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Hi everyone! I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now, and it has made such a huge difference! I remember feeling overwhelmed when I made this blog, so I thought I would make a little welcome-to-the-community guide for those of you who are looking to make a study blog of your own.

the basics

  • Why start a study blog (aka studyblr) in the first place? Because you want to be motivated to do better in school, want to find new ideas, or just because you like pretty stationery. There are a ton of good reasons to start one, so go for it!
  • What do I have to do to be a studyblr? Make a blog and follow some other study blogs. That’s pretty much it. There are no GPA requirements, supply lists, or complicated rules. 

how to start a blog

  • You can either start a whole new blog (make a new account), make a side blog, or start posting study tips from your current blog. It all depends on your personal preference and how much you use the blog you have now.
  • Your url is an important part of your blog because it lets people know what you’ll be posting about. Your name + studies is a common url to see, but you can get more creative if you choose!
  • I suggest avoiding tumblr default themes and instead finding one you like from @theme-hunter. If you don’t have any experience with coding, you can pick up the basics you need to install a theme from Youtube. 
  • After you have your blog all set up, make a post introducing yourself. Include a little bit about yourself like your name, grade level, major (if you have one), interests, and tag your favorite blogs so that they can help get the word out about you!

connecting with the community

  • Message/send asks introducing yourself to other blogs. It’s easy and it works, study bloggers are usually really friendly and welcoming!
  • Enter blog of the month or blog awards to get your name out there.
  • Send random asks, just because. It makes people smile!

creating original posts

  • You don’t have to make your own posts, but it helps to get your name out there and it’s nice to be able to share your own study tips.
  • For pictures, try posting your notes, study setup, or favorite supplies. Good lighting and editing with an app like VSCOcam will make them more appealing and get more notes.
  • Making masterposts is my favorite way to create content. Think of any topic that you know about or would like to learn about, and write out a post of resources or tips. 
  • Canva is a great free site for making graphics
  • Tag your posts with relevant tags like #studyblr #studyspo, as well as the urls of different blogs as people will usually reblog posts they have been tagged in. 

making your blog work for you

  • Above all, having a study blog is about improving your study habits.
  • Create a good tagging system so that you can find posts later. It should be simple and easy to remember (this post would go under #masterpost #new studyblr #tips for me).
  • Find a study buddy or group to keep you motivated
  • Reblog only things that you find inspiring, regardless of how you think your blog should look.
  • Start the 100 days of productivity challenge to stay accountable
  • Install a site blocker so that you can log off and focus!

Welcome to the community! I hope that you find it as beneficial as I have, and I look forward to meeting some new faces!

Ink Bendy Voice Demo (Excerpt from "Break the Spell")
Ink Bendy Voice Demo (Excerpt from "Break the Spell")

*Exclusive to Tumblr and SoundCloud*

To listen to the SoundCloud version, go here: https://soundcloud.com/user-107848855/ink-bendy-voice-demo-excerpt-from-break-the-spell

A short while ago, I recorded myself reading some lines from a Bendy and the Ink Machine fan fiction called “Break the Spell” as Ink Bendy.  It’s part of the “Good Bend(y)” AU, which was created by both @whatisthisnonsense and @squigglydigg.  If you would like to read it for yourself, I encourage you to click this link here: http://whatisthisnonsense.tumblr.com/post/159363551115/title-breaking-the-spell-verse-good-bendy-with

My goal for this was to give you all a taste of how I would sound as the monstrous ink demon by going for a deeper, raspier vocal tone and using a demonic filter to differentiate from how I voice the cartoon version of him.  I toyed with the idea of using a faint echo as well, but decided to leave it out for now since it was a bit distracting.  I might use it for future dubs, but we’ll see how that turns out.

Hope you all enjoy this little excerpt and please, go support both @squigglydigg and @whatisthisnonsense because they’re both amazing and creative people!  ^^

Also, special thank you to @squigglydigg for letting me use one of her illustrations for the story as the album art for this audio.  Click here to see more of them: https://squigglydigg.tumblr.com/post/159402517076/illustrations-for-this-stellar-batim-fanfiction

Feel free to reblog, if you can.  Every little bit counts.  Thanks!  ^^

Bendy and the Ink Machine © theMeatly

You know you play too much SLBP when...

[ So I just thought of this thing that could be pretty interesting to do. Please feel free to add to this list via comment and/or reblog~ Let’s see how creative SLBP fans can be X’D ]

  • You hum the game’s theme song upon startup
  • You tell yourself you need to spend less time on the game, but end up checking it every 5 hours anyway
  • You’re suddenly good at math because you have to know how many hearts you need to get x love points, battle items
  • You have a massive amount of game screenshots that you’ve organized into folders (which have sub-folders, of course)

Hey everybody! I’ve finally got some money put back for this, and just in time — to celebrate 20,000 follows and 300 Ask Sam Stuff entries, I’m whipping out a contest parallel to Sam’s big beautiful B-day.

For the month of April, I’m hosting an Ask Sam Stuff contest that leads up to Sam’s birthday!

The basics are simple: pick an asksamstuff entry that you enjoyed or have some interest in, and expand upon it or recreate it in whatever way you want!

It can be fanfiction, fanart, crafts of some kind, or even edits! So long as they link with the selected entry in some way in subject matter, they’re all perfectly within the guidelines.  I want to see how amazingly creative all y'all are and expand our love for our boy, Sam Winchester (though of course, other characters are totally welcome, so long as you have Sam in there as a focal point). Post your creation to your blog with the hashtag #asksamcontest so I can find your entry throughout the month of April; you can also use @asksamstuff in your entry somewhere to ping me to it, or e-mail me a link at ashtraydentist@aol.com.

Be sure to link the asksamstuff entry that it is based on in your contest post, or let me know which entry your post is based on via message!!

At the end of April, I will collect the entries and pick the winners of a select group of prizes!

The categories are: fanfiction, fanart, and fanedits (crafts will be placed under fanart unless I recieve a decent enough count to make a fourth category). Judging will be based on how well the entry is done — not just in artistic ability, but in effort, creativity, uniqueness, and so on! So don’t feel discouraged; a lot of it will come down to personal preferences and different ways of selecting winners.

There is ONE person who will get a top prize — a unique and one of a kind Sam-centric fancomic, 15-20 pages in length, printed and shipped to their house with a special thanks printed in the back! And it will be entirely based on one of your own prompts that you supply when the contest is over. It will have a thank you letter and will be solely your own to do with as you please; your eyes only, unless you’d like to post it or what have you. It’s all yours! (As a note, it may take a few weeks for this to be completed and shipped out, so bear with me; light character shipping is alright but nothing too dirty, I’m a prude).

From there, here are the prizes for winners of individual categories!

Two winners of each category will get to choose between a grayscale copy of any of the asksamstuff volumes, a color copy of The Little Golden Hunter’s Book — OR a piece of art based on a prompt they offer, if they already own the books or prefer a drawn picture. The art will be personalized with a thank you and can be sent to you, if you would like that instead of being gifted digitally.

A listed number of runners up will recieve a notecard with an original hand drawn Sam Winchester and a personalized thank you, as well as some stickers, in a cute little envelope!

Everyone who participated will be listed on a masterlist of entries for all to see, as well as a link to your blogs, that will remain linked on the asksamstuff blog’s navigation page. ♥

The only requirements for entering is the following:

• Fanfic should not be any longer than 10,000 words. People who can pump out more than that are so cool and I want your powers, but I want to be able to judge everyone quickly, and I fear I may not have time to go through long entries! 

Mark anything NSFW as such! But these things are not excluded, so long as they’re connected to the asksamstuff entry you selected.

• You have to be willing to give me an address to ship things to! If you’re very private and you’d rather enter but get an art piece or whatnot via e-mail, let me know when I announce the winners. I will ask winners to e-mail me at that time with addresses and what prize they want. Please be sure to be available via e-mail! Tumblr is very wonky sometimes.

Also again, be sure to use #asksamcontest so I can see it!


Have fun, and I’ll see you then!! ;)

(And don’t be afraid to ask questions if needed.)

— Ashlee

Bts finding out their younger sister has depression bc of bad friends.

He found you sitting on your bed, just staring out your window.

“You okay?…”

“How do you stop from feeling really sad?”

“You let everything flow out, talk to me.”

“My friends… they don’t treat me, well, like a friend.”


“Teenagers can be mean just remember they do not define you. You’ll find better friends along the way that like you for you. Use the treatment your getting right now as a muse for something creative… a poem, a painting. Also dont hang around them any more. I don’t like seeing you sad you little bum.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas


“Who dares make a Kim member sad! I’m sorry y/n, everything will get better as you grow, I promise. I mean when have I ever been wrong?”

“The time you told be to eat the green pill instead of the white and I ended up sleeping for a whole day even though all I had was a my sore throat”

“Not the point. Just know that everybody has bad times in their life so that way the good times could be better than you could ever imagine! Now, you wanna come make some cupcakes? We can make your favorite! <3”

Originally posted by jjilljj


“Well, those aren’t true friends, now are they? Ditch them. I know you’re a good person and its hard for you to leave people behind but trust me you’ll feel much better after. You might be alone for a while but hey thats better than being treated badly by others especially when you have a choice. Plus you won’t be fully alone… I’ll be here!”

Originally posted by hoseokb


“Well first, they’re dead. And second, don’t be an idiot and stay friends with them. I know this is very blunt but if you feel like you’re unwanted by them, leave. You don’t deserve to be hurt by some people that aren’t going to be in your life forever. You’re young! Live your life with people who truly like you. And  don’t stress out over little things. Do you remember when I was stuck in a slump? Look at me now. Winning awards left and right with my best friends.”

Originally posted by jeonsshi


“There missing out on you y/n! You’re such a good person, don’t you forget that! I wish I could be in high school again just so I could hang out with you. I don’t like seiing you so hurt by this, by them. Please do me a favor and drop them. You can find such better people whether it be online or from other schools! I’ll be your friend… I’ll come by during lunch and just hang with you. Every single day until you don’t need me anymore!”

Originally posted by xtronnorfravan


“There’s no point as associating them as friends then. They need a new title… starngers! You need to get away from toxic people before they really start damaging you and putting a toll on you. I really hope you make the right choice in leaving them and go meet some new people. Start a club at school or join clubs online with people that have the same interest. You can always text me if your feeling lonely okay!”

Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou


“Who hurt my baby sis?! That really irks me ya know, you’re such a sweet person. I don’t understand how people can be so rude. Leave them, they don’t understand us cool kids. Viva la Jeons! Don’t let this hang over you okay? You don’t need this type of situation, its a waste of time. Spend your time doing more important things like studying! You do want a good job right?” “I’m gonna fight your ‘friends’.” *fighting stance*

Originally posted by just-sad-fandom-trash

“You’re honestly really lucky I let you talk to me.”

“Your arrogance is getting in the way of your logic. How can you not see that?”

“I’m glad you changed your mind about all this. I won’t let you down.”

“What a creative way to compliment me. I’m flattered.”

“I don’t know how they can be so dense. I was about as obvious as I could ever get!”

“Were you ever going to tell me that, that was a part of the plan?”



Take a look at the following info ;)

What’s this for?

EruRi of the month is an initiative to both spread the love for this pairing and let the artists show their art to the community.

How this works?

Every month a different topic will be revealed, along with its specific tags. The idea is having as many artists as possible creating content about the same thing in a given month.

The beauty on this is that we’ll be able to see how different people represents the same idea, each mind is a world, and even having the same theme, there are infinite possibilities! We want you to let your creativity fly!

Ok but, what am I supposed to do?

Wait for the Flavor of the month and create!

Once you have your entry remember to use the proper tags, so we can reblog your art and many people will be able to enjoy it.


Each month will have a specific topic, you can add as many pieces as you want (fanfics, drawings, edits, etc) and you can upload them within the month. Once the month has passed and a new theme is announced, posts should only be made about the new theme.

The main tag will be #eruri_of_the_month but each topic will have its own specific tags and you can also add whatever tags you want. But please don’t forget to add the main tag!

NSFW is allowed as long as you properly tag it as #nsfw 

 Have fun!!! This is all about spreading the love for the EruRi and nothing else. Posts containing hate against other couples/characters won’t be allowed. Also please remember to respect and tolerate each other.  The EruRi fandom is a bunch of incredible people and we want to continue being a nice community :) 

One last thing!

The topics haven’t been decided yet, we want to let this opened to the community, so please feel free to suggest ideas! Depending on how many we receive, we’ll be creating a poll — or something —

That’s all for now! We may be adding more rules if doubts arises :D

Quick announcement

I’ve been seeing a lot of stolen art lately in the tag, and I’m usually very careful about reblogging from the original creator or from someone that has given credit and permission to repost.
If I ever reblog from someone that has stolen someone else’s work without giving the proper credit, please let me know so I can delete it. I love how talented and creative KS fans are and I want to be able to fairly share their content.

Why I love each sign
  • Aries: You are so unbelievably loving and loyal. I see what everyone says about you being aggressive and whatnot but that shouldn't overshadow the fact that you are the kindest, most loving, and innocent soul I've ever met.
  • Taurus: I love how energetic and blindly optimistic you are. You always keep me on my toes and you always push me to be better.
  • Gemini: You always know how to make me smile, but you also know how to keep me on track. I admire your honesty and wit.
  • Cancer: You love so hard. You try your hardest to be there for others even if they're never there for you. I love your passion and devotion. Never take anyone's shit and never change who you are. You deserve the world.
  • Leo: I love your vibrance and spirit. You're always the loudest, kindest, brightest person in the room. You seem to have all the answers. Whenever I need a person, you're my person. Thank you for sticking with me for so long. I appreciate you so much.
  • Virgo: You are so open and straight forward and pure. You bring out the best in me. You make me feel important. You make me feel like I should be alive.
  • Libra: You make me feel calm when I feel like the whole world is against me. I feel like you've known me forever. You make me feel understood.
  • Scorpio: You are so grounded and put together. Whenever I feel like I can't breathe, you know exactly how to calm me down. You know my soul inside and out. Your energy is so radiant and powerful. I love how strong and loyal you are.
  • Sagittarius: You make me let go of everything and just smile. I feel like I could joke around and laugh with you, but also have a deep conversation about the universe and why we're here. You're the smartest and kindest soul I've ever met.
  • Capricorn: You see right through me. And though we may fight a lot, you always seem to draw me to you. You can range anywhere from stubbornly serious to playfully happy. The world falls away when I'm with you.
  • Aquarius: Spunky, energetic, creative, loyal, loving, and overall amazing. You make me feel like a kid again. Completely carefree and alive and I love you for that.
  • Pisces: I feel like I've known you my whole life. I'm not afraid to open my soul up to you. You listen to all my crazy stories and laugh at my faults instead of criticize them. You're so understanding and overall wonderful. You deserve to be happy.
Celebrating Girl’s Day, Then and Now

Contributed by Debbi Michiko Florence, Author

For generations, March 3 has been a special day in Japan, when families pray for good health and happiness for their daughters. It’s called Girl’s Day or Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival). The dolls, handed down from mother to eldest daughter, represent the imperial court and are thought to bring good luck.

As a child, born and raised in California, Girl’s Day meant special time with my mom and little sister. Following tradition, our mother would set up the ceramic dolls dressed in silk with miniature accessories on a platform. We’d eat mochi (sweet rice cakes) and take pictures with the doll display. Sometimes Mom would dress us in kimonos. When I grew older, we expanded the tradition: I invited my girlfriends from elementary school to celebrate with us. We ate cake and played games, much like a birthday party. When I got married, Mom gave me her dolls.

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Some of my old drawings.It is assumed each had a name that I don’t fucking remember.

By me ;) Carmen E.R.

I think there’s nothing new to do sometimes I do a drawing and then I realize that it looks like another do for someone else (I don’t like copy because it is notorious… always. Maybe some artist inspire me)  What can arise from the creativity someone did before and someone will do after. How much is the creation of something new?
Of course there is the possibility of creating something that has never been done But…? The mind is so conditioned to the images that we sees everywhere

Meditation is perhaps a good way to do it, empty the mind and let the imagination do its own thing or in meditation connect with other planes and let your hand be moved by another entity with which I have connected or guide me through An idea, images, concepts, mental connection, whatever. Much of what I know (which is perhaps very little) I’ve learned it that way.

In addition I believe that the occult artist must achieve Excellence (not in terms of beauty) but in terms of the excellence in showing the work for those who must see, see and for those who sees it to do it beyond the form.

On the other hand who wants to reach beauty in their art approaches “god one” to “creator god” since the perfection, power and beauty are their characteristics and their traps, well deformation of time / space too and bla bla.

It’s just my way of seeing this

Ravenclaw Headcanons
  • There’s a keurig (donated by a muggleborn, of course) in the common room with a magically self-replenishing supply of every k-cup flavor you can imagine because caffeine makes up 85% of a Ravenclaw’s blood
  • Muggleborns in other houses referring to their Ravenclaw friend as the spock of the friend group
  • Every Saturday night someone offers up their netflix and a random documentary/science special/history special gets projected on a sheet hung up on the wall of the common room
  • There’s a bulletin board with reminders to drink water, take stretch breaks, and eat at regular intervals
  • Ravenclaws using pens because fuck continuously dipping my quill i need to get these thoughts onto paper immediately and i don’t have time for that bullshit
  • Ravenclaws who run studyblrs
  • Ravenclaws organising study groups and group chats for homework help
  • Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs teaching Slytherins and Gryffindors about self care because some of them perceive struggling with depression/anxiety/mental illness as being weak but those Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws will have none of it and want their friends to be their happiest, healthiest, and best selves
  • new paintings/sculptures/art by Ravenclaws being featured throughout the common room every month so everyone can see how creative and wonderful their housemates are
  • Ravenclaws getting really existential/philosophical and their friends from other houses just going “what the fuck man i just wanna play exploding snap with you and now i feel like a speck of dust floating in the void”
  • Ravenclaws getting really heated when someone says they don’t believe in climate change/evolution or that they’re not a feminist or that they think reverse racism is real and their friends have to drag them back while they’re hissing, “ hhhhHHHH i haVE A FUCKING POWER POINT FOR THIS LET ME EDUCATE THIS THICK MOTHERFUCKER”
  • Ravenclaws who experience some kind of privilege their friend does not and absolutely SEETHING when they’re out with their best mate and someone says/does something discriminatory against said perfect angel best friend who is way cooler than your racist/homophobic/sexist/ableist/bigoted ass.
  • what do you mean not every episode of bill nye the science guy is on netflix?????
  • Ravenclaws who r total sluts for art
  • Ravenclaws who r total sluts for history
  • Ravenclaws who r total sluts for art history
  • Ravenclaws who are literally always ready to fight someone 25/8 but don’t actually because literally when has violence ever resulted in a positive outcome for all parties involved?? that’s right Patricia, never.
  • Ravenclaws going on day trips/adventures with their friends and planning out an itinerary because there’s so much to see and yes we do need to visit this obscure museum of bricks because it seems fascinating okay
  • Ravenclaws watching modern TV shows/movies about witches/wizards/magical beings and compiling a list of every factual inaccuracy they come across, complete with time stamps, external sources, and citations
  • instead of doing their fucking homework like they know they fucking should be
  • Ravenclaws being open to learning about new friends they make who have different political/socio-economical/religious/cultural backgrounds than them because it’s fascinating and they want to make sure they’re as aware and accepting of the diversity in the world as possible

ravenclaws, man.

as always, feel free to reblog and add your own! I hope you all enjoy!


Aries: You’re getting better. I can see it. I want you to know that you’re healing. You’re growing. I am too.

Taurus: Long days spent at the river in memoriam. Nothing is quiet as sweet as it used to be. But at least we aren’t alone.

Gemini: clinging to the past never did anyone good. You need to learn how to let go before you suffocate yourself.

Cancer: Be creative. Bury yourself in your work and your passions and let the rest just happen. You deserve that much.

Leo: Some wounds weren’t meant to heal. You just have to learn how to work around them. It truly is for the best.

Virgo: You came out stronger in the end.  I want you to know that. You hurt a lot but it was worth it. As painful as it is, you made the right choice.

Libra: Dreams don’t mean as much as you think. Assuming they’re appearance in your dreams means they’re coming back is insane. Let go of it.

Scorpio: Learn to fight back. Use everything they gave you as a weapon. You can stand your own ground. You’ve got poison in your veins. Use it.

Sagittarius: come home. Youve been gone for far too long. Come back as hard as its going to be. Face up to your ghosts. They can’t hurt you anymore.

Capricorn:  forgive yourself. For the love of god forgive yourself. I already have. Learn to accept what you can’t fix.

Aquarius : Stop that. Those bad habits are just crutches that never did supper you. Eventually the ice you’re on is going to fall through. I don’t know if I can save you this time.

Pisces:  just apologize already. There’s no reason to lose friends over such silly and stupid shit. Get over yourself and admit you were wrng, because everyone else wants to work past this.

—  This week’s horoscope

anonymous asked:

Fanon Allen: angel. Wouldn't hurt a fly. Canon Allen: get out of my fucking way I'm gonna win this poker game and get all the money, strip everyone naked and leave them in the train with no clothes. No mercy. Innocent who?!

It’s amazing because people get distracted by his angel face and round big eyes and polite speech which is exactly what happens in canon too right before he shows his true colors always - actual Allen will talk shit about random women he’s just met, will hold Bak’s “secret” crush on Lena over his head and threaten him through it, will scare the living shit out of a small child the moment he realizes he’s a small child making him believe he’s been stabbed with a huge ass sword, has and will again yell at the most powerful bad on the whole planet while standing on his back??? - has stripped people naked for money and started stripping himself naked while talking about added prices for it, got in a shouting match with two enemies over who had it worse with their debts (related, had absolutely no qualms telling said enemies that his master was the devil incarnated while they were trying to make him defensive over him and I don’t blame him at all) also anything he’s ever done with Kanda ever, like, that’s a whole category on its own

I mean, Allen’s definitely super sweet and caring and protective of his ideals and the people he loves, but it’s part of his actual plot that somewhere inside him there’s still Red and that a mixture between Allen and Red is his true self and I’ll never stop being amused at how the fandom likes to forget about that tbh

Anon said: Different anon here; you said your creativity was influenced by how much material you get on the subject. Once these characters weeks end, would you be interested in getting some fics written for you? I like your art so it feels like a good way to thank you while also helping you get inspiration for more bokuro, I feel it’d be a win/win situation :) Good luck with all the work you have to do by the way!

I’m always a slut for words my friend !!! Tho I can’t promise whatever you write for me will make me want to draw, I could never and I will never say no to words about my otps haha

Anon said: do you mind other people copying certain aspects of your style? like not exactly the same but for example the way you kinda put the blush colour across the knees and elbows and such? bc i know some artists are kinda picky about that sort of thing

I don’t mind at all, go for it! Most of what I do with my style is a patchwork of things I liked in other people’s styles anyway, it would be really hypocritical of me if I told you I don’t want you to experiment with what you like too - let your creativity be free my friend!

And anyway as long as the hand drawing it is different and you don’t purposefully try to exactly copy something, even things taken from other people’s styles won’t look the same - that’s how art works, after all~

Anon said: hi!! so i was scrolling through your art the other day and it’s really cool to see how much you’ve changed *^^* i love your art so much and i think it’s really inspirational to see obvious improvement i guess? thanks ily good bye

OH MY GOD thank you so much!!!!!! *O* I’m!!!!! really glad you can see my stuff getting better???? AHHHHHH!!!!! what a good ask to get, I’m really happy right now hahaha

Anon said: Kirishima has a bad habit of chewing his pencils when he’s trying to focus and because he has those killer teeth his pencils get fricking destroyed and it stresses everyone out except him so his classmates give him a lot of pencils and he’s bamboozled as to why.

It’s good tho because Kiri doesn’t really realize he needs the pencils himself so he keeps on using his chewed-through ones and hoards the pencils he’s given by the others so when Bakugou’s temper ends up making his pencils explode or Kaminari’s stress fries his into uselessness or Mina inadvertently destroys hers with her acid he can just give them new ones and he feels really good about it

everyone else has no clue how to point out that that’s not why he was given the pencils to begin with because Kiri looks so happy about it too - one day Momo will just make a Crimson Riot pencil with an indestructible material and Kiri will love it so much and they’ll solve the problem once for all haha

Anon said: I seriously can’t get over your chibi style. It’s so cute!

AWWW THANK YOU!!!!! It’s super fun to draw too, so I’m happy you like it!!!!

Anon said: The way you are dodging angst is a true art tbh

Oh my god anon I got bad news for you seems like in the bakushima week I gave in to the soft-sads (note to self: never sketch out prompts when you’re feeling emo for other reasons)

Anon said: does bokuto peel the cheese stick or does he just eat it whole?

Anon as an Italian I have absolutely no clue what a cheese stick is. What is that. What are you feeding your kids anon. I’m concern.

Friendly reminder

Artists don’t owe you anything. Any artist in this fandom, or in others, doesn’t have to create art for you. They can make whatever they want, and you have no influence at all in their creative wants and needs. If someone says they don’t want to draw Ninjago- leave them alone. Harassing them isn’t going to change anything. If you want to see artwork of your favorite character so badly, learn to draw and do it yourself. I’m especially talking about Erra right now, but I know there are a lot of people getting the same treatment. It’s disrespectful, stop it.

Tldr; stop harassing artists for your selfish wants. They don’t owe you anything.

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please just proceed on your "things harry does" please please PLEASE

oKay, I’ll try.| part one

- He sits on the bathroom floor while you showers just to talk to you, because you’ve been away the whole day and he miss you.

- Bite your shoulders/neck while you cook the dinner, because he likes the way you whimper at it.

- Sends you a pic of his look before some important event, because his unsure about all the florals and colors.

- Use your socks, even if his feets are much bigger than yours

- Wake you up in the middle of the night while he talks about packers and sunsets on his sleep.

- Do a lipsync battle with you in the car during a long trip. S&M by Rihanna is his favorite.

- Voice all the friends lines because he’s obsessed by the tv show. Chandler is his favorite, and he always says that you’re his Monica.

- Leave drunk text messages for while he’s in LA. They don’t make much sense, but you smile and roll your eyes at them, since the typos and the “i saw a hiuge dog on the street right now baby, i wish i could cuddle with him but glenne don’t let em,don’t kno w why” message is incredible ridiculous and adorable.

- Will make you eat bananas, but he’ll stare at you with a fucking smirk while you eat.

- He likes to lay on top of you while you read, napping on your chest and sneezing a little bit.

- Facetime Anne every night before you both go to bed, telling her how offended he was because you didn’t shared the leftovers with him.

- Will make red velvet cupcakes to you, because “red is your favorite color isn’t it?”

- He’s not very creative when comes to pet names, so he will call you “babe” most of times, only prolonging syllables so you know what he’s feeling by his “baaaaabe”(when he’s being sly) or “babeeeeyeeeeh” (when he’s drunk and want you attention)

- Writes on his journal about you, but never let you see what he writes. “just when i die, then you can have these” he says shooing you away.

- Has a playlist for sex, and other for road trips, other for wash the dishes, making the dinner and relax. Because “music makes everything betta”

- Will slap your ass everytime you laugh at his accent. “Wot? Well babe that’s me, don’t be rude”

- He will always show you his things first, all the songs he wrote he will sing for you first, asking for your opinion, measuring your reaction so he knows how will be the public reaction, because you’re his number 1 fan.

- Ask for you scratch gently his back up and down till he sleep.

- It makes you split your yogurt with him, giving spoonfuls in his mouth while  responds texts messages in the morning.

- Talks with your mom daily,because they’re best friends. “Im'ma stole her from you” he’ll said to tease you, while he holds her.

that’s all i can think about now, please let me know what you think!


doubleweddinganon  asked:

You're posting too much hipster shit. You should post more Closh instead.

Okay, considering the fact that I got similar asks before

I decided to google what this thing meant and so it turns out it’s some sort of a disease.. (?)

and i’m gonna take a wild guess, by saying that this is some sort of a ship..(?) since we’re on Tumblr and all.. And I mean, no judging, but.. I guess.. I’m just sayin that you’d probably need to change the ship name to Laminitis, because it sounds…beautifuler *nods slowly* *very slowly* I mean, it has this like, ancient Greek, Latin, Roman almost, ring to it, and it’s..great!

And since a lot of people have been asking about this.. I decided to give you guys (you cute little Laminits ^^) a creative game to play, every time you miss your ship!

So the game is called “Laminitis v -0.01″ and it’s this picture you need to download and save on your laptop. Then you open it, and the fun begins!! 

So, you have your both characters.. (Laminitis.. - I’m gonna guess their names are Lamia and Juanitis, cause it sounds fitting.. *shrugs* ) and you can do with them whatever you like!! You can dress them, let them be formal or casual, give them beers, put sun glasses on them, cut their legs off and put them on a bike, and attention *drum roll* make them stand next to each other!! ( i know! Crazy, right?! :D ) You can even pick little Juanitis and make him take a shower! 
It’s like the Sims but better :D cause the only limit is your imagination ^-^

If you wanna show the world how creative you can be, add your own characters, pieces of clothing and backgrounds! Then upload the pics and tag me, so i can see them. ^^
You can play this game with your mom, your agent, your mom if she’s your agent, your friends, if you have any left, or alone ^-^ cause no one can do you better than you can do yourself!! ^-^ 
Thank you for your attention, happy playing, and ..
Don’t cry, craft ^-^