lets rock this

“You ain’t gotta be rich but fuck that 

How we gonna get around on your bus pass 

Before I put this pussy on your mustache, 

can you afford me? 

My niggas breadwinners, never corny 

Ambition makes me so horny 

Not the fussin’ and the frontin' 

If you got nothing, baby boy, you better 

Get up, get out and get some, 

shit I like a - lot of Prada, Alize and vodka 

Late nights, candlelight, then I tear the cock up 

Get it up I put it down everytime it pop up, huh 

I got to snap ‘em, let it loose, then I knock ya 

Feel the juice, then I got ya - when you produce a rock 

I let you meet momma and introduce you to poppa 

My - coochie remains in a Gucci name 

Never test my patience, nigga, I’m high maintenance

High class, if you ain’t rollin’, bypass 

If you ain’t holdin’ I dash yo…”

- Amil “Can I Get A…” (1998)


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Guards and Inmate's reaction to their crush suddenly giving them a hug (Could you add Yamato in too pls???)

Sure thing! ^.^

Jyugo:…he’s awkward help him…

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Uno: you’ve made a mistake. Now he’ll never let go!

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Rock: you spooked him

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Nico: same with Uno, you’re never leaving his hug…ever

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Tsukumo: bluuuuuuuuuush

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Hajime: ‘why are they hugging me? whats going on? what if the prisoners see me? what if the monkey sees me? nooooooooOOOOO’

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Seitarou: ‘yay!’

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Yamato: he’ll expect hugs from them all the time now 

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Honey: he would be sooo happy!! (and then he would brag to Trois and Uno of course)

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Trois: confused at first but then he’s extremely happy

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Kiji: ‘Yes!’

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Musashi: so confuuuuuuuuused

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Kenshirou: frozen in place for like a solid 3 minutes

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Liang: shy little smile and dazed for the rest of the day

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Upa: confused at first but then he gets extremely embarrassed 

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Qi: ‘finally!’

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Samon: RIP Samon

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Tips for Breath of the Wild!

Setting fire to grass creates up-drafts for paragliding

NPCs sell better/rarer things when it’s raining

Jumping during the last red part of your stamina meter lets you jump twice as far

Cooking during the blood moon will give food random buffs

Use a wooden shield against archer enemies to collect their arrows

Taking off armor and heavy weapons makes you swim faster (unless you have the Zora armor, which boots swimming speed)

Freshly emerging from water grants you temporary fire immunity

Letting a Rock Octorok eat your rusty weapon and spit it out will refresh it

Well-trained horses (max bond) will follow a road or set path on their own if you let go of the control stick – and they’ll avoid rocks and trees on their own, too

Giving the dog at each stable 3 pieces of fruit to eat, one at a time, will get the dog to lead you to a hidden treasure chest

Using a heavy sword or axe against a shield-bearing enemy will knock their shield out of their hands

Hitting an enemy in the head with an arrow deals twice the damage

Throwing a badly damaged weapon at an enemy deals twice the damage

If you don’t have a sledgehammer handy when you come across ore deposits, use the bomb rune to break up the rock

It’s easier to sneak up on enemies/animals during the rain because the sound hides footsteps

Any wooden weapon can be a torch

Hope these help! Feel free to add your own to this list, and happy adventuring!