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once you’re done yelling/scowling at him, he’s silent. After a few minutes, he profusely apologizes and will literally go on his knees and hug your legs while his voice breaks a little. “I’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you. I promise you this.” plz don’t make this bby cry lol


he knows he fucked up when he walked through the door and you immediately greet him angrily. Once you tell him what day it is, he shuts down; looking down and already thinking what to do to make it up to you. Afterwards, he sees you crying, he doesn’t hesitate to go over and hug you. “I’m sorry,” he says quietly, not knowing what to say. “I really am. I- I’m sorry.”


“Ah, I really fucked up didn’t I?” He would start to explain himself that he’s been distracted all week and start to apologize. He sits down next to you and look at you, knowing that this meant a lot to you. He looks at the clock and smiles. “We still have time to celebrate.” despite your sour mood, he carries you to the bedroom with a giggle coming out his mouth.


would instantly explain his situation on my he didn’t say anything about the anniversary. He didn’t forget, he just couldn’t tell you bc of his busy schedule. You don’t buy it so that causes more screaming and arguing. “I’m telling the truth, woman! I even have a reminder on my phone, look!” Gets mad bc you still don’t believe him after showing you the reminder.


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you storm out the room after confronting him and he sits there in silence. After making a few phone calls, he goes to the room where you were in and tells you to get dressed and ready. “I got a lot of making up to do and since it’s still our anniversary, I can do the most making up today.” he smiles and kisses you.


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starts begging for forgiveness, hands together and asking you what he can do to make it up for you. He starts running around the house and does randoms things to make you happy. “You, sit down and rest or something and I’ll do the cooking and- I’ll everything BUT the cooking.” [shrugs] it’s the least he can do for now.


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beating himself in the inside at the sight of you sad and disappointed that he actually forgot your one year anniversary. He plays it safe and lets you go to your room by yourself. He calls his hyungs and ask for advice and guidance. After a while, he goes by your side and says a speech he rehearsed in his head five times and prays for you to give him a chance to change everything

I drew this picture for @bunny-yams back when he was getting a lot of hate. I was going to post it to make him feel better, but I didn’t have an active tumblr at the time. No one deserves to be berated with hate like that. Especially, not in such a “lynch him” kinda way. I think Brice is a good person, he puts up with a lot and still seems to be able to come back here and do what he loves. I think that’s really admirable. Anyways, here it is (it’s based off of and inspired by his meet the artist post). I hope you like it Brice!