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darkrose-9 answered your question “Today I’d like to write a drabble set in AVAC, but I’m not really sure…”

The students are forced to do the parenting module - even more important because being a teen parent AND a superhero!? A big no-no. Pairs are randomly assigned ;)

A/N: Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but this is what popped into my head. 

“Peter Parker Stark Rogers, you get your ass down from there right now!”

Peter cringed at Tony’s tone.

It had barely been an hour of this stupid and sadistic assignment, yet somehow Tony had already mastered the pissed off parent voice.

“You could fly up there, you know,” Steve deadpanned.

“You are not helping, Steve. Also, what is wrong with you? He is our son for the next week, and you are just letting him run amok.”

“I’m not the one with jetted boots!”

Peter groaned as Steve and Tony bickered. He wished he could blame this whole mess on Loki, but it had been his own damn fault. He was the one who had cracked a joke during Fury’s lecture on parenting and the responsibilities the students at Avengers Academy would have to face if they ever chose to have children. He hadn’t expected Fury to take to heart his suggestion that he give everyone a sack of flour to raise for a week and see how it goes. He also hadn’t planned on Brock Rumlow pointing out that as superheroes most of their babies would have super powers so a sack of flour wouldn’t really do the trick.

All of that had led to Fury pairing off students together as parents and then assigning a third student as their child for the week.

It could have been worse, Peter thought to himself. At least he wasn’t Loki who had to play child to Thor and Amora.

“You know what, Steve? Forget it. You just go to the gym and work on your biceps with all of the other macho men on campus. I’ll be a good parent and save our son from falling to his death.”

“I literally throw myself off buildings everyday,” Peter hollered down from the roof of Avengers Hall to Tony and Steve. “I’m in no danger.”

Peter huffed and aimed his webshooter at the landing platform of Stark Tower.

Suddenly Tony was hovering in front of Peter. His arms were crossed over his chest and he shook his head. “Oh no. No child of mine is throwing himself through the air without at least a jetpack.”

“Tony, be reasonable!” Peter pleaded. He knew Tony loved role playing (pretty much everyone from the first class of students loved to dress up and act like whatever they were referencing with their costume), but Peter really wasn’t in the mood to play child. Tony had to see that. He had to be willing to give Peter some slack here and not force him into this weird game/assignment.

Tony bit the inside of his cheek. After a few seconds of mulling it over, Tony unfolded his arms and smiled at Peter. “All right. I won’t force you to wear a jetpack, but you have to let me take a look at your webbing and upgrade it. I also want to look at your suit and see what I can do about reinforcing it a bit.”

“That is not okay.” Steve grunted as he hoisted himself onto Avengers Hall’s roof. “We agreed that we wouldn’t let him jump from roof to roof. Peter may be capable, but we have to treat him like a young child, and we both agreed we wouldn’t let a child do that.”

“Says the man known for jumping from planes without parachutes.” Tony rolled his eyes.

“I have a parachute.” Steve’s cheeks pinked. “I parachute into the academy all the time.”

“Huh.” Tony cocked his head to the side and made a point of scanning Peter. His next words were aimed at Steve. “And you wonder where our son gets his reckless behavior from.”

“Don’t you pin this all on me.”

“You know what,” Peter interrupted. “I’m just going to go.” He gestured between Steve and Tony. “I’d say call me when you sort this out, but I rather you not.” Peter aimed his webshooter at the dorms and unleashed the webbing. “Later, Dads.” Peter jumped off the building.

“Just like your father!” Tony shouted as Peter flew through the air.

“That is not me!” Steve defended himself.

“Oh my god, I’m going to replay every video I have of you doing reckless stuff like that just to prove that you are exactly like that. Once we get our son back and ground him.”


heartbeat - Joji

A/n: a request which was based on ‘Heartbeat’ by Childish Gambino. Please listen to it first to get an idea of what it is about. Also nsfw-ish and longer than usual and unhealthy relationship angst and basically a mess. ^^’ I’m sorry. In bold are the lyrics. 


I wanted you to know

That I am ready to go, heartbeat

My heartbeat.

He crushes the cigarette butt in the ashtray, a bit more violently than he wanted to. Running a hand through his long black locks, he clicks his tongue in annoyance for letting his feelings run amok like this. Wasn’t he the master of control? He was. At least he tried to convince himself that he still was. Seemed like this talent of his was slipping away from his grasp lately. Stray emotions were mixed together, tossing and turning and not giving him the rest he thought he deserved. He hated this anxiety building inside of him whenever he waited for you to come around. And he disliked the way his heartbeat started to rise, pounding in his eardrums loudly; a constant reminder of what he felt for you every single passing moment.

 I wanted you to know

Whenever you are around, can’t speak

His black eyes finally spot you, sitting at the table, and his heart skips a beat.

I can’t speak.

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George W. Bush Gave Us Donald Trump. Now He Wants To Be Forgiven. - Huffington Post

“Without Bush’s two most fateful decisions ― letting Wall Street run amok and invading Iraq ― it’s hard to imagine Trump’s metamorphosis from a second-rate reality TV star to president of the United States.”

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True enough, George w’s seems like a big Teddy Bear compared to the mentally ill, cruel and vindictive Trump. But, Americans shouldn’t forget so easily. No matter what he wants, he’ll never hold a candle to the intrinsic kindness of Jimmie Carter. 

Now that I think on it...

It’s a bit of a wasted opportunity that our two main storyline, past-Gen cameos, Colress and Grimsley, didn’t get much relevance to the plot aside from giving you a TM/Genesect Drives and the Sharpedo Ride respectively.

It would be cool if they were investigating Team Skull/Aether Foundation alongside Officer/Kahuna Nanu. It’s very vaguely hinted that Nanu doesn’t trust the Aether Foundation. Acerola brings up he could get them to help him out and protect the local Pokemon, but he doesn’t, opting to do it himself. Now, Nanu is apparently kind of a lazy guy–he lets Team Skull run amok, didn’t even want to be Kahuna, and outright refused to be a member of the E4. So, why would he pass up the opportunity to let someone do the majority of the hard work? Maybe he picked up on something.

Like, perhaps Nanu contacted the global police to help him investigate and he was able to pull a few strings, so they sent him a member of the Unova E4 and Colress (who had been arrested in between his trip to Kalos and here, but was able to strike a bargain to avoid jail if he helped Grimsley and Nanu investigate–a “lazy” police officer with a dark past, a gambling addict, and a mad scientist ….together, they fight crime!) Unova and Alola are both Pokemerica, so theoretically may be close by. And I can imagine that both could be of use when it comes to dealing with the Ultra Beasts, Grimsley being a strong battler and Colress being a scientist.

I love this concept of giving youngjae a camera and letting him run amok around the b.a.p members and zooming into jongup’s eyebrows and giving junhong a chance to speak

also this [찰떡B.A.P] seems to be a regular thing now, which gives me a little bit of hope :’)

Full confession: “Eric Bischoff is and always will be one of the most overrated people in the history of wrestling.  He had ONE streak of success and nothing else, and has somehow milked that for years and years.   So he got WCW on top for a year-and-a-half.  That means NOTHING because Bischoff came to power in WCW in 1993, NOT 1996.  How come nobody talks about the times when WCW WASN’T profitable with Bischoff on top?  Or crap like WCW’s “Disney tapings,” which set title changes and storyline developments in stone MONTHS before they happened, regardless of whether or not anyone got over or drew money? Or letting Hogan and Nash run amok backstage with no controls? The fact that Eric Bischoff continues to find employment in the wrestling industry for no actual talent and a long list of failures says that those promoters are morons. Is it any surprise that so many people who contributed to the demise of WCW later found work in TNA?”

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Sadie traumatized you with a gender changing carrot.



With the power of nature you’re never alone 

And you can’t let evil run amok 

Every beast, every tree follows me to the end 

And you’re about to be massively 


Chicken attack Chicken attack 

Watch your back before it fades to black 

They might look harmless but they’ll kick your non-chicken ass 

Go chicken go! Go chicken go! 

Now go, now fly 

You own the sky

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耳かきとおそチョロ by  みつやそうだ

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We are here with more OsoChoro, despite last post being almost ignored, anyway I’m not mad about it but slightly disappointed.

Really like them being so kind towards each other, they really care about the other but that spents most of the time buried inside. They should let those feelings run amok, sorry, flow and be free to reach the other. Like on those old day when they were children and did everything together.

Still don’t give up because I believe them being that close, knowing each other better than anybody else and reading one another pretty easily.

why is everyone calling ugin stupid or shortsighted for sealing the eldrazi? Sorin and Nahiri tried to kill them but couldn’t. He spent centuries pursuing and studying the eldrazi an still couldn’t draw any conclusions about them. Rather than let them run amok, or have people continue to try to kill them, he sealed them so that if they did have an important function they could be released. It wasn’t the intention to leave them there forever.