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ahhh throwback to AMW when Victoria and I did Dead Meowrails.

🌸 yourmatesprit is the purrfect Nepeta 🌸

AHH IT WAS SO FUN BEING YOUR EQUIUS ahhh you are such a presh nepeta so tiny eee (/)ewe)/) can’t wait until i get to see you again bb!!! ❤️


Holy cow what is this? It’s the Auroracle which is totally on presale now! Wow! It’s going to be $35 USD plus shipping!

Wow! That’s awesome!

Where can you find it? At my Storenvy! That’s divinelily.storenvy.com. The deck will be on sale from June 8th, 2016 until July 9th 2016. After that preorders will close. 

To celebrate, I’m doing readings - one card pulls are free right now. I will do up to five a day. Want more cards? Let me know how many and we can work out a price - every dollar of that will go into the fund for my new breast binder. No anonymous readings will be honoured after this point. If you would like one that is not attached to your name I will post it without name or anything signifying who you are. This is so that people don’t abuse the system, and I’m sorry this has to be done.

Want to see more photos? Check them out at blacklilydivination.tumblr.com/tagged/auroracle where all the images will be put!

  • Ramblings about photography part 13 - "Tag me"
  • Ramblings about photography



Ramblings About Photography - part 13 “Tag me”

This is sort of an updated post of a post I made on letstalkphotography, a really neat blog by the way, you might want to check it out ;) And this one is about tagging your posts.

Many people seem to not really know, how to tag “correctly”. And with “correctly” I mean tagging in a way that really helps other people to find your posts
So let me just list a couple of things to consider:

You can add as many tags as you like. At least as far as I know. I never reached a tag limit. But be sure to put the tags in the tag-field and not the text or caption field. I very often see that.

There are three restrictions Tumblr makes:

  1. Original content only: Only original uploads can be found with the Tumblr search.
    So, if you want posts that you reblog to be found… No chance. Does it make sense to tag reblogs then? I does. I’ll be talking about that in a minute
  2. The five tags rule: Only the first five tags go into the Tumblr search.
    So others will find your posts only with your first five tags. So put the tags you want your posts to be found with as the first five.
  3. The 30 tags rule: You can use your tags to organize your blog. Create links for example and put these on the navigation of your blog.

If you want a link for – say – only photos you have tagged with “landscape”, you can create a link with the following syntax


But only the first 30 tags work here. And this also works with reblogs.

So, which tags are the “important” ones?

This of course depends a lot on your content. If you’re an original photographer and want your photos to be found by rebloggers, the tags photographers on tumblr, original photographers, original photography, and artists on tumblr seem to work pretty well. From my experience photographers on tumblr and original photographers seem to be the most important ones.

Some rebloggers (like lensblr-network, imiging and telescopical) also track specialized tags.
Most of them have their tags on their page. There is no need to use a special tag for “PWS – Photos Worth Seeing” btw. (except the “no edit friday” tag, if you want to participate in “no edit Friday”). We only track “photographers on tumblr” and “original photographers”



replied to your audio post:

Algy’s experience is that it’s even more complex. It IS possible to “Search Tumblr” and to track tags when the tags that are not in the first five of a post, but the results vary. It finds some but not others. e.g. try searching for West Highlands…

Thank you for your addition, Algy!

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