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so i’ve seen a few posts about the foxes getting a team snapchat and i just. adore the idea so i came up with this (with the help of @minyarrd03) bear with me.

  • so one day kevin sets up this snapchat account for the foxes and it’s supposed to be professional and clips from interviews and behind the scenes and all
  • but then my boy nicky finds out the password
  • (it may or may not be jeremy’s birthday)
  • and kevin’s rant about how the foxes ‘better not ruin everything he’s been working his whole life for’? out the window. you better believe my son nicky is gonna shitpost this account into hell
  • so like the first thing he posts is a black screen with as the caption ‘does anyone want a dick pic?’
  • the next picture is kevin
  • kevin is never the same again
  • but that’s not the point. eventually all the foxes know what the password is and they all use it (except renee bless her soul) to spite kevin even more until kevin just gives up on the idea and lets them do whatever they want like usual
  • and so since the fun in spiting kevin is gone, only allison and nicky regularly use it. sometimes dan to post Real Important Stuff but that’s pretty much it
  • but anyways one day they have this really important game against this really important team and neil gets injured. and it’s not pretty.
  • and neil, because he’s neil, pretends it’s nothing and goes to get up but? his ankle obviously didn’t get the memo bc it won’t stand straight
  • so when neil is called off andrew Does Not Care about the game (more than usual anyway) and jogs up to him to help him up, an arm around his shoulders and the other out to ward off anyone who tries to get close
  • and they go to the boy’s changing room where abby’s already waiting and andrew helps neil sit down on the bench
  • and since neil does his best to hide it but is still in Very Obvious Pain, andrew lets him lay his head on his shoulder and takes his hand, noting the furrow of his brow and the way he digs his nails into andrew’s hand when abby gets his shoe off to take a look at his ankle
  • and sadly he’s too busy warning abby not to hurt neil to notice that nicky just rounded the corner and is filming the w h o l e scene
  • he posts it the same night on the team’s snapchat
  • nicky knows the exact moment andrew’s seen it, because neil sends him a short text with just ‘he’s after you’ as a warning
  • the next post on the team’s snapchat is a blurry pic with ‘IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE’ as the caption
  • the next one is a video of nicky just shrieking while running away
  • the last one is another video, but this time it’s all black. all you hear is laboured breathing and then nicky stage-whispering ‘im hiding in the closet… never thought i’d come back in here… if i die please-’ and the video ends on a scream as the closet door jerks open

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I feel like I need a VanderwoodxMC au where they are both daycare employees. Just baby! Choi twins everywhere

✿ Ok so thank you to @hanamayhem for jabbering with me about this. She’s a treasure. Anyway, I agree, so here you go. Vanderwood and MC are the daycare staff taking care of the bitty-baby RFA, inspired by this amazing artwork by @prinnia!

  • Yoosung bursts into tears whenever he scrapes his knee, and you always run over to kiss his boo-boos better. Vanderwood rolls their eyes when this happens, thinking it’s kind of stupid, but when they cut their finger and you give it a quick peck as a joke, they just… die… hhh…
  • You and Vanderwood go shopping for children’s books. Vanderwood gets incredibly into it, comparing the art of the books, the story-lines and premises, and the morals conveyed by them. It doesn’t matter that they’re taking care of five year olds THEY NEED QUALITY LITERATURE, OK?
  • One day, your afternoon is just covered with vomit and crayons on the walls, and Vanderwood quietly gets you a cup of coffee and tells you to sit down while you clean up.
  • Little bitty Zen is both a beautiful and an entirely pure child, and you will FIGHT HIS PARENTS who want you to stop encouraging him to be artistic. Vanderwood has your back, and for the first time, Zen finds out what it’s like to have adults he can rely on. This makes him incredibly attached to both of you, which manifests itself in… odd ways, one of them being him thinking you and Vanderwood would be so great if you dated and got married. He then proceeds to try to get you together.
  • He tries to rope the rest of the gang into this plot. Yoosung doesn’t understand, Jaehee thinks it’s silly, and Jumin gets incredibly jealous about the idea because he wants all of your attention.
  • (Jumin has latched onto you as an alternative parental figure, and is not in the mood to share in any capacity.)
  • Among Zen’s plots include: 
    • giving poorly drawn love letters to you signed from Vanderwood, while misspelling Vanderwood’s name in a new and unique way each time.
    • trying to hang mistletoe above the doorway, which he attempts to accomplish by bullying Yoosung into lifting him up on his shoulders. This ends in both of them falling, and Yoosung’s wretched sobbing attracts your attention. You kiss his boo-boos better, and Vanderwood freaks out over Zen getting a bruise.
    • drawing you and Vanderwood tickets to a ‘fancy restaurant’ and saying you should go together. It’s doubtful Zen understands much about adult life.
  • Most of this just causes Vanderwood to sigh and facepalm.
  • Despite Vanderwood acting like they don’t care, they do actually get pretty concerned when the little brats get hurt. This is particularly true for Saeran and Saeyoung, who they notice both get hurt a lot. Doing some digging, they realize the abusive homelife they’re both enduring…
  • And Vanderwood seriously considers trying to get custody of them.
  • (Saeyoung gives Vanderwood terrible memes he’s made in MS Paint, and Vanderwood secretly hangs them on their fridge.)
  • Jaehee gets put in daycare right after her parents die, so she’s sad, miserable, and despondent. You would pay particular attention to her… except Vanderwood takes up that burden without being prompted, and often gives her special tutoring to keep her occupied. She’s very quick for her age.
  • (One time, Vanderwood - to impress you - lets everybody doodle on them. Saeran gives them panda eyes. Zen gives them a ‘cool tattoo’ of a badly drawn eagle.)
  • V is also one of the quiet kids, so he hangs out with Jaehee, or watches Yoosung and Saeyoung play pretend knights on the playground. Sometimes, he wanders off to go look at pretty flowers and birds, and he’s given you more than one heart-attack. Jumin is pretty good at finding him, though.
  • Saeyoung and Yoosung have this complicated LARP-esque arrangement with a complicated storyline and ‘classes’ and stuff, which they try to drag the others into. You’re often the ‘princess’ everyone is trying to save. Vanderwood is often the mount.
  • (When they put Saeran on their shoulders though and he laughs, their heart just… melts.)
  • Jaehee helps V with his math, and V stacks blocks with Jaehee. They have a kinda cute quasi-puppy love thing going on where they’re both nerdy and quiet and have terrible families.
  • Yoosung finds a puppy one day and decides he wants to KEEP IT, but knows that if you or Vanderwood found out, so he and Saeyoung try to secretly take care of the puppy without alerting any adults. The rest of the kids find out one-by-one, and are either bribed or begged in secrecy.
  • Zen tattles to you eventually because he’s worried about the puppy, and you take it to the shelter because you know you can’t have a dog in the day-care. Maybe you could get a hamster for them or something…?
  • (cue the Hamtaro theme)
  • Zen makes everyone dress up and put on plays. Jaehee LOVES this, but she’s too shy to participate. Jumin thinks it’s stupid and complains loudly, but then he immediately changes his tune when you praise Zen and tries to be a BETTER ACTOR THAN HIM. Yoosung just wants to dress up and put on a crown.
Boys, just do it!—-Tell her you think shes cool. Tell her why you think shes so cool. Smell her hair. Talk to her in movie theatres. Pick her up and pretend youre going to throw her in the river; shell scream and fight you but secretly, shell love it. Hold her hand and skip. Hold her hand and run. Just hold her hand. Pick flowers from other peoples gardens and give them to her. Tell her she looks pretty. Let her pay for stuff if she wants to. Introduce her to your friends as The coolest girl I know. Sit in the park and talk to her. Take her to the library, and playgrounds, and train stations. Tell her dirty jokes. Tell her stupid jokes. Write poems about her. Just walk around with her. Throw pebbles at her window at night. When she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her. Take her to shows of bands shes never heard of. Hold her hand in the mosh pit. Let her fall asleep in your arms. Call her. Call her back if she calls you. Sing to her, no matter how bad you are. Carve your names into a tree. Get her mad, then kiss her. Give her piggy-back rides. Go see her band play even if they really suck, and tell her they were great. Give her space if she needs it. Push her on swings. Stay up with her all night when shes sick. Make up pet names for her, but cool ones, not sappy ones. Teach her guitar. Lend her your cds. Write on her. Make her mixtapes. Write her letters. If she asks you to go to a show with her, go, even if it means a 5 hour train trip. Take her to cool shops, and let her take you to even cooler ones. Listen to all the bands she mentions. Dont tell her that her favorite bands suck. When shes sad, hang out with her or stay on the phone with her, even if shes not saying anything. Buy her ice cream. Let her take all the photos of you she wants. Look into her eyes. Slow dance with her, even if the music is fast. Kiss her in the rain.When you fall in love with her, tell her.
—  Unknown

He had this huge Humber Super Snipe car, but he was a pretty short guy and he had to have a cushion to see over the steering wheel. Mick and I would steal the cushion for a laugh. Wicked, schoolboy sort of stuff. Sitting at the back of the bus, we just let him have it, pretending he wasn’t there. “Where’s Brian? Shit, did you see what he was wearing yesterday?“

- Keith Richards, “Life”

Best Boyfriend You’ve Never Had (Bucky x Reader)- Part 3

Summary: The wedding is now in two weeks, and the Reader and Bucky do some planning on the backstory of their ‘relationship’. A mission doesn’t go as expected, and Steve suggests the reader and Bucky head for the wedding early as a well-earned break. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Bruce Banner (briefly mentioned), Thor Odinson (briefly mentioned), Maria Hill (briefly mentioned), Helen Cho (briefly mentioned)

Warnings: Panic attack, slight angst, comforting, cuddling, fluff

Word Count: 3634 (holy cow!)

Part 2 (Previous) / Part 4 (Next)

You were sitting in your room, reading a book with the TV quietly playing a random show for background noise, your attention consumed by the plot unraveling in the pages under your gaze. Your fingers fiddled with the corner of the page you were reading before eagerly turning it to the next, your brow furrowed in bewilderment. You barely registered the soft rapping of knuckles on your doorframe until the sound of your name spoken in the voice you knew so well pulled you from the world of Paul Sheldon and the psychotic Annie Wilkes. Your eyes reluctantly tore their gaze from the story to the doorway, soaking in the sight of Bucky leaning relaxed against the frame, arms crossed and long dark locks tucked behind his ears. You smiled in greeting. He was dressed in a black V-neck tee with dark grey sweatpants resting low on his hips, feet clad in the fuzzy red and green striped reading socks you’d bought him for Christmas last year. He looked as comfortable as you felt in his presence.

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She is Mine (Part 3) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine

Part 1

Part 2

requests: when you get the chance could you maybe write a Carl imagine taking place back at negans sanctuary and one of negans wife catches his eye (she’s around the same age as Carl) and negan is yelling at her about something and Carl gets pissed and glares at him and yeah you can think of an ending? sorry. Thank you

yeah! great. keep it going

Can you please do a 3 part of “ she is mine ” thank you

pairings: carl x reader, friendly negan x reader

a/n: please give me some ideas if you want me to continue this! ya girl needs some help lol

word count: 1,061

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers @raveneyedfreak 

“He let me go,” you told the boy. He told you his name was Carl, and that his father was the leader of the group who lived in Alexandria. “He told me that I didn’t have to be married to him anymore. Although, it was all just pretending anyway. There was no official ceremony or anything like that. I just did it so I would be safe.” 

Carl nodded and looked away from you. “That’s good. You know, I was really grossed out when I saw he was with someone my age. I’ve seen some bad stuff, but that’s pretty high on the list of things that have disturbed me.” 

You smiled at him in agreement. “Yeah. To be fair, though, he didn’t force me to stay with him. I was terrified of what would happen if I tried to leave, but I don’t think he would have hurt me or forced me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with.” 

“Other than wear high heels, right?” 

You laughed for what felt like the first time in ages. Sure, you had faked a smile or two just to get Negan to leave you alone, but Carl actually made you feel happy. 

“(Y/N)!” Negan’s booming voice snapped you out of your trance. You and Carl both turned your heads towards the man who was quickly marching down the paved road. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” 

“I asked you what you wanted me to do, and you didn’t give me a job,” you replied. You tried your hardest to sound calm, but your heart rate was rapidly increasing, for Negan seemed angrier than ever. 

“That doesn’t answer my question.” 

You sighed and rolled your eyes. “I found company. I’m socializing. Making friends.” 

“Yeah, well we don’t have time for you to be making friends. Save that for when we get back to the Sanctuary.” Negan grabbed your upper arm and pulled you away from Carl. “It’s time to go.” 

Negan glared at Carl, and he seemed furious. “Keep to yourself, kid. I already let you off the hook once. We don’t need another meeting like last time. Right?” 

Carl nodded, his eyes avoiding contact with yours. You turned to him one last time and smiled. He returned the gesture, and you knew you would find a way to see him again soon. 

“I don’t want you around that kid. He’s a fuckin’ mess.” Negan continued to ramble on and on about how terrible Carl was, but you couldn’t care less. Anyone who earned Negan’s disapproval was alright in your book. 

“What happened last time?”

Negan raised his eyebrow at you, letting go of your arm to set you in the passenger’s seat of his truck. “What last time?” 

“You know,” you started, but paused until he walked around the front of the truck and climbed in the driver’s side. “You told him you didn’t need another meeting like last time. What happened last time?” 

Negan started the car and began to back out of Alexandria. The rest of his Saviors followed behind the truck in their massive carriages. 

“Negan, what happened?” 

“He broke into the Sanctuary to try to kill me, but he fuckin’ failed. That’s what happened. The kid went on a god damn suicide mission and expected to take me down in the process.” 

“I know you’re not telling me the whole story. Why can’t you just tell me what happened?” You were getting more and more worked up as he continued to leave you unsatisfied with vague responses. You weren’t going to let him off trial until you knew what you wanted to know. 

“We busted balls! I made him cry a little. It wasn’t a big deal.” Negan scoffed and turned his head so he was facing the road ahead of him. 

“If it wasn’t a big deal, then why didn’t you just tell me that in the first place?” The thought of Negan upsetting Carl to the point where he cried made you want to punch him in the face, but you knew that would get you nowhere. 

“Because, darling, I’d hate to ruin my dazzling reputation.” 

You huffed and crossed your arms, turning your shoulders away from him. “Why did you make me leave him back there?” 

“Jesus Christ! Who told you today was the day to interview me? I don’t have the energy to answer all these damn questions!” 

“Negan, for the love of god, please just give me one good reason why you took me away from him in the middle of our damn conversation.” Your breathing was more controlled than it was before, but you were nowhere near calm. 

“I can’t have you socializing with the enemy, (Y/N). I gotta have you on my side.” Negan seemed sincere when he told you this, but his facial expression instantly changed once he realized what he had said. 

“Why wouldn’t I be on your side? You’ve treated me so well. I have no reason to go against you.” 

Negan shut his eyes and brought a hand up to his temple. “I… I’ve done things I’m not proud of, and I don’t want you to look at me any differently. I know I let you go, but you’re still mine. You’re still a Savior, and I care about you. I want you to feel the same way about me, and I’m afraid Carl will try to change that.” 

You knew Negan was capable of doing brutal things. Hell, you had seen them happen with your own eyes. He had split up marriages, assaulted people until they lost consciousness, and probably more that you weren’t aware of. You always had an idea of who Negan was, and that he wasn’t a saint. 

He was opening up to you, though. You felt compelled to the same. Maybe it was stupid and in the heat of the moment, but you told him how you were feeling. 

“I miss being around people my age. I haven’t met anyone like Carl in a long time, and I know you don’t really care-” 

“I do,” he interrupted. “I do care. Continue.” 

“I’d like to get to know him. You know, I think we’ll have a lot in common, considering we both grew up the same way.” 

Negan scratched his chin, something you noticed he did when he was thinking. 

“We’ll see.”

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@ everyone complaining about the goalie chants nashville does: if hearing someone say “you suck” is the worst thing a national hockey star hears during a Stanley cup game, I’m pretty sure it’s been a good game… just saying.

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Headcannon for 707 asa single daddds

I hope this is ok and what you were looking for because it’s my first headcanon! Here goes:

707 as a single dad

✬ His child probably has the most unhealthy meals
✬ Seven would try and feed him proper stuff but how can he deny his child Honey Buddha Chips when he binges on them?
✬ Seven’s the kind of dad who would put his child in crocs with socks
✬ And then spend the day pointing at them and going, “What are thoooose?”
✬ They’re probably late for school every day because Seven forgets to wake them up
✬ Their friends would think they had the coolest dad ever
✬ Uncle Yoosung would come over a lot and play video games with Seven and his child
✬ The child would probably prefer Yoosung because he doesn’t pull stupid pranks on them
✬ Seven would actually be pretty upset about that but pretends it’s funny
✬ Hacks into the school system to leave messages for his child on their computer
✬ Or just to spy on them through the security cameras
✬ When he picks his child up you can bet he’s taking the fanciest car
✬ Just to show off
✬ Would buy his child a cat but they wouldn’t let their dad near it
✬ “No dad, we’re not making it the next longcat, that is abuse!”
✬ You can bet Seven’s going to try and teach them to hack
✬ Only the simple stuff- he doesn’t want them getting caught
✬ He’d try lots of father-child bonding activities
✬ But they get kicked off because of their ridiculous shenanigans
✬ Parents evenings are the worst
✬ He’ll never ask how his child is doing because he already knows from hacking the system
✬ Instead, he’ll ask ridiculous questions
✬ “I’m a bit concerned over whether they choose grapes or apples at break.”
✬ “Sir, I don’t think that’s really important.”
✬ “They know how I feel about them eating grapes. Please say they chose the apples!”
✬ “Sir, please can we get back to your child’s education.”
✬ Probably gets kicked out the school
✬ His child is so embarrassed but also kind of glad that their father is an idiot
✬ Seven honestly just wants his child to feel loved and appreciated because he cares so much for them
✬ He doesn’t want them to suffer because they only have a dad
✬ So much love

Imagine the Rotten Four being like mini-parents/older siblings to all of the younger kids on the Isle

- Like, yeah, Mal was originally bent on domination and ruling Auradon, but she was never heartless. Part of being a good leader (besides being feared) is protecting your people, she couldn’t just let the young kids wander around parts of the marketplace where known perverts and pedophiles hung out. But some of the kids were little shits and didn’t want to listen to her, Mal would get real low, let her eyes flash green, and hiss ‘listen, brat. If I see you in this area again, it’s not gonna be pretty. The number one thing you have to fear on this Island is me, got it?’ And kids would obediently nod, running away as fast as they could with tears and jeez, kids are so ungrateful when you keep them from getting molested

 - She took on a few kids as students, teaching them how to be nasty and wicked and cruel. Mal would feel just a little pull at her heartstrings whenever they did something particularly evil. She could never give them a hug (because ew), but she would high five them and ruffle their hair

- Evie had an excellent sewing kit and kids would come to her with torn up legs and shredded skin. She would sit them all down, use her calmest and sweetest voice as she told them stories of princes and princesses falling in love and warm castles with enough food for everyone as she threaded her needle and stitched them back together. Evie brushed away their tears and kissed their wounds, promising that she had just a teeny bit of magic that would help them heal faster

 - Some little girls would cry about never having a proper birthday, so Evie would plan a surprise make up party, inviting all of their friends and bringing her kits, letting the girls play around with eyeliner and lipstick and giggle happily.

- Jay knew hunger pretty well and he hated to see anyone go without food, but he can’t just give it away. He can’t be soft and weak. So he would stuff his pockets and backpack with stale bread and old fruit, wander down to the school yard and run down playgrounds, pretending to be distracted as little hands reached in to ‘steal’ from him. He’d critique the kids on their thieving skills, show them how to be faster and lighter with their hands and watch them proudly as they stole their next meal from an actual victim

 - he knew the kids who got hit pretty hard at home and gift them with a hat like his own. Any kid wearing a beanie on their head was under his protection, so back the fuck away from them

 - Carlos, always an advocate of learning, stayed behind to help younger kids with homework. Cruella loved to tell him he was an idiot and useless, it turns out that’s what a lot of villains told their kids and none of them gave a damn about education. He’d patiently explain math and work on reading and tutor with science, steadily raising the esteem of any kids that came to him because your mom is wrong, Dizzy, you’re not stupid, look at how well you spell. You’re so smart, please stop crying

 - if kids lost their winter coats or needed new gloves, they just had to go to Carlos and he’d give away one of his own or sneak into Cruella’s closet and steal something she wouldn’t miss (and sometimes she would realize something was missing and smack him around, but if it’s between taking a beating and letting a kid freeze, it’s not a question which one he would do)

 - All four of them had a secret knock they would teach to kids to use at night if they were in trouble or needed someplace to stay. Mal would meet kids on the roof, Evie would shimmy down her castle wall, Jay would creak open the door to his father’s shop and Carlos would lift his window, all with an extra place on their bed and an old shirt to wrap shivering shoulders up in

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The Fanon Adventures of Steve Rogers (and friends)


ORAS may be trying to spread the lie that Maxie is intelligent but we all need to remember that in Emerald he tried to throw rocket fuel into a volcano and make it erupt. (pretty much everything he did was stupid)

story by Edarae

and a huge thanks to Rune-nini for writing almost all of the text and generally fixing my English in everything I post ;w; <3

Me, But Happy

I would like to thank you, personally, for always making me feel like I’m the King of the Pope of the whole world.

When I’m around you it’s like I’m full of electricity but in a cool way that’s possibly giving me a boner.

I wanna thank you for making all the love songs mean something again.
Now, when Sam Smith comes on the radio, I still roll my eyes but I do it while air humping.

The best part of being in love with you is I never have to brush my teeth but gosh darn do I want to.

You’re the best thing that has happened to me since I was like… born.

You make me wanna do pointless, actually dumb things like learning to play the flute or voting.
Oh my god I’m just kidding I have to change that, oh my god you have to fucking vote.

In a list of things I love about you, maybe the second or third entry is the way you turn my awful days into awful days with cheeseburgers.

Have you ever smashed your face into a whole bunch of cool wet sand? You should because that’s pretty much what it’s like to hang out with you.

I’ve never made out with Jesus, but I imagine that’s kind of like holding your hand.
If I had rickets it’d be okay because I’d have rickets with you.

I would like to thank you for never, not once, not ever making fun of me for crying while I watch the same scene from Parks and Recreation for the 25th time.

I wanna thank you for letting me fall in love with you and then decide to start a pop punk band.
I wanna thank you for listening to all the mixes I’ve made you, or least pretending to sort of like them.

I always try to be, like, cool and stuff but it’s hard to act like I don’t care when you’re so pretty all the goddamn time.

The new way to say ‘I love you’ is to just ram our foreheads together.
We can’t really be sad if we’re both sad in the same place, right?

I wanna thank you for wanting me to be me, but happy.

I don’t know why we’re both here but since we are let’s make it out til we’re dead.

Before I met you I wanted to be dead all the time.
I still do because of the, you know, mental illness but now that you’re here I don’t want to 'want to die’ anymore.

If you’re a breakfast cereal, you’d be called 'reason to wake up'os’.

Sure, there’re probably infinite dimensions but I’m with you in this one so why would I try to find them ?

- Neil Hilborn, Button Poetry

darling you deserve the stars

Okay so here’s my jily youtube au I’ve been working on. If I fail my Chemistry gcse we can all blame this.

The first time she meets James Potter, she’s having a bad morning. She drags her suitcase behind her, a bag filled with a ridiculous amount of camera kit weighing down her shoulder and colliding painfully with her hip bone at every other step; the key the girl on reception had given her is clasped in her teeth as she juggles her laptop case and the leather jacket that had been necessary in the unpleasant drizzle she’d left behind in England but not the Californian sun.

Mary likes to say that Lily is an over packer, Lily likes pointing out that at least she has never managed to forget all her jumpers on a trip to Scotland like someone-who-wouldn’t-be-named did. “For fucks sake, Lil, that was one time!” “You also forgot the sun cream when we went to Spain.” “Shut up, McKinnon.”

To make matters worse, she can hear her phone ringing from inside her handbag that was swung over her other shoulder. “Shit,” She mutters, looking around frantically for somewhere to dump her stuff, accidently dropping her key. “Oh fuck.” Her phone’s still ringing, Nicki Minaj’s ‘superbass’ blaring out of its speaker. She’s about to give up and ignore her phone, not seeing any possibility of her managing to retrieve it in time without damaging her laptop or camera bag when suddenly out of nowhere comes a young man, a mess of long limbs and black hair, a pair of ray bans fixed hazardously over his eyes and a crooked grin that might have made her heart flutter a little.

Before she has time to think, he’s rescued her stuff from her arms and nods at her handbag. “Your phone’s ringing.” She scrambles into action, searching through the empty sweet wrappers and headphones until her hand made contact with the phone. Pulling it out, her thumb swipes across screen and she presses it to her ear. “Hey, Marlene.” She holds a finger up to the man, mouthing “One minute,” at him. He keeps on grinning. Her heart keeps on fluttering.

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I Love You, You Pay My Rent: Chapter Six

First Chapter (Prologue)

Previous Chapter (Chapter Five)

Nico had been living with Will solace for one month and one day. He had grown used to waking up in his new room, had even put up a couple of posters and tried to make it his. He wasn’t used to waking up with his head pounding and his mouth dry and barren as the Sahara. He lay in bed for a long time whimpering to himself but eventually he dragged himself up, step by careful step, propelled by the need to find painkillers and water.

He vaguely remembered going to a fancy restaurant on a pretend date with Will and several attempts to recreate Nico’s pirate cocktail. He also thought he remembered inviting Will to Percy’s engagement but he hoped that was part of the strange dream he’d had about a zebra and a line of life sized toy soldiers.

When he stumbled out into the kitchen he saw Will sitting neatly in one of the armchairs.  Nico was about to question how Will looked so awake when a dark head popped up and suddenly Percy was grinning at Nico. Nico nearly dropped the glass he was holding.

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The Charade; Part Seven

Summary: Two journalists strike a bargain with Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles to get the article they need, and end up getting more than they bargained for.
Pairings: Misha x OFC, Jensen x OFC
Word Count: 1791
Warnings: None?
A/N: Ash’s and my new collab! @d-s-winchester​​


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“And in the middle of the chaos, there was you.”

“Okay, so we have practice tonight. Wednesday we have interviews in the morning, practice in the afternoon. Rehearsal for the opening number and blocking as well. Then we have package interviews. A costume meeting. And then basically that repeats for the rest of the week.” Jenna said going over their schedule together with Kiki.

“Oh my god, I’m exhausted already.” He said flopping back onto the hardwood of the dance floor, draping his arm over his face.

“We were exhausted to begin with. I swear when it hits this point, it’s just adrenaline and delirium at this point. Like I don’t even know how I look like a human in some of the stuff they show of us. And I have DWTS this week too.”

“Noted. You do like pretty un-human right now.” He said letting his arm cover the smirk on his face.

“HEY!” She said swatting him hard. He laughed and pretended to be wounded.

“I’m hurt! I don’t think I can dance.” He said rolling and holding his arm to his body.

“You better be able to! We’ve got lots of work to do.” Mandy’s voice filled the room.

“Oh my god, we got you!” Jenna shrieked in happiness.

“Yes you did love. However mister hurt on the floor there needs to get his stuff together or else, we’re in lots of trouble.”

“Kiki, up! Wait, that means we have…contemporary?” Jenna said with more excitement.

“Yup~ Mandy said with a twinkle in her eye. Jenna had worked with her frequently in the past and just loved Mandy’s style and interpretation. No matter the ending of the finale she was thrilled Kiki would go out dancing to one of her pieces. He’d dance to other choreographers but Mandy was special specifically to Jenna’s heart so her ending this part of their journey was special to her.

“Ahhh! Kiki!” Jenna said jumping on him and hugging him in excitement. Kiki and Mandy laughed at her excitement.

“Alright you two, let’s start.” Mandy said after they talked for a little bit more about the song and concept. It ended up being a beautiful piece as always and Jenna & Kiki couldn’t have been more excited.

The following days were jam packed with interviews, rehearsals, and meetings. And that was just for SYTYCD. On top of that Jenna was also starting in the troupe this week for DWTS. She’d only be on Tuesday night’s show but at that point, it was almost more than she could handle. She wrapped her camera blocking with Kiki and headed over to the DWTS soundstage. She thanked her lucky stars that the two shows were side by side. It at least made this part easier. As she headed onto the lot, she felt exhaustion hit her like a ton of bricks.

“Hey Jen, you okay?” Peta’s voice echoed from across the lot.

“Yeah, just tired. I’m okay. It just set in. I’m sure you know the feeling.” Jenna said.

“I do but I have Shai here, wanna see him for a few minutes? I just left stage, they were working on a couple of the bumpers. I didn’t see your name on the list for at least 5 more. Val has your choreo for the opening. It’s only about 10 8 counts. Super simple.” Peta said.

“Ohh, yes, Shai Shai time before I go into that mess.” Jenna said with a grin as Peta led her to her trailer. Shai shrieked in excitement when he saw the two making Cherryl laugh. She passed the baby over to Peta before giving them some space. She was such a great nanny and worked perfectly for the family. Jenna spent the next 15 minutes unwinding from the SYTYCD experience and enjoying her Shai time before she headed into the chaos round two.

Once she was in she was immediately swept into learning her bumpers and other things she’d need. She got her blocking schedule and her show schedule. She was going to be in 3 bumpers as well as the opening. She was working with Haley & Arturo when she realized that she had to have been there for at least 2 hours and hadn’t seen her boyfriend yet. They wrapped up at least teaching Jenna the bumpers however there was still fine tuning to deal with yet.

“Let’s take a break. This one looks like she’s going to drop.” Haley said looking at Jenna’s face. She grinned weakly.

“Sorry guys, I’ll have it together next week.” She said as they waved her off. She found a corner to sit in and let herself breath for a minute. She thought about all the things that had been going on lately and just felt so overwhelmed. She continued to sit there with her eyes closed letting herself be immersed in the chaos of camera blocking as well as the chaos of her current life.

“Hey you. I’ve been looking for you.” Jenna had sensed him right before she heard him. He sunk down next to her and she immediately tucked into his body.

“I’ve been here for almost three hours.” She murmured.

“Girl, did you take a break?”

“I saw Shai & P for a bit and then just now.”

“Babe. You’re gonna drop.” He said pressing a kiss to her head.

“You have to teach me the opening.” She said back to him.

“You need to rest.” He said as he went to move. He intended on scooping her up and taking her to his trailer for a bit.

“No, we have opening number in 20. I don’t know the moves and I need to.” She groaned.

“I can teach you in 10 minutes. It’s simple and you’re with me. You need to rest.” He said again.

“Fine, only because I don’t have the energy to argue with you but I’m fine right here.”

“You need some quiet.” He argued.

“You’re all the quiet I need. Just stay here with me please?” She whispered. She realized just how chaotic everything had been lately but the moment he was around her, things seemed to calm. The settled and it was less crazy which was exactly what she needed.

“Always sweetheart.” He said relenting. He shifted and tucked her into him better as he felt her relax. His hand rubbed her back gently, softly massaging the muscles he knew typically bothered her the most.

“I love you.” She murmured as she pressed further into him. Her arm slipped under his flannel button up as she felt herself start to doze.

“I love you too.” He smiled as he felt her begin to drift off. He knew the rest she got wouldn’t be significant but it would help some and that’s all that mattered.

***Whoop! I actually kinda think I like this. Don’t judge me if that’s not really how the Mandy/Kiki/Jenna deal went down, I kinda stopped watching at the end of the season. I was only invested in Jenna and life was too hectic to keep up. Hope you guys liked this! Don’t forget to like it up and let me know what you thought! Love you alllll. Muwah!

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Destiel is obviously an endgame narrative. So it can't become canon before endgame starts happening. Which sounds weird but I get it. Now let's pretend s14 is actually the last season. We can be pretty sure already that s13 will be full of build up and exposition and moving along Cas's character arc ... at least that's what I see from the spoilers and stuff. So ... what do you think? At which point in time would Destiel go canon in s14?

Look, like… I really don’t mind talking about it in private and I often do, I don’t mind mentioning it here and there that IF it ends here then likely X or Y etc. but its just really kind of awkward writing whole posts about this you know? 

My limited (only a year) experience on this site is that if you say one thing once with a million caveats people will still quote it back at you like you said THIS WILL HAPPEN and get so upset if it doesn’t, take things totally out of context… so I’m kind of uncomfortable delving into real detail.

Also I don’t work for the show and there’s no way of magically figuring out the intricacies with a crystal ball, like… all we can say is what seems likely based on tropes, standard processes, endgame stories etc. the broad strokes as one of my friends calls them, not the details, there’s nothing that shows if it’s likely to happen in 14x01 or 14x23 or 14x06 or freaking 17x21 if we get there?!

I would HOPE that they wouldn’t wait til the final episode, that they would tie it up at least a couple of episodes previously, same as all the other positive endgame threads, so that the final few episodes really do give us a glimpse of the happy endgame that they can continue once the finale is over, showing us TFW and their extended family all working together to save the world and subverting all the negative things they’ve done in the past to do this, doing it in a positive way, together, not sublimating anymore, no grief, no pain, no hiding, no guilt, together…

But I don’t work for the show and there’s nothing saying this is likely other than the general gist that it seems they want to end it on a positive note but they could also do this in the final 5 minutes if they wanted to, or not at all!

This could also totally get flipped and it could all end terribly, I don’t know! I just go based on what we have so far…

Sorry this is a politicians answer but yeah, it makes me uncomfortable to be seen as some oracle when I’m just a fangirl, whose read a lot of books, sat in front of a computer yelling “ENDGAME! Everything points to endgame Destiel, but please don’t get your hopes up and then get disappointed when Dean doesn’t grab Cas by the lapels and kiss the ever living daylight out of him in 13x06 cos its highly unlikely and doesn’t fit what they’re building imo″ until I’m blue in the face and just hoping for the best :)

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Headcannons for helping Darry patch up after a rumble?

-he acts like he doesn’t need your help

-but he does

-he really does

-hes kinda clueless when it comes to that stuff bc he never gets hurt bad enough to be really concerned about his injuries

-he tries to help you but he just ends up in the way

-hes actually pretty annoyed that he cant do it himself so he pretends like he doesn’t want you there

-but again, he does

-“im not even hurt that bad, you don’t have to do this”

-eventually he gives in and lets you do your thing

thanks for your request!!

we’ve passed the end (so we chase forever)

“Hey, Iwa-chan, what do you think of living forever?

“What, like if you don’t find your soulmate?”

“Well, how else can we live forever?”

On choosing to live forever.

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thanks to @sawamura-daichis-thighs for beta’ing this!


“Hey, Iwa-chan, what do you think of living forever?”

This is when Tooru chooses to ask such a question—the start of high school, the two of them donned in Aoba Johsai’s blue and white and getting ready for their first practice, and as Hajime’s copying the knot on his right shoe to his left. In turn, he doesn’t look away from the task.

“What, like if you don’t find your soulmate?”

“Well, how else can we live forever?”

We, huh. Hajime wonders if Tooru thinks of forever in the context of them, and chides himself for such pointless observations. Because he might’ve been observing this best friend of his since forever (and the other boy, the same), but it doesn’t make him immune to the dangerous waters of wishful thinking.

“Humans are crazy shits,” Hajime says. He secures the shoelaces with a final twist, goes to stand with some sort of conviction, and starts his warm-up. A light kick with the toe of his shoe prods Tooru out of his crouch from where he’s been staring intently at Hajime, urging him to do the same, and Hajime just trudges past the exclaimed how rude! “We’ll figure something out.”

“Hmm.” Arms raised high and skyward, Tooru gives a pleased sound at the stretch. Hajime tears his gaze away from the line of skin exposed by the lifted shirt. “We haven’t come up with the one-hundred percent scientific explanation for soulmates.”

“Well,” Hajime says, “it’s soulmate, after all. Something unquantifiable. Why’re you asking this now, anyway?”

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