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Apparently there's already some controversy regarding the new Sleepless Night video. Any thoughts? Do you think it's appropriate for others to speculate this video as a staged attempt at damage control (for Dan's liveshow I'm assuming)? Or is this getting out of hand and considered a breach in their privacy if this actually is a boundary they're trying to reestablish through the video?

here are my thoughts in summary: 

1. it’s not a stretch by any means to imagine phil made this video as a response to the things that were spotted in dan’s live show. maybe not, it’s impossible for us to know, but it’s not unreasonable to think that, because a lot of the speculation was happening in their main tumblr tags and their twitter mentions, and we know they regularly check all of those. 

2. if he did in fact make this video as a response to all of the theorizing then it does seem like they would like their sleeping situation and bedroom situation to remain ambiguous on face. that’s not anything new, that’s the way things have always been. what it does do, at least for me, is raise questions about whether the things dan let us see last tuesday weren’t meant to be seen. perhaps he truly made a mistake, and if that makes anyone feel anything but sad on their behalf idk what to tell you. dnp are fully at liberty to go to whatever lengths they need to maintain their privacy and protect what is important to them. i don’t view any amount of ‘staging’ or stretching of truths as being insincere or inauthentic when the objective is self-preservation and protection. 

3. there is nothing wrong with speculating about phil’s reasoning in making this video. we’re people who watch phil and are utilizing the information he has given us and the information dan gave us last week to come to certain conclusions or at least discuss possible explanations for their behavior. that’s not immoral or invasive. it’s just discussion, it’s what keeps fandom going, it’s what keeps dnp in a job. 

4. in fact i’d go so far as to say that all of the posts today about how dramatic and invasive the fandom is are a little unnecessary and over the top. there’s nothing new about people discussing dnp’s sleeping situation. bedgate has been a tag on my blog for months. it’s been a conversation over and over and over again since dnp have lived together. there was the tour bus last year, the australia ditl, the japan ditl the year before. phil himself weighed in on that last one. it’s a never-ending conversation (to the point that it’s almost boring lol). in the case of this week’s bedroom conversations, people were reacting to dan himself showing us things in his live show. it’s not like anyone was discussing information that was found through illicit means, nobody that i saw was empowering anyone to do anything shady. they were talking about things that were put out into the public by dan himself, whether mistakenly or intentionally. i think it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to pretend like they just didn’t see what dan let all of us see repeatedly? insofar as people’s discussions don’t dig up information that dnp have hidden or don’t want known, i don’t see how any of it is in any way invasive. like, idk. respect each other enough to realize that most ppl here have dnp’s best intentions in mind and that all of us to one degree or another spend a chunk of our lives thinking/speculating about what they’re up to. there’s litro no point in accusing a whole fandom that’s hundreds of thousands of people strong of partaking in toxic behaviors when the base logic there is that any discussion of their personal lives is an overstep and an intrusion. that’s just an untenable position,, it makes all of us guilty merely for having a passing curiosity about dnp’s real lives. instead of the accusatory posts and the anger, the ‘omg 2012 again!’ and the easy use of words like ‘toxic’ ‘disgusting’ etc., if you see someone doing some shit you think is out of line, just message them. tell them to untag things you think are breaching boundaries, have some conversations. i’ve done this like 10 times just in the last week. it has always worked. try it! ppl generally aren’t trying to make dnp feel pressured, not trying to force them to come out or any of these awful things. they may just not connect their own actions to these consequences, they might be ignorant of how dnp interact with tumblr, etc. etc.

5. all of this talk about the fandom’s invasiveness, in my opinion, undermines dnp’s power and control over these situations. no matter how much speculation fans and viewers partake in, dnp are ultimately the ones who have control over how they present themselves and no amount of talking on our blogs or yelling in caps lock on twitter takes that power away from them. they have the upper hand. 

6. that doesn’t mean people should have free rein of course or that invasiveness in this fandom doesn’t exist. i just mean that i haven’t seen it much in this particular week, about this particular issue. but if this is a case of dan having made some mistakes or phandom being a lot more observant than he banked on, then dnp have a right to try and reset the narrative, as i stated above. a lot of the posts people have been making have been about how people shouldn’t talk about the bedrooms anymore, especially in the main tags, youtube comments, direct twitter mentions, etc. i agree with this. people can and will do what they want, ultimately, and as i said before dnp innately have the power in this situation, but i believe that to respect them as human beings is to respect the expectations that they directly or indirectly set for us. i believe phil’s video was a way of directly reinforcing that he would like to present their situation in this specific light, and if we respect him, then we respect that narrative. there should be nothing satisfying in catching them out in a “lie” because they’re not trying to fool us. they don’t take pleasure in misleading us. they’re just protecting themselves, protecting their privacy, protecting their ability to live freely and to separate their personal lives from their work, and i don’t know how anyone could argue that they don’t deserve to have that.


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Minecraft LP Styles

The Creatures: Emphasis on friendly harassment and settlement. Jokes are like air. Teasing is constant (see: Sly Breaks Friends, Treetopia). Will make Modded feel like Vanilla again due to extreme focus on building a home and surviving in it (see: Minecraft Daily, The Last Update). Will poke fun at each other until the TNT goes off.

Sky, Deadlox, Bashur, Ant, etc.: Emphasis on slapstick and victory. Philosophy: anything can be funny if you want it to be, so smile. Vaguely resembles a hyperactive improv group (see: Do Not Laugh, Whose Mine Is It Anyway). Loud and raucous, often bordering on the absurd (see: Crazy Craft). Fun is guaranteed.

Mianite and Co.: Emphasis on competition and adventure. Alliances are fickle and everybody is a suspect. Combat is fun and expected (see: Mianite Purges). They fight a lot but they’re scarily efficient when working together (see: Mianite/Ianite Lava Base) New land is always exciting and worthy of exploration(see: CaptainSparklez’ Modded Survivals). Can sometimes break out into all out war, but at the end of the day they’ll always journey together to wherever the game takes them.

Mindcrack: Emphasis on creation and collaboration. The map is not the limit, ever (see: Pigderp Diamond Challenge, E-Pranker). There is no limit. Especially with builds (see: almost anything). Everybody is always there to help (see: Rebuilding the Arena Roof). Good natured and nostalgic before, during, and after all and any pranks, deaths, whatever (see: aftermath of any Death Games attempt). Friendship above all.

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It doesn't necessarily mean Modest is gone. Modest would likely do anything to keep 1D if that includes letting the boys rebrand and be close again openly that might explain things as well.

“Modest would likely do anything to keep 1D if that includes letting the boys rebrand and be close again openly that might explain things as well.”

Are we watching the same show here? Which channel should I switch so I can see Modest helping the boys’ careers? 

The channel I’m watching the show portrays a disgusting homophobic incompetent team who does anything to hurt Louis and Harry, who let Harry be a womanizer and never did a thing to change it, who shut down SPONTANEOUS LOUD LOUD LOUD Louis Tomlinson and made a shell of a human being from him. I’m sure it was not Sony fucking up Louis’ Rovers deal etc etc….

Angela has a whole nighter reading material about the boys rebelling against Modest.

I have some as well here:

Modest and Harry, Modest and Louis, Modest and Eleanor tags here.

And that’s only the closeting part!!!

We haven’t even talked about the knee injury, the performing while sick, the crazy touring schedule, the constant shutting down of any signs that the boys grew up and let them rebrand. LIKE. NO. But again, this is my opinion, yours can differ and it’s OK. But have you considered the boys never ever signing with them? No matter what kind of amazing freedom contract they offer I have a feeling they never want to see these top dogs who played a primal part in their closeting.

And for me this is not about WHO did the closeting and who didn’t, we could argue about the need of a closet for a new boyband trying to break the American market 5 years ago, we could argue about it back and forth for months. It doesn’t matter now, we cannot change it anymore. 

And at the end of the day you have to admit that you see the changes, it doesn’t matter who is behind them. I am 100% sure HL would never ever want to re-sign with them, but that’s my opinion.

My advice is to embrace the great changes and speculate less :)