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some reminders if we do get sana for s4:

  •  with all the islamophobia and xenophobia in the world at the moment (such as geert wilders, whose twitter banner literally is ‘stop islam’, being one of the leading candidates of the dutch election yesterday) a season with sana in the lead couldn’t have come at a better time tbh 
  • to people who think sana as s4 main is “rushed”: sana had a major subplot in s2, and she was involved in s3 (even if that was to a large extent to help isak’s development, sana and her religion was still important) so she’s not more rushed than any other character on the show imo 
  •  a season with sana would probably break some of the norms of the show which would be very interesting to see (for example, her backstory in s2 had to do with her family relations – how will the show solve that, when sana still lives at home?) 
  • apart from the boys, sana is probably the character who would give isak (and by extension, even) the most screen-time
  • on that note: the last season’s main is always ‘followed up’ in the next season (eva and jonas post-breakup in s2, noora coming back from london in s3)
  • sana is so wise and clever and perceptive and can you imagine how cool it would be to see a whole season from her point of view? 
  • also sana has such a tough exterior, so seeing what goes on when she lets her guard down? probably amazing and emotionally touching 
  • i know many of you want even for s4, and i get that, i really do… but whichever character julie has chosen, it’s probably with good reason, and we probably have an awesome season in store no matter what 
  • have faith in julie andem!! lord knows she’s earned it  
Just got back from Voter Protection Training!

It went really well! We do it in odd election years before the primaries because there are historically a lot of shenanigans regarding people crossfiling to get in primaries for parties not their own and we tend to have election observers for the different candidates in place, but there was a lot of general purpose information I want to generally make sure everyone knows.

Polling Place Dos and Don’ts: Campaigning

  • Candidate Behavior in Polling Places: Candidates can enter, vote and leave. They cannot hang around inside to say “hi” to voters, even if it’s stuff that’s not technically partisan like “I just want to thank you for voting today!” Vote and get out.
  • Not a candidate? You still literally shouldn’t even speak a candidate’s name while inside the polling place. This extends to the poll workers - if you forget a candidate’s name and ask the poll worker what it is, they actually should not even tell you that much. If you ever see a poll worker suggesting a specific candidate or seeming to promote a candidate, it is a violation and should be reported.
  • Along similar lines: do not wear candidate paraphernalia inside. No buttons, no shirts, no hats, no weird fun themed socks. This is a bit of a gray area but generally speaking, err on the side of caution and don’t.
  • Pamphlets should be handed out outside the polls, not inside. Rules vary by state, but generally you can’t hand out literature for a candidate inside the polls or within a certain perimeter of the entrance. I’ve seen some argument back and forth as to what counts as the “entrance” if you have two sets of doors, with an outer one to the building and an inner one, but I’ve absolutely reported people for being inside the polling building and seen them dutifully standing outside afterwards, so generally assume they should not be in the building.
  • I want to really emphasize that last point - if you are in a voter ID state, your ID will be checked INSIDE. If you are asked for your ID outside the poll, that is a violation and those people do not have legitimate authority.
  • If someone is intimidating or harassing voters, including demanding to see ID,  report them. Additionally AS LONG AS YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE POLLING PLACE - get them on video on your phone if possible. Post the video to social media, but also post it to your local news station’s Facebook page. That having been said, be veeeery cautious about doing this inside a polling place - there are definitely rules in some states about recording inside a polling place. I’m afraid I can’t give general advice for this situation.
  • If you are unable to get into your polling place due to accessibility issues, that is also a violation. Report it, same as above.

Reporting Violations: See Something? Say Something!

  • Spot violations? Report them ASAP so they can be stopped before the day is out. They might get one or two voters, unfortunately, but don’t let them scare people away all day! They can be blatant about this type of thing, too - we had a story in tonight’s training about a district where, for years, Latinx voters were turned away at the door and told that “Latinos don’t vote here.” It was finally uncovered three years later when a phone banker calling for a local candidate spoke with a Latina woman who asked “Will I be able to vote this year?” and “I haven’t been able to vote these past few years, do Latinos vote somewhere else?” This was uncovered in 2012. Keep a sharp eye out. 
  • Generally speaking, each polling place should have a Judge of Elections - if anything is wrong, go to them first. Ask a poll worker until you get to speak to them.
  • Is the Judge of Elections complicit or not cooperating? Then go over to their head to the County Board of Elections. This information, obviously, varies by County, but I suggest googling it for your County and putting it into your phone’s address book.
  • 866-OUR-VOTE also does voter protection services, but their reactions may be slower, so go to them only after the above steps.
  • Phone issues/phone anxiety/etc.? There may also be places to report online! As I was informed, state sites are often more reliable for that then county, but please try to file a report on both. 
  • But the most important thing of all? Report A.S.A.P. The day after the election might stop them from pulling a repeat act next year, but who knows how many voters they’ll be able to stop before then? Don’t let these clowns operate all day! 
  • Finally, just as a note if you do see someone actively intimidating voters: record and report, but do not engage. However, you can offer to escort voters inside if they’re being intimidated! 
  • If you see someone being intimidated, encourage them to come forward - if you’re being intimidated, PLEASE come forward. Reporting when it happens the only way to nip this kind of thing in the bud. Without people coming forward and reporting, we get Latinx people being turned away from a polling place for three entire years before someone actually alerts the authorities because apparently no one posted a competent election watcher in that entire frigging time.
  • (I’m still so mad about that story - just oh my god.)

Trouble With Voting? Name Not on the Roll? No Voter ID?

  • Again, can’t emphasize this enough: If you have any trouble voting, flag down the judge of elections if you need help, then call your county board of elections if that fails or the judge is complicit in the problem.
  • Is your name not on the rolls? If all they’ve done is flip the book open to your alphabetical spot, they have not done their due diligence. Voter registration can be slow: sometimes, voter registrations will be sent in as “supplementals” to the book, depending on when they arrive. Have them check back of book for the supplementals first.
  • Still can’t find your name? Are you reasonably sure you’re in the right place and have registered? Better yet, is the online voter registration checker telling you you’re registered? Have the Judge of Elections call the county board of elections to see if you’ve been registered but not yet entered in the book yet!
  • Also, live in a Voter ID state? Check to make sure of the requirements! Some states only require voter ID if it’s your first time voting in that polling place. The exact form of acceptable ID may vary but your driver’s license should always be enough. If they’re telling you it isn’t, they are lying. Report it.
  • And if all else fails? ENTER A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. If you can prove after the fact that you’re eligible to vote at that polling place -  say, if you forgot your voter ID - you can still have your vote counted! 
  • You may never be denied a provisional ballot, ever. If someone tells you they’ve run out of provisional ballots they are ALMOST CERTAINLY LYING - they have a truly absurd amount of those on hand and can call for more. If someone tells you this, call the board of elections and tell them “Hey, [x voting place] is out of provisional ballots.” That’ll be resolved real quick then.
  • In fact, was there a mixup about your polling place? Whenever possible, you should always get to your actual voting place, but if you can’t make it in time to vote there, try filing a provisional ballot at the polling place where you currently are! It may be counted for your proper polling place later! Basically only do this if you physically cannot get to your polling place before the polls close, though. 
  • If you or someone else needs translation services, they are legally entitled to them; however, the translator does need to be certified, generally; you can’t just bring a friend or family member in to translate in the booth.

Poll Watcher and Worker Responsibilities

  • Poll watchers are usually registered for a certain candidate. I’m not sure if this is true for all states but in at least some there is a limit to number of poll watchers per candidate. Sometimes they’ll let a generic political party have a poll watcher (E.G., ‘Poll watcher for the Democratic Party’, etc.), but it’s rare and may be thrown out, so don’t count on it if you have another option.
  • Poll watchers need to be registered and approved. You can’t just show up and ‘poll watch’. If someone is claiming to be a poll watcher without official papers, report them. If someone is trying to ‘poll watch’ inside the polls without official papers, definitely report them.
  • What can poll watchers do? Well, for starters, they can check before polls open that numbers are at zero! After that, their job is to sit at table and watch. 
  • Do NOT tell any voters what candidate you are pollwatching for. That is a violation. See that thing about “literally do not speak a candidate’s name inside of a polling place” above.
  • Poll watchers can also watch the votes being counted and can even watch as the write-ins and absentee ballots are counted.
  • Aside from the Judge of Elections, poll workers, and poll watchers, polling places may also have an inspector for each party. Poll staff can be elected or appointed, depending on the position - if your polling place doesn’t have anyone from your party, you can tell the judge of elections you’re interested in volunteering. HOWEVER, you’re there from before it opens to after the last vote is counted, so make sure you’re up for that because that is a loooong day.
  • Finally, just as a general note: Exit pollers can ask you how you voted, but you can refuse to answer - no one can force you to answer how you voted.

And that’s my absurdly long voter protection spiel! There’s a lot of other voting rights stuff to know in terms of registration, felon registration rights (varies by state!), homeless registration rights (I know in at least some states you can register even if you’re homeless and just need to circle the area you’re usually in on a map in order to register, but that may not be universal), but we just covered stuff at the polls themselves here.

Now, get out there and vote! Every year has at least a primary and a general election, plus sometimes special elections - please don’t just turn out for Presidential elections!

Dating Youngjae would include:

request by anon: can you please do like a list thingy about what dating Youngjae would include…..pweaseeee…. 

a/n yay!!! requests about my bias omgggg maybe I’ll do all the members if you guys like this one?

  • Taking Coco for walks
  • Eating popsicles on hot days
  • Holding your hand in his pocket on cold days
  • Karaoke
  • Correction* SLAYING karaoke
  • No, seriously you’ll always be singing together
  • Lots of blurry selfies
  • Lots of pics of you and Coco on his phone
  • Kisses you holding your face in his hands
  • Laughing ™
  • Literally All the time  
  • Always asking if you’re okay
  • Smiling while you make out
  • You being the honorary sister of GOT7 (because they all frikin’ love Youngjae)
  • Getting embarrassed when you kiss him in front of the members
  • You calling him ‘my sunshine’
  • Him calling you “my sky’
  • Singing your favourite songs to you
  • Meeting his family early on
  • Rarely fighting because you can read each other like a book
  • If you do it’s usually a miscommunication or small built up arguments that lead to one big one
  • When you fight he always cries
  • You’re his world
  • You talk it out through tears “I can’t lose you.
  • End with a long heartfelt kiss
  • And cuddles
  • Speaking of cuddles…
  • He would always want to cuddle with all the lights off and humming you to sleep
  • And…Running his fingers through your hair a million times
  • Nervous giggles the first time you make love 
  • ShOoo0k by how beautiful you are
  • Spooning and kissing your back after you finish
  • Breakfast in bed tradition on Sundays if he’s home
  • Being his best friend
  • Random English
  • This is Youngjae and ______ class” 
  • Playing the piano for you all the time
  • Hitting each other when you laugh
  • Hurting everyone’s ears
  • Getting caught kissing by his brother in the apartment 
  • Him blushing like a tomato 
  • Subtle couple clothes 
  • Eye to eye smile every time he sees you after being away
  • Not taking his eyes off you 
  • Because he doesn’t want to waste one second with you
  • Shy caresses 
  • Soft, intimate and romantic sex
  • Talking late into the night 
  • About everything
  • and nothing 
  • all at the same time
  • Trying to teach you how to play video games
  • If you start getting good he will not hold back
  • well…maybe he’ll let you win once or twice
  • but will say he tried really hard
  • Small presents and surprises
  • Like a chocolate under your pillow
  • Or a small sticky note with cheesy lyrics on your mirror
  • Writing so many songs about you
  • Knowing you’re the one quickly
  • Not wanting to scare you off by being too intense about his love for you
  • Says I love you though like 20 times a day
  • planning your future together in his head like everyday 
  • Trying to plan how he’ll ask
  • he wants it to be perfect
  • as perfect as he thinks you are
  • After you date for like 3 years ( and he feels you’re ready) he’ll propose:
  • he’ll take you to the park
  • where he first confessed to you
  • He’ll tell you he loves you and then,
  • he’ll pull out the ring and say…
  • “From today and every day after.

Hey everyone, so I hope I don’t seem naggy or anything but I just wanted to say again that if you make stimboards you really really should credit the people who first posted the gifs and images you use. And I also wanted to let people know that if you think you can’t credit because you make your boards on mobile: you can. You most definitely can and here are two ways I’ve seen people credit that would work on mobile:

  • Tag the OPs in the caption. This is how that would look:

As a gifmaker who has been credited this way, I promise it’s not annoying, we already get so many notes that one more isn’t a problem, and personally I like to see what you have done with our gifs and am glad to see you credited us. Also, if you do it this way and you used something of ours we’ll probably see it and reblog it, so there’s some further incentive to do so!

  • Put the OP’s url in the tags. Here’s what that would look like:

If you don’t want to tag the OPs in your caption for whatever reason, this method works just as well, the only limitation being that the credits will not be there in reblogs and for that reason I think I’d prefer to be credited the first way. But at least with this method there are credits in some form on the original version of the post.

Also, if anyone happens to think crediting isn’t important because, for example, a gif isn’t “original content”– first of all, trust me, making a gif from someone else’s video still takes time and effort to do and deserves credit. And second, gifmakers give credit to the original video they giffed from! So if you credit a gifmaker, then the original person who made the video is getting credit in that way, but if you don’t then they aren’t.

Again I hope I don’t seem naggy/annoying by making this post, but I just wanted to explain for people who may not know that it is possible to credit on mobile even though you can’t put a direct link, and hopefully convince more people to give credit in their boards :)

Shadowhunters AU

Where the Lightwoods take note of Alec’s sexuality earlier, after he had his parabatai bond with Jace but still a teenager, and decide to hire a warlock (not Magnus because I’d rather Alec be an actual adult when they meet for shipping purposes) to ~*magic*~ the gay away.

The warlock, not being a complete bastard, talks to Alec in private (because he needs specifics if the spell is to work properly and boys rarely tell the truth if they think their parents can hear, he tells the Lightwoods) and lays it out for him.  There is no spell, he can wave his hands and send pretty lights and sparkles out, and Alec can go back to living in the closet to make his family proud.  Or he can fool his parents for as long as he needs to to get out, and the warlock will find him a safe place to stay where people won’t try to ‘fix’ him.

Alec takes option 2 and slowly makes a name for himself with downworlders as an independent shadowhunter that truly cares (I’m thinking a Batman or Archangel-like figure that the Clave is aware of, but doesn’t really expend resources on unmasking because he helps more that he hurts them).  

By the time season 1 starts he’s been dating Magnus for a year or so, has friends and connection throughout all the downworld, and has been tracking all the Valentine rumors (and relaying them to Jace and Izzy, cause let’s be honest, they would never have taken any side but Alecs).

you know that you wanna play

pairing: okieriete “Oak” onaodowan x reader

request: @captain-trashma :“something with Oak” and “Cute to sinful? Like at some point oak, reader, Daveed and Ant discuss kinks and shit and reader is like  s i n f u l l  and everyone is a bit “woah, bruh.” But oak is hella intrigued and curious??”

summary: on two show days dinner breaks, the reader has dinner and plays ‘story time’ with daveed, ant, and oak. one day they talk about kinky sex, and oak’s interest picks up.

warnings (STRAP IN BITCHES): NSFW! smut. SMUT.  litany of kinks including: shower sex, public sex, the desecration of the richard rodgers stage, bondage, daddy!kink (so much daddy kink), hickies, orgasm denial, dominance/submission, begging, dirty talk, mention of threesomes, mention of double penetration, mentions of breath play, mention of sex swing, mirror-sex

word count: 5,360

a/n: title taken from “wriggle” by clippng. 3 DAYS, 3 FICS. I am exhausted but fulfilled. You guys have been so loving and nice and supportive I live for it!! Message me thoughts/questions/anything! I’m loving getting to know ya’ll. Take a shot every time I mention Rafa, clippng or Oakland (have fun). I sincerely apologize for how sinful this is. ENJOYYYYY. part two to this fic is here!! 

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So like funny story

Today I went to work (Real Sports Bar and Grill) with a funny feeling (almost like an inkling) that I would see a professional athlete walk in. Now, RS is owned by MLSE and Leafs/Raptors/TFC players come in, but not often. It’s not exactly surprising when they do, but I’ve been working there for six months now and I’m still not used to it.

ANYWAYS, I get to work and there are like 10 resos - the place is basically dead. Around about noon, Jake Gardiner and Lucy Cashin walk in and I recognize them immediately obviously. Jake asks if they can get a table and since it’s just the two of them I assume they’re on a date (though why they would come here for one I have no idea) but I say of course (duh) and I ask one of the other girls to take them to our lounge reserved for MLSE players while I let a manager know.

Before they walk off, Jake turns to me and says that there are a few more coming, and I ask how many and he says one or two, so I make a mental note that obviously my favourite human being in the world (aka Morgan Rielly if you didn’t know that you clearly haven’t been a follower for more than a day) so I say that’s fine and that we’ll send them over when they get here.

So Jake and Lucy walk off and about ten minutes later I see Morgan walk through the building doors because even though his head was down I recognized that damn Pittsburgh Pirates hat he always wears (I swear he doesn’t own a single other hat). He comes in and I have to literally tell myself to calm the fuck down under my breath.

Morgan walks in and looks at me standing at the hostess desk so I smile and say “They’re in Players Lounge.” And he smiles back (WITH THAT BIG TOOTHLESS GRIN FUCK MY LIFE) and says “Thanks.” And walks off towards PL.

Mitch Marner joined them about an hour later and they were watching March Madness and just chilling but I’m not gonna lie, Morgan made my entire day just by making eye contact with me

If you’re still reading this I commend you because that was long af. Also Raptors players came in too - Delon Wright, Patrick Patterson, the whole crew.

So that was my story of the day, thanks for listening as I vented lmao

Reblog if you are a Homestuck or were ever at one point a Homestuck. I want you guys to hold each others hands. And never let go...

      Wow, so this is it. Homestuck has finally ended. It has been a good seven years. It really has! This fandom might have pissed me off at times, we’ve had our ups and downs but, I really do love you guys. We are like a large, dysfunctional but loving family.

      Even though the thing that brought us together has come to a close, I still want to laugh and create with you all. There probably won’t be anymore regular updates, no more regular update art, things like that, but I don’t want this fandom to die. Even if you aren’t really into Homestuck anymore, please try to remember it fondly. Once a fan, always a fan I like to say! I don’t want the cosplay, art, music, and the creativity with this fandom to stop. The roleplays, ships, even the arguing!

      You guys are the best fandom I have ever been a part of. Because of Homestuck, I’ve met so many amazing people, made so many creative arts, and made so many amazing relationships. I’ve made amazing memories! This fandom made me feel like I belonged here, even if I did get into silly arguments from time to time or shed a couple tears. To be honest, looking back I think that enhanced my great experience with you all! This fandom is amazing, you’re all amazing. You don’t have to reblog this, but I’d really appreciated if you did.

      I’d appreciate if you reblogged for yourself and your fellow homestucks, young and old. I want this post to be important, to mean something. Homestuck has done so many wonderful things for people. It’s even saved lives! Andrew Hussie is an amazing writer and though some of us didn’t want Homestuck to end, all things must come to a close. Please, reblog. Help pull our family in with a great big hug. Lets see how many notes this can get. Let’s see how proud, how loud, loving, and how LOYAL OUR FAMILY IS! I want this to be the post, THE POST, that pulls us all together, to support each other, to show Hussie how much he’s done for us, and to show our appreciation. To honor the fandom that has been following the comic for YEARS. Whether you joined April 13, 2009 or yesterday. You deserve a round of applause! We deserve a STANDING OVATION! HUSSIE DESERVES TO KNOW HOW MUCH WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE HIM. HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE EACH OTHER! This is it, THIS IS IT. Let’s go out with a SHOUT! Make it count, guys. I’m proud of you.  I love you! <3 

anonymous asked:

shimadacest! (por favor)

Who said “I love you” first:
For the angst factor, definitely Genji. After Hanzo cut him down he stayed for a little bit with his then dying brother, too overcome by what he had just done to leave. Genji’s vision was blurred by blood and tears so he couldn’t see and there was a rushing in his ears but he still tried to reach out and touch his brothers face. “I love you, Hanzo.” was what finally broke Hanzo, he wasn’t anija anymore, he was Hanzo and he had killed the only person he felt might have said that in sincerity.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:
Both of course would have each other but in different ways. Hanzo would never let Genji see his phone no matter how many times he begged or let his die. The picture as his lock and home screen is a picture of Genji sleeping in their bed with the sun illuminating him just right. Meanwhile Genji loves to show everyone his lockscreen picture since it is Hanzo making a hilarious face to something he said and having a picture snapped of it that he wasn’t expecting. His home screen is what is special, and most don’t get to see it since it is a picture of him kissing Hanzo for a selfie.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:
Neither of them leave notes, but sometimes Genji will write or draw silly things in the mirror that Hanzo then tells him to wipe off. Sometimes they are tiny jabs at Hanzo, but mostly it is just silly words or nonsense. He loves trying to draw himself but it never works.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts:
Hanzo on accident, Genji on purpose. Hanzo will go out and try to buy something for Genji but when it comes to romantic gifts he is unsure what exactly to get for his brother and cannot ask for help. More like won’t, since people assume and he cannot be forthcoming. Genji does it purely to see his brothers face go red, it usually knocks any pretense of elloquence out the door too.

Who initiated the first kiss:
Hanzo did, during that dying moment after his brother confessed he stole a kiss and fled. Their real first kiss was also by him, when they finally worked things out he asked for a second chance to have it. After that Genji was greedy though.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:
Since Hanzo tends to let his brother sleep in on the rare occasions that Genji wakes up before him he likes to watch his face for a little bit before gently waking him up with kisses. Always ready with a good morning and reminding him how handsome he thinks he is.

Who starts tickle fights:
Genji is immune and he knows Hanzo might come after him with his dragons if he dares ever try that. Hanzo of course tickled him a lot as a kid, he thinks it is unfair he never gets to repay him. He can dream though.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower:
There is no asking, Genji will just get in whenever Hanzo is in there. Even if he is already clean, usually accompanied by some remark before Hanzo lets him stay.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:
Hard to surprise each other at work but Genji likes to try and surprise Hanzo with dinner, even if it usually is pre-prepared, pre-packaged or easy. Both are not exactly good at cooking.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date:
Hanzo is definitely to proud to be nervous and Genji too experienced. If anything Hanzo is more paranoid but he is damn good at hiding it. They go where no one could possibly know them or their relationship, the worst they got that made Hanzo mad was the omnic-phobia.

Who kills/takes out the spiders:
Though he will never admit it or show an ounce of it, Hanzo is scared of them. Genji finds it funny everytime and laughs at his stock still brother before killing the thing that dare offend Hanzo and make him do a good impression of a statue.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:
Hanzo, Genji doesn’t need to be drunk. It isnt loud persay but he definitely makes it way more known that he loves Genji when he is like that, since he is more open and honest to himself and others.

Leave a “Value Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character telling another how they feel about them.

God bless the boyfs and thank you for the request <3 Sorry it’s a bit messy, it kind of got away from me. I also know nothing about American universities and colleges so… sorry about that too

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