lets play the


Here it is! An overwhelmingly requested compilation of all the Tekken 7 clips so far. Enjoy! 

(also there’s a full song list in the description)


Part 3!!! Meeting Xefros, exploring Alternia, and getting confused frequently!

You guys.

I am scared for the idol scene tomorrow/today? I mean it’s bad enough my heart belongs to Jake and I will never be prepared for his idol scene. But Aleister’s idol scene has been dragged along as well, long enough for me to just know something big is up in his idol scene? and i lowkey adore that boy. So either way, when we get any one of their idol scenes tomorrow, I’m gonna spontaneously combust?

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I’ll hold ya. And you hold me. Deal?

See y’all on the other side. 

Fuck boy: Hey beautiful, wanna have some fun?

Girl A: *cocks eyebrow and hums* saying you wanna play, big guy? *leans on bar and grins* I’m not sure our versions of play match up.

Fuck boy: Oh I think we could have some fun-

Girl B: WOAH NO! *grabs Girl A and maneuvers her through crowd*

Girl A: *pouting*

Girl B: Don’t you pout at me. We came here to dance not murder people.

Girl A: *scoff* you’re no fun.


dailies on Kyoshi Farm then diiiiving into the Stardew Valley Fair – playing games, chatting with friends, and trying to win the Grange Display contest!!