lets run amok

can’t get no respect

[or, how to lose the respect of each sign]

aries can’t stand those who back down from a fight. If you’re the type that doesn’t deal with shit head-on, hesitate during a crucial moment, or use underhanded means to achieve your ends, aries won’t give you no respect!

taurus can’t deal with impatient, temperamental, or controlling personalities. If you’re competitive, always in a hurry, and have no chill, chances are, they think you’re an idiot. Overly-emotional, impractical people get no respect from taurus.

gemini hates boring people. That’s pretty much it- you might be the most horrible person ever, like a serial killer or some shit, but as long as you’re interesting, gemini is down to clown. The second you start to bore them, you won’t get no respect.

cancer doesn’t like people who joke about emotions, lack sympathy, or poke fun at their flaws (even playfully). If you’re a sagittarius loud, flaky, and always have to be out and doing something, instead of enjoying the comfort of family and home, cancer can’t respect you.

leo doesn’t like stingy, serious, reserved personalities. If you’re a capricorn tight-fisted workaholic who can’t just let loose and have fun, stay away. If you withhold praise and affection, the lion won’t give you no respect.

virgos are grossed out by lots of shit egotistical personalities. If you’re the type to brag, fish for compliments, or hog the spotlight, keep away. People who are irresponsible, gloss over details, and don’t play by the rules, get no respect from virgo. 

libra can’t stand selfish people. If you put yourself first, take more than you give in a relationship, or are prone to being blunt and tactless, do libra a favor and gtfo. Those who create awkward situations or hurt others, even inadvertently, get no respect from libra.

scorpio hates lots of shit, but if you’re shallow, fake, or prone to bending the truth for any reason, you’re basically dead to them. Tbh, scorpio is tied with gemini when it comes to hating boring (uncomplicated) people. If you’re not deep, or only pretend to be ‘deep’ to seem cool, scorpio will give u NO respect.

sagittarius can’t stand nit-pickers or worry warts. If you’re afraid of roller-coasters, spiders, etc, that’s fine. Sags understand fear. But, if you’re too much of a coward to try to conquer your fear, sagittarius automatically loses respect. If you’re bogged down by fear or focus on little details/flaws, just stay away.

capricorns don’t have respect for whiners or rule-breakers. If you can’t deal with your problems independently and maturely, if you stir up unnecessary trouble, and if you half-ass your work (esp in a group project) cap will give u no respect.

aquarius doesn’t care for stupidity. If you’re ignorant, bigoted, and let your emotions run amok instead of thinking things through logically, aquarius has no respect for you. Republicans and traditionalists, keep your distance.

pisces is a lot like libra. If you’re selfish or lack sympathy, you are not okay in their book. Also, if you’re too focused on material details, like being on time, thinking too much about money, and preoccupied with fleeting, earthly issues, pisces will give u no respect. 

special delivery

“How much time until your next delivery, Jeon?”

“Unfortunately only ten minutes, Miss,” the boy murmurs, almost sorrowfully, and you watch as his eyes flicker down to glance at his watch.

“Great—” your hands fly down to his polyester jumper and hurriedly pull at the zipper, “—that’s ten minutes for you to fuck me.”

In which your husband is never home and the evening delivery boy is just oh-so convenient.

tags: delivery boy!jungkook, husband!taehyung, adultery, oral sex

word count: 3,444

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PSA for buffet goers

The worse customers at buffets are not people who yell at you and demand unreasonable things. Not people who take a mountain of food and leave 90% of it untouched. Not adults who leave a bigger mess than kids. Not people who throw a fit at closing time because “they haven’t finished”. Not people who break and topple everything.

The worse customers are parents who let their children run amok.
Let me tell yall what I’ve seen kids do.

- Lick their fingers, touch bread/muffins, and put it back
- Use tongs to scratch their head
- Sneeze and cough into the food
- Sneeze into their hands, and pick up tongs/serving spoons
- Lick a gummy bear and put it back into the candy bowl
- Take a bite out of a watermelon and put it back
- Drop food and the floor, pick it up, put it back
- Wipe drool on placemats. At empty tables
- Eat from the serving spoon. And put it back
- Lick a PLATE CLEAN and put it back with the stack of plates
- Squish food, put it back
- Stick a used spoon into the chocolate fountain, lick it clean, repeat
- Pick their nose and touch food/serving spoons

- Play tag, weaving in and out of people and servers carrying hot food
- Sit on the floor and scream/cry cause they thought they got lost
- Run into stations where chefs are holding knives/deep frying

Oh there are so many. These are just the few I can name off the top of my head. We, the staff, do try to mitigate the damage; including throwing trays of food away (sneezing/coughing).
But these are only what we catch. There is no manpower allocated to looking out for kids because we aren’t parents’ default dining baby sitters. We have a thousand and one things to do without having to keep an eye out on unhygenic brats.

So what else do they do that we don’t see and rectify? I have no idea.
Ban kids you say? It’s not the kids, it’s the parents

darkrose-9 answered your question “Today I’d like to write a drabble set in AVAC, but I’m not really sure…”

The students are forced to do the parenting module - even more important because being a teen parent AND a superhero!? A big no-no. Pairs are randomly assigned ;)

A/N: Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but this is what popped into my head. 

“Peter Parker Stark Rogers, you get your ass down from there right now!”

Peter cringed at Tony’s tone.

It had barely been an hour of this stupid and sadistic assignment, yet somehow Tony had already mastered the pissed off parent voice.

“You could fly up there, you know,” Steve deadpanned.

“You are not helping, Steve. Also, what is wrong with you? He is our son for the next week, and you are just letting him run amok.”

“I’m not the one with jetted boots!”

Peter groaned as Steve and Tony bickered. He wished he could blame this whole mess on Loki, but it had been his own damn fault. He was the one who had cracked a joke during Fury’s lecture on parenting and the responsibilities the students at Avengers Academy would have to face if they ever chose to have children. He hadn’t expected Fury to take to heart his suggestion that he give everyone a sack of flour to raise for a week and see how it goes. He also hadn’t planned on Brock Rumlow pointing out that as superheroes most of their babies would have super powers so a sack of flour wouldn’t really do the trick.

All of that had led to Fury pairing off students together as parents and then assigning a third student as their child for the week.

It could have been worse, Peter thought to himself. At least he wasn’t Loki who had to play child to Thor and Amora.

“You know what, Steve? Forget it. You just go to the gym and work on your biceps with all of the other macho men on campus. I’ll be a good parent and save our son from falling to his death.”

“I literally throw myself off buildings everyday,” Peter hollered down from the roof of Avengers Hall to Tony and Steve. “I’m in no danger.”

Peter huffed and aimed his webshooter at the landing platform of Stark Tower.

Suddenly Tony was hovering in front of Peter. His arms were crossed over his chest and he shook his head. “Oh no. No child of mine is throwing himself through the air without at least a jetpack.”

“Tony, be reasonable!” Peter pleaded. He knew Tony loved role playing (pretty much everyone from the first class of students loved to dress up and act like whatever they were referencing with their costume), but Peter really wasn’t in the mood to play child. Tony had to see that. He had to be willing to give Peter some slack here and not force him into this weird game/assignment.

Tony bit the inside of his cheek. After a few seconds of mulling it over, Tony unfolded his arms and smiled at Peter. “All right. I won’t force you to wear a jetpack, but you have to let me take a look at your webbing and upgrade it. I also want to look at your suit and see what I can do about reinforcing it a bit.”

“That is not okay.” Steve grunted as he hoisted himself onto Avengers Hall’s roof. “We agreed that we wouldn’t let him jump from roof to roof. Peter may be capable, but we have to treat him like a young child, and we both agreed we wouldn’t let a child do that.”

“Says the man known for jumping from planes without parachutes.” Tony rolled his eyes.

“I have a parachute.” Steve’s cheeks pinked. “I parachute into the academy all the time.”

“Huh.” Tony cocked his head to the side and made a point of scanning Peter. His next words were aimed at Steve. “And you wonder where our son gets his reckless behavior from.”

“Don’t you pin this all on me.”

“You know what,” Peter interrupted. “I’m just going to go.” He gestured between Steve and Tony. “I’d say call me when you sort this out, but I rather you not.” Peter aimed his webshooter at the dorms and unleashed the webbing. “Later, Dads.” Peter jumped off the building.

“Just like your father!” Tony shouted as Peter flew through the air.

“That is not me!” Steve defended himself.

“Oh my god, I’m going to replay every video I have of you doing reckless stuff like that just to prove that you are exactly like that. Once we get our son back and ground him.”


One Piece 862 - Thoughts...

Damn it Oda.

Okay. I’m disappointed. I am. But Pudding may not be totally ruined.

So Sanji told her she was beautiful and she was hugely taken aback.

She could still try to kill him. OR should could turn on her mother and siblings. 

Oda has not completely robbed her of her agency….yet. She can still do some good with that pistol - but it has to come from her and not because Sanji said her eye was beautiful. If she moons over Sanji - it’s game over and we just gotta hope for a good fight with Smoothie and Galette (and for poor Brulee to get some revenge, seriously poor Brulee). 

I would love to see Pudding stand up with tears in her eyes and sneer “You think just because you’re a sweet-talker I’ll just let you live? Ugly or beautiful, I’ll still kill you, you fucking pervert.” 

But even if she doesn’t kill Sanji - she can still cling to some agency if she plays an active role in her mother’s downfall.

But - speaking of “Families” and “half-breed monsters”….I can’t help but consider some….parallels. 

Big Mom is a YONKOU. For all her incredible power, she doesn’t protect her own children. This is how she lets her own children run amok and be treated by one another. Her children aren’t her precious offspring - they are political pawns. She doesn’t support them or their needs. Pudding clearly suffered because of her eye….and Big Mom only affirmed that her own daughter was a creepy half-breed monster. Chiffon was beaten because she looked like Lola. We never even got to know Moscato because HIS MOM ATE HIM. This their ‘family?’

Let’s look at another “Family.” 

You can fucking bet that kind of shit never went down in the Doflamingo Family. WHAT happens the minute somebody as much as snickers at Pica? 

DEAD. YOU DEAD. YOU LAUGH AT MY FAMILY YOU DEAD. (Let’s pause for a moment to mourn Baby 5.)

Oh - right? They have a “half-breed monster” too. This cutie!

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I’m sorry, but I just can’t imagine the Family saying to Dell “Oh Dell, cover your horns and your fin, they’re so weird and creepy!” And if anyone had ever dared to make fun of Dellinger, we know they would be DEAD. If Dell had come crying to Jora or Doffy saying “Young Master, someone in the town said I was a monster” - THEN THAT PERSON IS DEAD AND YO DOFFY PROBABLY WRECKED THE TOWN TOO.

I’m not saying that the Donquixote Family is exactly what you would call model parenting. But its been a fascinating ride to see two Families in two arcs - one Family related by blood and the other very distinctly not. And it is clearly illustrated between the two that the strongest familial ties are the ones not forged by blood - but are rather, thicker than blood. (pfft oops, plugged my fanfiction!) 

On The Ethics of Cursing

I somehow STILL see people curse shaming and I figured I’d put in my two cents on the matter. People act as if there is some sort of moral ambiguity in cursing, and while this may be true, I think it is still a bit more clear-cut than we give it credit for. If you’re a curse-shamer or are against anybody cursing for any reason, I invite you to read this massive post I churned out just for you. It’s not mean. I promise.

Cursing (as well as hexing and jinxing, but for now I’m lumping it all into curses for the sake of conversation) is a wide spectrum, but for now let’s make it two categories: mild and severe. Mild cursing is little stuff like “may your grocery bags rip open” and severe is stuff that is potentially life-affecting and what curse-shamers immediately jump to.

Mild curses are like a spray bottle full of water. The target is like a cat. If your cat keeps trying to sharpen its claws on the leg of your fancy couch, you’re going to spray it with the water. It’s not exactly pleasant for the cat, but it’s not harmful either. It’s just enough to throw off its groove in order to teach it a lesson. If it happens repeatedly, the cat might even learn that the couch is off limits for scratching.

What you would not do is shrug, “forgive and forget,” and ignore the behavior as the leg of your fancy couch slowly turns to cornmeal. If somebody is mean or rude to you, and talking won’t work (cats don’t speak English and humans are often unwilling to listen no matter the language) then what is there left to do? This is behavior that can not continue. Time to get the spray bottle.

“But what about severe curses? Certainly there is no ethical time to use that!” you cry. But wait! There’s more! :D

Severe cursing is more like a tranquilizer dart. It has one purpose: to take somebody out as quickly as possible. If you hit a cat with a tranquilizer dart for scratching the couch, then yes, you’re a douchebag (and shouldn’t own a cat… or tranquilizer darts.) But tranquilizer darts aren’t for domestic house pets. They’re for wild animals. Imagine for me now a tiger. It’s a carnivorous beast that could easily overpower you if it was hungry. It’s someone in your life who means DANGER. They could be an abuser, or a con artist, or someone who is bigoted to the point of violence. This person in your life is bad news, and often has the same immediate risk as a hungry tiger that’s taken up residence in your house. You don’t want to be the next meal, and this tiger needs to stop trying to eat you and your friends. The spray bottle won’t help you now. You need the tranquilizer dart.

At this point, I would actually argue cursing someone who is a danger to society is actually more ethically responsible than not doing so, especially if this person is an abuser who is likely to claim more victims. This is someone who needs to be stopped. You wouldn’t just let a tiger run amok and eat other people.

Time for the FAQ’s:

  • “But couldn’t you just take legal action?“

Maybe, sometimes. But legal action is very expensive and slow-moving. Many people can’t afford to do that. Not to mention, with cases of abuse and other crimes, the likelihood this person will be found guilty or serve jail time is slim. You may not have enough solid evidence to hold yourself up in court. Sometimes, the person wasn’t actually breaking the law but is still extremely shitty. If you CAN take someone to court definitely do, but a lot of the time it just isn’t an option.

  • “Just fight them!”

Haha, no thanks. I’m not interested in getting arrested for assault. Also I weigh 120lbs and couldn’t fight to save my life, and I don’t even have a physical disability. If you’re already at the point where you’re ready to punch someone out, then why are you even against cursing?

  • “What about karma/ the threefold law?”

First of all, not everybody who uses magic believes in the threefold law, so it’s not a solid argument. (If it were, then none of us would be doing magic at all because apparently we’re all going straight to hell.) But let’s say someone does believe in it. When you curse someone who really deserves it, you are acting as their karma. If you tranquilize a loose tiger, are you really doing something despicable that’s worthy of holy retribution? Certainly the tiger isn’t happy at all, but all the people he didn’t eat might be. When you are driven to curse someone, you are simply the agent of their karma. Everyone can stop with the threefold fear-mongering now.

  • “What if the person doesn’t deserve the curse?”

It is not your place to make that decision for someone else.

  • “I prefer to just forgive and forget, to protect myself and move on. I would never hurt someone intentionally no matter the reason!”

You don’t have to curse if you don’t want to. As of writing this, I have never actually cursed anyone (but believe me, I’ve considered it.) If that works for you, do it! However, there are other situations where “forgiving and forgetting” is not an option and action must be taken. YOU SHOULD NEVER FEEL OBLIGATED TO FORGIVE AN ABUSER, and I feel like a lot of curse-shaming tends to suggest people should. That’s very icky to me.

  • “Why can’t witchcraft just be pleasant and pretty again?”

You clearly have a fundamental misunderstanding of the origin of witchcraft. Witchcraft has never once in its history been portrayed as overall pleasant and happy. That’s incredibly new and still isn’t a mainstream idea. Cursing is here to stay, and it’s been a part of witchcraft much longer than you.

  • “I can’t think of a situation that would ever warrant cursing! How can they?”

Because they have a different life experience than you and have been through things you may have not. It’s nobody’s place to judge how someone deals with things.

  • “Wouldn’t they be a menace themselves if they just cursed everyone?”

Nobody is going around cursing literally everyone. But if they did, they would be a jerk. I’ll give you that. But that’s the fault of the individual, not cursing.

  • “We already have a bad enough reputation as witches without cursing!”

Correct. Which is exactly why we shouldn’t give a shit what non-witches think. They’re going to dislike witchcraft no matter what, right?

If anybody has further questions, my inbox is always open to discuss.

If Stars turns out to be a third version Alola game, here’s some things I’d like to see:

-More styles of clothing for character customization. Compared to all the styles the XY protagonist had–dresses, coats, stockings, different styles of shirts and skirts, hats, and various accessories–it doesn’t feel like we got as much this time. I mean, it’s not like a tropical region like Alola has much use for coats besides on Mt. Lanakila, but it’s kinda hypocritical of our protagonist to ask Kukui if he’s cold while running about in a halter top and capris.

-Bring back Supertraining, even if it’s something you’d only get postgame. Grinding for BP for Power Items can be a pain, especially since the Battle Tree seems to be a step up from the Maison, and the Pelago takes a while.

-Plaza/PSS hybrid. While I like the Join Avenue aspects, it can be annoying trading with friends who live states away or in another country, It took me and my friend from the UK quite a bit to figure out why we weren’t showing up on each other’s Plaza.

-Our two story-mode cameos, Colress and Grimsley, should get more of a role, likely helping Nanu do some investigating of Skull/Aether. I’ve already brought this up in a prior post, but Nanu’s very vaguely implied not to trust the Aether Foundation/Team Skull, but is supposedly a lazy dude–he didn’t want to be a kahuna, Acerola pretty much gives us the impression Nanu told Kukui to piss off when he offered Nanu a spot in the Alolan E4, and he lets Team Skull run amok on the island, even to the point where they’ve taken over an entire town. But the Acerola brings it up that he’s the one protecting the wild Pokemon from TS, and instead of relying on Aether for help, just does it himself. Maybe he might’ve suspected a connection, since we do later find out he knows about the UBs and was in the International Police. Maybe he could’ve used his connections and had them send over Grimsley (a E4-level trainer would be of use in battles) and Colress (having been arrested sometime within the two year timespan for abusing a legendary Pokemon, but worked out a deal to escape prison if he helped investigate? Also, he is a scientist, so he could’ve been useful investigating the UBs)? I imagine Unova is not terribly far away from Alola, as both are part of Pokemerica.

-Plumeria and Gladion accompany you and Lillie to the UB’s world, and have the four of you come across a possessed, unhinged Guzma. (However, I think Plumie should be the one to battle him, or be the one trying to get him to come back to his senses.) Just for the additional creepiness factor. :D

-Necrozma gets more of an explanation, and possibly another form. (The fact its idle animation is beating itself in the head implies there may be something wrong with it. Like, it’s….broken or something.)

-We get more of an idea on just what happened to the pre-Gen6 dimension, because Anabel’s being in this new dimension and muttering defending the Battle Tower is incredibly vague, but still pretty disconcerting. Seriously, even if the dimension wasn’t outright destroyed like a lot of people had theorized, I have to wonder just what the hell happened there and what the full outcome was.

-Also, the possibly additional Looker from ORAS? Is he a Faller? I would presume ORAS happened recently enough since we also get Wally in the Battle Tree and he looks like he hasn’t aged a day. What’s become of possibly-Faller Looker? Did I miss something? (…Or will we find that out in a Sinnoh remake/next Gen?)

-Guzma and Gladion get a role in the postgame. (I mean, the entire mess with the Ultra Beasts was Gladion’s mother’s fault. It surprised me that he never got any major plot scenes past the raid on the Aether Foundation. Also, Guzma’s a Faller too, and was even possessed at one point.)


Jim, Bones

Summary: Bones is discovering in what ways Jim is different after having died, and in what ways he’s still the same.

A/N: This is my first Star Trek fic on here, and I can only hope you’ll like it! Thank you to @heartsalotofstuff for reading it and assuring me I hadn’t just thrown together a bunch of bullshit.

Words: 2 013

Dying, albeit briefly, had changed Jim. Bones could tell. When it came to Jim, Bones could always tell.

It was a painful realization, he had to admit. It had been bad enough to see his best friend lie there, as if frozen, with no pulse to find despite how much Bones tried. It had been bad enough to believe he would live the rest of his life without him. It had all been bad enough. But to think they would come out of this unscathed was wistful thinking.

Jim was different. He wasn’t the only one, of course. They had all changed a little bit. Spock seemed more distant. Scotty more emotional. Uhura became softer. Sulu all but danced around the Captain. Chekov was more quiet than ever, as if unsure of what to say. And Bones? Well, let’s just say that he panicked as soon as the kid was out of his sight. Jim called him overprotective, but Bones didn’t care. He wouldn’t be able to lose him again.

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George W. Bush Gave Us Donald Trump. Now He Wants To Be Forgiven. - Huffington Post

“Without Bush’s two most fateful decisions ― letting Wall Street run amok and invading Iraq ― it’s hard to imagine Trump’s metamorphosis from a second-rate reality TV star to president of the United States.”

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True enough, George w’s seems like a big Teddy Bear compared to the mentally ill, cruel and vindictive Trump. But, Americans shouldn’t forget so easily. No matter what he wants, he’ll never hold a candle to the intrinsic kindness of Jimmie Carter. 

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Love it when I'm accused of being unprofessional when kicking kids out of movies. Like sorry I'm not going to be nice to little fuckers who are trying to steal from me and then insult me. They can gtfo and parents can RACK OFF. Honestly, if I behaved the way some kids do these days I would have been SPANKED. Parents believe their lil angels are perfect and can do no wrong. How about you DISCIPLINE YOUR CHILD instead of letting them run amok and think they can get away with everything 😡😡😡😡

There’s a new absentee dad in town. Tony Stark. Iron Man is back as the drunk, rich stepfather you’d expect him to be. Who builds you a killer robot suit, sends you into battle at 15 then literally phones in his parenting…until you screw up enough to get his attention.

Really Tony? You just fought your best friend over keeping tabs on superheroes and you just let your pet superhero run amok.

—  Honest Trailers is done with ‘Drunkle’ Stark’s bullshit 
Random Epic Mickey thoughts
  • Maybe the reason you can’t completely destroy a toon using the brush is because Yen Sid enchanted it in case it ever fell into the wrong hands. That would explain why you can completely destroy blotlings, but only slightly melt toons.
  • I forgot how beautiful and detailed the skies are in this game…too bad it’s mostly blocked by walls in many areas such as Tomorrow City Lagoon.
  • I wish I could take screenshots while I play to take screenshots of the area maps, and then put it together to make a map of Wasteland.
  • When did Oswald decide to try and take Mickey’s heart? The game heavily implies he planned on taking Mickey’s heart, which never comes to fruition, and he obviously feels remorse for his plan, but it never tells us exactly when he decided, because in the beginning he tries to get away from him. When did he decide? Was it early on, or only when they met face to face on Mickeyjunk Mountain?
  • Oswald’s attempts to get rid of Mickey could have gotten Mickey killed, such as trapping him with the blotlings towards the beginning of the game, and Oswald is smart enough to know this. He also put up his fighting stance when he saw Mickey defeated the spatters. However, he takes the time to taunt Mickey throughout the levels preceding Mean Street, which shows Mickey which way to go. Oswald wanted Mickey gone, yet also led Mickey straight to him. Did he do this on purpose?
  • If you jump up by the throne above the screens after beating the trials, you can see Oswald walking around, yet he’s in his chair during the cutscene. Did he just jump into the chair for dramatic effect?
  • If Oswald goes out of his way to keep toons from coming up to him on top of the mountain, why was Gilda able to climb over halfway up, and make herself a little lodge?
  • Why did Oswald just let his kids run amok, instead of asking someone to watch over them?

so… everyone seems to think that once raphael knows how to become a daylighter that he’ll immediately go and do it and like… I just don’t think that’s what would happen. raphael, who is so fiercely loyal to his clan and just wants to do whatever he can to protect them. raphael, who immediately took in simon, a fledgling he didn’t even know properly because he knew what it was like to be a new vampire and wanted to help him. raphael, who the vampires always look to for help. he knows the dangers of letting his clan run amok and the importance of helping the shadowhunters maintain the accords. he’s not going to tell everyone how to become a daylighter once he finds out. he’ll keep jace’s secret as well. and I doubt he would use it himself. I think his true motive is that as the New York Clan Leader, he’ll be able to save a vampire in need should they be in real danger. raphael santiago is someone who ultimately wants to help his clan and other innocent vampires, and he knows that being able to turn someone into a daylighter could be life saving knowledge that is bound to be in need someday, and he wants to have that option on hand. stop painting raphael santiago as a selfish villain.

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Can I ask why you don't support the 'adopt don't shop' thing? Is it because people don't always research the breeds they get from a shelter or? I'm genuinely unsure, & a quick google search didn't reveal anything to me.

to preface, i get that it feels easy to blame breeders for dog overpopulation/being capitalists/animal abusers for profit but puppy mills, scam artists, and shitty breeders (like the ones that breed for specific colors that are known to cause deadly and generally unhealthy defects like breeding two merles together)…

…are not at all representative of breeders and breeding is intended, not with profit, but for the purpose of bettering a specific breed - making sure only healthy and stable dogs get bred and put into homes as perfect as they can get, trying to get diseases and disorders out of the breed for the generations to come.

good breeders get into breeding because they’re passionate about their dogs and what heir dogs are capable of doing and want to see them do even better. they change their lifestyles for these dogs. 


service dogs are hardly ever going to be random shelter dogs. for some people it works and they get lucky, but service dogs are generally dogs that need to be socialized from birth into a JOB. they WORK! they go through school, whether that’s home-schooling (like i’m doing) or through programs. it’s intense. it’s hard. getting in contact with a good breeder and finding a breed that you can PREDICT the temperament of and KNOW what you’re getting into beforehand is extremely helpful in picking out SD prospects because if things go wrong, you have to wash them (basically means they won’t ever be a service dog).

 for many people, ‘shopping’ ie going through a breeder you trust for a boatload of different reasons most of the time guarantees that their dog will have a certain kind of health, a certain temperament characteristic of the breed, and certain capabilities. picking out a shelter dog you don’t know much about doesn’t offer that. it’s a gamble.

many breeders have older dogs. many breeders keep some of their dogs and adopt them out later. good breeders don’t let the possible adopters just pick out their dog at first sight. they try to match them up and make sure the home is as perfect as it can get. if it’s not, or something seems off, they don’t give the dogs up. i know plenty of breeders who have older dogs they adopt out, not just puppies. 

good breeders get health testing for the parents and the puppies, and they do a LOT of work with socialization, 

‘adopt don’t shop’ is a snobby faux-elitist movement that wants to point the fingers at breeders for all of the problems in the dog world, when it’s most of the time people who either 

1) don’t care enough to understand dogs


2) want profit first

that cause problems with dogs. 

good breeders don’t have accidental litters. good breeders don’t let their unaltered dogs run amok. good breeders care about their dogs first before anything else.

there are so many irresponsible people out there who have unaltered dogs that they adopted or whatever, and they are the ones who put these litters into the world. my dog, knockout, shouldn’t exist - as much as i love her, and care about her, and as much as she saved my life, she was born out of completely irresponsible owners who fed their dogs bad food, didn’t train them, and didn’t care enough to. she was born out of someone else’s neglect, someone who could’ve gotten their dogs altered if they didn’t want to deal with puppies, but didn’t. 

and the thing about knockout, as much as i’m training her to be my SD, she won’t be the right SD for me. she has issues because she wasn’t born with a certain purpose, she wasn’t made with care or responsibility, and her other siblings were given away to random people without shots and as far as i’m aware home checks were never done, they just wanted the puppies gone. those are the kinds of people you have to watch out for. the neglectful ones. the ones who act like they have the dogs’ best interests in mind and put themselves above others because they ‘saved’ their dogs… but then do things like that, bringing more dogs into the world and sending them to god knows where. 

for some people, adopting is great. that’s fine. that’s wonderful. people who aren’t looking for very specific dogs can do that, they can rescue. i’ve had rescue dogs. but some people like the safety that comes with responsible breeders and they like knowing exactly what they’re getting into and having a family (of dogs and people because the breeders i know are all VERY invested in the lives of their dogs after they’re in new homes and have policies that they’ll take them back if anything goes wrong lol!) and that’s not BAD. wanting a specific dog is not BAD. 

adopting is not bad either. adopting is wonderful, adopting is amazing, but throwing people under the bus for needing certain things and acting like breeders are inherently evil when the intent of most breeders is to make the dog world better is incredibly juvenile and doesn’t solve the problem.

the problem is most people don’t care enough about their animals to care what’s best for them, or delude themselves into thinking they know what’s best without taking steps to make sure that’s true. not breeders. breeders can be bad. so can any person. and the general public is very bad about knowing what’s good for animals. so rather i think you shouldn’t adopt OR shop unless you’re doing it with good intentions and have the decency to learn about the needs of your animals that depend on you to live, but acting like you’re superior for adopting is weird and doesn’t solve anything.

note: this is about dogs specifically and not exotic pets or anything else.

Yesterday, at the age of 33, I went trick-or-treating for the first time in my entire life.

I did not dress up, but my children did, and we went to doors that were opened, not by scowling people in their pajamas, but by people with huge smiles and free candy!! Let me tell you, receiving candy from strangers has never been so glorious!

My one year old was more excited than I could have ever imagined possible, as he tightly held onto his bag and fought off anyone trying to help him carry it. He ran from house to house right along with the older children…..

A memory just flashed before my eyes of myself staring in horror as my father got yelled at by a householder for forcing me to push my religion on others when I was clearly terrified. At the time I wanted to cry because I thought the lady was mean. Now I remember the many more times I cried because my father actually WAS mean, and the lady was perfectly justified in her spout, even if it frightened poor bashful me.

I am all for religious beliefs and customs, but I also remember being a child, and an individual with thoughts and opinions that should have been taken into consideration.

Day 6: Snape's Parents

We only get a few hints dropped about Tobias and Eileen throughout the series through Snape’s mind and memories, a little snippet in the Occlumency chapter and then a little more in the Prince’s Tale. We see baby Snape crying in distress while Tobias is shouting, and we hear his characterization of his father as not liking much of anything.

Generally, it’s accepted by fans that Snape’s childhood was punctuated by poverty and parental neglect at best, downright abuse at worst. In many portrayals, Eileen is soft and caring but dominated by an overwhelmingly abusive, alcoholic Tobias. Personally I see them a little differently; the version that I prefer (through no canon support, mind, these are just my ideas) has Eileen paralleled with Voldemort’s mother, a witch who loved a muggle enough to pretend to be one. But things went awry after their hasty marriage when Eileen was scrambling for ways to excuse her family suddenly disowning her, and Tobias revealed a large drinking problem.

Then, out of the blue, there was a baby. A witch can hide her magic, but a baby cannot. A baby does accidental magic. A baby sets the curtains on fire and floats through the air and makes things fly around the room. I’m entirely certain that a magical baby would be a normal baby except worse.

Tobias had to know ~before~ baby Sev did something strange that his son was not going to be normal. And that was the first straw in the falling apart of their relationship. Tobias was a catholic, and he didn’t believe in witchcraft. It was a sin against god, when ordinarily he followed none of those rules. So he made it his quest to purge his son of the strangeness. Eileen was compliant.

We know that Snape knew about being magical, perhaps extensively, when he met Lily at the age of nine, but we don’t know at what point his mother told him that he was different. I doubt that Tobias wanted him to know; perhaps it was something she dropped to him on his birthday as an extra treat, when Tobias stole what she had saved up to buy him a gift. Or, since the Snapes were likely too poor to afford a television, young Snape took up reading instead and happened across some old school books like Advanced Potions Making.

But Eileen, being a pureblood witch, doesn’t strike me as the sort to be entirely present in parenting. Perhaps because I expect purebloods to treat their children the way royalty used to, hundred of years ago–passing the raising of the children down to the servants and maids. Eileen doesn’t have servants, but if she was raised a pureblood, it’s likely that she lets Severus run amok and keep himself out of trouble, not for lack of loving him, but because she has too much on her plate otherwise; trying to sate Tobias isn’t easy.

So that leaves Severus alone again. The beginning, middle, and end he spends alone.

I do have many headcanons about Snape’s parents, but each is more depressing than the last. It simply isn’t a situation that readers can (or are supposed to) make something positive out of.

A Choice: Fear or Love

The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down, around and around, it has thrills and chills, and it’s very brightly coloured, and it’s very loud, and it’s fun for a while. Many people have been on the ride a long time, and they begin to wonder: 

“Hey, is this real, or is this just a ride?" 

And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say: 

"Hey, don’t worry; don’t be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride." 

And we… kill those people

"Shut him up! I’ve got a lot invested in this ride, shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry, look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real." 

It’s just a ride. 

But we always kill the good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok … But it doesn’t matter, because it’s just a ride

And we can change it any time we want. It’s only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money. Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one. Here’s what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defences each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.

~ Bill Hicks