lets see how this goes haha

I love plants! Sorry this has been in my inbox for a while^^;;

▪She likes plants too!
▪she didn’t keep any around because she worked for Jumin and was too busy, but you buy her a little snapdragon for her windowsill when she quits
▪she ends up over watering it and calls you up in a frenzy, freaked out because it’s dying and it’s the only tangible thing you’ve given her
▪so you both decide to attend a gardening class!
▪She somehow misreads the flyer so you end up going to a couples gardening class
▪You two are the only non-couple there, which is awkward, but she has a fantastic time
▪ now that she knows how to take care of them, the cafe is full of plants!
▪It’s so neat and all of your customers love it
▪When she does finally get around to asking you out on a date, she does so with another snapdragon
▪“MC I promise this wasn’t a snap decision, but will you go out with me?” 

▪asks you if he can name one after his LOLOL avatar or one after the LOLOL programmer
▪every time he comes home from class he greets them ALL by name
▪sees your unnamed yellow flower and asks to name it Rika
▪your reaction is up to you
▪ he’s totally an accidental plant murderer bc he’ll rip them out of the ground without knowing better

▪when he first saw you through the CCTV bringing in a few flowers and cacti, he was kinda taken aback
▪V gifted Rika with a few plants but they all died quickly no matter how she cared for them
▪So to Seven, it was strange that there was even more life in the apartment
▪didn’t know much about gardening before but he spends 6 hours reading different gardening books and asks you about the different kinds of plants
▪gdi Seven
▪he has the full gardening outfit complete with the brightest gloves and pants
▪ Everything clashes terribly with his red hair and he’s an eyesore to look at
▪ but when he’s out in the sun, he starts to get all freckle-y which is adorable
▪ And of course he burns super easy, he could be outside for five minutes and still get a sunburn same
▪even claims he can communicate with your plants
▪"It’s my Seventh sense MC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)“
▪how’d he manage to say ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) out loud wtf
▪thinks it’s the coolest thing that your plants have names
▪when you get new ones, he’ll beg you to let him name them
▪haha good luck on that one, hon

▪at first he was indifferent, but your passion really changed his mind
▪he loves seeing how excited and loving you are towards your plants but he’s a little sad that they can’t get the proper sunlight
▪he has a basement apartment, but he’s already called his landlord asking if the two of you can build a garden on the roof even though he knows the landlord is going to charge him a lot
▪when he gets the okay, he kind of goes overboard
▪you make a full day out of planting and building the garden
▪since it’s an apartment, anyone can go up to the roof and mess around
▪Zen makes sure to put up as many signs as he can, and he will 100% beat up anyone who so much as touches a single petal

▪he pretends to be indifferent
▪"MC they’re just plants. They can’t hear you”
▪but Saeran, plants need love and affection just like humans do ;-;
▪"Yeah whatever”
▪secretly makes him feel safe and happy when he sees you dancing around the house serenading and caring for your plants
▪will absolutely never admit it but he thinks you’re really pretty when you get into long rambles about the different types of plants and different facts & fables about plant care
▪takes an interest in Venus flytraps because they’re so pretty but yet brutal
▪if he gets one then you know Seven is gonna try getting one to gnaw on his finger

▪slightly indifferent
▪"well…you like what you like, MC"
▪he does get really jealous whenever you give them more affection than him
▪instead of confronting you about it, he’ll just give you the silent treatment
▪if there’s a plant you want, he’ll get it for you though, even if you do give it more attention

▪he cannot control his joy
▪you two are plant bud-dies!
▪your shared apartment has at least 10 potted plants in each room and your windows are always open to allow sunlight in
▪nightly routines are insane
▪not only do you two have to water them, but you also insist on saying good night to each and every plant
▪V just dies a little inside everytime he hears your adorable voice in the other room
▪For Valentine’s Day he’ll gift you with a little succulent, which has a tag that reads “I’m a succ-er for you, MC!”

Jumin Han
▪at first he was a little scared
▪"you like cacti, MC?“
▪”but what if Elizabeth 3rd gets the wrong idea and tries to eat one?????”
▪iNtensE paNic
  ▪you have to assure him that, yes, have cacti, but that Elizabeth is a smart cat
▪two days after you brought in the cacti Elizabeth tried to nuzzle one
▪she got a needle in her cheek, but never did it again
▪Jumin makes you promise to only keep cat-safe plants in your house and save your cacti for the greenhouse
▪speaking of that
▪you have the biggest garden you could ever hope for and imagine, plus a climate controlled greenhouse
▪has exotic plants brought in for you and if he travels, he’ll bring home a plant from that country
▪you’re spoiled rotten
▪If you ask him to help you plant, he’ll show up in a wide-brimmed floppy hat and the entire outfit
he tried to wear a cooking apron too bless this beautiful boy
▪doesn’t really want to get his hands dirty so he uses a small plastic kiddie shovel to dig the hole and flick the dirt out
▪…he prefers the buying and watering
▪buuuut, since he’s gone sometimes on business trips, he buys you a little purple plant to put on your bedside table
▪your little plant Jumin

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Dark sonic flirting with Amy? >:3c


So, which Dark Sonic is this? Haha, most Dark Sonics are either an animal that attacks until gained trust/cured, or Sonic fighting his inner, out of control emotions that chaos gives power too. Sometimes, like the Canon version of Dark Sonic from Sonic X, it’s Sonic alright but he can’t control his anger or let it go. So,.. yeah XD I’ll pick one and see how it goes ;)


After a conflicting battle with Eggman, Sonic found himself unable to control his emotions upon seeing a powerful beam from the egg-carrier get deflected onto a neighboring town.

Lots were hurt, but luckily, none were fatal.

Sonic’s eyes shook at the scene below him, his body turned just slightly to see the beam land and destroy more than livelihoods.

His super form began to quiver in it’s aura, and suddenly, as Sonic’s fist tightened and his eyes narrowed into a hostility not usually seen in the hero; his skin slowly formed a darker hue, as his teeth clenched and his eyes shifted to a dark blue…

Eggman daintily posed a hand over his mouth, “Oh? Oppsie.” Treating it lightly, he positioned the gun over, where Super Sonic once knocked it away.

It was his fault. He deflected the beam.

Below him, stood Tails and Amy, saved by the fast thinking, but horrified at the consequences. Holding one another, they turned their eyes from the scene in the skies to the disaster to their sides.

As the ship turned, it faced Sonic directly, though Sonic’s body was trembling at this point, and he felt the dark aura starting to advance up his body.

“What’s the matter, hedgehog? Realizing you can’t save everyone?”

The tone shook Sonic out of control, as his eyes widened and he yielded to the temptation of aggression.

With a swiftness of his head, rising up to the behemoth of a machine, his eyes fully shifted to glowing white sockets.

With a roar of distain and bewilderment, blaming more than Eggman for the scene of fire below, he charged the machine, dashing through it like it was paper-mache.

Eggman, not expecting such violent reproof, immediately squirmed in his seat, as Orbot and Cubot tallied the damages as they happened.

“Damages 70%. 80%-!” Orbot flinched at a blow that shook the whole of the Egg-Carrier. “90!”

“We’ve lost the engine!” Cubot exclaimed, clutching Eggman’s leg for dear life.

Eggman pulled back the sides of his open frown, realizing this wasn’t how him and Sonic usually ‘played’.

“He’s not letting this one go.” Eggman slightly muttered to himself, starting to realize the gravity of the situation. Sonic was usually very playful, but this time…


“Cut the engine, and let it go!” Eggman took control, throwing a jacket over himself, he rose up and boarded to the top of a pillared structure in the middle of the floor. Rising up the platform, the machine had handles, where Eggman gripped and looked down to the shaking floor below him, turning to address his robots.

“Get on! If you wish to save your metallic hides!”

The two robots looked at one another, frightened, realizing this was an ‘abandon ship’, and quickly did as they were told.

The open and small airship that was released flew silently into the cover of smoke and clouds, as the Egg-Carrier was stripped with Spin-dashes and continual distortions until the entire thing collapsed on itself into a fire of explosions.

Although venting, tearing up the Egg-Carrier wasn’t enough to satisfy the intense rage Sonic was feeling. Not only was guilt there, something he hadn’t truly experienced before, but now a great regret as he turned to see Eggman through the clouds.

Still reeling in emotional pain, he ducked his shaking head, his body following the motion and stored up dark chaos energy into the front of his body.

“EEGGGGMMAAANN!!!” He gathered the force into his hands, reeled it back as it charged and directed freely like a curved comet into the sky towards him.

His whole body flung with the motion, as Eggman gritted his teeth and his lips drew back, fear at once took hold and the three were blasted by the hit, falling through the air in spinning circles before landing to be stuck in a tree.

“Maybe you shouldn’t blast people so hard.” Orbot complained, leaning backwards with his back arched on the branch.

“Or maybe you shouldn’t blast people at all!” Cubot groaned in his metallic way, his belly bent as he lay over a higher branch than the three.

Hanging by his comfortable jacket, getting pulled up and down like a small spring, Eggman folded his arms, pouting.

His mustache burnt slightly from the connecting blast, he twitched it slightly as little ashes fell and shortened that side of his stache.

He gasped, kicking his legs in anger as he threw a tantrum, “THAT DARN HEDDDGEEEEHOOOGGG!!!”

Coming down, Sonic still felt the grief of the moment over his body, the quaking never seeming to shake, as Tails and Amy ran up to him.


Leave me…” he hunched his shoulders, as they sporadically bounced in his misery.

“Sonic…” They drew closer, wanting to help, Tails moving first with his hands out to try and comfort him…

I said leave me alone!” Dark Sonic flung a hand back, and suddenly, the aura shot like mini-bullets into Tails and Amy, shooting them back as little sharp air lines showed where the punctures were made.

Though none were truly injured, the pain of the pressure hits caused them to flinch on the ground, before Amy looked up in shock and worry towards him.

What has happened to him? What was happening?


After several attempts to calm Sonic, nothing seemed to work.

Tails was losing his patience with his friends, pulling out all the stops, he even tried to electrically hold him in place, and sent a electrocution to try and snap Sonic out of his emotional distress.

This only caused him to grow anger, wanting to be alone as he shot from his hands a powerful pressure force that increased gravity. Tails was forced down, and as he struggled, soon lost consciousness.

Sonic lowered himself from the now sparking instruments, glared almost indifferently at his friend who now carried shallow breaths, and walked away.

Knuckles, Eggman, even Shadow was hired by G.U.N to put an end to this ‘uncurable threat’, and as Sonic fought more and more, his state of mind became more twisted.


Because he felt guilt that was haunting his conscience,… they considered him a monster?

That’s when Amy came along…


“Sonic…” she approached slowly, her hands clenched together in what seemed like a plight.

His eyes had shifted to a darker blue, finally being alone to dwell on some things, but hearing her voice sent an irritation. It broke his concentration and thought, making him close his eyes, clenching his fist…

“Sonic, you’re not yourself…” She lightly approached, as he slowly turned his body, and made her quickly react by moving away, not knowing what his next move… or reaction for that matter… would be…

“Have you come to reform me too..?” His eyes opened, an icy look, almost as if it had lost all feeling… “To cure me..” he started to advance towards her.

In her fright, she stepped back, but then shook her head and stood her ground, leaning forward, stomping a foot down to try and stop him from advancing.

“No! I’m here to help you!”

“Help?” his eyes narrowed, as he re-balanced himself and stopped his advancement. “Why would I need help? Because I’m feeling now? Because I actually have a heart?” He motioned to his chest, bowing slightly, and mocking her request.

I don’t need any help.” he swiped a hand out, but no power came from it like the last time he had seen her.

“B-but… You’re fighting this alone… and you’re hurting people!”

Her outburst sent a jolt of anger through his being, as he growled out a bit of frustration and turned around, slamming a powerful pulse into the air.

I want to be alone!!!” he shouted. “It’s all of you who can’t understand that!

“You’re not understanding us!” Amy counted, squinting an eye as she flung her upper body in a twisted form up, before flinching and clutching her stomach, having been knocked down. “No one should suffer alone… let us help you… please… you’re not thinking clearly… you’re not yourself…”

Her voice faded slightly, but his anger forced his hands up, his head looming down at her with utter-


His eyes suddenly widened, and a faint chuckle came from his lips.

He shook his head, suddenly a darker expression upon his face.

“Of course… Tails tried technology. Shadow, brute force. Knuckles, heh… tried Knuckles… and now, what do you try?” he tsked from the side of his mouth, walking dangerously close to her as she scooted back slightly, up against the first foresty tree that covered the cliff ahead of them.

He bent down, his eyes cold and mocking… Even his breath was a cruel reminder of how much anguish and uncontrolled aggression he carried.

“You come and try and to use the ‘power of love’ to cure me…”

What?” Amy looked insulted, slightly offended as her eyes furrowed in confusion.

He tilted his head, a wicked taunt upon his lips, as suddenly his eyes started to fade into the white around him, advancing towards her.

Well, go on then, lure me into submission… tempt me to desire your will over mine… push out these feeling with your love, Amy… you and your love alone, because that’s the answer to everything, isn’t it? Because there’s nothing love can’t do…

He was moving over her, as she kept trying to move back, more pressed to the tree as he came closer and closer, his voice a husky mockery of her pure intentions.

Make me fall for you… Amy…

“Stop it… Sonic,… Sonic, you’re not well!” She pushed him back, but he slowly hand his hand coming up, and pulled her down.

Tempt me…

He suddenly gripped her throat, as she sucked in air impulsively, and he smashed his lips into hers.

The mocking taunt was unbearable now.

She kicked and almost screamed through it, but he kept ramming her against the ground and bashing her head against the tree.


She finally had a second to take in more air, feeling the throbbing of her head, she summoned her hammer and whammed it into his head, forcing him off of her.

He quickly recovered though, getting back on her and the two tussled before she finally got a word out, shoving her hand to his chest.

“This isn’t love!!!” she cried out, her voice a shriek in the darkness, before Dark Sonic finally leaned away, his eyes still glowing white, but his expression… somehow intrigued by her response.

She gasped, grimacing at the painful fight and letting out some of the ache through her cries.

“I’m not trying to cure you, or to take away any of the pain! I’m trying to share it with you!!!”

His body flinched, as he quickly backed up and away from her.

“What!?” he spat out, listening…

She coughed, getting up and gripping her throat, before turning to glare slightly at him from the corner of her eye.

“You aren’t well… and the only way you’ll ever get better is to let it out. Let it go, Sonic!” She slammed the hand that was desperately trying to comfort her aching throat down, refusing to try and soothe it.

Besides, it wasn’t the time for worrying about herself.

Sonic stepped back, silently, before shifting his head around, gripping his head.

“No… no..” he felt himself returning, the guilt, the discomforting realization of what Eggman had spoken… “I.. I can’t.” he leaned against the back of a tree. “I can’t.. I have to hold onto it…”

“If you keep it… then you’ll never forgive yourself.” Amy, seeing a sudden shift of consciousness over his deeds in him, got up and slowly started staggering over to him.

She gripped her arm and tried to hobble towards him, seeing him continually move away from her.

“No!” he shouted, looking disoriented. “Stay away from me!!!

“Sonic… Please…” she reached a hand out to him.

In a flood of mercy, her touch on his cheek suddenly flooded him with emotion.

He lifted his head in defeat, the darkness fading, and waves of tears washed over his being as he fell to the ground.

He covered his face, holding himself up as he realized what he had done.

He had willingly given into his anger, submissively passed his free agency to the dark emotions of his heart, and because of that, he had lost who he truly was.

“I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry…” he kept repeating, each time envisioning the town, Eggman, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, and then…

He turned in such miserable grief up to Amy.

“I’m so sorry..”

The air escaped Amy’s lungs, but she fell and clung to him, holding him, as he let the last of the horrible emotions flow through him and pour out.

(Super AU, but Sonic will be okay after a good cry :3 Yeah, again, super AU XD -Sonic doesn’t cry XP nor does he yield his will, pass the torch, so to speak, to emotion.- But eh. -shrug- that’s the only way I could think of that would be Sonic X like ‘darker flirting’ since Dark Sonic is evil, you know? XP But… is he?)

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Do 7,14,29,35,43,50 for BonRin~!

7. Who sweats the small stuff?

lol definitely Bon

he seems like the kind of guy that just has to have things a certain way

14. Who kills the spiders?

i mean, considering Rin waded through a waist-deep river of bugs, i think he’d be totally fine with being the spider killer (especially if he can use lil poofs of flame to shoot at them)

i think Bon would be fine with killing them too but he’d probably be that guy that can not let it get away. He will tear the place up looking for that damn bug! (which feels like something he probably used to have to do for Shima when they lived together at the temple :’D)

29. Who is the better cook?

Rin! I don’t see Bon being a bad cook per se, I just feel like he’s not all that interested in learning how to cook. I’m sure he can make decent food though since he’d follow the recipe exactly lol

35. Who goes overboard on the holidays?

haha, Rin seems like he’d love going all out! Decorating, cooking, throwing parties, and just whatever it is that the holiday calls for! Bon’s much more laid back, but he goes along with Rin’s enthusiasm uwub

43. Who wins the stuffed animals at the carnival for the other one?

Rin because Bon refuses to waste his money on rigged carnival games :’D but, on the other hand, i feel like this is something that would turn into a competition lol Bon refuses to play, Rin wins him a stuffed animal, Bon then feels the need to win Rin a stuffed animal, then Rin wants to win him another one, then Bon wants to win him another one, and then they’re both racing to see who can give the other the most. Who wins the most depends on the kind of games that the carnival has (the less strength-based ones there are, the less Rin is likely to win lol), but, in the end, they both end up with an uneccessary amount of stuffed animals. Bon doesn’t even want them, he’s a 16 year old boy, why tf would he want a bunch of stuffed animals????? but Rin gave them to him so…….. he keeps them…. as embarrassing as it is…. Rin, however, happily dedicates a corner to his plushies

Kuro loves to sleep there

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?

Bon!! idk why but i feel like, as a single person, he wouldn’t really care about romance in any way, but then when he’s dating he loves doing corny, romantic shit even if he knows it’s too corny. Like, flowers and chocolates and cute little teddy bears with big bows and holding hearts that say “I love you”? He will never admit it, but he loves giving Rin all that lovey-dovey shit!

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i'm always a slut for shunk :3c and maybe "humble" as a word prompt?

I adore the idea of Hunk being humble and Shiro being like LISTEN. This definitely could’ve gone longer but I kept it short and sweet haha. Enjoy!! 

Leaning against Black’s toe, Shiro curiously peered down at the intricate tangle of wires Hunk was navigating with ease. Black had complained the last two battles that her right hind leg had been bothering her; she was unable to diagnose the problem with her own information on hand, so Shiro had called up Hunk. From Hunk’s perspective, it had been a simple fix: the wires were touching where they shouldn’t. He just had to get in there and put everything back where it belonged.

Humming to himself, Hunk removed a knot of wires and began to sort through it, fingers quick and sure. Shiro leaned forward, unable to parse exactly what Hunk was doing. The ease with which he handled the wires was – intriguing.  Hunk ducked closer to the cables, brows furrowed as he untangled three and then flinched back when a spark jumped out. Black pinged alarm in Shiro’s thoughts. Hunk cursed.

“Uh –” Shiro started.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, just startled me,” Hunk said. “Black, we’re good. You just had a bad tangle, that’s all.”

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Selca Day for Giriboy?

Soo there isnt a selca day for giriboy and i feel like it would be cool to start one! I was thinking maybe the date of his debut which is the 18 or his birthday which is the 24. So if you guys want we can pick a date you think we should do it! And try to do it every month of that day? We can try different themes or just do random ones whatever you guys feel like doing! Of course this will most likely be on twitter (at least most of them) but we can post selfies anywhere tbh like here ,instagram, any social media of some sort! Sooo what do you guys think about it? Let me know what are your thoughts so we can try this out and see how it goes?!! <3 And also think of a hashtag to use as well

So here’s my photo op with Misha! Let me just say I am SO happy with how it came out. Story time:
So the entire day I had been nervous, and standing in line seeing him in his Cas outfit somehow made me calmer and MORE nervous at the same time, who knows how haha.
So, I walk up to him, and say, “Hi Misha!” He says “Hello!” I go “So I don’t know what this would exactly mean in terms of a specific pose, but can we look like we’re in love…?” And he smiles and nods and goes “OH yeah :)” so then we get into this pose, I barely remember it because the entire time in my head I’m going “my face is on Misha’s face wtf wow”.
So we take the picture and one of us grabs the other’s hand and squeezes it, I really don’t remember if it was me or him. So I said thank you and he smiled and said you’re welcome and then I went outside and had to regain consciousness haha.
Vegas Con was so much fun and THIS was definitely one of the biggest highlights :)

Bungou Episode 6 Clip: Dazai and the Mushroom Incident
Miyano Mamoru,Yoshimasa Hosoya,& Yuto Uemura
Bungou Episode 6 Clip: Dazai and the Mushroom Incident

I couldnt tell you how hard it was to record this part WITHOUT laughing at Miyano and Dazai’s animation. Gosh I love this anime. Although I kinda wish Chuya would show up already. It is one of the one animes I still wont drop just yet cause I love the manga alot from what chapters I have read. I also started to read a bit of the light novels so lets see where this adventure goes, haha. 

I’m reading the archie sonic comics and they freaking thing

I’m gonna buy this Genesis bull

I’m infuriated
















~Shuffle Shuffle~

I was tagged by @yuratchka-speaks​ , let’s do this. Ready? ;)

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle. List the first ten songs that come up, then tag ten people

I’m always happy and eager to show my music! Because it’s either a “OMG I LOVE IT” or a “THE FUCK IS THIS??”. It’s always amusing to me to share my music haha

  1. Fever - Adam Lambert. Gotta love me some Adam Lambert. Love how he can mix sexy with being fabulous and killing it. I always see myself coming back to this song when I’m having a hard day and I just let it all out lip syncing haha
  2. Greedy - cover by Out Of The Blue. I don’t really like the original, it’s a personal taste. However I’m a sucker for acapella covers and these guys are great at it. 
  3. In Regards to Love Eros. *coughs* more sexy music? *cough* This goes without saying haha. Besides the spanish tone to the song gets me riled up :D
  4. Come With Me- Ricky Martin. thanks shuffle XD . Sometimes when it comes to singers my taste is so fucking Spanish haha. One of my favorite songs by him along with “Adios”
  5. For your Entertainment- Adam Lambert. Didn’t I say I lpved Adam?. This song speaks to me in so many levels ;) rrr~ I do wish I cold own his outfit in the music video. Specially that cane *-*
  6. Tonight I’m Loving You- Enrique Iglesias. PLEASE EXCUSE ME I DONT MEAN TO BE RUDE, BUT TONIGHT IM LOVING YOU ;) 
  7. Animals -Maroon 5. Im preying on you tonight ;)
  8. Call Me Master - Blood On The Dance Floor. Jesus..recurring theme much?
  9. Despacito- Luis Fonsi (Ft. Daddy Yankee). My latest obsession. I used to hate this kind of music before when i was a kid. But now I love it. It’s nostalgic and make you wan to dance and oh~!!
  10. Gods Take Dust- Suspiria. FINALLY XD haha Post Punk beautifulness. My goth heart just loves this msic so damn much. It’s also my ringtone.

Thank you shuffle, for making my sexual side come out through my music hahaha. OH dear

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FAVORITE COLOR: Light blue or light purple
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: “You’re Welcome” from Moana
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Fate of the Furious
TOP 3 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Kamala Khan, Connie Maheswaran, Twilight Sparkle (…this was such a hard choice man)
TOP 3 SHIPS: (IDK, I don’t romantically ship too much so let’s see how this goes) Rupphire, Skimmons, Sanvers 
BOOKS I’M CURRENTLY READING: Pathologic Basis of Disease by Robbins and Cotran (I’m trying to read ahead for next term haha)

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fic self rec meme

i was tagged by the lovely and ever-talented @kanafinwhy!!!! thank you so much daniela <3 lets see what i can come up with here across the fandoms, haha!!

i’m tagging @pitviperofdoom, @weepycat, @sohmamomiji, and @gaymowgli if you’d like to!!!

this post got kind of long so the rest is under the cut:

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Omg that workout definitely killed me - which is my own fault though because I was too unmotivated to go to the gym last week. But I am proud that I went and tomorrow I’’ll go running. Let’s see how that goes ;)

Also, look at our beautiful tulips!! I call them our little black tulips, my neighbour joked about that they’re just as black as my soul haha. They’re not black btw, just a really dark purple ;)

peacegrrl  asked:

I just smile like a freaking dork that I am when I saw the parent post. I'm still smiling from it. :3 How about showing Hellsing/Millennium characters would react being protective of their partners and/or are jealous if their partners being flirted at and how would they take it?

Ohoho, this was fun as well! Haha, thank you for the request ma dear. I went with being jealous of others hitting on their partner, but you or anyone else wants more or something similar, let me know. Also, let me know if anyone wants to see Iscariot. Here we go!

GIF Request: Jealousy - Hellsing + Millennium


It goes without saying that Alucard would be rather violent. If someone tried to take his partner away, he’d probably react rather viciously. However, he probably wouldn’t kill them unless truly necessary, just intimidate them a bit.


Integra would be a more subtle jealousy, fitting in threats around the other person to stay away from her partner. She’d be subtle at all times, never obvious about her disdain.


Seras right up tells her partner when she’s bothered by someone giving too much attention to them. She’s upset, but knows that violence isn’t the answer when it comes to handling things.


He acts friendly and is alright with it since he knows his partner is attractive. However, the moment boundaries are pushed/stepped over, Pip jumps in to tell them to back off.


Walter just straight up pushes the other one aside to get to his partner, telling the other person to back off HIS partner. He’ll then whisk them away before the other person can respond, not wanting to deal with their nonsense.

The Major

Nope, just nope. Do not touch them, hell will break loose. The Major doesn’t like people touching his “things” (which his partner hates hearing him say but that’s how he feels) so be prepared to be taken out, along with half your neighborhood in the process.

The Doctor

The Doctor already harms his fingers whenever he’s nervous, so imagine those poor hands of his when he’s upset about something with who he cares about. His hands are important to him, what with his work and affections, so “punishing” them in a way is his form of showing his subtle jealousy.

The Captain

Cap’ can’t talk, so he has to internally suffer through the jealousy. It takes a lot actually, to get him riled up about it, but eventually he will step in, usually growling then literally carrying his partner away from the scene.

Zorin Blitz

Zorin would take the competition out right away, violently more than likely. It would be simple, swift, and she would not apologize. 


As always, Schro remains playful throughout his attempts to separate the other person from his precious partner. He’ll prank the other person while finding ways to snuggle back up to his partner to make sure he is still in their favor.

Luke Valentine

Luke gets upset, though not to the same extent as his brother. He mostly denies it, thinking it to be too childish, but truly feeling that anger deep down. He’ll probably mock them behind closed doors, never admitting to his partner that he dislikes them interacting with someone like that.

Jan Valentine

Lots of violence and lots of swearing, hence the GIF. The shit would literally be beaten out of the other person in the most heinous way.

Rip Van Winkle

She’d want to hurt both, getting overly emotional at everything and taking everything the wrong way out of concern of her partner leaving. She’d go after both, but would more easily forgive her partner, but never the opposing force.

Tubalcain Alhambra

He’d be upfront, interrupting mid-flirt to take his partner back, vocalizing his anger right away and getting the other person away. He’s actually not too violent, but nonetheless gets angry, but not the possessive type.

Whew, I hope doing two in one day makes up for my absence, haha XD Hope you enjoyed! I really like doing these, though they do take me a while. Thanks again!

EDIT: Really sorry about the disappearing images, hopefully I fixed it but I’ll keep my eye on it.

hello :-) today marks the day this blog was made exactly a year ago on 22nd of December 2015!!  6k+ posts  later here i am!! celebrating my one year anniversary of buingtans!!! i’ll try keep //this// as  short as possible but thank u to eVERYONE who followed me?!? im shOOK i didnt expect to get over 3 followers but thank u so much!! also very big thank you to all my friends/mutuals(some of which i HAVE been following forever [or since the day this acc was made] hehfhdj) , people i’ve talked to etc. since making this blog;; it’s been really fun so far and I am truly blessed to have met such k0ol ppl :^) i hope this blog will have many more anniversaries to come!! [follow forever is below the cut bc this probably will b long lol]

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any crushes, on anyone? How does someone knows you have a crush on them/how should they show it?

This is an intense line of questioning… Haha!

But let’s see… i mean, yeah, but I feel like a “crush comes & goes too easily. There’s definitely someone is see myself maybe wanting a relatiinship, if that’s what you mean though. & I feel like it’s kinda obvious to tell. I’m a very nervous person in general, especially so when it comes to that stuff. So I usually end up spazzing out or apologizing without realizing it 😅 Other than that though, I dunno, i feel like I just wanna know the little stuff. How your day was, , anything fun planned for the night, & just wanna get to know you.

& I guess I’d like the same in return? I don’t how to answer this last part. I mean, I like getting to tease eachother, getting shown little things that shows I was on your mind, getting good night/morning texts. I dunno, stuff anyone would like I guess.

So is this someone I know or… haha!

Kiznaiver Ending Analysis - Noriko & Chidori

There is something about the ending I’ve always loved, and knowing Noriko was meant to be holding roses all along confirmed my initial impression!

Noriko’s bouquet looked like carnations at first because the roses were withered. It isn’t until the children (aka, Katsuhira and herself) run by her for a second time that her roses bloom. Which goes to show the shots in the ending are meant to shown some kind of progression!

That sent my mind into overdrive, so I wound up taking a closer look at the ending but focusing on one girl at a time. By the end, I was blown away by how much may be hidden in plain sight. And this episode just confirmed it, because it fit Honoka’s sequence down to a T!

I already shared my analysis of Honoka’s sequence HERE. So here are Chidori’s and Noriko’s, together because I’m pretty sure they are meant to parallel each other (plus Noriko’s is the most complex one out of the bunch).

Before starting though, I’m taking the flowers not only as foreshadowing of each of their character arcs, but also as the feelings they hold close to their hearts.

On we go!

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FFFFFFFFFF, from December to now I’ve gained almost 300 NEW followers? We’re OVER 5K!!! How does this even happen???
WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE? Do you NOT see the level of Wincest lovin’ that goes on around here?? Have you not realized that these boys are ~BROTHERS~ and this is a Wincest Wonderland? :P

Heh. Maybe that’s why you stick around~.

Or maybe it’s my Sassy Way of responding to hate and Destiehellers…? Haha let me know. XD Any reason for staying amazes me at all because I’m so blahhh~ <3

But hey, shout out to @deruvius who has been on my ‘top 4 followers’ list (see above) every..single..time I hit a follower milestone (and every single time period, you’ve been here since before I even hit 1K). Baby, how are you not tired of my blog yet? XD <3 
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You guys are all wonderful, THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything, and I hope my posts and reblogs continue to make 5K+ of you have as much fun in my Wincest Wonderland as I do~. ;D #KeepingItWincest


Request: “we have the same coffee order and you keep stealing mine even tho I ordered first can yOU NOT Pietro x Reader ”

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 628

Warning: None, honestly this time.

A/N: Sorry it took me a long time to write this out. I have been so busy, especially with the holidays.

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