  • But he’s honestly so worried that he mentions it
  • He only lasted about an hour he’s blind
  • Takes it very well
  • Really wants to just pull them into a hug and let them know they’re loved
  • After the incident with mint eye he does just that
  • Everyday.
  • And MC does it to him too.


  • He’s blind 
  • So it’s more like the rattling of the pills that clues him in
  • “Darling, what is that?” Is a frequently asked question that never really got an answer
  • Finally MC tells him.
  • Is shocked at first
  • Am I destined to be with girls who have mental disorders
  • But he eventually calms down
  • Hugs MC from behind and asks them how bad it is
  • Is very relieved when he finds out that it’s completely manageable with the medication they take every day
  • Makes sure that MC never misses a day.
  • Being the giant that he is, he engulfs MC in hugs that smell like home

Why I Love Black People, Reason #8,372.

So last night, some poor intern at Yahoo probably lost their job with this tweet.

Learn to proofread, Beth!  Anyway, Black Twitter was not bout to just let that slide and the GOLD going down in the #NiggerNavy hashtag has me crying.  Now, I know some of my white friends/readers are slightly uncomfortable reading that hashtag, and that just means you were raised right.  But Black America has enacted a brief – very brief – reprieve where you can read and even chuckle about the n-word without collapsing into a puddle of guilt.  Note, this reprieve is not extended to speaking or typing, so I bet not see none of y’all’s handles on Twitter trynna participate.  I already know Buzzfeed is probably finding one of their many Black folks to compile a list and blur out the i-g-g in each tweet so they can post it and catch those clicks real quick.

And tell your Trumpublican cousins to stay out of our hashtag with their whining about how racist it is that we can say it and they can’t.

Edit:  I don’t check for Buzzfeed so I was wrong.  I mean, yes, they already made a post, but they didn’t blur anything.

I hate that there’s a limit to the Gay™ I can reasonably expect from modern media. Even though there are millions of books, movies, and tv shows with purely straight characters I could never hope for a show with more than a few or, god forbid, only queer characters. It’s like there’s an unspoken rule that I can’t hope for more than one, maybe two non-straight characters or relationships because any more would be ‘unrealistic’ or 'pandering’. Fucking pander to me man, to all the other queer people invested in the worlds you create, because it’s not fair that because there’s a lesbian couple there’s an invisible cap and now I’ll never see a bi main character, or that having a trans side character is “enough activism” and that trans character will never have another friend on the show like them. Why do you have to maroon all your gays in this heterosexual world? Why can’t you let us find each other??

I did a meditation course
  • instructor: you'll need to find your guides and guardians
  • me: ?
  • instructor: they are figures or beings who understand and love and protect you - they can take any form you like! some people see them as parents or ancestors, some as gods from various pantheons.
  • me: right right right. love, understand, protect. let me just think
  • me: I'll try to conjure up some
  • me: um give me a sec
  • me: I've got all four teenage mutant ninja turtles and sylvia plath
  • instructor: that's fine, last year a lady's guide was yoda
The Imperfections of human beings.

I wanted to write some formal stuff about T6T now that I’m on a real keyboard. I spent the entire night just sifting through people’s very angry, upset, hurt posts about John, Sherlock, Mary, and even Molly.  I think people need to step back and realize what this show is actually about: human beings.

I grew up in a hugely broken home.  My mother’s 6 year relationship with the man of her dreams was shattered when he cheated on her after 6 months of being married.  Our lives effectively ended as she spiraled into alcoholism and a massive depression which eventually killed her.  I’ve grown up literally thinking that cheating on your spouse is how Satan prepares you for your eternity in the boiling shit cauldron of Hell.  In short: I. Hate. Cheaters.

Naturally, when I saw what John was engaging in, my anger shot up like a piss volcano.  My instant reaction was fury, to drop the man and his character like a hot dog patty.  But then, I remembered, that this show has one true characteristic above all others: human beings are not just one thing. People, are flawed.  People, are never ever perfect, no matter how much they try to be.

Listen to what Mary said to John.  She said it was so hard to try and live up to the perfection that she thought John was.  That perfection is (and ALWAYS has been, y’all) a facade.  I never did understand why people thought John was an angel when it’s demonstrated in the very first episode that he is NOT.  I was able to see that, but I was able to see his goodness too.  Same with Sherlock.

Ironically, both of these idiots have spent the better half of 3 seasons trying to BE perfect.  It’s a lie. It can never be.  The irony of Sherlock calling out Mary’s “facade” in HLV just…I sat there grinning from ear to ear because honey you are ALL operating behind a facade.  Every single one of you.  John thinks he wants a quiet life but in actuality he is drawn to catastrophic danger. Copy that verbatim for Mary.  Sherlock thinks he’s a perfect thinking machine without emotion, yet he sits and bawls over his childhood pet. Molly thinks she wants a normal dude who goes to pubs but instead she really wants “a high functioning sociopath”. For God’s sake Mrs. Hudson used to help run a drug ring. Mycroft is perfectly fine covering up murders, sending out assassins, whatever it takes to keep his interests intact.  Ha ha ha these people are aaaaall fuuuuuucked.

 Now, I am still furious with John.  John was ultimately responsible for his family’s destruction.  It was inevitable.  His undying love for danger, despite having a newborn baby in his life, put him and his family on a collision course with tragedy.  Sherlock added to this, but he did not cause it directly.  If John had truly been a responsible dad he’d have picked up and moved his family to the damned suburbs or something and quit solving cases with Sherlock…but he didn’t.  Now, he’ll have to deal with that guilt.  The guilt of being a major reason why his baby girl will now grow up motherless. Sherlock was responsible for the final straw, but John was responsible for the haystack.

And that’s the point of Sherlock.  These people are all terribly, helplessly broken.  I think the most pure person in this show is Molly Hooper, and she’s not perfect either.  There’s only ever been one perfect human being and they nailed Him to a cross.

Having said all of this, and while John’s actions in T6T I found to be absolutely unlikable, reprehensible, and gross…I know he is just a man.  His life was changing at an alarming pace.  A new baby, from what I have heard, throws couples into turmoil all the time.  The man still suffers from mental illness.  He is now a single father, hates his best friend (he’ll get over it, y’all, the writing will make sure of that), and his wife went to her grave believing he was a perfect person when he knows in his heart he is anything but. John Watson made his bed, and he’ll lie in it forever now.  It will now be his personal journey to redeem himself for what has happened.  Sherlock has been on his own personal journey for, well, ever. Now it’s John’s turn.  I’m willing to give him the same chance I’ve given to his stupid friend.  

No one is perfect in Sherlock.  No one is perfect in life.  That’s the point.  We can sit and hate the people who’ve wronged us, and believe me, I still hold a lot of hate in my heart for my stepdad for turning my mother into a pile of rubbish and causing me to grow up a mess of a person.  But in the end, it makes zero positive difference in my life.  That hate is an anchor on me, a weight I don’t want and am still filing at it’s chain to free myself from. 

We forgive or we don’t, but we move on regardless of what choice we make.  We’ll have to see if John Watson makes better choices in the future.  For that little baby girl…he’d better.  I’m willing to wait and see.

  • Rowan: Now, let's say you haven't eaten for days and you're in desperate need of a sandwich. What do you do?
  • Aelin: I run over to Aedion and have him make me a sandwich.
  • Rowan: Okay, yes. But say you can't find Aedion.
  • Aelin: Where's Aedion?
  • Rowan: It's not important where he is. He's gone. He left the country.
  • Aelin: He left the country? Why? Is he okay?
  • Rowan: Yes, he's fine.
  • Aelin: Well, if he's fine, I don't see why he couldn't make me a sandwich.
Canon Era Heads of House
  • Sprout: *checks in at Hufflepuff once a week* Everything OK in here? Good. Let me know if you need anything.
  • Flitwick: Which spell was it? Merlin. Well, let me see if I can find a countercharm...
  • McGonagall: You did WHAT now????
  • Snape: Unless someone is dying, I don't want to know about it.

Okay but

Kara meeting Sara in the crossover.

Sara I’m-Getting-Some-Of-That Lance on full 10.

Sara relentlessly hitting on Kara and Kara never catching on.

“Let’s see some of your hand to hand.” “Are you sure you can handle me Sara?” “Oh I’d love to handle you.”

Felicity finally taking pity on Sara (and also questioningly turned on by their sparring) and telling Kara what Sara has been doing.

Kara finding out that Sara is bi and having to restrain herself from asking a million questions because her sister just came out to her and she doesn’t know how to help.

Sara and Kara becoming bros after and Barry getting a little jealous.

Oliver walks around and does his tight lipped smile thing because why did everyone stop training there are aliens attacking.

Sara giving advice to Kara to pass on to Alex back in her own world about dating and girls.

Kara blushes at everything.

Diggle and Thea eventually grab chairs and join them.

Diggle/Sara/Kara/Thea friendship circle anyone?!

“Make sure she shows the caring, compassionate side that a future wife would love.” “BUT more importantly make sure your sister knows how to tastefully show off her assets, you know the goods.”  “Speedy I don’t think-” “John who is the girl here.” “Who is the married one.”

Diggle and Thea fighting over who is giving the best dating advice, Sara grinning like and idiot as she realizes how much she misses Team Arrow sometimes and Kara taking notes on her work journal.

Kara going back to her Earth and regurgitating anything she can remember back to Alex.

“Sara said you’ve got to buy the lady a drink and introduce yourself. In that order. Wait. Or was it the other way around? Is it normal to buy someone a drink before they know your name or after? Mon-El had girls-” “and that is where I stop you Kara. No Mon-El dating techniques are to be spoken in my proximity.”

I want it so bad.

Some of these may be fairly obvious, but I feel that sometimes people (me included) overlook the obvious. Hopefully by following these tips you’ll be able to study more effectively and see an improvement in your language learning!

1. Know how you learn best. You can take quizzes online to find out what kind of learner you are, whether you learn best by writing things out, listening to information, reading, etc etc. This might be obvious, but if you’re not using studying techniques that work for you, you won’t learn much (or it’ll take you much longer than necessary). Following on from this- DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLE TELL YOU WHAT TECHNIQUES WILL/ WON’T WORK FOR YOU. This happened all the time at school, teachers would tell me I can’t study by just writing/ reading my notes. Jokes on them, I got 7 A’s.

2. Do a bit everyday. This doesn’t mean you have to sit down in front of a textbook for 2 hours a day. Even just reading over the notes you made the previous week will help commit it all to memory. Honestly, rereading notes is the way to go when you’re tried/ just feeling lazy (we all have those days). Repetition repetition repetition!

3. Use more than one resource. Only using one textbook/ app/ website is only going to give you one definition/ explanation for what you’re learning. Having a ‘back up’ resource will mean if you come across something you’re not sure about you can easily look up another explanation which should help you understand it better! It may also cover something that isn’t mentioned in your ‘main’ resource, so you’ll be learning even more! That being said, try not to overload yourself with textbooks and online courses. Using too much will slow you down. 

4. Set goals. Breaking it down into smaller chunks will prevent you from feeling totally overwhelmed with the idea of learning a language. Setting goals like ‘5 grammar points and 20 words a week’ will mean that you can easily progress and achieve what was set, which will not only make you feel great about achieving those goals, but it will also mean you will be learning at a good pace. Following on from that…

5. Go at your own pace. Just because someone claims you can be fluent in 3 months (ya’ll know who I’m talking about) doesn’t mean it’ll work out like that for you. Sure, some people can learn a language to a high level in a year, but for others it may take them 2 or 3 years to get to the same level. That’s totally fine! If you try to rush, chances are you won’t actually learn much at all. It’s much better to take all the time you need (be it 3 months or 3 years) than trying to learn it all at once but never remembering it or learning it wrong.

6. Use the language in everyday life. You don’t have to travel around the world to do this. You can change the language on your phone/ laptop, make friends online who are native speakers, writing a diary, even just talking to yourself.  Using the language will help cement it in your mind and make it feel more natural when you speak it. Even just narrating your day in your head will help you become more familiar with the grammar and words used. 

7. Write things down. Even if you don’t write out pages and pages of notes from a textbook, keeping note of new words or grammar structures you’ve learnt will help you remember them, and if you forget something it’s all there in writing! It will save you from having to look it up again online or in your textbook, and the process of writing it out will help you become more familiar with it and commit it to memory. 

Virgo vs Pisces by MS MR

Hurricane for Virgo [x]

“Ready for the worst before the damage’s done”
“Welcome to the inner workings of my mind…
So dark and foul I can’t disguise”
 “Keep my eyes open, my lips sealed, my heart closed"
“ Didn’t know getting lost in the blue meant I wound up losing you”

Fantasy for Pisces [x]

“Came to make a connection, force myself in a dimension
Lost sight of myself”
“Maybe I’ll find something real, not a fantasy so divine…
Let myself down each time”
“How could it be what I wanted to see? My reality could never live up to the fantasy in me”

Bangtan & Omelas

I keep getting questions asking how the Omelas story ties in with the Spring Day music video. This is how I’ll interpret it.

We all should know about the short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.” If you don’t, let me quickly summarize.
There’s a town by the sea called Omelas. This town is seen as perfect with their perfect and happy people, but it’s really not. There’s a young child who had been sacrificed in order for these people to be happy. The young child cannot be fed nor spoken to. The townspeople of Omelas can go see the young child, but most who do end up walking away in disgust after finding out what evil lies in their beautiful town. Keep in mind those who walk away never free the child either, so they’re just as evil for knowing and not doing anything.

In Spring Day, it focuses around Bangtan reminiscing about the past and wanting to see each other. The scenes that stood out to me were these:

Jimin finds washed up shoes on the shoreline. From my knowledge of Hollywood movies and books, shoes by themselves means someone left them there. This person is more than likely gone and not coming back (possibly death).
Right away I viewed this as a metaphor for the young child of Omelas, youth, that was left behind and forgotten.

Then near the end when the boys finally arrive to their destination, they walk towards a tree. For those who don’t know, a tree is symbolism of life. You have the roots that dig deep, the trunk that establishes a foundation, the branches that reach out for sustenance, leaves that are floating through the wind for healing, and so on. The tree of life.
When they arrive to this tree, Jimin hangs the shoes he found on the shorelines on a branch.
Shoe tossing holds meaning of those who have died, we’re left behind. “The reason they are hanging, legend has it, is that when the dead person’s spirit returns, it will walk that high above the ground, that much closer to heaven.”

In my opinion, Bangtan hanging the unknown shoes is like them going back to Omelas and setting the young child free. In a metaphorical way, Bangtan is doing what they always do: speaking and protecting youth. Since they debuted, the message they always wanted to get across with their music is to protect our generation of people. Majority of older people will say our voices don’t matter, but they’ve always been against that. We are all human and we should all let our voices be heard.

Safeguard - Steve x Reader

Plot: It’s 2am, you’re all alone, until you bump into a kind stranger who helps you find your way.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Words: 3048
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Hello everyone! I think I’m back! Potential new series, so let me know what you think, and I love you all.  P.S. This is 100x better than the plot says it is. Hopefully.

For the city that supposedly doesn’t sleep, New York sure is quiet right about now. You look down to your phone and check the time - almost two in the morning. It’s cold enough that you can see your breath when you exhale, and you know that walking around the city all night isn’t one of your brightest ideas.

What else are you supposed to do, though? It’s not like you can go home.

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