lets see if tumblr lets me upload these

Filming in Korea

Hey guys! So, I am going to Korea over the summer, and I wanted to make some vlogs when I’m there, show you around, fangirl about k-pop, mukbangs, stuff about culture and language, q&a’s and just show you around my hometown. So if you guys would like to see some of that in the near future the link is SUBSCRIBE HERE(YOUTUBE), (bc tumblr isn’t a great place to upload videos) and I am slightly hesitant if you guys would like this so if you would let me know by reblogging,liking, or letting me know in my inbox

hey everyone :) to those asking, yes I have the short video from the Shannon gif and I have more pictures of him and a longer video from when I was walking up on stage. I’ve been trying to upload but Tumblr doesn’t let me because you know how this blue hell works. I’m going to keep trying to see what goes through! didnt wanna let you think i left you hanging!! 

- Sheila. 

Happy Birthday, Gen!


- JazzySatinDoll


K so Tumblr won’t let me upload the full-size version of this… so if you want to see what I actually ended up with, you’ll have to go have a look at the speedpaint - sorry! (It was a heck of a lot more colourful… was being the operative word.)

Anyway - if you haven’t seen or played Unravel yet, it’s fast becoming one of my favourite games. The game itself is immaculate and I’m really enjoying Sean’s lets play :)

Ref (sort of!) from Bristlee


40th Anniversary of A Chorus Line

The cast of HAMILTON at The Public Theater pays tribute to A Chorus Line on the 40th anniversary of its first performance in the Newman Theater at The Public.


The Cunningham staff never ceases to be amazing at the colors on this show! I tried to upload some pictures but tumblr can not handle some of the bright and neon colors in it, it just keeps having errors and exiting out certain images, poo. Here are the ones I think Tumblr is OK with so long as I don’t upload them on a single part of the photoset (It was nice enough to let me on the last one at least).

I actually missed this episode because I was in the hospital but my sister was nice enough to record it. On my parent’s TV. Which is a 42 inch HD TV. And let me tell you, it was amazing seeing this action sequence in such quality.

  • Youtube: Hey there, there's a new Tyler Oakley video.
  • Me: I'm so sorry, I can't watch it. I gotta finish this assignment first.
  • Youtube: C'mon just have a quick look.
  • Me: Alright, but I'll do my work right after.
  • Me: *watches video* *sees another video*
  • Me: Oh, I love this one I haven't watched it in forever.
  • Me: Oh this is such a cute video, I need to watch it right now.
  • Me: Let's watch a Q&A.
  • Me: Let's watch a collab with Troye Sivan.
  • Me: Oh Troye has uploaded a new video too, let's watch it.
  • Me: Oh look Troyes The Fault in our Stars song
  • Me: *cries* *re-reads TFiOS* *Posts on tumblr because feels*
  • My mom: Have you finished your assignment?
  • Me: SHIT!

anonymous asked:

I find most Kailu interactions really cute but with so much sexual tension. Like am I weird? They always do this thing, after turning,that they stare each other crotch and fix it. Or touch everywhere literally everywhere o.O. Do you see the sexual tension aswell?

OMG YES I DO /spazz/ they’re so cute, and sweet, and lovely, but I feel it as well. They’re like “I want to hold you and never let go… and then lead you to my room”.


And then JONGIN like “hyung what do you have there… let me see?”

But one thing is true: Jongin can’t keep his eyes and hands away from Luhan’s body.

*omg this one is the death of me*

but is it

really necessary

to touch your hyung

that much?

because I think it is…