lets see if i can achieve this

Headcanon that Katsuki literally models for his parents whenever they design something new because have you seen how BEAUTIFUL he is???? Like??

Like he has better trimmed eyebrows than I do, his skin absolutely flawless for a male, his fashion sense is on point, he can make AMAZING facial expressions, his posture is so on point and actually is really good in comparison to his other classmates, like for real, this boy HAS to be modeling for his parents when they need models because OH DAMN, he’s so much fashionable then his peers (and yes, that includes the saggy pants because lets be real, he’s achieving an actual look with that since has a belt attached.)

Spell Writing Tips for Beginners

Hello Lovelies!

So you’ve decided to write a spell, great! Everyone has the capacity and capability to write a working spell. This is a list of some beginner tips for new spell writers, or for experienced writers who feel they need to go back to the basics.

1. Don’t be afraid of your own style.

Some spells are super flowery with long words and Shakespearian phrases. Some spells require 18 ingredients and 3 days to cast them. Some spells require specific times to cast them and the perfect astrological conditions. Some spells are simple, consisting of a single phrase.
Don’t be afraid of your own individual style. A spell written by you, for you, should be a personal experience. Just because your spell doesn’t flow a certain way doesn’t mean it’s “wrong” or won’t work. Spell writing is a form of self expression and each spell will be as individual and unique as the person writing it.

2. Don’t think too much.

Spell writing (for me anyway) is more of a spiritual experience than an intellectual one. I usually sit down with my pen and paper. Then I meditate for a minute thinking about what I want to achieve. Then I just let the words flow out onto the paper, without thinking about what it all means. You can always read it after and make adjustments. If you just sit down and let it happen, you may be surprised by what you come up with!

3. Make your own associations.

Don’t feel like you have to research the meaning of every ingredient or color that you use. I may think red is a color for lust while you see it as a color for anger. Both associations are right. If something doesn’t feel right to you, or you personally feel different about something. It’s ok to use an ingredient in a different way than what is “traditional”.

4 Do research on any ingredients you use.

This may seem contradictory to my last tip, but this time I’m talking about physical properties. Will your gemstone dissolve in water? Is that herb you want to use toxic? Could you have an allergy to that essential oil? It’s important to do your research because some of the ingredients used in spell craft can be very potent.

5. Have fun!

If spell writing is stressing you out, try taking a break and coming back to it later. Whatever energy you have while writing your spell is going to show up in the casting of your spell. If you’re angry while writing a healing spell, it probably won’t work as well as you wanted it to. Don’t get frustrated with yourself. You’re new at this it will take some time. Just have patience with yourself.

I hope these tips are helpful for any new spell writers!
Happy writing!

  • Geoff: How's your kid?
  • Ryan: She's fine. She had a little reaction to the amoxicillin she was on and it just made her break out in spots which she thought was delightful. Being covered with spots is just the best thing that can happen to a child.
  • Geoff: I can see that.
  • - Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 268.5 - Sky Factory Part 10.5

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May i request for RFA and the Minor trio with MC getting beaten by her ex and hospitalized? Thank you!! :*

Hey hey! More angst!


  • He cries
  • How could this have happened?
  • Yoosung is with her through as much of her recovery as he can
  • She forces him to go to work, though, so he’s not taking care of her 24/7
  • Until she can come home, Yoosung spends every night at the hospital (he doesn’t go home unless he has to take care of Lisa or needs to change his clothes)
  • Once she’s out, he makes sure that everything is comfortable for her
  • He’s such a worrywart
  • Her recovery is slow, but she’s well taken care of, and when she’s comfortable, she returns to work
  • It’s not until the ex tracks her down again (this time at home) hoping to hurt her again because he wasn’t done with her and only stopped because someone called the cops
  • Except Yoosung is awake (playing LOLOL) when he breaks in, and goes a bit yandere
  • In that he grabs a knife from the kitchen and goes after the guy
  • He manages to cut the guy, call the police, and the guy is put in jail for breaking and entering, premeditated assault, and attempted assault


  • “She has multiple puncture wounds from being kicked with high heels. She’ll likely have scars for the rest of her life.”
  • Jaehee has to force back the tears
  • Especially when she sees MC
  • But Baehee stays strong for her
  • Jaehee brings tea and desserts to MC when the doctors allow
  • While MC is still in the hospital, the ex, who Jaehee has seen in pictures before, walks into the cafe with a large smile on her face
  • She’s gorgeous, unscathed, and Jaehee is furious
  • She refuses to serve the woman
  • When the woman starts throwing a fit about it, Jaehee pulls up a picture of MC at the hospital
  • “I have the right to refuse service to anyone. Especially the woman that put my girlfriend in the hospital!”
  • The woman begins laughing
  • “So that’s why? That means you’re Jaehee! You know, she called out for you when I kicked a hole in her stomach! So pathetic! And you’re not even very pretty! Guess she downgraded!”
  • Jaehee recorded everything, and there was a cop in the cafe that was a regular and usually showed up in uniform, but was in civvies today.
  • The woman is arrested on the spot for committing assault (possibly with a deadly weapon because heels) and confessing in front of a whole crowd and witnesses
  • Jaehee is able to tell MC all about it when she goes to the hospital that afternoon with a smile on her face


  • Sees red
  • The moment he hears that she was beaten, he wants to hunt down whoever did this to her and return the favor
  • However, when he sees her, it’s another story
  • He sits with her, stays with her as much as he can, touches her when he’s allowed to be a source of comfort
  • Hell, he takes time off work to take care of her as much as possible
  • He’s super considerate and holds her whenever she gets scared
  • When they go back to work together, she’s still pretty banged up, and the people that Zen has worked with before that know her are super freaked out
  • Zen explains what happened, and honestly, some of them are just as eager to start a fight as Zen
  • When Zen is walking her out to the cab they’re taking home one night, they pass the guy that beat her, and she just about screams
  • Once he realizes who the guy is, Zen throws a punch
  • Nobody hurts MC and gets away with!!
  • Zen doesn’t beat the guy nearly as much as he hurt MC (he believes the guy needs to be hurt double what he did to her), but makes himself clear
  • “If you ever so much as look in MC’s direction ever again, I’m going destroy you! The only reason I’m not going to kill you is because I need to be there for her! So count yourself lucky!”


  • Jumin is furious
  • Where were her guards?!?!
  • How did this happen?!?!
  • The moment he saw her lying in the hospital bed, barely recognizable, he was furious
  • A few people were fired
  • Her finger was even too swollen to even wear her wedding ring
  • When MC is able to talk again, Jumin discovers that it was actually stolen by the man when she was attacked
  • Jumin has the man tracked down, arrested, gets MC’s ring back, and then goes to see the man in question
  • He informs the man he has fucked with the wrong person
  • You do not hospitalize the love of the CEO of C&R’s life without major consequences
  • A few well placed bribes land the man in the worst prison in the country and the man lives out the rest of his days in absolute misery
  • Jumin tells MC nothing more than, “you never have to worry about him hurting you ever again.”


  • He brings his laptop with him when he goes to be by MC’s hospital bed
  • The moment Saeyoung hears the name of the guy who hurt her, he begins hacking
  • He ruins the guy quickly, hacking his facebook and phone, posting a picture from the phone of MC horribly beaten
  • “Look what I did over the weekend! :D” the post says
  • He hacks the guys email and sends out nasty letters to his boss, sends dick pics to various female coworkers, etc
  • He ruins the guys financials by buying a shit ton of sardines (his most hated food) and sending it to his house
  • Which he is later kicked out of, when his landlord gets an anonymous email with video of the guy hitting on the landlords teenage daughter
  • 707 ruins the guy in every way possible
  • Then he contacts the guy
  • “Congratulations! You have achieved ‘Hacker God’s Fury!’ Now, you can feel free to try to rebuild your life, but know, I’ll be watching. And if you ever hurt MC or anyone else like that again, you won’t have any possibility of rebuilding. I can and will turn you into a foreign spy committing high treason against the government and have you thrown into the type of camp you only see up North, if you catch my drift! ;)”


  • They were at an outdoor market together, browsing, enjoying each other’s company, etc
  • MC let go of his arm for a minute to go grab something from another stall, and suddenly she was gone
  • In the hustle and bustle of the market, he didn’t notice she had disappeared for a little while, but when he did, he started calling out to her
  • Mind you, he couldn’t see, but he still searched for her
  • When he hears the sirens, his heart drops
  • He rushes towards them, confirms it’s MC because she says his name when she hears his voice, and they go to the hospital
  • He’s in tears, blaming himself for this happening to her
  • She’s under a sedative because of the pain, so she can’t speak very well, but she manages to communicate to him not to blame himself
  • V doesn’t know the extent of the damage until a doctor tells him there was irreparable damage to both her eyes and no matter what they do, she will never see again
  • V decides to get the surgery because he knows his condition is treatable and hers isn’t, and when he asks her if it’s okay, to make she won’t resent him, she tells him, “Of course not.”
  • He’s sad he’ll never be able to see her eyes outside of pictures, but once they’ve both recovered, he’s able to take her home
  • He goes back to taking photographs to help build up some good money for the two of them so that they’ll always be financially secure
  • V’s first collection after she’s gone blind actually has all his photos 3D printed, so she can feel the shape of the images
  • The guy is arrested a few weeks after V takes her home
  • When he is, MC willingly testifies against the man, and V is able to do everything in his power to protect her


  • Saeran deletes everything about this guy
  • He becomes a ghost
  • He has no credit, no identity, no drivers license
  • Saeran then tracks him down, which isn’t very hard
  • Saeran kidnaps the guy, holds him captive, and tortures him
  • When the guy is on the verge of being broken, Saeran stops and releases him alone in the mountains
  • He then washes his hands of the guy altogether
  • Nobody hurts his MC and gets away with it


  • Hahaha
  • They wouldn’t find the body
Okay, but imagine

A gta!au in which when Jeremy joins the crew, the first thing he asks Ryan is “so, uh, what’s with this whole Vagabond thing?”

“A secret identity?” he snorts, “yeah I can make a secret identity too, watch. I’m Rimmy Tim.”

It takes Ryan a moment to process it. “Do you even begin to comprehend how many people I had to kill to obtain this kind of reputation,” he starts, voice low, making sure every word sinks in–

Jeremy interrupts with a shrug,

“Don’t care. Rimmy. Fuckin’. Tim.”

Ryan is seething with indignation. The newbie is supposed to be intimidated. Be cautious. Show some respect, dammit, not be an obnoxious masshole undermining years of work he put into building up his persona. But all his protests are met with a simple “nah, pal” from Jeremy, as he continues to turn himself into the most ridiculous, purple-and-orange-and-a-freaking-cowboy-hat character the criminal world has ever seen.

What’s worse, he makes it work. Somehow the little fucker makes it work.

And, over time, Ryan accepts it; pushes his wounded ego aside as they butt heads less and work together more, growing to be buddies beyond the battle. Jeremy’s brashness rubs off on him, and, much as he hates to admit it, makes him take a different look on himself, rethink who or what he is. More and more he ditches his skull mask and only wears his warpaint to jobs, keeps his excessive dramatics for when they really needed. More and more he lets himself separate from his infamous alter ego and opens up to his crew, lets them see the Ryan behind the Vagabond…

 All because of a stupid character created on a whim out of mockery and spite–

“Wait, that was big deal to you?” Jeremy’s smile is growing wide, a mix of joy and disbelief in his voice, “Ryan, I was just shooting shit, man, I mean…have you seen your kill count? Do you really think a fuckin’ Rimmy Tim could compete with that?”

cave-in (langst fic)

Lance trying to survive a cave in, communications cut off, and the only way the team knows he’s alive is his suit, but they think he’s back at the village bc that’s where Blue is.

thanks for the prompt @tokyoteddywolf!! (this ended up way longer than i planned it to be)

“I am sending you on a different mission than the other paladins, Lance.”

Lance stares at Allura like she just grew another head- which isn’t all too bizarre, considering she is a shapeshifting alien princess.

“Why?” Lance asks. The other paladins agree, looking to the princess for answers.

“This mission is…” Allura hesitates, pointedly looking down at her clasped hands. “… well, to put it simply, it is…”

The princess takes a deep breath. “Well, Lance, this mission requires a certain level of… seriousness… that I am not certain you can achieve. You see, this is a  very powerful kingdom that could be a potential ally of Voltron. And it has… it has a princess. I am very sure she, and her parents, would not appreciate your-” Allura coughs. “-romantic advances. However, the mission you will be carrying out is of much less importance, and therefore should be quite difficult to mess up-”

Lance interrupts Allura with an uncharacteristically emotionless and quiet tone, though the hurt is clear in his eyes. “So you’re not letting me go because I’ll flirt?”

Allura nervously glances up at Lance from her fidgety hands. “I don’t know that you will, but we cannot afford to lose this opportunity.”

Hunk cuts in, his expression dark. “Allura. You know Lance can’t jeopardize the mission, don’t you? He can handle himself fine. Right, Lance?” Pidge nods rapidly in agreement, and Hunk’s expression softens as he looks to Lance, though Lance isn’t looking back. He’s calmly glaring at Allura, who is anxious but clearly standing her ground.

“I can control my flirting, princess. I’m not stupid.”

“I don’t mean to offend you, Lance. You are a capable paladin with many abilities, but seriousness is not one of them.” Allura’s voice is gentle and sincere, but also firm, as if speaking to a mere child. She patiently returns the stare with an equal amount of coolness that amplifies her royalty. “You being there could risk us a very important advantage that could further our progress to defeat the Galra. I’m sure you understand, Lance.”

“So by existing-” Lance gestures to the other paladins, who are concerned and surprised by Lance’s change in mood- “- I’m holding back the team? I thought I was part of you guys.” Lance’s voice betrays him by cracking at the word ‘part.’

Allura is horrified. “No, no, Lance, I don’t mean to say that you are not part of the team, I just mean-”

“-That I don’t belong? That I’m not important enough to go on the important missions? Isn’t that why I’m the only one that has to go on the easy mission so I don’t mess up everything like the stupid mess up of a person I am?” By now the tremor in Lance’s voice is blatant, rising in pitch with every word he spits like venom. Allura shakes her head wordlessly, tears spilling from her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she finally says. “I-I…”

“Lance. You know that’s not true,” Shiro intervenes softly. The other paladins are all gaping in disbelief and sadness. Lance turns away, not wanting to be pitied by his friends.

“Just brief me on the mission,” Lance says curtly to Allura, who nods shakily in response.

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How do you stay focused and motivated all the time?

Hey! I’ll start by saying I’m not focused or motivated all of the time. I have days where I procrastinate a lot or blatantly put off actual work. I’ll have times where I really don’t want to study and feel extremely unmotivated. Everyone does. Even people who run studyblrs. I think my main trick is being disciplined. I’ve run a studyblr since 2014 and in that time I’ve really worked on my discipline. I have learnt that things just have to be done - be it assignments, studying, or readings. I have to do it otherwise I’m letting myself down. I have always hated the feeling of regret so that in itself motivates me to try as best I can. I don’t want to let myself down or let my parents down. I like to achieve. Again, I think everyone does. I feel satisfied when I see ‘disctintion’ or ‘high distinction’ on my results and that really helps. Discipline really falls into staying focused and motivated. If you can improve your discipline, just little by little, you will get there. Try forcing yourself to do a bit every day. Even if it is something small. Reinforce something positive for completing it. Another motivation is having my studyblr. I like to document what I’m doing so I can share it on here or my Instagram. My blogs kind of become accountability partners in that sense. It is definitely worth trying if you don’t have one already! As I’ve said my motivation dips every now and then. You just have to try to push through. Obviously, having motivation makes it ten times easier to study but it is so important to learn to work without it. These few posts might help you gain some much-needed motivation:

As for focus, this is something that, again, does take time to master but you can certainly takes steps to improve. My biggest tip would be to remove all your distractions. This could be either your phone, computer, or things on your desk. Time management and productivity apps are so great for keeping you off your phone. I currently use an app called Forest. It gamifies and rewards my time with a little tree. If I use my phone, it will die! It really helps me to stay focused. I’ll see that I’ve got 5 minutes left of that study period and I’ll think “okay, it’s just another 5 minutes..keep going!”. If I don’t use Forest, I will sometimes timelapse myself. I find it so cool to be able to watch it back and see everything I’ve written or typed in a quick video. I love sharing them on my blogs too so it’s great! I don’t want to stop recording so I’ll just say off my phone! For your computer, there are apps that block websites. Forest as a Chrome and Mac extension but apps like RescueTime, StayFocusd can stop you going on Tumblr. I have a post on productivity apps here including paid and free for iOS, Android and Mac. Another thing I’ve found works best is having two accounts on my laptop. One is for university work and the other for blogging. I don’t have any social media logged in on my uni account so I can’t just check a site for a minute because I’m bored. Honestly, probably one of the smarter things I’ve done without intending too haha! I think most computers have the option to create a second account, so have a look. Like most people, I get distracted by stupid things like my pens! When they’re on my desk, I sometimes just end up looking at them or fiddling with them. If I catch myself doing that I will put it out of my reach so I’m not tempted again. Another thing I’ve been trying is externalising my thoughts. If I get distracted by something or have a “gosh, I need to remember that” moment, I will write it down. By getting it out my brain and onto a bit of paper, I no longer have to think about it and can continue. One final thing I sometimes do is listen to music. If I’m downstairs working it can get noisy if my family is around. I will usually play the ‘deep focus’ playlist of Spotify. Other suggestions are gaming or film soundtracks. Their intention is to be something in the background but distracting enough to pull your focus! YouTube has loads of compilations so check there!

I apologise this is a really long answer but hopefully it’s informative! Remember to take small steps! You’ll be able to control your focus in no time if you keep practising. It’s important to stay positive as well xx


6 Ways Visualisation Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams

To manifest the life you dream of you first need to create a clear mental image of what this life looks like. The process of visualisation is the beginning of the manifestation process - anything your mind can perceive, you can achieve.

1. Details - what does this life look like? What can you see, hear, smell, taste & touch in this ideal future you want to live in? How is it different to where you are now? What does each day look like? Writing down each sensation adds finer details to the overall picture - the physical act of taking something from your mind and bringing into your current reality starts the process of manifestation.

2. Emotions - how does your vision make you feel? Concentrate on how it would feel to live in the future you want to create, what else could give you the same feeling? For example if you feel a great sense of peace during the visualisation you could practice meditation or go into nature - aligning your actions with your vision speeds up the manifestation process.

3. Vision board - what inspires you? Building a vision board of pictures related to the life you want to create will help inspire you in your daily life during the process. If the beach is an integral part of your vision and you see it on your vision board every day it will serve as a reminder of what you’re trying to achieve. This can be particularly useful if your goal will take some time to achieve.

4. Meditation - harness the power of the mind. Sit with your eyes closed and let your mind wander - observe the thoughts that flow through you. Acknowledge any doubts around your ability to create the life you seek & counter each one with a positive affirmation. “I can have whatever I desire”, “I am worthy of the life I seek” & “I am creating the life I dream of” are powerful affirmations to use during meditation.

5. Use your voice - speak your reality into existence. Find a manifestation buddy or someone you trust and speak about your visions, exchange ideas & support each other through the process. This greatly helps with all manifestations because it allows you to bring ideas out of your head and into the now - words are vibrations, you can use them to align yourself with the reality you want to create.

6. Next steps - reverse engineer the goal. Perhaps the most important part of the visualisation process is working backwards from where you want to be to where you are now and understanding what you have to do to bridge the gap. Map out your actions over the course of days, weeks, months & years to help you create the life you dream of - having a map makes it a lot easier to get to your destination.

Anything the mind can perceive - we can achieve.

Peace & positive vibes.

The First 52 Seconds of Let's Play: Minecraft - Episode 283 - Sky Factory Part 24: A Spoiler
  • Gavin: "Aaaaughp!"
  • Jeremy: "Pah-ha!"
  • Ryan: "Wh... what happened?"
  • Gavin: "Does anyone know what this means?"
  • Jeremy: "GavinoFree left the game."
  • Ryan: "It means you left."
  • Michael: "Whoooa. Hoooo."
  • Gavin: "Ryan! BLAAAP!"
  • Ryan: "Wha, whaaat?"
  • Michael: "We're not, we're not ready, here."
  • Gavin: "Can you de-blerp my derp?"
  • Michael: "You gotta take a look at Gavin's computer."
  • Jeremy: "His... it's blerped, I can see it from here..."
  • Ryan: "What the hell does 'blerped' mean?"
  • Michael: "It means when there's like a million words on the screen."
  • Gavin: ♫♪"There's a million words..."♬♩
  • Ryan: "There's a million blerpwords."
  • Michael: "Imagine... imagine the last thirty seconds of a movie. That's what his screen looks like."
  • Gavin: "Every mod starts with F-M-L, and I'm... I'm feelin' it."

This moment I captured on camera was probably one of the highlights of my night at Day6′s live and meet at LA. It was during Day6′s “Letting Go” performance and I just felt so much emotion from Jae at this particular moment. He was so hyped and giddy throughout the night because he was back home, but during this time, I can really see how happy he was to be on stage performing to My Days for the first time in his hometown. It’s like at this very moment, he was thinking about how far he’s gotten in his life where he could finally perform and share his music with the people around him. He is in a state of slight disbelief that he’s finally made it and he’s surrounded by his fans that support him and his band. The way he just shakes his head and then nods reassuring himself, probably thinking “Wow…I’m here. I’m really here.” Everytime I see this moment, I just feel so much love and happiness for him, that I actually feel emotional. These small things are what I admire most. This is what so many k-pop bands (k-pop idols too) strive for. This moment where they feel like they’ve accomplished their dream. 

Welcome home, Jae. You made it, and you’re doing great. 

What’s the difference?? 만큼 and -느니만큼

Back with another grammar post! 만큼 and -느니만큼 look similar, but there’s a small (and important!) difference in their meaning.


The 만큼 grammar can be used with descriptive verbs; action verbs in the past, present, and future; and nouns. It indicates that what follows 만큼 is similar or equal to what comes before it, or that the two things are of a similar degree. Let’s look at some examples:

  • DESCRIPTIVE VERB: -(으)ㄴ 만큼 — 학생이 똑똑한 만큼 성적이 잘 나와요. (Students get better grades depending on how smart they are [Students get grades equivalent to how smart they are].)
  • PAST: -(으)ㄴ 만큼 — 경훈 씨는 제가 공부한 만큼 공부를 열심히 했어요. (Kyeonghoon studied just as hard as I studied.
  • PRESENT: -는 만큼 — 뷔페에 갈 때 돈을 내는 만큼 많이 먹어야 돼요. (When you go to a buffet, you should eat as much as you pay for [to the extent that you paid for it, you should eat that much].)
  • FUTURE: -(으)ㄹ 만큼 — 아이들이 다 충분히 먹을 수 있을 만큼 음식을 많이 준비해 주세요. (Please prepare a lot of food so that the children will be able to eat enough.)
  • NOUN: 만큼 — 동생의 키는 오빠의 키만큼 커요. (My younger brother is as tall as my older brother [My younger brother’s height is as big as my older brother’s height].)
    • Please note that with nouns, 만큼 attaches to the noun! When used with descriptive and action verbs, there is an obligatory space.

만큼’s meaning is similar to that of 정도, which expresses the degree of something!


-느니만큼 is similar to 만큼 in that it expresses the degree of something, but it also expresses a reason for something, similar to -니까. It can be used with action verbs, descriptive verbs, and nouns, in the past and present tenses. It can sometimes be switched with 만큼 as described above, but you lose a bit of that “because” meaning.

  • AV PAST: -았/었으니만큼 — 공부를 열심히 했으니만큼 성적이 잘 나오겠어요. (Because you studied hard [and to the extent that you studied hard], you should get good grades.)
  • DV PAST: -았/었으니만큼 — 배가 고팠으니만큼 많이 먹었어요. (Because I was hungry [and to the extent that I was hungry] I ate a lot.)
  • AV PRESENT- -느니만큼 — 열심히 일하느니만큼 피곤해요. (Because I am working hard [and to the extent that I am working hard] I am tired.)
  • DV PRESENT- -(으)니만큼 — 공기가 좋지 않으니만큼 마스크를 꼭 챙기세요. (Because the air is not good [and to the extent that it is not good], please wear a mask.)
  • NOUN PAST: -였/이었으니만큼 — 가장 간절히 원하던 꿈이었으니만큼 그 꿈을 이루기 위해서 다했어요. (Because it was my most fervently desired dream [and to the extent that it was my most fervently desired dream] I did my best to achieve it.)
  • NOUN PRESENT: -(이)니만큼 — 중요한 발표니만큼 준비를 철저하게 해야 돼요. (Because it is an important presentation [and to the extent that it is an important presentation] I must prepare thoroughly].)

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or, if you see any mistakes, please let me know so I can fix them!

Happy studying~

So this fic is going to be loosely based around the Rapunzel fairy tale. I once read a Loki/Reader fanfiction based on Beauty and the Beast and it still is - even today - one of my favourite fanfictions. I’m doing a similar thing and basing my work on a fairytale, whilst incorporating a similar relationship dynamic as seen in Beauty and the Beast. Overall it’s a big fairytale mashup with everyone’s favourite little shit as the damsel in distress. I really hope you guys enjoy it! Please leave feedback. I appreciate any and all comments. Enjoy, my darlings!

‘The Tower’ (Part 1)

Once upon a time, in a long-forgotten part of a long-forgotten forest, a swaying stretch of grass – once untarnished and lush – had been corrupted by a great, gleaming monument. Where once the soil was warmed by the sun, ice as cold as the night lay in the cracks of the wounded earth, stretching up to the sky and culminating in a pointed tip.

At the centre of this secluded glade sat a tall and ominous tower…

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Repainting Faux-Leather bags/accessories

This is a tutorial of how I made my Weiss Schnee satchel , using a bag I got from Good-Will.(photo of Weiss Schee bag for reference)

Top photo: The supplies you will need for this project.

- Rubbing alcohol( I used 50% because its what I had on hand, but 20-90% should work just fine as well)

 -Cotton balls(number needed variety depending on the size of your bag, I used three for this clutch)

-Paint, in the color’s you want your bag to be(in the photo there is tan, black, silver, pearl, and white, to achieve this look)

-Clean make-up sponges(or paint sponges, up to you)

-This wasn’t in the photo, my apologizes, but a seam ripper and/or scissors will also be needed.

 -Another missing item from my photo is a sealer/finish. I used a liquid mog-podge, in matte finish, but that’s just personal preference.

Photo(s) 2-4: (2)Front view, (3)back view, (4)inside view


1. Remove any piece that are not wanted for your bags look using a seam ripper, such as a zippers, tassels, handles, straps, etc. I would only use scissors if you have to, because you can ruin a piece by cutting the wrong seam.

2. Soak your cotton balls in the alcohol and clean you fax-leather bag completely. Make sure you get all creases, nooks, seam-lines, and over lapping fabric, any oil/dirty left on your piece can ruin your paint job.

3. Apply your first coat. Your paint needs to be either acrylic/leather paint. You will probably need multi-coats of your base if your are changing the color drastically, like from black to white. Use a very opaque color as a base( I used tan because it’s my most opaque color and its a neutral)

4. Keep layering your base coat until you can’t see the original color of the bag, using your sponges. Let it dry from between 10-15 min. in between coats.

5. Once you achieve complete coverage move on to your main color. Layer this color as well until its fully covered, then let dry over night.

6. Once completely dry apply your sealer/finish to your satisfaction/direction of your finish.

Note: Feel free to use painters tape to cover an area that you don’t want painted, such as a clip/decoration.

Please vote for Hansol as much as possible when voting starts for The Unit! He’s gone through so much and I’m hoping he has the backing of the NCT fandom in this since I’m sure he has the support of all the members and that’s what they’d want! He’s so talented and I want to see him go far and achieve his dreams after all these years with him. He’s always been NCT and always will be NCT, but he got screwed in this weird unit system so let’s not give up on him! Let’s make it so one day he and the rest of the boys can perform on the same stage, even if it’s not together.

so mnet paid nuest members to babysit those babies
  • kang dongho aka papa bear

i really love how trainees are scared of dongho at the beginning (especially daehwi my baby haha) but not anymore.. dongho is actually a pape bear with many kids.. the cutest moment is where dongho said “aigoo~” when the maknaes come to him..  

dont forget about his first son, guanlin.. when your kid is bullied, it is appa’s job to protect his baby.. dont ever mess with dongho’s kids,you will regret it i swear..

if you have any problem and need an extra lesson, just ask dongho.. he is willing to give you 1:1 lesson.. it’s so cute when dongho take his time to help haknyeon with his part.. dongho’s patience when he deals with haknyeon is very admirable..

i dont know if daehwi is consider one of dongho’s babies but i just put him anyway hehehe.. we all know that daehwi is pretty scared of dongho since the beginning but they are ok now.. they even joke about it (bcoz mnet being a jerk, making dongho looks like a bad guy!).. it is cute seeing daehwi being all careful around dongho because he is pretty much still awkward with dongho.. haha.. gudluck daehwi!

  • nation’s leader kim jonghyun

he received the nation’s leader tittle when he is babysitting hyunbin during group evaluation episode.. how he takes all the blame to himself (bless you jonghyun!) he looks so proud to see hyunbin improves from day to day..

from relay cam we can see jonghyun is stitting with maknae woojin.. aww~ jonghyun looks like woojin’s uncle.. hahaha.. i assume daniel and ong are busy (yup im ongnieljin trash, fight me) so they let jonghyun babysits their son.. but jonghyun’s hands already full with nuest’s sons so he looks a little tired… jonghyun fighting!

  • hwang minhyun the emperor

yup he is very likable, no wonder those babies really like him.. but this one particular baby *cough* seonho *cough* likes him so damn much and minhyun finds it very tiring… haha.. you can escape from baby’s love! once you become their fav, you cant run away.. you should hug seonho before he sulks even more, minhyun-ah~

so hyunbin also very close with minhyun.. i remember watching their hidden box cam.. the “minhyunbin” thing cracks me up! haha.. apparently minhyun helps jonghyun takes care of hyunbin.. when you had a giant baby to take care of, you need some help from your friend.. i love the idea of giant baby because hyunbin is actually just a kid inside a that tall figure (he is the tallest but his personality is like 5!)

  • choi minki aka minki gaga

we all know how minki can be so extra in just a second.. haha.. i think that’s why the kids likes to surround him and play with him despite him being a hyung.. he likes to play as if he is the same as as them.. and yongjin even write a letter about how minki is an angel and he is thankful to him.. well i do really enjoy their duet together! divas being divas~

and also we heard about the bunny thing.. minki,jihoon and baejin all doing the same bunny pose during 2nd elimination (omg cuties!) we dont really see their interactions but we dont know behind camera.. they maybe pretty close with each other.. they also in the same team (oh little girl) and their personalities really match each other.. and the fact that minki is nuest’s maknae makes me think that he miss playing with friends (yup because other nuest’s members are all grown up and not being playful anymore) so minki makes younger friends so he can be cute with them..

so far they did a very good job… it was tough at first but they manage it somehow. those babies get too attached to them now..

im very happy to see their smiles now compare to first couple episodes.. i wish they can achieve success in the future because nuest is precious! i always forgot that they debut in very young age (im a 95-line too) so maybe they dont have time to play with friends before.. it’s nice to see them being playful again and even take care of their dongsaengs.. they see good examples to other trainees also.. nuest fighting!

(if you know about their other babies, please let me know ok? i might miss it)

*all pictures are from google 😅 credit to owners*

3 a.m. at the Vol. 5 House

Nora: Hey, Ren.

Ren: Nora, it can wait until morning.

Nora: It is morning.

Ren: Okay, so what do you need?

Nora: I don’t need anything. Tomorrow, can we walk around Mistral? Just you and me?

Ren: I’d like that. I need to make meals for everyone else though.

Nora: Can we make it now? I really want to see the sunrise alone with you.

Ren: Sure thing, Pancake.

-Ren and Nora walk into the kitchen and see Ruby talking with Oscar.-

Oscar: I’ve heard about The Achieve Men but never had enough money to buy a comic.

Ruby: They are amazing. I think you’ll like them.

Oscar: Do you mind if i keep one?

Ruby: Nope!

Ozpin: You know, she is into you.

Oscar: Just shut up!

Ruby: What?

Ozpin: Wisdom, evidently, must be learned.

Oscar: Hey, can I ask you something?

Ruby: You don’t have to pay me back.

Oscar: No, not that. Do you want to…

Ruby: Okay!

Oscar: You, You didn’t even let me finish.

Ruby: My answer stands.

Oscar: Well, where do you want to go tomorrow?

Ruby: Let’s go to the market. I hear there is a restaurant that serves great egg rolls.

-The pair gets ready for bed together, planning the next day step by step. Jaune overhears this.-

Jaune: Soo, everyone is leaving tomorrow. How about we-

Qrow: No.

I woke up this morning to the news that a gunman had opened fire on hundreds of innocent civilians. As you’d expect, I was heartbroken, angry, and upset. As I watched the news, I felt a horrible sinking feeling in my gut: it was deja vu. I had been in this exact situation before.

A year and a half ago i woke up to a lazy day in the middle of summer. It seemed that nothing could go wrong - until it did. I turned my tv on to find what was deemed the deadliest mass shooting in history being covered in every news channel. It was immediately deemed terrorism, as it was an act of hate to unarmed civilians. I was horrified that such things still happened. I was horrified that gun control laws weren’t immediately being created within the aftermath.

This was the exact feeling I experienced today.

I went on twitter to see if I could find news of gun control laws being made, but all I could find were thoughts and prayers. This truly upset me. How can you pray for an end to hate but never let it happen? How can you express your disgust for such an event but do nothing to prevent it from happening again? How can you be so upset about something like this, then inevitably let it go after a week?

The Bible says that you can only achieve what you pray for by acting on what you want. If you prayed for peace in our world, then be an advocate for peace. Spread awareness. Support the creation of gun control laws. Express your concerns to the public. Be a bright change in a dark, constant society.

I’d like to lastly point out that, before the gunman was identified as a white male, many immediately blamed the event on poc. People immediately recognized the gunman as a terrorist. However, when the news got out that a white man had opened fire, people started to change their wording. “Lone wolf gunman”, “Male”, never acknowledging that a WHITE MAN had been responsible for the deadliest shooting in U.S. history. When did the color of one’s skin determine the weapon in one’s hand? The thought was put there by the media. Change that. Acknowledge that this white man is a terrorist by definition. Remind everyone that white people have done evil to this world many times, and this is only one example.


Speak out.


Strange Feelings|| Draco Malfoy

I think this is my lognest imagines I have ever done! Anyways this was requested, so enjoy!Xo Requests are OPEN! draco malfoy x hufflepuff reader. I added few more things to the request than it was asked, ahah anyways enjoy the imagine!xo

Originally posted by amaranthinedraco

Morning was Y/N Y/L/N favourite time of a day. She loved listening to the sound of birds as they chirped, so alive and happy. A new song everyday, slightly different melody, a slightly different day.

The sun is calm in the morning, the breeze is steady. A gentle stream of light rolling through the blinds from the window.

Not ready to open her eyes, or wake up completely, she listens to the chirping and the light snores that come from the rest of the girls.

Fluttering her eyes open, her gaze falling upon the sun shadows created. She knew it was an early morning as everyone was still asleep. Finally, stretching she got out of her bed and went to change.


Everyone started to gather in the great hall for breakfast. Y/N was one of the firsts to join the breakfast early. She wasn’t a fond of loud areas, so the earlier she is the quicker she can get away from the loud crowds.

Although this spring morning was different; someone so peculiar, so handsome had caught her eye. She knew very well who he was and what he’s like. But today something made her look, observe him?

She didn’t know what it was but it seemed like she wanted - did care about him. Though one question rang in her head, ‘why though?’ What was it about him that she seemed so interested?

She didn’t know what it was, but she wanted to know more. It was like she discovered a new book that she wanted to explore and discover everything. It was same with Draco. Yes, you heard correctly, the one and only Draco Malfoy. Is the guy she wanted to know more about.

She knew that he could be an ass sometimes, okay most of the times.That wasn’t the point, she knew that she could look past that; all the bullying he has done.

Even though she despised bullies or anyone whose nasty really. She wanted to give Draco a chance. She wanted to see if he could act kind and not name some student a ‘mudblood’ as he does.

She wanted to know if he had a different side that he doesn’t show to anyone. Despite everything she knew that it couldn’t happen, she wasn’t even friends with him nor an acquaintance.

Yes, she has worked with him before in Potions but that didn’t count he barely spoke to her anyway.

She spotted the platinum boy walk into the great hall with Blaise on his side. He took his seat at the Slytherin table. He even looked good when he eats. Though Y/N, Woah okay where that came from? She’s usually never the obsessive type.

She shook her head and carried on eating her toast. When all of the sudden her toast was grabbed by her hand and thrown on the table. She instantly knew who it was, she didn’t even need to look.

“Trying to get even more fat, mud blood?” the Slytherins voice hissed with venom.

“Just leave me alone, please” she mumbled her hair covering her face, so the Slytherin couldn’t see the tears that wanted to fall.

“Awww is our little mud-blood begging now, you are a disgrace. I think you should know that” his voice sounded to truthful and evil.

She never admitted it to anyone that she got bullied, she didn’t need pity to stay strong. She was fine without it.

This Slytherin boy; that she didn’t know the name of bullied her since the second year when he had to work with her in potions. That when it all started, the names the bullying. No one did anything, I mean who wanted to help someone like me?

“Are you going to say anything, you can’t even defend yourself. I knew Hufflepuff’s were weak” he spat grabbing hold of my hair making me look at him. My heart beating so loud that it was sure everyone the great hall could hear. I could feel all the eyes on us.

I closed my eyes letting the tears roll down my rosy cheek. I heard him chuckle seeing his victim cry over him. The grip tightened on her hair and she whimpered in pain.

“Please let go” she begged, she didn’t want to she never wanted to look weak but today was different. She was weak and she’s not going to deny it. She just wanted for it to be over so she can carry on with her day.

“Filthy. Little Mudblood” he said dragging every word to make it stuck on her head. He let go of her and strolled away proudly like he achieved something was so impossible.

The chats filled the hall once again and it was like nothing ever happened. She wiped the tears away lifting her head up she made eye contact with Draco; he seemed concerned? But it quickly faded away when he looked away.

She grabbed my bag and walked out the hall trying not to slip the tears. She ran all the way to the toilet and sat in the corner placing her head on her knees, finally letting the tears that formed in her eyes to fall.

Why did always happen to her, she thought. Why did she have to be a muggle-born? That day she cried all day not even attending any of the classes. But what she didn’t know, that a certain platinum boy has noticed it.


A few days later and the Slytherin boy has stopped bothering her, which of course made her relieved but confused at the same time.

She had potions today and she was partners with Draco, Professor chose the partners and of course, she was with Draco. At first, she felt nervous not wanting to mess up the potion or act like a fool around him.

Being shy and quiet has its own perks: one of them being observing others. Yes, Y/N does observe a lot of people and notice the tiny little changes in everyone. So don’t try and hide from Y/N because she will notice it without you knowing.

Just like she noticed Draco’s behaviour, he seems more distanced towards everyone and he goes on without calling someone names for more than a lesson like usually would.

It weirded Y/N out, not that she dislikes it, it the opposite really. She likes his kind side which she still wants to learn. But it weird seeing the Draco Malfoy being so quiet his usual confident posture has turned into slouching and his nasty remarks turned into silences.

He didn’t even bother Harry, the one and only Harry Potter.I think even the golden trio is suspicious.

She carried on walking towards Potions seeing Draco already there, making her little heart beat quicker than normal. She took her seat next to him, it like he didn’t even notice her presence.

She thought about, saying hello but would that be weird. Would he say hello back? Gaining courage she sat up straight and faced him.

“Hello Draco” her voice startled him oblivious to her presence of course. He scanned her with his eyes up and down, then remember it was the Hufflepuff girl from the great hall who got was bullied by that Slytherin boy, Matt was his name. He knew about the bullying. Of course, he knew, he would always see him calling her mudblood or using physical abuse towards her. But he never did anything because of hated Muggle-borns, well that what he thought anyway.

He scoffed in response but she didn’t react instead she smiled at him and got up to get the ingredients needed for the lesson. Draco was confused as to why she didn’t say anything or even frown! Did she not care? He shook his head trying not to get distracted by something to useless.

She placed the ingredients and asked him politely if he could pass the book which was near him. He, of course, scoffed again and did not pass it. She kept her smile on and went around the table to grab it. That was the first day she was so kind to him. She always was but today it seemed like, she cared?

This was a retinue for Y/N now, she carried on being kind to him for a couple of weeks now when it all turned north.

“Hello Draco, how are you?” she asked smiling her eyes seem full of life and happiness. Whereas Draco’s was the total opposite, dull. They didn’t have that little spark in them that Y/N loved she was the first one to notice it and the first one to notice when it vanished.

“Don’t talk to me, you filthy little mud-blood” he spat and looked away looking elsewhere away from her.

She didn’t care that he called her that, yes of course it hurt but she didn’t show it. She put a smile on her face and carried on making the potion. Through out making the potion, Draco noticed that she was happy. If anyone called her mud-blood she would usually feel down all day. Although she wasn’t, she had a beautiful smile dancing on her lips, thought Draco. He freaked out that he thought about her this way so out of control he poured some Potion over her making her scream and everyone looks their way.

“What the hell!” she shouted wiping the liquid off of her eyes.

Draco seemed almost shocked he grabbed his stuff and stormed out of the classroom. Professor tried to quiet down the students but it defiantly wasn’t working.

She ran out the classroom with tears in her eyes. He has called her names before but he never took it that far with humiliating her in front of everyone. She ran into the same bathroom she always cries in whenever Matt bullies her. She sat in the corner and let the tears roll. She was tired of everything, the bullying, the humiliation.

Why couldn’t she be pureblood? Everything would be so much easier, right?

From that day she stopped all contacts with Draco, she didn’t smile at him anymore nor greet him with happiness in your eyes. She just sat there without feeling anything towards. She will admit she still has feelings for the platinum boy, but she didn’t dare smile at him. She didn’t want to seem like she’s obsessed with him.

Draco noticed and he didn’t want to say it, but he missed looking at your eyes and seeing sparks of happiness, he missed hearing your laugh when you told him cheesy jokes even though he never replied to you. He was smiling inside, he wanted to laugh along with you at your jokes. But he knew better than be friends with a muggle-born.


Y/N was sat by the black lake listening to bird chirping a warm breeze passing by. It was a Saturday morning she didn’t have anything planned for today, so what better than sit by the black lake and enjoy the warm weather.

She hasn’t spoken to Draco for a month now, she’s not going to lie and say that she hasn’t missed him because she has. Even if he wouldn’t say anything, just by knowing that he seemed a little bit better with her presence made me light up.

Now it was gone, the tiny little smile that Y/N would catch on Draco whenever she made a joke made her swoon with a jolt of happiness and excitement. She wanted to change him, she wanted to show his kind side. But it difficult and she thought wrong.

She heard footsteps behind her and ignored them thinking it was some student, whenever she’s by the lake she would usually be greeted by some of her housemates or someone from a different house.

So she didn’t worry if someone would see her there, she was stuck in her own dreamy thoughts.

“Y/N….” The voice sounded so familiar yet so different.

Carefully she turned her head to see the once neat, hair in place boy was now only his white blouse hair messed up his hands trembling as he looked straight at me.

Confusion was written on her face, why was Draco here? And second of all, he knew her name! Okay, let not freak out shall we thought Y/N.

She stood up and ambled towards him keeping a normal distance between them. It looked like he cried for hours, was he crying? But why?

“Draco, what happened? What wrong?” she asked looking down at his now quivering lip. He took a step closer to her and gazed at her beautiful eyes that he loved so much.

“Draco..” she mumbled not knowing what to say or do.

“Shhh” he quickly responded and embraced her in a tight hug nuzzling his head into her neck. She didn’t respond straight away but after a few seconds she wrapped her around him and got more comparable in his embrace.

Draco wants for everything to just disappear just for a second, he felt like at home with her. She made his blood simmer in a way that no one could. Not in like an angry way, but loving way.

The weight he has been carrying from the tasks he had to and even trying to hex Potter, really made him unrelaxed. He just wanted to live like a normal boy, he just needed love, affection!

But all he got was glares or frightened looks sent to him because he was a Malfoy and he was tired of it all he wanted was to be loved and receive affection from someone who loves him just the way he is.

“Draco what happened? We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to” she said looking up at him.

“I- I don’t really want to talk about it Y/N and before you say anything I’m sorry for the things I called you and pouring the potion all over you. I freaked out and I didn’t know what to do” he said whiles looking very genuine he had a sorry look in his eyes.

“I forgive you Draco, I know you didn’t mean any of it anyways” she beamed whiles as she stared at his grey eyes.

“Hey, how about a date with me at Hogsmeade?” he asked still having his hands wrapped around me.

“I would love to join you Draco” She replied grinning like a little kid on a Christmas morning.

Draco was wrong from the beginning, she’s worth every risk.

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so what was your favourite part of wonder woman? Mine was No Mans Land and when they danced in the snow!!!!!!!

I have five favorite parts of WW. 

1) No Man’s Land. It was everything.

2) The parallell of Antiope screaming “Shield!” on the beach with the amazons and Steve screaming “Shield!” to Diana on that square is important to me. For several reasons. Steve watched and learned on that beach, he learned of the amazon’s fighting style and just how powerful and skilled the amazons actually are. He also recognized the moment on that square as a moment where he and his fellow men can’t do anything, that the woman amongst them is more important. That they should lift her up and help her achieve her goal – so the men in the scene literally do just that. They let her use them, step on them, so she can be great. I can go into more detail about this but I just… THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME. I am going to need all the gifsets to show this parallell. 

3) Every single scene where Diana smiles: on the boat when she is curious about why mankind marries, when she sees the real baby on the street, when she meets Etta, when she tastes ice cream, when she sees snowfall, when she tells Charlie “But then who would sing for us?” and he starts singing right then and there. I love all of these moments because they remind us how kind and loving and curious she is, this movie takes time to show us how soft Diana can be too. And I am so grateful to the writers and to Patty and to Gal for that. 

4) The entire beach scene with the amazons. Seriously. As soon as this movie is out I am going to be re-watching this scene to eternity. ESPECIALLY THE TWO AMAZONS WHERE ONE OF THEM COMES RIDING AND TAKES THE OTHER ONE’S HAND WHO IS STANDING ON THE BEACH AND SWINGS HER UP INTO THE AIR WHERE SHE THROWS TWO KINVES AT TWO SOLDIERS. Like. Damn. 

5) The moment Steve’s plane explodes and Diana is on the ground screaming NO! The emotion was delicious.