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Filming in Korea

Hey guys! So, I am going to Korea over the summer, and I wanted to make some vlogs when I’m there, show you around, fangirl about k-pop, mukbangs, stuff about culture and language, q&a’s and just show you around my hometown. So if you guys would like to see some of that in the near future the link is SUBSCRIBE HERE(YOUTUBE), (bc tumblr isn’t a great place to upload videos) and I am slightly hesitant if you guys would like this so if you would let me know by reblogging,liking, or letting me know in my inbox

Like We Used To (Chapter One)

Title: Like We Used To (Chapter One)
Exes, Break Up, Friends to Lovers, Friends With Benefits, Cheating, Pining, Angst, Fluff, basically a whole range of stuff
Words: 1786
They split in 2012.
Not because they stop loving each other, but because it just got too hard.
It’s supposed to make things easier. But when Phil meets someone new, it turns out, it’s harder than it’s ever been.

Author’s Notes: So I wrote this when I first joined the phandom last year and I’m thinking of continuing it (up to chapter 4 is over on AO3) but I thought I’d see what you lovely people on Tumblr thought, as I know some of you only read over here rather than on AO3, and find out whether you think I should finish it.

My lovely friend @AdorkablePhil thinks I should finish it but the reason I stopped it was because I started Unspoken Rules and suddenly that took off and I wasn’t sure if people even liked this fic. It’s full of a lot of tropes and stuff but… we’ll see.

So I’ll probably post all the chapters so far here over the next few days/weeks and see what you think. Please let me know! (It won’t prevent Ships getting written if thats what you’re worried about!)

[AO3 Link]

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Law and Disorder- KuroTsuki Lawyer AU

Prologue: Life of Kei

(Kuroos part) Read on ao3

Tsukishima Kei always thought of himself to be a smart man, and he’d be lying if he said it wasn’t mostly due to how well accomplished he was in his career, which he took great pride in. Some would call him cocky, which he could live with if he was being honest, at the end of the day he had been the one to sacrifice his youth studying, pulling all nighters,skipping on all the ‘fun’ the rest of his classmates were having just so he could achieve his dreams, if finally getting what he thought belonged to him and being proud of it was ‘cocky’ then so be it. With a grin appearing at the thought of his accomplishments, he observed the mirror and proceeded shaving off the rest of his face. For some reason these past few days he had been zoning out a little when he wasn’t dealing with anything that wasn’t concerning work, which was a difficult thing to be doing considering how much hours he spent on it. Akiteru had been bothering him a lot lately about working himself too hard and not enjoying life. ‘Bullshit’ he thought to himself, there was no such thing as working too hard. What if this was his definition of having fun and enjoying life? Why did no one ever take that into consideration? By no one he meant all three people who bothered to ask him how his life was going, which was usually followed by his brother telling him to relax a little and have fun, by his mom asking him when he was going back home or by Yamaguchi inviting him to another one of those karaoke bars which he seemed to enjoy fro some reason Tsukishima couldn’t understand. Speaking of which he hadn’t heard from Yamaguchi in a while, while putting on his blazer he made a mental note to call him later on to ask if they still had plans for Friday night.

Karasuno Enterprise wasn’t the biggest of firms but it was a good place to work in, especially for someone who wouldn’t want to spend time dealing with a lot of people. He was lucky enough to have an office to himself, which was a great feat of it’s own considering he was still young in the law business. He mostly dealt with company’s paperwork, made sure everything was in the right place and that everyone was happy. He was good at it, he kept everything in track and made sure he had no contact with the clients they represented whatsoever, for no reason other than he hated dealing with people who were too emotional or got too carried away (wich is what their clients they usually were). It’s not like his personality would make it easy for him either so he preferred it like this either way. He left his apartment taking his time, figuring he would end up showing up early like he always did, it was a habit for him to be a perfectionist in everything he did and especially when it came to his career. Much to his neighbors surprise. he drove a modest car, yes he could afford something more fitting for his reputation but it always seemed like an unreasonable thing to spend a lot of money on, if it worked fine that’s all that mattered. Pulling over at his usual parking space right in front of the Karasuno building,he stared up at the  gray giant with 20 floors that loomed above the rest of the smaller houses around the area. 

Today was a good day, it must be a good day if everyone simply nodded and moved on without trying to start small talk, god knows he hated talking about the weather. It’s not like he hated his colleges or anything, or people in general, he just always preferred not to engage in situations that wouldn’t have much impact on his daily routine. He marched towards the empty elevator as if he was running late, despite being half an hour early. Pressing the ‘5′ number which indicated his floor he thought of how lucky he had gotten today and with that thought he couldn’t help but smile a little. His office was located in the middle of the floor, making it not only one of the largest in the whole building but the one with the best view, which was a bonus, not like he would admit it to other people but he did enjoy looking down at the city from time to time, it helped him calm down from the daily stress. Opening the door he took a minute to gaze at his large desk and the rest of the paperwork waiting for him right there.It was what he lived for, diving into his work and being completely lost in it trying his best to work his magic. This was going to be a good day and nothing would change that.

He didn’t think much of what was to come 


Hey everyone Fortuna here, this is basically my first attempt at a multichapter fic (or any fic really), so here’s how I plan on going on about it: This is more like a preview or smth like that, the actual chapters will be muuuuch longer, but for now I can only upload this here on tumblr, when I can finally put it on ao3 I’ll let everyone know. The next part if going to be kinda the same thing but from Kuroos point of view and after that the actual chapters will begin. This will be rated M, so expect that later on. Uhhh idk what else to say I just hope you look forward to it and enjoy? Def let me know if you would want to see more from this and Ill be happy to update soon!! Also I do realize my writing isn’t the best but I haven’t written in ages so pls be patient with me, I tend to get better when I get really into it.Anyways Id love to hear ur thoughts, thank you <3 </p>

On Art Sharing

@flipperbrain just kindly let me know that someone had tweeted one of my fanart pieces, so I just want to make sure that I’m 10000% clear on this:

Please do not tweet or share any of my artwork outside of Tumblr. 

I try to make sure I put “please don’t edit/tweet/repost” in the comments of every finished piece I upload here. Sometimes I forget, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving permission. If you do happen to see any fanworks of mine uploaded ANYWHERE outside of my Tumblr or my Instagram, please let me know. I can guarantee you I have not given anyone permission. I know other artists have different policies – like, it’s okay to tweet or post somewhere as long as credit is linked back, but my preference is to keep it here. Please understand and respect artists’ choices on what they do with their own art.

If you aren’t sure if it’s okay or not, always always ask the artist. I’m so much happier when people take the time to ask instead of just doing and then apologizing later. And, if you already have posted my art somewhere, please take it down. You might not think anything of it, like it’s just “sharing is caring” but, like, years ago I had a huge problem with art theft. The more pieces get spread around from platform to platform, the likelier it gets that someone can tack their own name on it and sell it for profit, or even just gain a following based on false statements that they created the pieces – and the likelier it gets that I won’t know about it.

So, pretty please with all my love and a cherry on top… if you love something I’ve made, like and reblog here. Thank you. ❤️


- JazzySatinDoll


K so Tumblr won’t let me upload the full-size version of this… so if you want to see what I actually ended up with, you’ll have to go have a look at the speedpaint - sorry! (It was a heck of a lot more colourful… was being the operative word.)

Anyway - if you haven’t seen or played Unravel yet, it’s fast becoming one of my favourite games. The game itself is immaculate and I’m really enjoying Sean’s lets play :)

Ref (sort of!) from Bristlee

Happy Birthday, Gen!

Even though this isn’t totally Tom related, just letting everyone know I made a Redbubble account! I’ll be uploading more of my old artwork to it as well as new pieces so feel free to check it out! And if there’s a specific artwork of mine that you’d like to see uploaded, let me know and I’ll happily put it up! 

You can also check out my art side blog @a012-anna-art~

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40th Anniversary of A Chorus Line

The cast of HAMILTON at The Public Theater pays tribute to A Chorus Line on the 40th anniversary of its first performance in the Newman Theater at The Public.


The Cunningham staff never ceases to be amazing at the colors on this show! I tried to upload some pictures but tumblr can not handle some of the bright and neon colors in it, it just keeps having errors and exiting out certain images, poo. Here are the ones I think Tumblr is OK with so long as I don’t upload them on a single part of the photoset (It was nice enough to let me on the last one at least).

I actually missed this episode because I was in the hospital but my sister was nice enough to record it. On my parent’s TV. Which is a 42 inch HD TV. And let me tell you, it was amazing seeing this action sequence in such quality.

  • Youtube: Hey there, there's a new Tyler Oakley video.
  • Me: I'm so sorry, I can't watch it. I gotta finish this assignment first.
  • Youtube: C'mon just have a quick look.
  • Me: Alright, but I'll do my work right after.
  • Me: *watches video* *sees another video*
  • Me: Oh, I love this one I haven't watched it in forever.
  • Me: Oh this is such a cute video, I need to watch it right now.
  • Me: Let's watch a Q&A.
  • Me: Let's watch a collab with Troye Sivan.
  • Me: Oh Troye has uploaded a new video too, let's watch it.
  • Me: Oh look Troyes The Fault in our Stars song
  • Me: *cries* *re-reads TFiOS* *Posts on tumblr because feels*
  • My mom: Have you finished your assignment?
  • Me: SHIT!

anonymous asked:

I find most Kailu interactions really cute but with so much sexual tension. Like am I weird? They always do this thing, after turning,that they stare each other crotch and fix it. Or touch everywhere literally everywhere o.O. Do you see the sexual tension aswell?

OMG YES I DO /spazz/ they’re so cute, and sweet, and lovely, but I feel it as well. They’re like “I want to hold you and never let go… and then lead you to my room”.


And then JONGIN like “hyung what do you have there… let me see?”

But one thing is true: Jongin can’t keep his eyes and hands away from Luhan’s body.

*omg this one is the death of me*

but is it

really necessary

to touch your hyung

that much?

because I think it is…