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Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu || Saniwa

i want (to be loved by you)

for: @pjosapphicweeks ; day 1 (firsts)

ship: clarisse/silena (ruegard) 


the first time they meet clarisse is 15 and silena is just another one of her classmates. she sees her around the hallways but they’ve never said more to each other than a simple hello. that changes however the day they’re paired up as partners for an art project. clarisse doesn’t expect much from Beauty Queen and is quick to tell her so but then silena answers with a matching scoff and clarisse is taken aback because no one has ever talked back to her. she thinks she just might get along with this girl. and then silena tells her ideas and clarisse knows. unlike what others may think clarisse is decent with a pencil and a brush and with some guidance from silena who turns out to be better at talking than drawing their project is done in no time. 


the first time clarisse realises she might like silena for more than just her fiery spirit they’re 16 and lying in her house’s backyard. it’s 1 am and they got out to watch the full moon. silena is explaining some constellations to her but all clarisse can focus on is her soft voice and how the light from the moon reflects on her face and makes her look ethereal. she feels an urge to protect this girl from all that may harm her wants to shield her from this world that doesn’t deserve something so beautiful and kind. silena then laughs about something she’s said and clarisse’s breath hitches in her throat. 


the first time they kiss they’re 17 and trying to make a cake for silena’s sister drew. silena had said she was a great cook and clarisse had trusted her to do most of the work but as it turned out baking is a lot different from cooking. the kitchen is a mess silena has flour on her face and her hands are covered in frosting but clarisse thinks she looks beautiful. she realises she’s said it aloud when silena looks up with wide eyes before smiling and clarisse feels her chest tighten with want. so she cups her face and lets out a can i kiss you in a low murmur thinking anything more loud than a whisper would shatter the illusion that it’s just them in the world. silena nods and so she does. it’s not fireworks exploding it’s not suddenly seeing the light. on the contrary it’s a mess and they’re both uncertain of what to do because neither of them have kissed before. but it feels right and clarisse is finally happy. 

Hey would y'all peeps be interested if I set up a weekly or bi-weekly game of Cards Against Cybertron on here for everyone to play? Been thinking about it for a while because @zenxenophilia has done this and it’s been so fun. I’d probably wait till I got the match ups closed but still, I wanted to see if anyone would be up for it? Hit up my inbox or comment on this if you are, I’d really appreciate it!

Also as a side note, I got an anon match up request that there was clearly meant to be more of since it says (½) at the end. You’re a Capricorn who likes sports and wants a tfp & tfa male match up. Just letting you know I never got the second part of your match up so if you could send that in as quickly as possible I’d appreciate it!



Calm Seas, Roiling Hearts! Neptune Emerges
A Story Told With Pictures About Toys In Too Many Parts

“And on the first Thursday of every month, we celebrate the quick thinking and super sexiness of me.”

“What, no songs?” Mako asked with a warm laugh in her voice. Since she’d come home – for as strange and wooden as this place might be, it was home in all the ways that mattered – Minako had done her level best to convince her that they’d instituted a variety of new activities and traditions while she was away.

It was all bullshit, of course. She was going to honour Cupcake Monday, obviously, but that just made sense.

“Glad you asked! Song Day For Love and Beauty is the SECOND Thursday of every month.” Minako brushed back her hair and gave Mako her most dazzling smile. “Ballads are accepted.”

Adjusting Usagi to a slightly more comfortable position, Mako nodded her deep understanding. “I’ll get right on that.”

Usagi murmured her appreciation. For her ongoing Mako Hug (now in hour four or so), Song Day For Love and Beauty, or just the general contentment at having all her girls safe and sound and HERE, it wasn’t certain. Usagi herself might not even have known.

Warm and comfortable in Mako’s embrace, listening to Minako joking around, Rei somewhere yelling about something, and Ami’s cool, kind voice of reason, answers weren’t important. Usagi had everything she needed right here.


Let’s Play Killer7 p.26 - Hopper7

Killer7 has one last bonus mode for us, and it’s full of grasshoppers.


Killer7 Supplement 26 - Jaco’s Reports

Killer7 ends with some speculation about this “Jaco Checkbox.”

let’s play minecraft: sky factory

part 1: the boys rebuild the world with a single tree and laugh about googly eyes

part 15: gavin takes another step towards nuclear power and jeremy is doing literal blood magic