lets see if tumblr lets me upload these


Karl Urban‏@KarlUrban  Close your eyes , give me your hand darling & let’s Go see @StarTrekMovie this weekend !!



- JazzySatinDoll


K so Tumblr won’t let me upload the full-size version of this… so if you want to see what I actually ended up with, you’ll have to go have a look at the speedpaint - sorry! (It was a heck of a lot more colourful… was being the operative word.)

Anyway - if you haven’t seen or played Unravel yet, it’s fast becoming one of my favourite games. The game itself is immaculate and I’m really enjoying Sean’s lets play :)

Ref (sort of!) from Bristlee

My videos of LPL Chicago, I was going to upload pictures but after drafting a post of about 30 and having tumblr delete the post, the videos are all I’m doing! Obviously I’m not a professional and I scream sometimes and the camera changes angle about 10000 times but .. o well. If anyone wants to see any photos [I took a lot esp of Michael in that gimp suit] just message me ! 

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40th Anniversary of A Chorus Line

The cast of HAMILTON at The Public Theater pays tribute to A Chorus Line on the 40th anniversary of its first performance in the Newman Theater at The Public.