lets pretend the right wong looks as good as the left

title Bitters
summary We’ll be alright.
pairing itasaku, tobisaku, hot messes
rating grandma, i’m sorry for the end

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The street was slick with rain. The asphalt gleamed. Its various and tiny imperfections filling with water. Each groove and hole shimmering, reflecting upside down lights. 

Sakura sat at the window, staring down her sullen reflection. Listening to the shriek of the espresso machine in the background. The scrape of metal chair legs against the tile. Closing her eyes, she let the emptiness pool inside her- like she was one of the ruts in the road. 

“Ah, this was why you didn’t want to meet in the training hall,” said Rock, settling in the chair across from her. Eyes still closed, Sakura frowned.

“Rock, where are your manners?” she scolded. 

M’hou yi si, Aunt Cheng,” he replied. And she knew that he was humoring her. Could hear the smile in his voice. She opened her eyes, hand curled in front of her mouth. Rock’s eyes trailed from her face to the reddened skin peeking out from her chest. His thick eyebrows rose.

“May I?” he asked?

Sakura shrugged her coat off her left shoulder. Her newest tattoo was still raw and scabbed around the edges. But it was unmistakably a tiger curling over her heart. Its body wrapped over her left shoulder, the tip of its tail resting against her spine. It almost looked as if it was jumping off the back of the phoenix on her tricep.

After a while, she pulled her coat back on. She was by no means shy about her ink, but this was a nice cafe in the Mid-Levels. There was no need to draw attention to herself in a place like this. Although, from the looks the owner kept shooting her from behind the counter, she guessed that she had already been recognized.

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