lets see how creative i can be! :)

Don’t know how I managed to keep this project a secret for this long, but-


Now you can see my custom-designed SQUIP in action, YAYYY! 
The Squip Enters was a perfect practice opportunity for me because it’s under a minute (49 secs,to be exact) and it calls for creative visual effects as well as a wide range of emotions in order to the scene to play-out properly.
I hope I did it justice! Let me know what you guys think.

We are really underestimating aliens

I feel like it should be mentioned that it takes some pretty damn advanced and tough life to evolve enough to achieve interstellar travel. What if humans are the last intelligent life to accomplish it in this galaxy because we spent so much time arguing amongst one another?

We assume aliens are super impressed by how horrifying and rough Earth can be, but we have a lot of needs. We might be versatile for Earth, but space?

The temperature, atmosphere, food types, and even gravity are all unique to earth and vital to our success. If we even change pressures too quickly, our blood foams and can kill us. Anywhere besides earth and we would be hugely disadvantaged!

Neptune rains diamonds. Venus’s atmospheric pressure would squash us flat. Jupiter’s winds would shred us to bits in 5 seconds flat. Uranus’ magnetic field would open once, let in a little radiation, and dammit our skin melted again.

I’d have to guess that any alien life form intelligent enough to speak has outcompeted everything else on its planet like we have ours, and that doesn’t come from being weak. We got lucky because we were just smart enough to make weapons.

These aliens gotta be the biggest, baddest motherfuckers in the Milky Way. Keep in mind, they’re smart too. It’s much more likely they would laugh us out of the intergalactic space station.

We’ve also been describing aliens as lacking creativity and empathy, but that’s what technology comes from. Creative creatures. What if these aliens are even more creative and capable? “Human Jim, you really only see from 670 - 440 wavelengths of light? You must be missing out. I can see ultraviolet through infrared.” What if our senses are dull compared to theirs, and that’s why we’re so far behind?

Our only saving grace at that point is our ability to mimic and learn new things. After all, that’s how we started. We saw other animals do the thing and then we did it too.

Aliens might be brainy and brawny, but the humans are good copycats. Don’t let them hear you speak your native tongue, as they will learn it. Don’t let them see you assemble a plasma base because they will immediately adopt it and modify it for their own needs. In combat, we’re not fearsome at first. But, we can see your fighting style and find weaknesses rather quickly in the heat of battle. God forbid you meet a social butterfly. Some humans can read body language and mimic it in order to make you like them.

Maybe our next biggest advantage is how nimble our fingers are, and how dextrous our two track brain is. What if aliens can’t play piano because that requires two hands to do different things? What about reflexes? Emotional reflexes? In the time the Ritaliroans decided the best course of action, the humans amygdala went insane and already did the thing anyways.

Just a lot of thoughts that I’ve had about this. Especially opposable thumbs. Aliens with tentacles might find it much harder to build microchips than we do.

Hi everyone! I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now, and it has made such a huge difference! I remember feeling overwhelmed when I made this blog, so I thought I would make a little welcome-to-the-community guide for those of you who are looking to make a study blog of your own.

the basics

  • Why start a study blog (aka studyblr) in the first place? Because you want to be motivated to do better in school, want to find new ideas, or just because you like pretty stationery. There are a ton of good reasons to start one, so go for it!
  • What do I have to do to be a studyblr? Make a blog and follow some other study blogs. That’s pretty much it. There are no GPA requirements, supply lists, or complicated rules. 

how to start a blog

  • You can either start a whole new blog (make a new account), make a side blog, or start posting study tips from your current blog. It all depends on your personal preference and how much you use the blog you have now.
  • Your url is an important part of your blog because it lets people know what you’ll be posting about. Your name + studies is a common url to see, but you can get more creative if you choose!
  • I suggest avoiding tumblr default themes and instead finding one you like from @theme-hunter. If you don’t have any experience with coding, you can pick up the basics you need to install a theme from Youtube. 
  • After you have your blog all set up, make a post introducing yourself. Include a little bit about yourself like your name, grade level, major (if you have one), interests, and tag your favorite blogs so that they can help get the word out about you!

connecting with the community

  • Message/send asks introducing yourself to other blogs. It’s easy and it works, study bloggers are usually really friendly and welcoming!
  • Enter blog of the month or blog awards to get your name out there.
  • Send random asks, just because. It makes people smile!

creating original posts

  • You don’t have to make your own posts, but it helps to get your name out there and it’s nice to be able to share your own study tips.
  • For pictures, try posting your notes, study setup, or favorite supplies. Good lighting and editing with an app like VSCOcam will make them more appealing and get more notes.
  • Making masterposts is my favorite way to create content. Think of any topic that you know about or would like to learn about, and write out a post of resources or tips. 
  • Canva is a great free site for making graphics
  • Tag your posts with relevant tags like #studyblr #studyspo, as well as the urls of different blogs as people will usually reblog posts they have been tagged in. 

making your blog work for you

  • Above all, having a study blog is about improving your study habits.
  • Create a good tagging system so that you can find posts later. It should be simple and easy to remember (this post would go under #masterpost #new studyblr #tips for me).
  • Find a study buddy or group to keep you motivated
  • Reblog only things that you find inspiring, regardless of how you think your blog should look.
  • Start the 100 days of productivity challenge to stay accountable
  • Install a site blocker so that you can log off and focus!

Welcome to the community! I hope that you find it as beneficial as I have, and I look forward to meeting some new faces!

Hansol from topp dogg is one of the creative people I’ve ever seen. If you look at his choreographies you can really see how talented he is. Plus his MaryKiko persona is amazing, i love how he wrote a whole story for it. PLEASE LET HANSOL BE ON HIT THE STAGE 2 i really want him to show everyone what hes made of.

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If I can ask, how about UT/UF Sans and US Papyrus reacting to their S/O getting a tattoo of their Gaster Blaster on their body? Lets assume the S/O had asked to see the Blasters before instead of during in a fight.

*squints* Wait, I recognize something about this. Did you get this from a story on AO3? - Mod Sync

Undertale Sans

Liked your tattoos from a scientific standpoint. He’s not an artsy person, despite how creative he can get. He just admires them as another part of you. The you get the blaster and he has to stop himself from having a heart attack. His face is so blue and he can’t for a coherent sentence. Once he’s composed enough to talk, he shakily asks you if he’s supposed to take this as a proposal.

Underfell Sans

I will tell you straight up that UF Monsters find the concept of tattoos Hot as hell. Markings in general have a high significance in UF. Actively subjecting yourself to pain to mark yourself permanently? To show who you are, who/what you’re loyal to, sometimes just for the sheer aesthetic? Hot damn. In their head it’s basically screaming “I’m tougher than any of you!” but in a way that’s attractive.

And then you mark yourself with Sans’ blaster. His mind crashes for a second, before he’s on you. It’s gonna be a long night. He’ll ask you about marriage later, he just wants you, now.

Underswap Papyrus

Was already fascinated by your tattoos, loved tracing them with his fingers, learning why and when you got them and/or what they mean. He wished he could get a tattoo as well, but that would involve carving into his bones and nope. But then you go and do this and he’s practically on his knees proposing to you. You’re gonna kill him with how much he loves you.

Take Back Your Fandom Experience

There is a lot of disappointment about the questionable choices Starz has made related to show PR and how they engage (or don’t engage, or manipulate, or disrespect) Outlander fans.  Some of us roll our eyes over the lame attempts to entice us with S3 “teasers” that are merely still photos from previously-released content.  We guffaw at the ham-fisted captions that aren’t even accurate to the story line.  We side-eye yet another push of the non-existent “love triangle."  Our blood pressure goes up when a "journalist” wastes our time by asking the same stupid questions – or by saying cringe-worthy things instead of asking questions – during interviews.  And nearly all of us have become jaded by the promotion of cast-adjacent people who have absolutely nothing to do with the show yet who creep onto the sidelines full of innuendo to distract and anger us. 

But I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t let this ruin your experience.  We do not need to accept what we are being given.

We. Do. Not. Need. Starz.

We only need each other.

Think back to what brought you here in the first place.  It was the story, right?  Perhaps, like me, you were excited to find a community of people who love the books as much as you do.  Maybe you were also thrilled to see the story brought to life by a stellar cast.  You tried to predict how the plot would be adapted for television and engaged in healthy debates about what would make it to the screen and what would not.  You participated in dream casting discussions for characters coming up in future plotlines.  You posted swoon-worthy scenes from the books and sighed over the truly excellent fan fiction and art that was shared here.  You bonded with other fans, finding common points of view.

Eventually many of us were drawn in by PR and got spun up about the back story.  You probably rolled your eyes at Starz’s lack of promotion of their lead actress, even misspelling her name when they did finally acknowledge an award nomination.  You became frustrated by the inconsistent messages that were being sent.  You might even have been taunted by non-fans and bedeviled by the adjacent players.  You likely know someone who was bullied.

Sadly, all of this now overshadows the reason we came together and the community we’ve found.  I have been privileged to meet many of you in person and I always came away amazed at how intelligent, perceptive, and kind you all are.  We likely would not have met except for this forum, but we realize that we have things in common besides Outlander.  We celebrate life events together, provide encouragement to one another, and have each other’s back.  That’s pretty cool.

It pains me that we have already lost several members who could not get past the side show.  But I truly believe that we can go back.  Let’s not let Starz ruin our community.  We don’t need them in order to talk about the story.  We can discuss how *we* would end the series and what we want to see in Book 9.  Let’s revisit favorite passages and characters.  Debate whether the author should continue writing all the damn side quest novellas or just focus on the main story.  (I think you can guess my vote…)  Keep letting your creativity flow through fan fiction, artwork, gifs, and videos.  Continue talking about the stellar production values on the show and how amazingly the actors inhabit their roles.  Squee over seeing favorite scenes brought to life.  Dream about travels in Scotland.  (But don’t touch any standing stones, just in case.)

We have the power to choose how we engage with each other and we don’t have to let what is presented to us dictate our experience.  This doesn’t mean that we have to love everything without critique or excuse rude behavior – and we can still snark – but we don’t have to let the bad overshadow the good.  How powerful would it be to ignore the ineptitude and the side show antics and instead focus on the books, the show, and each other… like we used to?

Let’s take back our fandom.

Ink Bendy Voice Demo (Excerpt from "Break the Spell")
Ink Bendy Voice Demo (Excerpt from "Break the Spell")

*Exclusive to Tumblr and SoundCloud*

To listen to the SoundCloud version, go here: https://soundcloud.com/user-107848855/ink-bendy-voice-demo-excerpt-from-break-the-spell

A short while ago, I recorded myself reading some lines from a Bendy and the Ink Machine fan fiction called “Break the Spell” as Ink Bendy.  It’s part of the “Good Bend(y)” AU, which was created by both @whatisthisnonsense and @squigglydigg.  If you would like to read it for yourself, I encourage you to click this link here: http://whatisthisnonsense.tumblr.com/post/159363551115/title-breaking-the-spell-verse-good-bendy-with

My goal for this was to give you all a taste of how I would sound as the monstrous ink demon by going for a deeper, raspier vocal tone and using a demonic filter to differentiate from how I voice the cartoon version of him.  I toyed with the idea of using a faint echo as well, but decided to leave it out for now since it was a bit distracting.  I might use it for future dubs, but we’ll see how that turns out.

Hope you all enjoy this little excerpt and please, go support both @squigglydigg and @whatisthisnonsense because they’re both amazing and creative people!  ^^

Also, special thank you to @squigglydigg for letting me use one of her illustrations for the story as the album art for this audio.  Click here to see more of them: https://squigglydigg.tumblr.com/post/159402517076/illustrations-for-this-stellar-batim-fanfiction

Feel free to reblog, if you can.  Every little bit counts.  Thanks!  ^^

Bendy and the Ink Machine © theMeatly

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please just proceed on your "things harry does" please please PLEASE

oKay, I’ll try.| part one

- He sits on the bathroom floor while you showers just to talk to you, because you’ve been away the whole day and he miss you.

- Bite your shoulders/neck while you cook the dinner, because he likes the way you whimper at it.

- Sends you a pic of his look before some important event, because his unsure about all the florals and colors.

- Use your socks, even if his feets are much bigger than yours

- Wake you up in the middle of the night while he talks about packers and sunsets on his sleep.

- Do a lipsync battle with you in the car during a long trip. S&M by Rihanna is his favorite.

- Voice all the friends lines because he’s obsessed by the tv show. Chandler is his favorite, and he always says that you’re his Monica.

- Leave drunk text messages for while he’s in LA. They don’t make much sense, but you smile and roll your eyes at them, since the typos and the “i saw a hiuge dog on the street right now baby, i wish i could cuddle with him but glenne don’t let em,don’t kno w why” message is incredible ridiculous and adorable.

- Will make you eat bananas, but he’ll stare at you with a fucking smirk while you eat.

- He likes to lay on top of you while you read, napping on your chest and sneezing a little bit.

- Facetime Anne every night before you both go to bed, telling her how offended he was because you didn’t shared the leftovers with him.

- Will make red velvet cupcakes to you, because “red is your favorite color isn’t it?”

- He’s not very creative when comes to pet names, so he will call you “babe” most of times, only prolonging syllables so you know what he’s feeling by his “baaaaabe”(when he’s being sly) or “babeeeeyeeeeh” (when he’s drunk and want you attention)

- Writes on his journal about you, but never let you see what he writes. “just when i die, then you can have these” he says shooing you away.

- Has a playlist for sex, and other for road trips, other for wash the dishes, making the dinner and relax. Because “music makes everything betta”

- Will slap your ass everytime you laugh at his accent. “Wot? Well babe that’s me, don’t be rude”

- He will always show you his things first, all the songs he wrote he will sing for you first, asking for your opinion, measuring your reaction so he knows how will be the public reaction, because you’re his number 1 fan.

- Ask for you scratch gently his back up and down till he sleep.

- It makes you split your yogurt with him, giving spoonfuls in his mouth while  responds texts messages in the morning.

- Talks with your mom daily,because they’re best friends. “Im'ma stole her from you” he’ll said to tease you, while he holds her.

that’s all i can think about now, please let me know what you think!


Why I love each sign
  • Aries: You are so unbelievably loving and loyal. I see what everyone says about you being aggressive and whatnot but that shouldn't overshadow the fact that you are the kindest, most loving, and innocent soul I've ever met.
  • Taurus: I love how energetic and blindly optimistic you are. You always keep me on my toes and you always push me to be better.
  • Gemini: You always know how to make me smile, but you also know how to keep me on track. I admire your honesty and wit.
  • Cancer: You love so hard. You try your hardest to be there for others even if they're never there for you. I love your passion and devotion. Never take anyone's shit and never change who you are. You deserve the world.
  • Leo: I love your vibrance and spirit. You're always the loudest, kindest, brightest person in the room. You seem to have all the answers. Whenever I need a person, you're my person. Thank you for sticking with me for so long. I appreciate you so much.
  • Virgo: You are so open and straight forward and pure. You bring out the best in me. You make me feel important. You make me feel like I should be alive.
  • Libra: You make me feel calm when I feel like the whole world is against me. I feel like you've known me forever. You make me feel understood.
  • Scorpio: You are so grounded and put together. Whenever I feel like I can't breathe, you know exactly how to calm me down. You know my soul inside and out. Your energy is so radiant and powerful. I love how strong and loyal you are.
  • Sagittarius: You make me let go of everything and just smile. I feel like I could joke around and laugh with you, but also have a deep conversation about the universe and why we're here. You're the smartest and kindest soul I've ever met.
  • Capricorn: You see right through me. And though we may fight a lot, you always seem to draw me to you. You can range anywhere from stubbornly serious to playfully happy. The world falls away when I'm with you.
  • Aquarius: Spunky, energetic, creative, loyal, loving, and overall amazing. You make me feel like a kid again. Completely carefree and alive and I love you for that.
  • Pisces: I feel like I've known you my whole life. I'm not afraid to open my soul up to you. You listen to all my crazy stories and laugh at my faults instead of criticize them. You're so understanding and overall wonderful. You deserve to be happy.

Hey everybody! I’ve finally got some money put back for this, and just in time — to celebrate 20,000 follows and 300 Ask Sam Stuff entries, I’m whipping out a contest parallel to Sam’s big beautiful B-day.

For the month of April, I’m hosting an Ask Sam Stuff contest that leads up to Sam’s birthday!

The basics are simple: pick an asksamstuff entry that you enjoyed or have some interest in, and expand upon it or recreate it in whatever way you want!

It can be fanfiction, fanart, crafts of some kind, or even edits! So long as they link with the selected entry in some way in subject matter, they’re all perfectly within the guidelines.  I want to see how amazingly creative all y'all are and expand our love for our boy, Sam Winchester (though of course, other characters are totally welcome, so long as you have Sam in there as a focal point). Post your creation to your blog with the hashtag #asksamcontest so I can find your entry throughout the month of April; you can also use @asksamstuff in your entry somewhere to ping me to it, or e-mail me a link at ashtraydentist@aol.com.

Be sure to link the asksamstuff entry that it is based on in your contest post, or let me know which entry your post is based on via message!!

At the end of April, I will collect the entries and pick the winners of a select group of prizes!

The categories are: fanfiction, fanart, and fanedits (crafts will be placed under fanart unless I recieve a decent enough count to make a fourth category). Judging will be based on how well the entry is done — not just in artistic ability, but in effort, creativity, uniqueness, and so on! So don’t feel discouraged; a lot of it will come down to personal preferences and different ways of selecting winners.

There is ONE person who will get a top prize — a unique and one of a kind Sam-centric fancomic, 15-20 pages in length, printed and shipped to their house with a special thanks printed in the back! And it will be entirely based on one of your own prompts that you supply when the contest is over. It will have a thank you letter and will be solely your own to do with as you please; your eyes only, unless you’d like to post it or what have you. It’s all yours! (As a note, it may take a few weeks for this to be completed and shipped out, so bear with me; light character shipping is alright but nothing too dirty, I’m a prude).

From there, here are the prizes for winners of individual categories!

Two winners of each category will get to choose between a grayscale copy of any of the asksamstuff volumes, a color copy of The Little Golden Hunter’s Book — OR a piece of art based on a prompt they offer, if they already own the books or prefer a drawn picture. The art will be personalized with a thank you and can be sent to you, if you would like that instead of being gifted digitally.

A listed number of runners up will recieve a notecard with an original hand drawn Sam Winchester and a personalized thank you, as well as some stickers, in a cute little envelope!

Everyone who participated will be listed on a masterlist of entries for all to see, as well as a link to your blogs, that will remain linked on the asksamstuff blog’s navigation page. ♥

The only requirements for entering is the following:

• Fanfic should not be any longer than 10,000 words. People who can pump out more than that are so cool and I want your powers, but I want to be able to judge everyone quickly, and I fear I may not have time to go through long entries! 

Mark anything NSFW as such! But these things are not excluded, so long as they’re connected to the asksamstuff entry you selected.

• You have to be willing to give me an address to ship things to! If you’re very private and you’d rather enter but get an art piece or whatnot via e-mail, let me know when I announce the winners. I will ask winners to e-mail me at that time with addresses and what prize they want. Please be sure to be available via e-mail! Tumblr is very wonky sometimes.

Also again, be sure to use #asksamcontest so I can see it!


Have fun, and I’ll see you then!! ;)

(And don’t be afraid to ask questions if needed.)

— Ashlee

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Any advice for an INFJ on how to stop procrastinating and actually work toward the goals and end results they have?? I feel like I get very stuck in unhealthy patterns due to stress and it causes me to not be motivated.

INXJs (more INFJs than INTJs) run the risk of forming all kinds of major goals in life without getting around to making them real because of poor inferior Se. Se acts as an agent for action in types who have it, and unless the INXJ works on conscious development of it (learning to be proactive and step up), the tendency toward intellectualization over actualization is common (in other words: you can work on and refine your vision in your head, because that’s more fun than work).

The solution is much as I told the INTP who asked how to be how to be productive, which is to decide what you want to accomplish over a week’s time, set yourself small but achievable goals, and then stick to a schedule so you can get your work done. People hate schedules because they see them as prisons – what they actually are is for your body alone, so you can be free to let your mind be creative or accomplish tasks, by getting the boring stuff out of the way first. Learning self-discipline and doing something whether you feel like it or not is also useful in achieving your goals – but you have to be willing to DO IT.

It’s easy to set up a schedule and get all excited about how much you’re going to do tomorrow – and then get up and… you decide not to do any of it, out of laziness or irritation that a schedule exists, and then at the end of the day you feel like you wasted your time, which you did. Your mind wants to do what you decided to do, and when you fail your own expectations, you disappoint yourself.

As a Ni, visualize what you want from your day and then do it. You might even want to picture it out in your mind before you go to sleep, so you feel motivated because you’ve already seen yourself doing it. Envision how you will feel, as you get that thing done, and then what you can do (for fun) afterward. Map it out in your mind. Break big tasks down into chunks and spread them out over a week; and be flexible if you just can’t do that much in a day.

I had a goal this weekend to finish proof-reading a 100,000 word manuscript. I thought two days would be enough. I underestimated how much it would exhaust and use my Te/Si… so I need one more day, because I could not do that for hours on end without breaks, my brain could not take it. So, as an intuitive, decide how much you can ‘take’ and then reduce that by 30 minutes or more. Figure out a schedule and timetable that makes you happy, not one that drags you to work each day. (I do this for this long, then I reward myself with that!) You need to look forward to things, otherwise you’ll never do them.

- ENFP Mod

Bts finding out their younger sister has depression bc of bad friends.

He found you sitting on your bed, just staring out your window.

“You okay?…”

“How do you stop from feeling really sad?”

“You let everything flow out, talk to me.”

“My friends… they don’t treat me, well, like a friend.”


“Teenagers can be mean just remember they do not define you. You’ll find better friends along the way that like you for you. Use the treatment your getting right now as a muse for something creative… a poem, a painting. Also dont hang around them any more. I don’t like seeing you sad you little bum.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas


“Who dares make a Kim member sad! I’m sorry y/n, everything will get better as you grow, I promise. I mean when have I ever been wrong?”

“The time you told be to eat the green pill instead of the white and I ended up sleeping for a whole day even though all I had was a my sore throat”

“Not the point. Just know that everybody has bad times in their life so that way the good times could be better than you could ever imagine! Now, you wanna come make some cupcakes? We can make your favorite! <3”

Originally posted by jjilljj


“Well, those aren’t true friends, now are they? Ditch them. I know you’re a good person and its hard for you to leave people behind but trust me you’ll feel much better after. You might be alone for a while but hey thats better than being treated badly by others especially when you have a choice. Plus you won’t be fully alone… I’ll be here!”

Originally posted by hoseokb


“Well first, they’re dead. And second, don’t be an idiot and stay friends with them. I know this is very blunt but if you feel like you’re unwanted by them, leave. You don’t deserve to be hurt by some people that aren’t going to be in your life forever. You’re young! Live your life with people who truly like you. And  don’t stress out over little things. Do you remember when I was stuck in a slump? Look at me now. Winning awards left and right with my best friends.”

Originally posted by jeonsshi


“There missing out on you y/n! You’re such a good person, don’t you forget that! I wish I could be in high school again just so I could hang out with you. I don’t like seiing you so hurt by this, by them. Please do me a favor and drop them. You can find such better people whether it be online or from other schools! I’ll be your friend… I’ll come by during lunch and just hang with you. Every single day until you don’t need me anymore!”

Originally posted by xtronnorfravan


“There’s no point as associating them as friends then. They need a new title… starngers! You need to get away from toxic people before they really start damaging you and putting a toll on you. I really hope you make the right choice in leaving them and go meet some new people. Start a club at school or join clubs online with people that have the same interest. You can always text me if your feeling lonely okay!”

Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou


“Who hurt my baby sis?! That really irks me ya know, you’re such a sweet person. I don’t understand how people can be so rude. Leave them, they don’t understand us cool kids. Viva la Jeons! Don’t let this hang over you okay? You don’t need this type of situation, its a waste of time. Spend your time doing more important things like studying! You do want a good job right?” “I’m gonna fight your ‘friends’.” *fighting stance*

Originally posted by just-sad-fandom-trash

Out of all the people I have commissions

I’ve only had one screw me over…..yeah, I’m “over it”, but still, I’m sad. I paid them $25, gave them what I wanted. It was Klance art, cute, simple.

Well the artist found out I was an open shipper. So they blocked me, without ever talking to me or giving me back my money and I found that really…..messed up. Like, I knew the person was an anti, but I wanted to support them because artist needs support and I only asked for what she wanted and not what she didn’t want.

I mean, if she was professional, she would have said sorry, I can’t draw this for you, returned the money or drawn me the picture I paid for and left it at that. But here I am, blocked, probably getting laughed at for “supporting her” with her friends, simply because I wanted to help an artist, regardless of what her views were because I see the value in art, fan art or not.

So, please Klance fans out there, I will not be sharing the user name, as she is rather popular, I hope she somehow sees this and understands. I’m not mad at you. You can keep the $25. I do hope you do wonderful things with your art. I am just sad and disappointed how you treated me this way and I do hope you do not do that to others.

Please carry on and be more respectful. Lets make Voltron a good place again, lets really stop this shipping hate, because really, it kills more creativity and causes a witch hunt among artist and other fan works that doesn’t need to happen.

Artist are wonderful people, regardless of what they view, they need to be respected, but if someone is paying, please be respectful for the payer too.

Quick announcement

I’ve been seeing a lot of stolen art lately in the tag, and I’m usually very careful about reblogging from the original creator or from someone that has given credit and permission to repost.
If I ever reblog from someone that has stolen someone else’s work without giving the proper credit, please let me know so I can delete it. I love how talented and creative KS fans are and I want to be able to fairly share their content.

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Noooo, my heart! Please continue that VxReader where he accidentally calls MC Rika. I need a happy ending :'( I'm crying. I'll give you all the hourglasses!

Alright guys, I hear ya…(⌐▨_▨)

Fuck Rika–Part 2

{Part 1}

     You were sharing a glass of wine with Jumin Han, your best friend and now temporary roommate for the time being. He was the one you had gotten closest to since you and V began seeing each other. You didn’t want him to take sides…but you didn’t know where else to turn when you walked out so suddenly and he was more than happy to let you stay for as long as you needed. 

     You didn’t give him all the intimate details, but you didn’t really need to. He knew V well enough to understand where the problem had been stemming from.

     “I just felt like I had no other choice, Jumin. He had me backed up to the edge of a cliff and last night he gave me that final shove over the side,” you took a sip of your Chianti and let it sit on your tongue.

     “I can’t say I blame you. But I really did think you two would overcome this,” he swirled his glass.

     “You and me, both. But he won’t let go.”

     “V has always been too emotional. I’ve been saying that since we were children. Rika had a strong hold on him-on all of us. Is there really no way you’ll give him more time?”

     “I don’t know…” you sighed, “would you sign a contract without a guarantee that it will bring profit?”

     He chuckled into his glass. It was easy to make Jumin see your point of view on things, you just had to put it in terms of business to get his attention.

     “I always admired your insight and wisdom. But I will say this. As someone who knew him with Rika and with you…Well, I can tell his love for you is strong. I know I’m only an outsider, but from my observations I can tell you with confidence it’s stronger than when he was with Rika.”

     “Has this wine gone to your head already? Did you not listen to what I just told you?” you replied.

     “I’m serious. Listen to me. He can change, he just needed a push. And perhaps this whole fiasco was just that. His relationship with Rika was very…dependent/co-dependent-”

     “You can say that again,” you interrupted with a huff.

     “Let me finish…Your relationship, on the other hand, is healthy. I finally feel like I have my old friend back. The way he smiles when you’re near him. How much more active he’s been since you entered his life. I see that creative spark ignited once more in my old friend. You make him laugh, and when you’re not around he gushes about you incessantly. It’s quite annoying, to tell you the truth,” he emptied the last bit of liquid from his glass into his mouth and poured more wine for you both.

     “Well, Mr. Han. I had no idea you cared so much,” you laughed.

     “You know I hate when you call me that,” he sighed but smirked, “Look. All I am saying is that, to be quite frank, you’re the best thing that ever happened to him. You’ve managed to heal a wound I never thought would close in my dear friends heart. I know you’re upset, and I don’t fault you for that. But you are very dear to me as well, and I’d hate to see him lose you without me speaking my mind first. I just urge you to reconsider. He may be blind as a bat in more ways than one if he can’t see what a good thing he’s losing, and I’m sure he will come around for you.”

     “Thank you for your kind and insightful words, Jumin. I think I can take it from here…” V spoke from the side of the room.

     He was carrying an elaborate bouquet of fresh roses in his hands and approaching you slowly.

     “Ah, you’ve arrived! Well then, excuse me for a moment. I’ll let you two have the room,” he got up, but not before flashing you a smirk.

     “Damn it, Jumin! I should have known…” you protested.

     “Yes, you should have,” he walked away.

     “Do you mind if I speak?” V cleared his throat.

     “Well, you’re here aren’t you.” you replied.

     Getting up from your seat you approached him, placing a warm hand on his shoulder to let him know you were there, like you always did.

     “These are lovely,” you pointed out, bending slightly to smell the roses he held.

     “I know how much you enjoy them, and they’re only a small token on the road to making you see how truly sorry I am. I’m an idiot and a fool. Everything Jumin said is true, and more. I understand that now…When you left I cleared out the apartment of…everything…I want a clean slate. A fresh foundation for us. I’ll do whatever it takes to win you back. I love you. You,” the desperation in his voice had you almost in tears.

     “I don’t want to be hurt again…If I come back and you…slip up again, I won’t give you any more chances, V.”

     “I promise, that will never ever happen again. I never want to give you a reason to take this ring off again,” he held it up in his hands, a tear streaking down his face, “so…will you put it back on for me, please? And forgive this idiot?”

     You grabbed his wrist and helped him guide the ring back on your finger. He must have been holding his breath because he gasped in joy.

     “Can you two kiss already?” Jumin called out.

     “Jumin Han! What happened to giving us the room?!” you yelled.

     “He does make a good point, though,” V laughed and grabbed your face, pulling you in for a deep and apologetic kiss.

     “Now come here, you two. Let’s put those flowers on the table. I have just the bottle of wine for this occasion!” 

Aries: You’re getting better. I can see it. I want you to know that you’re healing. You’re growing. I am too.

Taurus: Long days spent at the river in memoriam. Nothing is quiet as sweet as it used to be. But at least we aren’t alone.

Gemini: clinging to the past never did anyone good. You need to learn how to let go before you suffocate yourself.

Cancer: Be creative. Bury yourself in your work and your passions and let the rest just happen. You deserve that much.

Leo: Some wounds weren’t meant to heal. You just have to learn how to work around them. It truly is for the best.

Virgo: You came out stronger in the end.  I want you to know that. You hurt a lot but it was worth it. As painful as it is, you made the right choice.

Libra: Dreams don’t mean as much as you think. Assuming they’re appearance in your dreams means they’re coming back is insane. Let go of it.

Scorpio: Learn to fight back. Use everything they gave you as a weapon. You can stand your own ground. You’ve got poison in your veins. Use it.

Sagittarius: come home. Youve been gone for far too long. Come back as hard as its going to be. Face up to your ghosts. They can’t hurt you anymore.

Capricorn:  forgive yourself. For the love of god forgive yourself. I already have. Learn to accept what you can’t fix.

Aquarius : Stop that. Those bad habits are just crutches that never did supper you. Eventually the ice you’re on is going to fall through. I don’t know if I can save you this time.

Pisces:  just apologize already. There’s no reason to lose friends over such silly and stupid shit. Get over yourself and admit you were wrng, because everyone else wants to work past this.

—  This week’s horoscope


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How Does the Hemospectrum Affect a Classpect?

Years ago, when I got into Homestuck, I was blown away with the concept of the Hemospectrum. The concept of blood colors denoting where you stood in the troll community was pretty mind blowing for 9th grade me. Back when I was still learning about the blood caste, something just wasn’t sitting right with me. I understood that the families shared aspects, but what did that have to do with their blood colors? The truth is I believe that the blood does translate to the aspect.
Allow me to explain myself. I am an OC fiend. I am known to create trolls out of sheer boredom. Why creating my first batch of trolls, I did some research on the blood caste. One of my old friends use to argue with me that the aspect must be the same for the blood from the canon story. I refused to believe ever burgundy blood must be a Time player. So, on and so forth. That is when I began to dig into the blood caste.
I’m still doing some digging with the information I’m looking up as I am typing this, however this post will be on what I’ve gathered over the years. Blood color can heavily affect the aspect of a troll depending on how a troll sees their blood. This also works with the concept of how they’re feelings towards their own blood affects them. Gamzee’s purple blood tendencies followed into the fact he was a Rage player. He let the violence in his blood caste become a part of him. I really wish I could delve more on the canon trolls and how their blood caste, but I am really REALLY rusty. However, due to my urge to create multiple OCs, I can speak from personal creative experience.
While creating my most recent set of trolls, I realized that the blood and what these trolls were based on really did affect the aspect. Let me explain. I made a set of 12 trolls, each based on the Chinese Zodiac. The blood caste followed the list (Rat being Burgundy to Pig being Fuchsia). Out of all those trolls, the one who had the most attention to it was the Dragon-based troll, a mutant violet blood. That’s right. Mutant sea-dweller. I was not sure how this would play out, but it worked with the descriptions given to the Dragon zodiac. He is violent due to not being accepted by the others just because of his blood caste. This anger and ignorance due to his blood turned him into a Void player.
Well now I feel like I’m rambling, but I really would like to do more dealing with blood colors with a classpect. I’m not sure what to do with these ideas. I’d love to hear from my followers and fellow Homestucks on their ideas as well. What do you think? If you have any questions on this concept, do send in asks. I’d be more than happy to attempt answering your questions.

Ravenclaw Headcanons
  • There’s a keurig (donated by a muggleborn, of course) in the common room with a magically self-replenishing supply of every k-cup flavor you can imagine because caffeine makes up 85% of a Ravenclaw’s blood
  • Muggleborns in other houses referring to their Ravenclaw friend as the spock of the friend group
  • Every Saturday night someone offers up their netflix and a random documentary/science special/history special gets projected on a sheet hung up on the wall of the common room
  • There’s a bulletin board with reminders to drink water, take stretch breaks, and eat at regular intervals
  • Ravenclaws using pens because fuck continuously dipping my quill i need to get these thoughts onto paper immediately and i don’t have time for that bullshit
  • Ravenclaws who run studyblrs
  • Ravenclaws organising study groups and group chats for homework help
  • Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs teaching Slytherins and Gryffindors about self care because some of them perceive struggling with depression/anxiety/mental illness as being weak but those Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws will have none of it and want their friends to be their happiest, healthiest, and best selves
  • new paintings/sculptures/art by Ravenclaws being featured throughout the common room every month so everyone can see how creative and wonderful their housemates are
  • Ravenclaws getting really existential/philosophical and their friends from other houses just going “what the fuck man i just wanna play exploding snap with you and now i feel like a speck of dust floating in the void”
  • Ravenclaws getting really heated when someone says they don’t believe in climate change/evolution or that they’re not a feminist or that they think reverse racism is real and their friends have to drag them back while they’re hissing, “ hhhhHHHH i haVE A FUCKING POWER POINT FOR THIS LET ME EDUCATE THIS THICK MOTHERFUCKER”
  • Ravenclaws who experience some kind of privilege their friend does not and absolutely SEETHING when they’re out with their best mate and someone says/does something discriminatory against said perfect angel best friend who is way cooler than your racist/homophobic/sexist/ableist/bigoted ass.
  • what do you mean not every episode of bill nye the science guy is on netflix?????
  • Ravenclaws who r total sluts for art
  • Ravenclaws who r total sluts for history
  • Ravenclaws who r total sluts for art history
  • Ravenclaws who are literally always ready to fight someone 25/8 but don’t actually because literally when has violence ever resulted in a positive outcome for all parties involved?? that’s right Patricia, never.
  • Ravenclaws going on day trips/adventures with their friends and planning out an itinerary because there’s so much to see and yes we do need to visit this obscure museum of bricks because it seems fascinating okay
  • Ravenclaws watching modern TV shows/movies about witches/wizards/magical beings and compiling a list of every factual inaccuracy they come across, complete with time stamps, external sources, and citations
  • instead of doing their fucking homework like they know they fucking should be
  • Ravenclaws being open to learning about new friends they make who have different political/socio-economical/religious/cultural backgrounds than them because it’s fascinating and they want to make sure they’re as aware and accepting of the diversity in the world as possible

ravenclaws, man.

as always, feel free to reblog and add your own! I hope you all enjoy!



Some of my old drawings.It is assumed each had a name that I don’t fucking remember.

By me ;) Carmen E.R.

I think there’s nothing new to do sometimes I do a drawing and then I realize that it looks like another do for someone else (I don’t like copy because it is notorious… always. Maybe some artist inspire me)  What can arise from the creativity someone did before and someone will do after. How much is the creation of something new?
Of course there is the possibility of creating something that has never been done But…? The mind is so conditioned to the images that we sees everywhere

Meditation is perhaps a good way to do it, empty the mind and let the imagination do its own thing or in meditation connect with other planes and let your hand be moved by another entity with which I have connected or guide me through An idea, images, concepts, mental connection, whatever. Much of what I know (which is perhaps very little) I’ve learned it that way.

In addition I believe that the occult artist must achieve Excellence (not in terms of beauty) but in terms of the excellence in showing the work for those who must see, see and for those who sees it to do it beyond the form.

On the other hand who wants to reach beauty in their art approaches “god one” to “creator god” since the perfection, power and beauty are their characteristics and their traps, well deformation of time / space too and bla bla.

It’s just my way of seeing this